Mommy, Why? "I Will Never Come Back Here" By Rolan Bykov

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Mommy, Why? "I Will Never Come Back Here" By Rolan Bykov
Mommy, Why? "I Will Never Come Back Here" By Rolan Bykov
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Mommy, why? "I will never come back here" by Rolan Bykov

Everyone knows that yelling at children, let alone hitting them, is not good. To know how to wake up and stop at the moment of ecstasy from the physical or psychological beating of a child. It is possible to wake up from unconscious sensuality BEFORE hitting the child with a belt or a word.

There will come a terrible time when mothers will not care about their children. When from the first days of life children learn what it means "the strongest survives." When the helpless little body will itself try to cling to its little awkward little hands for the life that is eluding it.

Look around, maybe this time has come long ago?

“No,” we will say together, “this is a completely neglected case! We definitely don't allow ourselves that. We punish for the cause. Sometimes we raise our voice, because it is his own fault - he does not obey. No more".

Mommy, I'm afraid of you

The heart in my chest squeezes from such a sight. And not so much out of pity for Lyuba, but out of fear for his born or unborn child. From the fear of myself. I can do that too. I can offend, scream, I can hit my most precious, dear, tiny, defenseless. I can restrain myself for a long time, but break off the chain of adequacy and RUN.

Every mother wants good for her child. Why doesn't it always work out?

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan gives mothers and fathers the opportunity to present a child with a happy, untouched future.

Everyone knows that yelling at children, let alone hitting them, is not good. To know how to wake up and stop at the moment of ecstasy from the physical or psychological beating of a child. It is possible to wake up from unconscious sensuality BEFORE hitting the child with a belt or a word.

Stage 1. Realize the damage to the psyche of the child

On! Eat! Lord, why did I give birth to you? You'd be better off dead. Daughter, even if she's dead, dear.

When yelling, hitting, insulting, all children lose the sense of safety and security, which is ideally received from their mother, which is basic for their survival and development. Often, instead of a protector, the mother becomes the most terrible threat to the child. Each mother's "sick" word, each blow echoes in the child's life as an echo of his unhappy future.

Rolan Bykov's film "I won't come back here again"
Rolan Bykov's film "I won't come back here again"

Negative impact

What is disturbed in the child's psyche


In a child with a sound vector, in addition to the loss of security and safety, neural connections and the ability to interact with the outside world are destroyed. This can lead to autism and schizophrenia.


In a child with a skin vector, derogatory meanings directed at him develop a scenario for failure. With regular insults, the adaptive psyche of the dermal child, in order to endure this, trains itself to receive pleasure from mental pain. Consciously wants success, but unconsciously it comes out only as my mother ordered: “Nothing will grow out of you! You will be a janitor!"


Physical exposure to a child with a cutaneous vector develops masochistic tendencies. Mom beats, then husband beats, life itself beats. And this is just so unconsciously pleasant.

Disruption of the natural rhythm

A child with an anal vector strives to do everything perfectly, to be the best for mom. Here the kid undertook to tie the laces for his mother to praise. He began slowly poking around in his shoe. Then the mother fury came, called it a brake and sharply turned the life of a future caring, reliable and professional person into the channel of resentment, stubbornness and sadism.


Stuffing a child with food without his desire leads to an inability to enjoy life. How these concepts are related, read in the article: "How to return the joy of life, or Getting rid of the consequences of force-feeding."


In a sober state, a person is led by his unconscious impulses and can harm the child. And when drunk, he is not limited by anything. This means that the child is in catastrophic danger of becoming a victim of a loving but very drunk parent.

Sex with a child

Suspicious rustles, creaks, mothers moans and fathers groaning are heard from the parental bedroom. Confusion and terrible fear grips the baby, takes away confidence in the world. Unconsciously, a violation of the taboo on incest occurs, leaving an indelible mark on the child's psyche. In return comes an unconscious aversion to the opposite sex, sex, relationships, life. "I will never do such nasty things" - such an attitude sits in the subconscious, even when already an adult aunt hugs her beloved husband.


Mat - exact words about sexual, about "adult" relationships. Their accuracy from the lips of a loved one hits too destructively into the unprepared child's gut. Swearing in front of a child is like sitting right in front of him for carnal pleasures. Psychological incest and a natural anomaly lead to a feeling of dirt, which is difficult to wash off after decades. Even in adulthood, a person will experience shame and a sense of indecency instead of the joy of sexual relations.

Stage 2. Rampant properties to excavate and use as intended

Run, you reptile! So that you hit the train!

Come back, you bastard. Come back, slut, mom is calling.

A happy person will not offend a fly, much less raise a hand against his child. Only a deeply unhappy one ventures anger on the weakest and most defenseless. "I unconsciously want to hurt because I myself am unhappy."

Conclusion: in order not to beat and yell at children, you need to become happy.

Just! But how? System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan allows you to see through your hidden, unconscious desires. And it becomes easy to satisfy them.

Beating, yelling, sadistic over the weak, we are forced by an unfulfilled anal vector, grievances from childhood. We strive to realize our properties socially and sexually according to our vector characteristics.

So the anal vector in us wants respect in society, a happy family, regular sexual satisfaction.

Steps straight to happiness

For a respectful attitude, people with an anal vector have all the properties. Memory, scrupulousness, desire to complete the job in the best possible way, attention to detail, learnability and the ability to transfer knowledge to others. It is worth trying to apply these properties not for a thorough sorting of grievances and misfortunes in your life, but for the good of a common cause, and people will be drawn to you. And the honor of the team makes a person with an anal vector the happiest in the world.

The film "I will not return here again"
The film "I will not return here again"

Family is the cornerstone of a man's joy with anal vector. Again, there is every chance for this. For women, system-vector psychology gives a simple recipe: only a woman who is psychologically balanced inside can be attractive to men.

I understood myself, became calmer inside, broke into a smile, unconsciously began to release "tasty" pheromones. And the man you need is suddenly on the way and is already making an offer. Inner harmony from understanding yourself and your partner and in relationships with experience will bring the desired feeling of butterflies soaring inside. And here you will not have to worry about sexual realization.

For men, the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan also reveals the right way to become attractive to women. The secret lies in the same social realization. A woman chooses a man not by attraction pheromones, but by ranking pheromones. That is, assessing his position in the general chain of need for people. This means that it will not be difficult for a demanded professional in his field to find a life partner for stable, happy relationships.

Stage 3. Provide a safe and loving environment for yourself and your child

Often a woman hurts a child because she herself suffers at the hands or words of her man. It is by nature that a woman gives a feeling of safety and security to a child. She herself must draw strength and confidence in the future from a man.

System-vector psychology explains this by the fact that over many millennia of realization in society, men have developed a species role. From hunter to engineer, from night cave guard to programmer, from jeweler to empathetic teacher.

A man, enduring his properties for the good of the flock, gets an inner balance, confidence. He shares this confidence with a woman in a happy family. And if a man comes home drunk, spreads his arms, beats, does not provide for his family, then the woman completely loses the ground under her feet. Her world is crumbling, and along an insidious chain she ruins the life of her child.

Awareness of your desires and abilities allows you to take responsibility for your environment, for your life. A woman may not have a specific role, but she certainly has the freedom of choice - to suffer and cause suffering to her child, or to be happy and raise a mentally healthy person who is able to receive joy from life.

This is proven by hundreds of reviews from happy families:

Mom, be human

Man is not an animal. In humans, the opposite of the animal law of survival. Our species can only preserve itself when we take care of the weakest and most defenseless. About children and old people.

We can make the children want to return home, so that they want to snuggle up to their mother, without fear of a storm of abuse and beatings. So that children feel themselves under reliable protection, and not under oppression. So that the "spits" become "pearls". After all, we all want them to be.

To preserve the human species, so that it does not die out from our own mistakes. Free online training on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan awakens the human in us. Don't let the times come when we don't give a damn about our own children. Register using the link.

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