Latent Homosexuality. The Bright Future Of The Twilight Of One Psyche

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Latent Homosexuality. The Bright Future Of The Twilight Of One Psyche
Latent Homosexuality. The Bright Future Of The Twilight Of One Psyche

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Latent homosexuality. The bright future of the twilight of one psyche

And if one day I realize that I am a homosexual ?! After all, it happens that a normal kid lived and lived - and here on you … he switched to another team. Well, it can't concern me in any way! Someone who, but me! No bastard dares to reproach

And if one day I realize that I am … a latent homosexual ?! After all, it happens that a normal kid lived and lived - and here on you … he switched to another team. Well, it can't concern me in any way! Someone who, but me! Yes, no bastard dares to reproach …

But every year my friends and I go to the bathhouse …

So what?!

Yes, we are with friends!.. Football and beer, girls and vodka … "Do you respect me?.."

But all the same? After all, there is such a concept - a hidden or latent homosexual! So there are also some signs of latent homo? In what organ of the soul or body is insidious homosexuality hidden and what are its reasons?

For many "normal men" the vague threat of latent homosexuality is like an awl in the jo … We do not understand what it is and how it works, we do not know why and with whom it happens, but latently, along with the thought "Thank God, God had mercy!" there is no way to hide the other - "God forbid!"

The fear of discovering the signs of a latent homosexual is invisibly present in many outwardly quite "normal" men. Signs of latent homosexuality haunt the venerable fathers of families, ghosts of unconventional orientation wander in the minds of young men contemplating life: "What if I too?"

We do not know who is in the "blue risk group", and this ignorance does not at all give confidence.

After all, disputes about the causes of homosexuality do not subside in the scientific field. Freudians and other psychologists are singing in every way that homophobia and homosexuality are one and the same disease. But if homosexuality is a disease, then a latent homosexual is a patient, hiding his disease or not knowing about it? After all, every disease must have symptoms.

latent homosexuality1
latent homosexuality1

Signs of homosexuality? At best, we are confused in stereotypes: demeanor and skinny jeans. And what to do with the huge, mustachioed, handy men, who are also … of these? And the most terrible thing - what about the invisible signs of hidden homosexuality? A latent homosexual is doomed, because there is no way to understand in time that he is sick, or to prevent the "disease", the symptoms are hidden!

So there are two pieces of news, good and bad.

Good - there is no latent doom to homosexuality. A latent homosexual is just a common figure of speech that confuses concepts. An adult always understands the direction of his libido, the signs of homosexuality are not latent for the homosexual himself. Another thing is that a person is afraid to advertise his preferences, that is, he deliberately hides from others what is obvious to him - his signs of a homosexual. Based on this, it becomes clear that the treatment of latent homosexuality is nothing more than a fiction.

Bad news: yes, those guys are right who tease homophobes with a hidden addiction to each other. It should be noted that the homophobe is by no means a latent homosexual, he feels his homosexual desires with horror and tries to hide, directing his aggressiveness against those whose homosexuality seems obvious to him. Aggression is the first step towards frustration.

Homosexuality, like any phenomenon of reality, has its reasons. Any man who is preoccupied with issues of attraction to the same sex has a famous anal vector and, accordingly, is the happy owner of an undifferentiated libido. That is why I am concerned about these issues. We evaluate everything through ourselves and therefore we naively believe that everyone around is worried: are you a man or not a man ?! In fact, there are exactly the same number of people who react painfully to non-traditional sexual orientation as there are potentially inclined towards it. More precisely, these are the same people.

What is undifferentiated libido? How does it relate to the causes of homosexuality? And why the hell is it so disgusting to be even suspected of this? There they themselves are no longer hiding, in Paris-Amsterdam they are getting married with might and main, and we, normal, damn it, men, are already shaking at the mere thought that my sidekick or, God forbid, I myself am this …

At the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan there is such a concept: given, but not provided. And here it is, news for all of us at the same time - both good and bad.

If there is a vector, then there are all its innate properties. And how to dispose of them is up to you. There is an undifferentiated libido of the anal vector, that is, an attraction not only to a woman, but also to a man. It is in the presence of the anal vector that the reasons for homosexuality lie. However, not every carrier of the anal vector is homosexual.

But the trick that nature created us like this will not work. Here, they say, and get what you have. Nature did not create an undifferentiated libido for sodomy. If you want, homosexuality is a kind of disease, or rather, a state of undeveloped properties. In the concept, the “male part” of undifferentiated libido is inhibited during normal development, and thus this attraction finds itself a different channel, given by nature, that is, it is directed to fulfill the specific role of the anal vector - to accumulate and transmit knowledge.

The overwhelming majority of developed and realized teachers, artists, writers and other high-class perfectionist specialists do not have any homosexual drives, they have no signs of homosexuality. This is not "latent homosexuality" at all, but a powerful and persistent attraction to the opposite sex. When homosexual attraction is reliably taboo by nature and society, a person does not feel the need to break this taboo. Everything suits him. Moreover, he does not even suspect about the possibility of a breakdown, receiving full satisfaction from life and sex in a way familiar to the properties of his psyche.

If this does not happen and the attraction to a man is not suppressed, but comes out in all its glory, then the specific role remains unfulfilled. Sit down, two! Uninhibited attraction is taboo by nature, and now it becomes clear why.

Now the vague feelings of all the "good guys" and the militant rejection of homophobes, "brutal guys" are understandable. All of them are unconsciously afraid to hear in their address: "Sit down, two, latent homosexual!" Our unconscious knows everything, everything about us, knows about our properties, and knows about our degree of development. The more brutal-looking homophobe, it means, the more insecure his three with a minus … And the weaker his implementation, the less he gets joy and satisfaction from the fact that “doing his job”. The more his lack of respect from colleagues and comrades, the more and more he feels insecure about the ability to keep the woman given to him by God and people. All this is social and, as an inevitable consequence, sexual frustration of the anal vector. Unfortunately, today it is almost ubiquitous.

The reasons for homosexuality in men lie precisely in the dysfunctional state of the anal vector on the skin landscape, in frustrations that lead to the breakdown of the taboo on same-sex intercourse, which does not produce offspring and is condemned by society, especially in Russia.

So the reason for even latent, even the most unbridled homosexuality is one and the same.

And now - the best news. No bad.

Treatment for homosexuality? Elementary.

Our unconscious knows everything, everything about us … but cannot say!

latent homosexuality2
latent homosexuality2

Remember? Asked but not provided. This also means something else: for all our desires, we are given properties for their realization. What is anal vector? What is its specific role? What has been given to me for this and what have I failed to take? A conscious understanding of where and in what properties the development failed, in a matter of a few sessions at the training will help the accomplished homosexuals get their first long-awaited triple.

And for everyone else - once and for all, get reliable insurance against internal anxiety for their natural status (thanks to the realization of the device of such a masculinely strong, but such tricky undifferentiated libido).

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