Sectarian Husband: An Unusual Hobby Or A Real Problem?

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Sectarian Husband: An Unusual Hobby Or A Real Problem?
Sectarian Husband: An Unusual Hobby Or A Real Problem?
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Sectarian husband: an unusual hobby or a real problem?

“But why a sectarian at once? - she defended him mentally. - On TV, they showed a report about such people, they are quite strange there, they give away apartments, they go to live in their sects. No, he's not like that."

He was always interested in various esoterics, spiritual practices, teachings and philosophies. At home some brochures about search and faith were scattered about, and the phrases of esoteric audiobooks already familiar to her sounded in his headphones. From time to time he disappeared at meetings of either those who were looking for, or meditators, or some other people she did not understand. She didn’t even tell her acquaintances about his interests at once, once she gave a hint - she immediately received a perplexed look and a diagnosis in response: “He’s a real sectarian!”

“But why a sectarian at once? - she defended him mentally. - On TV, they showed a report about such people, they are quite strange there, they give away apartments, they go to live in their sects. No, he's not like that."

When they met, he immediately told her: “My faith will always come first, and you will come second. Do you accept this? " She nodded her head approvingly, because his hobbies seemed interesting and unusual: this is not some football or fishing! He said that what he liked most about her was a quiet and soft voice. This also seemed to her unusual and mysterious.

He always talked so enthusiastically about some newly found idea that she herself involuntarily began to believe in his words. Sometimes, for some reason, it even became a little scary and creepy, but he spoke so confidently about the structure of the world, the matrix, God, illusions and other things that were not entirely clear to her, that it felt like he knew and understood everything - and fear gave way to confidential calmness.

However, such inspiration did not always last long. After some time, he threw away the idea he had found, somehow shut himself up and disappeared for whole nights on the net. In the morning, he barely woke up to work, absentmindedly wandered around the apartment, trying to find keys, cigarettes, or a phone. After he left, she found on the table a cup of unfinished coffee and an open package of headache pills. When she tried to pull him out somewhere to unwind, he said that he did not want anything and that it was a waste of time.

At such moments, she did not understand him at all: well, he was tired of another society of believers, so now - life is over? They even fought over it. She was indignant that he completely stopped paying attention to her, and he dismissed that she did not understand anything and left in an unknown direction, taking with him his favorite headphones.


She began to worry seriously after he resigned from a new, higher-paying job. He explained his refusal by the fact that he would have to devote too much time to work and he would not have time to study his spiritual practices. He didn't even think about her!

She had already forgotten the last time they spent time together. All her attempts to arrange a romantic dinner and impress her husband with new underwear failed: he either did not notice her at all, or started a conversation about the meaninglessness of life. She no longer found anything interesting in his conversations. He began to seem more and more alien and distant, she no longer knew if he loved her. He seems to be sitting very close, but as if he is not here at all.

Recently, he has changed a lot: he almost stopped eating, began to smoke more, did not communicate with friends. He snapped irritably at any attempts to talk. She even got into his computer and looked at what he was doing there on the Internet at night. I found dozens of different sites in the history of visits about the meaning of life, knowledge of the soul and other, as it seemed to her, nonsense. She suffered from his lack of attention and did not understand why he could not live normally. All this caused only anger, and the thought that her husband was really some kind of sectarian haunted her. Doesn't this problem have a solution?

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Who are the seekers?

No matter how hopeless such a situation may seem, in fact there is a way out. First you need to understand what pushes a person out of social life into various teachings, esotericism and sects. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains that everything we do depends on our desires, and identifies 8 groups of innate properties and desires - vectors. Each person is endowed with certain properties that set the direction of his entire life. Depending on this, life values ​​and various aspirations are formed in us.

It is important for some people to build a career, for others - to have a strong family, for others - to find true love. There are also people for whom the most important thing is to understand what is the meaning of their life. This desire is due to their nature. System-vector psychology says that such a person has a sound vector.

A person with a sound vector is noticeably different from all others. Usually, others note that such people are the least sociable, prefer silence and loneliness to any noisy companies. They are a little absent-minded, it seems that, being in their thoughts, they do not notice anything around. In fact, it is.

The soundman is an absolute introvert. Plunging into his thoughts and states, he does not manifest it from the outside at all. It may seem that he is just looking at one point, as if sleeping with his eyes open. However, at this time, inside him, there is a real boil of experiences that are completely unrelated to the physical world. He is interested in the inner component of the human soul.

A person with a sound vector will always prefer virtual communication to live communication, therefore it is he who spends most of his time on the Internet. The most comfortable time for a sound engineer is night. He can surf the Internet until dawn, read a book and listen to music, and then hardly wake up in the morning for work.

At the mercy of desires

Nature has decreed that the desires of the sound vector are among the strongest. Therefore, first of all, the sound engineer seeks to help him find the answer to his most important inner question - the question of the meaning of life. It is important for him to get to the essence of the universe, and everything else is secondary for him. This question often leads a person to esotericism and religions, drives him into sects and spiritual teachings. The soundman rushes between different ideas in an attempt to get what he wants. In some cases, he becomes hostage to this search, unable to stop in this race for ideas.

Finding no answers, he experiences great suffering. He can become depressed, showing no interest in everything around him; can completely go into the virtual world, immersed in computer games; may try to numb his suffering with alcohol or drugs. In any case, this is a signal that he is really bad.

Any person receives the only correct application of his properties only in society. And the sound engineer is no exception. However, any attempts to pull the sound person in this state into the outside world, to interest him in work, love relationships or some kind of entertainment will not bring any results. Trying to evoke some emotions in him, to arrange scandals and tantrums is also not worth it, because loud screams will only bring him even more unpleasant sensations, irritating the most sensitive sensor of the sound engineer - the ears.

First of all, it is important to understand what motivates such people. This will help get rid of anger, irritation, and misunderstanding. Imagine that your leg hurts. You can't solve a problem by being angry with it. However, if you understand the cause of the disease, you can always find the right medicine.

The best medicine for a sound specialist will be to finally find the answers to your inner questions, to realize the structure of the world and the place of man in it. When sound desires are fulfilled, a person experiences great relief, his interest in life returns - and he can start enjoying the world around him.

We receive answers at the training

Thousands of testimonials indicate that trainings in systemic vector psychology really provide answers to sound questions. All the states of the sound vector are deeply revealed at the lectures. Many people have been able to cope with depression and apathy, thoughts of suicide and drugs by understanding the causes of their problems. If you see that a person close to you is the owner of a sound vector and cannot find himself in this life, then do not delay and come with him to free lectures.

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