How To Stop Loving A Person - A Guaranteed Recipe For Heartache

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How To Stop Loving A Person - A Guaranteed Recipe For Heartache
How To Stop Loving A Person - A Guaranteed Recipe For Heartache

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How to stop loving and get rid of suffering forever

Not every one of us is able to love a person, comprehending his life in a sensual connection, in love. As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, such feelings are familiar only to a person who by nature possesses a visual vector.

Foolish heart, don't fight.

We are all deceived by happiness …

Sergey Yesenin

The pain of unrequited love for a person cuts the heart like a knife. Piercing longing torments the soul. How many times do you turn the same question to the silent heavens: how to stop loving the person who does not need you? And why in general is it given to me to love a person, if I am not destined to be with him? Heaven is silent, and you are still alone with your love, which looks more like a serious illness.

Perhaps you have never had anything but your love. And it happens in another way - a person dear to you betrayed everything that was between you, and just left forever. And you remained standing like a pillar of salt, in vain attempts to figure out how to stop loving the person who repaid your devotion, care and love with black ingratitude. And no matter what you do, annoying memories of a person who has long received the status of an ex do not go out of my head. Is it realistic to stop thinking about the person you love at all?

How to stop loving if the meaning of life is in love

Not every one of us is capable of loving a person with such a force of emotions. As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, such feelings are familiar only to a person who by nature possesses a visual vector. She is an emotional and sensitive extrovert who aims to build emotional connections.

It is no coincidence that it is so difficult for a visual person to lose love in a relationship. Or experience a feeling of unrequited love for a boyfriend or girlfriend. After all, a person with a visual vector comprehends his whole life precisely in love and sensual connection with a partner. So what is it - to suffer all your life? How to stop loving a person for whom your feeling does not matter?

Compassion and empathy for those in distress is a recipe that will help a visual person to get rid of hopeless longing at a short distance. A huge emotional amplitude is given to the viewer from nature to implement these properties in society.

A person with such properties is excellent at being a volunteer and can work with seriously ill patients, the elderly, and the disabled. But you can start small: switch your emotions to compassion and helping an elderly neighbor, or support a friend. Then your own hopeless feeling of longing will gradually be replaced by light and bright sadness.

Emotional well-being for a long time is achievable only when a person realizes all the properties of his psyche and realizes them among other people. For many students of Yuri Burlan's training in system-vector psychology, building happiness in paired relationships and realizing oneself has become absolutely real:

How to stop loving when love is like a disease

Quite often a person with a visual vector calls a completely different state of love - emotional dependence. In this case, he does not so much give from himself a deep emotional connection to a loved one, but rather demands and longs for manifestations of self-love. He experiences a kind of emotional hunger, which he is trying to satisfy with the help of another person. Of course, this does not contribute to harmony in a couple.

Being in this state, a person with a visual vector can endlessly push his boyfriend or girlfriend, be afraid of his betrayal or leaving. Thinking that he continues to love a person, in fact, he experiences a painful dependence on him, he is afraid to be left without a source that gives the desired emotions.

The reason for such states is the lack of realization of their innate talents and properties. The emotional range of the viewer is too large to focus only on a loved one. Often, the partner cannot withstand the emotional pressure, and the couple breaks up.

Also, visual people are distinguished by a rich imagination and fantasy. They are quite capable of loving not the person himself, but some invented image.

The situation is aggravated when, in addition to the visual, the person also has the properties of the anal vector. It gives its bearer an aspiration to the past and phenomenal memory. Such people cannot forget their former partner for a long time, they are tormented by painful memories and excruciating resentments.

Many people who have undergone training in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan have already managed to get rid of emotional dependence and painful memories of the past, to take off the burden of resentment:

How to stop crying about unfulfilled happiness? To love a person was no longer torment for you, you need a little - to understand yourself and other people and to realize your innate aspirations, desires and talents. Start this journey with Yuri Burlan's free introductory online training on systemic vector psychology. Register here.

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