How Can A Person Get Rid Of Voices In His Head, What Should He Do?

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How Can A Person Get Rid Of Voices In His Head, What Should He Do?
How Can A Person Get Rid Of Voices In His Head, What Should He Do?

Video: How Can A Person Get Rid Of Voices In His Head, What Should He Do?

Video: How Can A Person Get Rid Of Voices In His Head, What Should He Do?
Video: How To Get Rid Of The Voices In My Head 2023, March

Voices in your head: how to stop hearing them

The main desire of the sound engineer, albeit often not even realized by himself, is to reveal the psychic, the unconscious, the spiritual. To recognize the hidden behind the visible world, listening attentively, pondering the essence of things. Traumatized in childhood, he cannot realize himself, partially or completely loses the ability to hear the meanings of the words of the speech of other people and focuses even more on his internal states of the psyche. A person with a sound vector, locked inside himself, splits the internal dialogue - he turns into painful, haunting voices in his head.

“Voices in my head. They exhaust me, do not allow me to live normally. I am already confusing dialogue with the interlocutor and my internal dialogue with them. They sound, sound, sound! It is impossible to run, hide or hide from them. You can't run away from what's inside you. I close myself, at home alone, cover my ears with my hands and … Oh my God! When will it stop! Their impossible cacophony makes you want to jump out the window! I hear voices in my head, what should I do?"

Voices in the head - who might have them

The reasons for the appearance of auditory hallucinations are not known to modern psychiatry. It speaks of cold mothers and genetic predisposition. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan shows that if a person does not have a sound vector, then he will not hear voices in his head. Now we are talking about psychological causes and do not take into account the very rare cases associated with organic pathology. However, they almost all happen in people with a sound vector.

Approximately 5% of babies are born with a sound vector. It is they who, under unfavorable conditions of development and life, are at risk of voices in their heads. As adults, they ask themselves the question: how to get rid of voices in your head?

People with a sound vector are naturally introverts, focused on their own states, inner sensations. Even their gaze seems to be immersed in themselves from infancy. Their unconscious desire is to reveal what is hidden in the psyche.

Any development in nature takes place towards the opposite. Likewise, the sound child, focused on his own mental states, has the potential to learn to focus on the psyche of other people, and thus to know himself about the differences. This is exactly what happens in normal development. Sound children tend to listen attentively to sounds from the outside, the speech of others, ask questions about the world around them, space, infinity, purpose.

A person with a sound vector, from childhood, is inclined to analyze the reasons for the actions and behavior of people around, the motives that prompted them to commit such actions, interest in mental laws. This is a sign that he strives to fulfill his specific role - to reveal the hidden mechanisms of what drives people.

So, a baby is born with a sound vector. Then everything depends on the conditions in which he falls. Unfortunately, conditions are not always favorable. Here is the answer to why a person can begin to hear voices in his head.

Reasons why a person may start hearing voices in their head

A sound child needs sound ecology in the house. This means silence. After all, he is a person with exceptional hearing. Parents of sound children are required to know the rules of their upbringing. Listening to the other side of the eardrum, the sound engineer listens to the meanings of words - in order to further give humanity ideas. Not just words, but meanings! Conductors of ideas, geniuses who have turned the life of all mankind in all ages, and those people who are inspired by the ideas of transforming society and technologies - these are they, sound people!

Sounds affect not only the sensor itself - the ear as an organ. Wave (sound) affects the psyche directly. And if the sound child is unpleasant about what he hears, he will naturally not strive to listen to the world around him. If at home there are constant scandals, screams, showdowns over the baby's bed - who, it would seem, does not understand anything yet - this affects him negatively. A defenseless kid has nowhere to go. He closes himself off from the painful, noisy outside world, trying to protect himself. The child withdraws into himself, loses contact with the outside world, becomes as if in himself.

A situation arises when my mother says: "I tell him, but he doesn't seem to hear."

If at the same time the baby hears offensive meanings, then at an early age, the neural connections responsible for learning are injured. If a child's sound vector is traumatized by loud sounds outside (at home or at school) and, especially, by offensive meanings in the words of the mother or other emotionally significant adults, there will always be consequences, one way or another.

Mom is the closest person to the child. She ensures his survival. Moreover, until about 6 years old, the child is connected with the mother by the psychological umbilical cord and broadcasts all her states, both good and bad.

When the mother herself has a difficult life, when she herself is in constant stress, it is no wonder that she can begin to take out her negative emotions on the child. “You'd better be dead little! You have only problems!”,“Why did I give birth to you, an extra mouth in the family!”. That is, in the senses he was told: "it would be better if you were not born." This is a direct blow to the child's psyche, devaluing his life. From this, he loses a sense of security and safety and can no longer develop normally.

A child, potentially a future genius, does not develop his abilities to concentrate outward, goes inward so as not to hear painful sounds and meanings. In order not to feel this pain of the soul, which can be incomparably more painful than physical pain. He closes himself off from everyone, becomes unsociable. His social adaptation, the ability to create connections with other people is impaired. Outside, everything can be imperceptible, because each child adapts, as far as possible, to his other vectors to life in society - first in kindergarten, then at school. In fact, the situation can be very disturbing. The inability to lose his temper, the loss of connection with the outside world - as a result of constant trauma (shouting and insults) at home or at school - are often important factors in adolescent suicide.

Beginning: when the voices that were outside, a person suddenly hears in his head

In a child who has received a great trauma, voices in the head appear most often at a transitional age. Then the human psyche completes its formation, all opportunities for development are exhausted, and the psyche begins to manifest itself as it developed. Everything that the child has managed to absorb, develop, he begins to realize in life.

Voices in the head often begin with shouts by name, but they are not paid attention to - "it seemed." Further, it can already be a scolding, offending voice, and even expanded dialogues. Most often, the voices in the head are the sound of the spoken words, meanings that have had a traumatic effect.

Voices in my head image
Voices in my head image

People without a sound vector separate the "world inside" and "the world outside" as "I am" and "there is an environment where I direct my actions." And only a person with a sound vector is the only one who has the world inside and the world outside in himself. The object of his attention is his own I (psyche, soul), which in sensations he perceives as separate from his body. The sound engineer often talks to himself aloud or conducts an internal dialogue. If from childhood he was forced to hide from the painful world outside within himself, then his perception is distorted. The ability to distinguish voices outside from dialogue inside is lost when one's own thoughts begin to sound like someone else's, not his.

The main desire of the sound engineer, albeit often not even realized by himself, is to reveal the psychic, the unconscious, the spiritual. To recognize the hidden behind the visible world, listening attentively, pondering the essence of things. Traumatized in childhood, he cannot realize himself, partially or completely loses the ability to hear the meanings of the words of the speech of other people and focuses even more on his internal states of the psyche. A person with a sound vector, locked inside himself, splits the internal dialogue - he turns into painful, haunting voices in his head.

The sound engineer can take the voices in his head for his own dialogues - until it becomes impossible to control them, when they begin to torment him and he will not have the opportunity to "escape from his own head."

Whose voices in his head does he hear?

If we are talking about an audiophile with an anal vector, he often hears the mother's voice. This voice is scolding, criticizing, threatening, penetrating everywhere. A man with an anal vector has a special relationship with his mother. The insulting words of the mother forever sink into memory and are recalled in the mode of internal dialogue, which is not realized. He argues with her inside himself, responds to her insults.

A sound specialist with a skin vector may have voices in his head about material theft, destruction of his material values, voices may talk about causing direct property damage, about persecutors, ill-wishers. Sometimes a severe beating, for example, becomes a traumatic situation for a sound specialist with a skin vector. Then voices may appear with the threat of harm from others, the fear that everyone wants to harm him. The fear of robbery, loss of property and health arises in the skin vector - suspicion appears, thoughts “they are robbing me”, “they are planning something bad about me”.

Hearing voices in your head - what is the diagnosis?

The life of such a sound engineer can further develop in different ways. A sound person traumatized in childhood can live without voices in his head, but they can arise under the influence of drugs such as marijuana, smoking mixtures and others. In my clinical practice, there have often been cases when a sound engineer suffered psychosis under the influence of drugs or under the influence of super-stressful life events. And these voices in his head remained with him for a long time, tormenting and harassing, not allowing him to work or live normally, turning into chronic psychosis.

Under the influence of drugs, hallucinations can occur in people without a sound vector. For example, visual hallucinations are described by people with a visual vector. But if a sound person uses drugs, then he has a high risk of acquiring chronic voices in his head.

The main reason is the trauma received in the sound vector in childhood

If the process goes deeper, then psychiatrists are already dealing with patients with paranoid and other forms of schizophrenia. These people are traumatized so much that they lose touch with reality, completely withdraw into themselves. They often become aggressive, especially towards the mother (anal sound). You can observe how the patients are trying, as it seems to them, to protect themselves from harmful effects in ridiculous ways: for example, they run out naked into the streets, fleeing from pursuers (skin sounds).

Unfortunately, treatment helps only in part and has a negative effect on the general condition of the body. Such patients sometimes do not leave the psychiatric hospital for months. Treatment is designed to help patients adapt in society, at least partially drown out the voices that a person hears in his head, but this does not solve the reason itself.

I hear voices in my head picture
I hear voices in my head picture

For people who have voices in their heads, modern psychiatry offers to come to terms and learn to live with them. There are various therapies for schizophrenic patients where they are taught to participate in life despite voices. You know how with pain - "live and be happy, despite the fact that you are in pain." Such therapies can be quite effective for physical problems when no medication is working anymore. When it comes to the soul, this approach is a fiasco. However, for lack of the best, different methods are tried.

Fortunately, we are not always talking about schizophrenia, it can also be borderline states. Sound specialists ask themselves the question: "I hear voices in my head, what is this diagnosis?" It does not always come to a visit to a psychiatrist. The soundman rationalizes this by saying that "I hear voices in my head, but they do not bother me." That is, a person is so introverted that even voices are not a hindrance to him. His perception is narrowed down to his inner sensations, and real life passes by. But is this really life? Often a person is tormented by voices in his head without the rest of the symptoms characteristic of schizophrenia. But even so, it is unbearable suffering that is impossible to imagine. Depression and suicidal thoughts are frequent companions of such a person, although outwardly he may seem ordinary, even have some kind of social life.

How to get rid of voices in your head

For a sound engineer born as an absolute introvert, there is only one way in development - outward, to people. Hear, hear what they say. Capture the essence behind the words. There is a big contradiction here, because the modern sound engineer is often convinced that the world around him is an illusion, and all the answers lie in himself.

All sound specialists are aimed at one thing - the intangible. Even if everything is all right in the material world, they still have the feeling that “something is missing”. A person suffers from this, suffers, often for a long time. He is burdened by something, he has an unconscious guess about the endless life of the soul and the fact that he, the sound engineer, is involved in this. That he should convey this to everyone else, change the world! But he doesn't know how.

Hence the craving of sound specialists for all kinds of spiritual practices of self-knowledge. The abstract intellect of the sound engineer is striving to understand the mental characteristics of man and mankind as a whole, to find an answer to the fundamental question of mankind: “What is the design of all that exists? What is the purpose of human existence? " Being in silence, darkness and loneliness, the sound engineer from the time of the primitive flock wondered “Who am I? Why do I come to this world not of my own free will and leave not at my behest? What is the meaning of my life? What is the purpose of the Universe?"

When a sound engineer discovers the essence of the sound vector and other vectors, he has the opportunity to answer many of his internal questions, sometimes to realize them for the first time. The world ceases to seem hostile, and life ceases to be meaningless. Concentration outside ceases to be a source of pain, interest arises in people, in the world, and this radically changes the state of the sound engineer for the better.

Voices in the head are a consequence of the trauma of the sound vector in childhood, too deep withdrawal into oneself. But, while such a person is still able to hear the meaning of oral speech, there is a way out. The results obtained by people who have completed the training in System-Vector Psychology are indicative of this.

Photo I hear voices in my head what to do
Photo I hear voices in my head what to do

Awareness of how a person's psyche works, why he acts in one way or another, returns the ability to notice the world around him, interest in people, shifts the focus from oneself - outward, and this helps to get rid of voices in the head.

I think there are almost no sound professionals in one way or another not traumatized by words. And not everyone has developed voices in their heads because of this. But many of them carry the burden of these once spoken words in themselves all their lives. But this is not your burden, these words were spoken by other people who uttered them, being in certain states, not always good ones. It is possible to understand why something like this was said and to let go of this burden of the past at the training. At Yuri Burlan's training, the sound engineer learns what his soul strives for. Reveals what is behind the actions of people, what drives them. And for many, this is a way of healing from voices in the head and a new happy life!

At present, the modern sound engineer is not satisfied with the sublimants of the past, such as literature, music, philosophy, and exact sciences. This is becoming too little, and the demand for knowledge of the sound vector is growing. More and more people strive to reveal the spiritual - this is the path of human development, and the main guide for all people in this is a person with a sound vector. Awareness of your role in what is happening around you and finding your place in life changes everything!

Many sound specialists who have undergone Yuri Burlan's System Vector Psychology training got rid of voices in their heads.

Read the girl's confession "Voices in the head - imprisonment in the skull."

We invite you to a free online training, where you can start studying system-vector psychology and get your first results.

Proofreader: Natalia Konovalova

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