Books On Female Psychology: Self-development Or Useless Advice - Answers In The Article

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Books On Female Psychology: Self-development Or Useless Advice - Answers In The Article
Books On Female Psychology: Self-development Or Useless Advice - Answers In The Article

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Books for women on psychology, or In a miniskirt to "maxi happiness"

The best psychological books for women - this is how publishers advertise them, recommend listening to yourself and not going against your desires. But how?! How to understand the variety of advice and not actually go against your desires? Call on the notorious female intuition for help? Still looking for the best books for women? No, a new time has come - to know the anatomy of the unconscious!

Ah, if I had ignored those psychology books for women! If I trusted my own feelings! Then everything would have gone differently. Last summer…

Book approach to the psychology of women

I would call that summer a masquerade one. My beloved man moved away from me, and books on female psychology became my constant companions. What images have I not tried on! I changed everything, starting with the length of the skirt. Many books on self-development for women argued: the whole trouble is that the fair sex has become too active and active, you need to regain your lost femininity.

So, the "dress to the floor" experiment. I am accumulating "lunar energy", breaking invisible threads from past relationships, repeating affirmations and applying knowledge from numerous trainings in female psychology: weaving amulets, walking in long robes made of natural fabric, drying thyme and mint. If you believe the best books for women on psychology, it is simply impossible to resist such a witch-sorceress, a real Goddess!

And the beloved says: "Darling, could you dress sexier?"

Confusion and dull annoyance. For whom did I try? Psychology books for women can't lie! Experienced people have systematized the wisdom of the ages in them! Looks like my betrothed is some kind of wrong man. I could somehow also get involved in building relationships: for example, download a book for men on female psychology for myself … And he only criticizes!

Or is there something wrong with me? Barely coped with negative feelings in response to his statement, despite the accumulated "lunar energy." Eh, I'm not a Goddess …

Changing tactics - experiment "Mid-length skirt". To her - a blouse with small buttons, pumps. On the shelf - new interesting books for women on psychology, the leaders of the ratings, based on scientific research. No more esotericism! I especially like books on psychology for female bitches. True, some advice I follow through force, they contradict my character and habits, but other advice from books on female psychology really works. So it seemed to me.

books for women on psychology
books for women on psychology

The cards were confused by an unfamiliar blonde. Episode from "The Matrix" - my Neo admired the woman in red. The walking incident resulted in a quarrel and a spat for several agonizing days. The "nervological" psychology for girls, described in the books, is apparently not for me either …

In an effort to rectify the situation hanging by a thread, I decide to take a radical step - the mini-skirt experiment. I am adopting popular books on female psychology from bright temptresses. "Men want to see a passionate lioness next to them, not a gray mouse!" - the reproach from the popular book on how to become a real woman is buzzing in my head.

Reflections are interrupted by a call. The beloved man breaks the phone, probably intending to make up, but I play the role of an unpredictable vamp woman. Tormented by remorse, I ignore calls, as the rating book for women in psychology advises, and go out for a walk in a stunningly sexy short skirt with 13-centimeter heels.

I failed the sexuality test. The shoes rubbed their legs limp, and the man did not call back - it seems that our romance has outlived its usefulness. Calluses on the heels, tears in the eyes and disappointment in the soul.

Ah, if I had ignored not his calls, but books on female psychology!

Is the psychology of women an unread book?

To the offer "Do you want honey or condensed milk?" Winnie the Pooh could not refuse the polite Rabbit in either one or the other. An adult woman is faced with a more serious choice. Family or career? Miniskirt or burqa-style outfit? Psychology books for women go to the same extremes. The author of each assures that it is his technique that is the most effective.

The best psychological books for women - as publishers advertise them - recommend listening to yourself and not going against your desires. But how?! How to understand the variety of advice and not actually go against your desires? Call on the notorious female intuition for help? Still looking for the best books for women? No, a new time has come - to know the anatomy of the unconscious!

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan helps to realize with mathematical accuracy not only one's desires, but also the desires of a man, from the first minutes of communication to assess compatibility in a pair. How do you know that this isn't just another empty promise? The thousands of results from people who have built a pairing relationship speak for themselves. Instead of lonely evenings with a self-development book for women, they live a bright, eventful life in a happy couple. How can this be achieved?

An ideal wife or a flamboyant seductress?

The best book on psychology for women and men is our unconscious, psyche. The main thing is to learn to read it. From the point of view of system-vector psychology, the ideal wife is a woman with an anal vector (one of the eight types of psyche). She is loyal, economic, caring. To do this, she does not need to read books on how to become a wise woman, a good wife and a better mother. She has the necessary qualities by nature. But she doesn't want to and doesn't know how to walk in high heels and shoot with her eyes. Putting on such shoes on the advice from books on female psychology, in no time will the so-called inferiority complex work.

A bright seductress always has visual and skin vectors in her set. This is female sexuality as shown in the movies - Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Scarlett Johansson. Nature has endowed them with the ability to turn anyone's head, but they often do not strive to create a family and suffer if they force themselves to cook borscht using psychology books for women and wait for a man from work.

A woman with a sound vector stands apart. Seduction does not interest her, she thinks about the causes of the universe. And until she resolves the metaphysical questions in her head, marriage and family are not always included in her system of values. For such a girl, books on psychology and esoterics are interesting for other reasons - she is looking for the meaning of life in them, the root causes of being.


Summarizing everyone and everything, dozens of books on female psychology cite skin-visual women as an example to follow. High heels, easy flirting and special grace - this is how the best representatives of the fair sex look in psychological books for women. In contrast to this, the anal-visual authors of psychological literature give completely different recommendations for women - gentleness, statement, "home" image.

Only attempts to get into someone else's skin do not help, but only complicate the task of the systemic Cupid - the principle of attraction into pairs by the pheromone background. Which image from the psychological literature for women would be correct to follow? The correct answer is your own, which was given to you from birth, and not deducted from the supposedly best psychological book for women.

The state of a person has a smell that is unconsciously read, it is "tastier" than all in a psychologically balanced person.

According to the law of vector compatibility, every man has his own muse, so there is no need to pretend to be another, blindly copying examples from books on woman's self-development. On the contrary, you need to understand your innate characteristics and use the talents donated by nature - then suitable men themselves will want to meet and will not stare at others. You won't even need trainings in female psychology from questionable psychologists.

psychology of women
psychology of women

Psychology of a woman

What qualities does a real woman have?

  1. Does not blame the heavenly "gardener" for being a hyacinth, not a violet - each flower is good in its place. Read in the article "Why I am still alone, or How to become feminine."
  2. Realizes his desires - "On the sexual potential of a modern woman."
  3. Knows how to be a "gingerbread" for a man. Watch the video A Desired Woman Is a Carrot for a Man.
  4. Not pretending - "It's not good to be weak, but to be strong is bad."
  5. Distinguishes Romeo from Othello - "Did you pray at night, Desdemona."
  6. Avoids a pig in a poke on dating sites - "How to find your partner on a dating site."

  7. Falls in love with herself at first sight - "About love at first sight and at first smell."
  8. Understands why perfume is a girl's best friend. Watch the video Scent of a Woman. Spirits as a way of survival. "
  9. Does not feel false shame on the matrimonial bed. Watch the video "The False Shame of Sexuality."
  10. Skillfully builds emotional connections - "Love lives for three years."

Finally, the modern woman is not trying to determine which advice from books on female psychology is more appropriate, but is acquiring a tool that reveals the mechanics of attractiveness. An unprecedented surprise awaits her chosen one: he will not have to download books on female psychology for men. You will simply be the only one, beloved and infinitely desired for him for many years.

You will receive the first effective tips about female and male psychology at the free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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