Burning Candle In The Microwave. Pack Leader's Personal Secrets

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Burning Candle In The Microwave. Pack Leader's Personal Secrets
Burning Candle In The Microwave. Pack Leader's Personal Secrets

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Burning candle in the microwave. Pack Leader's Personal Secrets

In the sensations of the urethral, ​​there is no sound arrogance, no olfactory arrogance, or even visual snobbery. He is just a king, which must be taken for granted.

The boy runs down the road knocking down the pillars

Naughty legs tell him:

"We will bring you, but not a step back!"

Zemfira. Boy.


- Good night, you are worried about Sergeant Ivanov.

- ??? Hello …

- Do you know Petrov Peter?

- Yes … something happened?..

- Derevianko, corner of Svetlyakovskaya. We are in his car.

- He is OK?

- He in a state of alcoholic intoxication drove into our patrol car.

- …

- Come, take him.

And HE said, "You can sit down"

In the sensations of the urethral, ​​there is no sound arrogance, no olfactory arrogance, or even visual snobbery. He is just a king, which must be taken for granted.

Most do so, smelling the leader's pheromones, and immediately take a lower position. For the urethral, ​​there are no authorities, even if he is urethral-anal, and this must also be remembered. He can be madly in love, respect, but he will never be an obedient boy, even with full awareness of your rightness. And why should he obey you if he feels like the king of the savannah? The lion is the king of beasts, no less. However, the urethral can be made to believe that the moon is blue and the sky is yellow, and it will act as you want. Because with all his intelligence and thinking behind the flags, he is quite simple-minded and, I would say, naive, like a child. To do this, you need to remember only one thing: the flock for the urethral is everything. And he is dependent on her almost more than the flock depends on its leader.

As practice shows, the flock itself rarely realizes what treasure they got. For giving back due to shortages, the leader does not require gratitude, his mercy is higher than your "thank you". He does not demand anything in return, naively believing that you are the same "adequate people" as he is. And you are not like that and you simply cannot be the same as him, because in a pack there are no two urethra. In life, as a rule, this translates into a certain number of "freeloaders" who feel great under the urethral wing and free urethral return.


It usually starts with the family. As a tendency, the urethral is always the firstborn, the next brother is anal, and the next brother is skin. It also happens that the second brother is skin-anal. Such a relationship is especially dangerous for a skin person, because he does not develop adequately, looking at his urethral brother and trying to correspond to him in everything, only in his own way, in a skin way - that is, he does not learn adequate prohibition and restriction. He will follow him wherever the urethral is dragging him, and he will get a carrot without a whip, because the elder brother will take the whip.

The dermal brother will copy the habits of the urethral, ​​its demeanor, way of life and may grow up to be inadequately risky, "mounted" by an archetypal drunkard, therefore, children in such a family need a special approach.

The relationship between the urethral and the skin-visual females is always of interest in any type of relationship, be it brother and sister, mother and son, father and daughter.

If the urethral person is lucky to be born to a developed skin-visual mother, until the end of his life he will remember her as a "great person." She will instill in him moral and cultural values, set the right direction for his development. In some cases, there may be an incestuous relationship between the skin-visual mother and the son, but this is not always the case.

The skin-visual sister will be protected with all the fair court, and in the skin-visual daughter she will find her “successor” and the first candidate for the “throne”. Be that as it may, this is a very close relationship that goes beyond generally accepted norms.

Fly, my young years

The health of the urethral person largely depends on how early he acquires all the many of his bad habits. The later, the better for him, because you and I know that he has no properties for self-restraint. Even if it is urethral-cutaneous, it will be able to quit only for a while, but later, most likely, it will return to them again, like a burning candle, leaving rapidly and irreversibly.

The urethral begins his hectic sexual life very early, as a rule, still in puberty. He begins to learn all the harmful wisdom of life from about the same age, but he already acquires them until the very end. But we must remember that the urethral is not the one who drags vodka, cigarettes, drugs into the yard. This usually comes from the underdeveloped skins of his pack.

Drugs for the urethral are almost instant death, because he is constantly on the rise in everything. He does not know the measure, but he can live on alcohol and cigarettes for a long time. Of course, he will smoke for real, four packs a day, and if he does, then do not expect that the next day he will breathe fumes, calm down and go to work. No, this is not urethral. A real urethral drinker drinks for at least a week, a young urethral drinker drinks between sleep.


God forbid you to encode it without his own permission, and even more so without his knowledge! Although the urethral is aimed at receiving pleasure from giving, it will not be pleasure for him to satisfy someone else's need for his refusal to drink, because it goes against his desires, and he will not fill other people in this. Such an encoding can end very badly: on the one hand, cause a fit of anger on his part, on the other, lead to death, because he will continue to drink anyway.

Any treatment for the urethral is difficult. Firstly, all doctors are sure that a person (regardless of his vector set) experiences fear for his own life, for the integrity of his body. Not only is there no such value in the urethra, but also health in itself allows you to live "to the fullest," therefore the method: "Vasya, if you drink, the liver will fall off" - does not work on them.

The second point is the content in closed-type medical institutions, which, for example, specialize in getting out of binge drinking. You have to understand that for him the restriction of freedom is torture, hell, even if this institution looks like a 5-star hotel, he will still be torn out of there.

The only thing that can be done, if he has already decided something, is to stand behind, pull and scream heart-rendingly. After half a kilometer, he may slow down a little and even turn around. Your screams for him are nothing more than a squeak, because he knows what to do, and you do not. Or you can even be a thousand times right, and he knows about it and admits it, but will still do it his own way. Such is the urethral essence.

Of course, there are few urethral devices without other vectors now, therefore, most likely, it can be influenced through other vectors, but do not hope for a long-term result. Life with the urethral is a huge work and a constant struggle with his bad habits. Remember that the duration and quality of his life is almost completely in your hands, in the hands of those closest to him. It is in your power to stop, slow down his fall and soften the blows, because he cannot cope with this on his own - such are the urethral.


You shouldn't think that he is doing this in spite of you, that he wants to annoy you, or that he still knows that his close relatives will come running after him and get him out of any trouble (and there will be a huge number of them). Of course, sooner or later in the very, very visual consciousness a moment comes when you think: “Or maybe crack it with something heavy? How did he get me, it would be better if he died”- but do not give up. He has a lot of strength to rise again from the ashes, and for your cares about him he will reward you a hundredfold.

Money is nothing

Speaking about the urethral, ​​it must be remembered that in the urethra there is no desire to own any form of property, which largely determines its behavior in adulthood. Innovative thinking is inherent in the urethral, ​​so that with the correct development of its properties, money simply flows into his hands, and those around him can only be surprised by what miracle he manages to earn it. However, he will not accumulate capital like the leatherworkers do.

If it is urethral-cutaneous, then it will somehow still manage to balance and carry money to the family. He will never be greedy, he will not save every penny. The life of the urethral is a life on a grand scale, but not in the sense in which we are used to understanding it. For all the seeming love of luxury, he is absolutely indifferent to the latest fashion trends. He won't wear a watch, chase the latest Bentleys or dress in expensive suits. All these skin attributes of status do not arouse any interest in him.

At best, his skin-visual young lady can take care of this, but he himself will never think about it. Favorite old T-shirt, worn jeans, sneakers - that's his whole wardrobe. He will hardly wear a jacket or spray himself with perfume - for this you need some very special reason (for example, a date with an interesting skin-visual lady). So do not forget to remind him to change clothes and wash at least sometimes, otherwise he may forget to do it.

A young urethral person literally gushes with ideas, and if he starts his own business, he drags his whole flock there: he will put them in their places and provide them with a more than decent salary. He will be adored by all employees, but to maintain discipline and, in fact, the business afloat, developed skin managers will be needed, because one urethral cannot cope with this. The urethral is a pioneer, and in most cases his business is doomed to success, but he will not deal with it like a skinny, so he can quickly burn out.


He will not shake for his property and treats material losses quite easily, unless it is his own defeat or if it does not directly affect the life of his pack. So if his wife needs an expensive operation, he will find the best doctors and will never regret the money, no matter how much it takes.

Urethral family

The urethral is not a husband and not a father in the anal sense in which we are used to understanding these words.

To begin with, it is worth saying that the urethral "falls in love" quickly. More precisely, I would say, he is covered with a wave of passion and crazy attraction. Such attraction usually lasts about three years and most often arises towards dermal-visual females, and the strongest - to dermal-visual unrecovered limp. At this point, his love smacks so much that he marries immediately: within a month. This is not anal slackness or stingy, gradual skin courtship. No, the urethral takes an attack and, given that everyone loves him and everyone wants to be with him, he rarely gets rejected.

From him, even the lamest one can give birth: the sperm of an inseminating bull are able to fertilize even the most hopeless in this regard. His former young ladies, by the way, as a rule, do not walk alone for a long time either, because they are of great value for skin “pseudo-leaders”. So if you are a skin-visual girl and you are fortunate enough to have a relationship with a urethral that did not end with a wedding, do not be discouraged, you will have many other candidates.

There is enough urethral polygamy for everyone, so he can have many mistresses without harming his wife. In principle, a urethral's wife does not have any responsibilities at all: he will not demand cleaning, ironing, or cooking from her. She will not ask her how much she spent and what she bought: “Do you want a new fur coat? You know where the money is. " So in this sense, marriage with the urethral is the freest and most unencumbered of all other types of relationships.

The maximum requirements in this regard can be put forward by the urethral-anal one, but they, against the background of all the others, seem ridiculous: learn how to cook his favorite dish (fatty meat with blood) and wash the dishes. He usually makes enough money to let you hire a cleaning lady and a cook.

With all this you do not expect him to dine at home at all. Don't expect family dinners on weekends, fishing trips, or any other family gathering. He will not deal with children either, even if he has a skin-visual daughter. Not only does the urethral worker not educate and does not restrict children in anything, he also evaluates children through himself. He thinks that everyone is born as adequate to the landscape as he is, so it's even good that he is not involved in education. The urethral is equally good to all children, for him all children are his own.


The only exception is in the case of a skin-visual daughter: here he will run and tell everyone how smart and beautiful she is, and how the boys run after her. With her, he will walk on Sundays and buy up toy stores, but he will never babysit and lisp.

Animal intuition

Urethral animal intuition is again aimed at preserving the integrity of living matter, and it is stronger than his own desire to preserve the integrity of the body. He is like a burning candle, he does not take care of himself, throwing all his strength wherever his altruism cannot be avoided. Animal intuition arises in a stressful situation. For example, a urethral person sees a sled filled with people who can neither slow down nor turn away at a frantic speed at a four-year-old girl. He objectively assesses the situation and understands that if a sleigh hits the girl, she, of course, will die. Therefore, he throws himself under the sleigh, pushing the girl away, risking his own life and health. He performs such an act unconsciously, this is his animal intuition.

Of course, in relation to himself, she also works, for example, if you need to make an instant decision in an emergency situation on the road, on which his own life depends. In general, driving in a car with a urethral is similar to the embodiment of the game Need for speed.

the end

If you think that the urethral goes through life, easily opening doors with one foot, you are wrong. Demolishing obstacles in its path beyond the horizon, like a burning candle, ignites everyone around with enthusiasm, along the way, he does not just fill himself with a couple of cones, he is exhausted, he is emasculated. Most of them die, not even half of them, the rest to the last drag on their hump all the "baggage", together with a couple of "passengers" attached to life, and sag under this weight.

We are all idiots, each in our own way. The spectator cries over the crushed flower, forgetting about the thousands of children dying of hunger. The anal person refuses to accept anyone's sexuality other than his own and believes that it is "right" and "fair." Kozhnik naively believes that his lifestyle is the most modern and freest, and this is normal and logical.

Urethral is among them all an idiot twice. In the literal sense of the word, because he does not know where he is taking him, where he will turn, where he will lead him and where he will pull him in … Only a very advanced urethral person knows, and, most importantly, wants to know where he is heading.


The worst thing about the urethral is the confidence in the future! He chooses the future for everyone, that is, for all members of his pack, and he has enough strength and awareness of his own coolness to carry a huge crowd into this dubious future. Having achieved what he wants, he rushes further, into the next future. Those who are close by are stressed, skidding, moving their heads from side to side, looking around and asking: "Hey, where did you take us?" A difficult situation is created for everyone and for himself, because the urethral does not abandon anyone, pulls further, and if it does, then attaching it (well, in his opinion). Plus, he is fully aware of his actions and takes on serious responsibility for the lives of others, releasing them in one fell swoop from obligations to himself and to him.

Life with a urethral is always a double-edged sword, and a deep understanding of its essence is necessary in order to go all the way with it as easily and painlessly as possible.

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