Celestial Guides. Part 2. Stairway To Heaven

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Celestial Guides. Part 2. Stairway To Heaven
Celestial Guides. Part 2. Stairway To Heaven

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Celestial guides. Part 2. Stairway to Heaven

It was her long-standing dream - to challenge the male snobs and rise into the sky, proving that a woman can plow the heavens along with them. A dream worthy of a real combat friend …

Part 1

It turns out that champagne poured at an altitude of ten thousand meters

turns into the strongest aphrodisiac.

Ellen Church

So, the American Ellen Church was a pioneer in the heavenly profession. For the first time on board the plane as a flight attendant, she entered already in 1930! Before making a fast-paced career in heaven and just as swiftly ending it with a profitable marriage, the brave American woman worked as a nurse and … took private piloting lessons. It was her long-standing dream - to challenge the male snobs and rise into the sky, proving that a woman can plow the heavens along with them. A dream worthy of a true combat friend came true when Ellen received her pilot's certificate and came with it to Boeing Air Transit.

At the dawn of passenger aviation, the role of smiling stewardesses on airplanes was performed by extremely courageous stewards, and they could only be found on German airlines. American airlines, having looked closely at the German experience, were only thinking about introducing flight attendants on their flights, when a registered nurse with a pilot certificate, the beautiful Ellen Church, appeared on the doorstep of one of them. The initial mistrust and skepticism of aviation managers was replaced by enthusiasm and excitement when they figured out the benefits of having a medical girl on board for the airline.

Skin-visual Ellen walked around the cabin on heels, which caused the constant delight of male passengers, who were often sick from the turbulence in the air. Still, flying in airplanes in the thirties of the last century was not as comfortable as in our time. Therefore, the flights were unpleasant for the passengers. Against this background, having a pretty, sociable nurse on board was a huge plus. On the one hand, the physician on board is “just for every fireman,” on the other, just a pretty girl, flirting with whom you won't see how you got to your destination.

But then there were golden times for flight attendants. Mostly men flew by plane, and they were very wealthy, since flights were expensive. And that is why each flight turned into a great chance to make a useful acquaintance: still - a whole salon of "rich Buratin" and only one girl!

Almost all American airlines followed the example of Boeing Air Transit, recruiting a whole staff of flight attendants, mainly with medical degrees. During the flight, the girls occupied and served the passengers, and so that they did not have to be bored between flights, the airlines loaded them with a bunch of duties, strange by today's standards: carrying and packing luggage, refueling the plane, winding the clock in the cockpit, etc. the girls-stewardesses were happy, in order to get into the sky, they were ready to do anything, even to clean passengers' shoes and push planes into the hangar.

By the way, the fate of Ellen Church is remarkable. After working as a flight attendant for a year and a half and becoming a married lady, she returned to medicine, but during World War II she went to serve as a nurse on a plane that took out wounded soldiers from Africa and Italy. In the war, she participated in the rank of captain and even received several medals. Still, a peaceful, insipid life is not for a skin-visual girl in a state of "war". She needs drive, movement, exploits - to run somewhere, save someone, risk her life, showing miracles of philanthropy and mercy. This is exactly what the first flight attendant was, the restless life-lover Ellen Church, who ended her earthly life at the age of 61, having unsuccessfully fell from her horse (!).

Aerial waitress or ship queen?

If you want to have a job where you have to constantly smile and wear makeup and lipstick - become a clown. You will have a chance to see the world while touring, and no one will yell at you for being late or for not having a pre-ordered low-calorie lunch delivered on board.

Marisa Macle. Stewardess diary

My former classmate Lara worked for several years as a flight attendant on long-haul flights. On such distant ones that, as she herself said, upon arrival at the destination airport after a long flight, during which parrots, a cat and several dogs flew in the luggage compartment together, parrots issued to the passenger … barked! So, according to Lara, by the end of each long-distance flight, she received at least one marriage proposal!


Having finished her flying career, she almost every day laments that her life has turned into monotonous everyday life. Life in the air was full of impressions, emotions and meaning. In the cabin of the plane, she felt like a queen, to whom all eyes are riveted, at whom men look with adoration. The "weather on the ship" depended on her. Once she bathed in this attention, but now it remains only in her memories.

Lara's husband, in turn, complains that life has become unbearable: if earlier Lara had the opportunity to experience almost daily storms of emotions at work, and at home she was a soft and affectionate kitty, now the emotional skin-visual wife is forced to create for herself reasons for emotions and experiences. Family life goes awry due to her mood swings and the scenes Lara puts on to fight boredom and monotony. But most of all, the spouse annoys that during family quarrels, the wife likes to tease him, listing her former boyfriends. These teasing invariably begin with the words: "If it weren't for you, I could have married a banker from Singapore!" or “How dare you ?! Do you even know what people offered me to marry them ?!"

Well, perhaps Lara really miscalculated by marrying "only" the owner of a car dealership, because her choice of a potential spouse was many times richer than that of any "ground" skin-visual beauty. After all, it is only envious air passengers who say that the stewardess is just a "waitress on board." If anyone turns into a waitress on board an airplane, it is perhaps an anal-visual flight attendant attracted to aviation by a romantic halo around the profession. Alas, girls with such a vectorial set rarely feel at home on board, and male attention to them is limited to the standard "give", "bring", "prompt". Shining and revealing their talents on board an aircraft is the lot of skin-visual flight attendants.

An aviation career is one of the good opportunities for a skin-visual girl to show the potential of a woman-fighter, a woman-muse, a woman-comrade-in-arms inherent in her by nature. In terms of the density of male attention, in terms of beauty and emotional saturation, the role of a flight attendant can only be inferior to creative professions - an actress, a singer, etc.

The visual vector, which is an integral part of the personality of the skin-visual stewardess, is bathed in the beauty that accompanies this profession, like in a waterfall. Chic, elegant uniforms, often from renowned designers; image of a guardian angel for passengers; always neat makeup and stylish hairstyle, admiring men's looks … Well, who, if not the flight attendants, hovers in the clouds around the clock, and literally? However, in fairness it should be noted that the flight attendants have no time to look through the windows.


Necessary for everyone, the flight attendant is on his feet throughout the flight: you need to serve drinks, ask everyone to fasten their belts, politely respond to rudeness, distribute dinners, offer a newspaper or a duty-free catalog, provide first aid, if someone becomes ill, reassure those, who is afraid of flights … Each stewardess can not only politely give and politely warn, but also open an emergency hatch in complete darkness, give artificial respiration, deliver childbirth, calm down a drunk passenger and even put handcuffs on him - and much more. This is far from being an "air waitress", it is a hostess, psychologist, doctor and lifeguard all rolled into one. And therefore, after a long flight, any stewardess feels like a squeezed lemon.

And everyone knows how risky this profession is. Here are just a few of the more famous examples:

- In October 1970, 19-year-old flight attendant Nadezhda Kurchenko (flight Batumi - Sukhumi - Krasnodar) was shot dead by the hijackers, father and son Brazinskas.

- In December 1982, an emergency landing right on the clover field was made by the plane of the flight Kursk - Borispol - Odessa. When one of the generators on the plane failed and the plane was filled with smoke, the flight attendant Natalya Leonova did not allow people to panic and calmed passengers down to an emergency landing.

- On March 8, 1988, the flight attendant Tamara Zharkaya, who was flying from Irkutsk to Leningrad, was killed in the plane. She was shot and killed by one of the Ovechkin brothers, whose family hijacked the plane. Before dying, she tried to persuade the hijackers not to shoot or detonate bombs, to take pity on the people.

- On July 9, 2006, the flight attendant Victoria Zilbershtein managed to take about 20 passengers out of the plane that had crashed in Irkutsk before the explosion of the plane that had crashed in Irkutsk, opening the emergency hatch in complete darkness and smoke; she received multiple injuries.

The list is endless. However, all the risks and costs of the profession are not able to turn away from her the skin-visual girl, who is in love with the sky and feels like a fish in water among everyone's attention. In addition, from time to time in this water, you can catch a truly "big fish" with a spoon for skin-visual pheromones.

One of these stories at one time happened with the flight attendant of the Olympic Airways, which the whole world still calls Mimi.

She was 33 when, on a flight linking Greece and China, Mimi met with then Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, then 68 years old and married. A stormy romance broke out between the blonde beauty and the head of state, so stormy that in the end Mimi became the new wife of the prime minister and later the head of his administration.


Mimi got everything that an ambitious skin beauty dreams of: access to high society, press attention, a chic palace, real political power. Men admired her beauty and frankness - Mrs. Papandreou did not hesitate to pose for fashion magazines and even starred naked, which, in general, is natural for self-confident skin-visual beauties who are fully aware of the effect of the impact of their appearance.

It was rumored that the prime minister was coordinating all important decisions with his busty, pretty wife. A year after his death, Mimi published a book of memoirs about their life together "10 years and 54 days with Papandreou." The book featured such scandalous memories that the Greek government even tried to stop publishing them, and many Greek journalists argued that the scandal around this story would scare off politicians from the flight attendants who were smeared with honey.

More than fifteen years have passed since then, the scandal has long been forgotten, and flight attendants are still a tasty morsel for strong and successful men. Having achieved career heights, having defended their place in life, having won a bit of power for themselves, they are not at all averse to getting a skin-visual beauty as an attribute of leadership, designed to crown the pyramid of their success.

When a meeting with such a beauty takes place at an altitude of 10,000 meters above the ground, where the game takes place on the territory of the skin-visual queen, the victory over her seems especially valuable, because this is a real conquest, a vivid proof of her own exceptionalism, a truly high achievement, almost a military trophy.

And as long as the profession of a heavenly conductor is shrouded in a halo of romance, more and more skin-visual beauties will join its ranks, ready to become engaged to the sky and, perhaps, even become another trophy of the prime minister, sultan, oligarch, politician, or, at worst, an ordinary banker.

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