My Husband Calls Me A Bore. What To Do?

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My Husband Calls Me A Bore. What To Do?
My Husband Calls Me A Bore. What To Do?
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My husband calls me a bore. What to do?

I am a patient person, family is very important for me, and I also like to get to the bottom of the matter, so I decided to figure out what is wrong with me?..

It's a shame, isn't it? And it is doubly offensive when you want to figure out why, and he interrupts you at the beginning of the phrase.

- Well, what did I say so boring?

- All leave me alone.

- Well, all the same?

- This is already boring!..

Ten years of marriage, ten years of understatement, lack of agreement. Although for someone like! He thinks that he did not just speak, but said too much, but listened to even more.

Katya Zanudovich in our life

It started before the wedding. We lay on the beach, read the latest issue of one magazine, I read some of the articles aloud. Among them was a letter from a girl, who described all the vicissitudes of her unsuccessful relationship with a man, at the end there was a signature: Ekaterina Z. The husband then exclaimed: “Ekaterina Zanudovich!” To my question: "Why?" - waved it off. But since then, this Ekaterina Zanudovich began to frequently persecute us. As soon as I asked my husband something again, remind him, I heard in response: "Has Zanudovich returned again?"

I am a patient person, family is very important for me, and I also like to get to the bottom of the matter, so I decided to figure out what is wrong with me? I even climbed into the dictionary to see the definition of "boring". I realized that the color of this word is bad, which means that it is necessary to eradicate it. But how? So, with my usual perseverance, I began my research under the title "How to banish a Zanudovich once and for all."

How to change yourself?

The first, most passive way was to swallow, not to finish speaking, not to question, not to remind. As a result, family life worsened: I went to bed with a bunch of questions in my head, which were gnawing from the inside. And I found a way to get rid of them - to jam. I seized them, seized them, but they did not leave, but grew in me with extra pounds and resentment, interfering with my life.

Aha! Psychologists advise you to look at yourself from the outside, they say, she is not ideal! Looked! I didn't have to go far, I went to my mother! A hail of reproaches: why didn’t take the mug away, why the children are watching TV and why are you all sitting in the computer, you have an addiction, you need to be treated - and everything in this spirit showed me a phenomenon from the outside. Result: self-esteem fell, the desire to "puff" did not go away!

But I didn't give up! The next hope for girlfriends! I returned from my girlfriends as though beaten, with the full conviction that I have an excellent husband - I have to hold on to him with fangs … Yes, these fangs itch, itch, itching, but he gets angry in return or runs off to work.

I began to search the Internet for advice from "experienced". I searched thoroughly, according to reviews … and found it! Thousands of reviews about the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan. I began to read eagerly - it was so exciting that there was no time to talk to my husband! It was Katya Zanudovich's first kick!

Do not suppress yourself, but understand yourself

So, having got acquainted with the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, I learned that all people have innate desires and properties - vectors. The vector determines the model of behavior, the system of values ​​and the purpose of the person. Someone is given to lead people, someone has the ability to organize and earn, and someone has a natural role to accumulate, preserve and transmit information, experience, knowledge to descendants.

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I also belong to the latter! And we are such 20% of the world's population! From this I already sighed with relief - it means that I am not the only one, meticulous! And we have our own important and necessary role! And our vector is called anal. Yes, I agree, the name is slightly alarming, unusual for a beginner's ear, but the main thing is the essence!

The anal vector endows people with the ability to accumulate experience and knowledge and teach new generations. That is why we, the bearers of the anal vector, have an excellent memory, a desire to delve into details, to organize and put everything on the shelves. After all, information must be passed on to future generations without distortion. It is we who become experts, the best specialists in their field. And we are not tormented by the thirst for profit or career growth. Our growth is not upward, but in breadth and depth of any issue.

Yes, some would call it boring. Most likely, it will be a fast owner of the skin vector, who does not care about small details. And someone will regard this as thoroughness! Indeed, as Yuri Burlan's "System-Vector Psychology" says, for a person with an anal vector it is very important not to make mistakes, to do the job, bringing any business to perfection. Well, a job done conscientiously is what will give him satisfaction.

So we people with the anal vector are not boring at all! We are scrupulous, and it is this quality that makes us masters of our craft. It's just that each person looks at the other through himself: if I'm fast, then everyone should be like that.

While undergoing Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", I was able to really look at myself from the outside, through the eyes of my husband (after all, he has a completely different vector). First of all, I understood what my natural features are and how to properly implement them. I realized that all my meticulousness is not a bad quality in itself. You just need to apply it in a different way. And by the way, I changed jobs.

Do you want to get the same result for yourself? Then come to the free online classes "System Vector Psychology". Yes! And if you meet Katya Zanudovich on the way to the training, say hello to her!

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