Everyone Hates Me. Is It Because Of The Smell?

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Everyone Hates Me. Is It Because Of The Smell?
Everyone Hates Me. Is It Because Of The Smell?

Video: Everyone Hates Me. Is It Because Of The Smell?

Video: Everyone Hates Me. Is It Because Of The Smell?
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Everyone hates me. Is it because of the Smell?

The conviction that "everyone around me hates", we also take from our own inner feelings. This is a kind of projection from the inner world to the outside world. Transferring your own experiences to other people, evaluating others "through yourself" …

This question was asked in one of the first level lectures. And the problem is not rare. We rationalize what is happening to us, pull our ears, explain to ourselves in the way that is easier for us. And it hurts less.

But systemically it is quite simple to understand that only the sound engineer speaks this way about himself. Never olfactory. It is also very clearly seen when a person talks about himself, he is lying, but when a person talks about others - this is the pure truth … about himself.

It is we, the sound people, who hate everyone. We distance ourselves from people, not them. WE hate them, but rationalize that they are.

How we feel life, how we perceive others, how we understand the world - all this is ourselves. The most accurate manifestation of the real us. Our psychological profile, inner world, manifestations of innate vectors.

The conviction that "everyone around me hates", we also take from our own inner feelings. This is a kind of projection from the inner world to the outside world. Transferring your own experiences to other people, evaluating others “through yourself”.

The whole world is against me

The feeling of a hostile environment, people who look with suspicion, apprehension and even hatred, a sense of their own exclusivity, bordering on the image of an outcast, complete comfort only in solitude, thoughts of the meaninglessness and hopelessness of being …

Who feels the world this way? Who hates everyone around, but believes that they hate him? It is us, the sound people, who suffer more than anyone else today from a lack of implementation, which means that more than others are subject to feelings of dislike for our neighbors and hatred for the whole world.

The sound belief that others hate him is promoted by several factors of the actual nature of the sound psyche. This is primarily the introversion of the vector, which creates some communication problems for the sound engineer. Starting with a lack of desire to communicate with people (the sound engineer feels great alone), ending with low emotionality, inability to convey his feelings and experiences, to manifest them in facial expressions, gestures, intonations, as a visual person does.

It is easier and more understandable for others to communicate with an emotional interlocutor, who is able to understand, feel and somewhere, possibly share with them their experiences - joy and sorrow, indignation and annoyance, delight or longing, in the same way “through themselves”. It is much more difficult to communicate with a person without an emotional response, without observing an expressive reaction to your words.

Whatever emotional storms are raging inside the sound soul, outside we see an amimatic expression on the face, a calm look directed rather in ourselves than at the interlocutor, we hear a quiet measured, even monotonous voice.

Of course, such a strange, closed introvert next to an emotional visual girl who is violently gesticulating, laughing and crying at the same time is much less disposed to herself than the one who has "everything is written on her face."


This does not mean, however, that the people around him immediately begin to hate him, they simply avoid him, do not seek contact with him, and at the same time he himself does not feel an acute need for communication.

Spirituality versus hate

Today, in general, we are able to feel each other emotionally, to feel our neighbor through empathy, thanks to the acquired cultural layers, the high overall development of the visual vector. This is his contribution to the general collective mental, to the development of mankind as a whole.

Even without an innate visual vector, we are capable of some emotional connection with others. We sometimes define this common connection as "the mood in society" or "the atmosphere in the team."

Cultural values, concepts and principles of morality and ethics are instilled in us by upbringing in a society whose cornerstone is the value of human life. For a long time, it was culture that was able to restrain the level of hostility in society. This is no longer enough today.

The sound contribution is only ahead, it is a connection of a spiritual nature, the feeling of a psychic neighbor as oneself. Such a contribution is much stronger, more tangible than the visual, which has already exhausted itself, which we have outgrown. This is the reason for the significant growth of general enmity, an increase in the degree of mutual hatred in modern society, which is no longer capable of lowering only culture. Temperament (or the power of desire) in all vectors has increased, which means that the shortages have grown, a more effective means is needed, there is not enough cultural layer.

This is the future of the sound engineer, the path, the direction of his development, the next sound step forward. He is more than others able to give a person the desired feeling that he is really understood. Not through themselves, but really, to the very bones, they see and realize his soul, psychological nature, recognize vectors. They do not condemn, do not evaluate, do not criticize, do not even condole, but they understand!

This creates that desired feeling of inner comfort, psychological security and safety, as in childhood with mom, the burden of hostility is removed, a person becomes able to relax, be himself and not be afraid, take off the mask and not be ridiculed. Only in this way can a desire to open up appear.

And this feeling is able to give a sound engineer. And this feeling more than any other disposes a person to the sound engineer. With him it becomes good, calm, simple. And it fills the soundman himself! Madly fills!

The future belongs to those who are now the worst

To understand HOW this mechanism works - humanity - this is the specific role of the sound engineer. Only sound abstract intelligence is capable of simultaneously realizing all the ways, stages and laws of human development in the past, present and future. It is the sound engineer who is called upon to feel the psychic of the other in himself, to feel all of humanity within himself. To see your whole appearance inside one separate person and to understand the whole essence of the Great Design, to comprehend the meaning of life.


It is this understanding, this ability to feel the whole world in oneself, this very awareness of the psychic of those around them that gives rise to a sincere and lively interest in people in the sound engineer. For the first time, he feels the need and desire for communication without a tinge of hostility. By radiating "sound empathy" to people, it attracts them to itself, while at the same time creating for them a sense of deep understanding, safety and security.

This is a new, upcoming way of communication … the next stage, the future phase of human development. And today it depends on those who feel like a stranger at this celebration of life, who are sure that others hate him, who are drowning in egocentrism, apathy, depression, replacing reality with virtual life, drug illusions and hallucinations, pushing the fatal last step - in window.

Just those who are convinced that there is no meaning in life, it is they who can find it, because for this they came to this world.

Everything in our life is natural. Only when the time comes does the remedy appear. Today there is already a tool that allows you to understand your own psychological nature. System-vector psychology, as scientific knowledge of a new model, does not work on the basis of memorizing definitions and terms, but through the formation of a special systemic thinking, which continues to live and develop in the future as a set of personal conclusions, observations, inferences and even discoveries.

Self-knowledge for the modern sound engineer turns from a pretentious whim into an urgent need, and that very feeling of dislike for people, a false feeling of universal hatred suggests that this need is becoming more and more acute.

You can open for yourself the veil of secrecy, the secret of a big conspiracy and the negative attitude of others, the reason for your own exclusivity and the true roots of your negative internal state, you can already at the next free online lectures on systemic vector psychology.

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