How To Stop Drinking: Enjoyment, Concentration, Freedom

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How To Stop Drinking: Enjoyment, Concentration, Freedom
How To Stop Drinking: Enjoyment, Concentration, Freedom
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How to Stop Drinking and Become a Happy Person

Acquaintance? - I have to drink. Parting? - Especially. Guests? - We need to pour. Purchase? - It is necessary to wash. Celebration? - What a holiday without champagne! Loose tongue, blackouts, unbearable shame, health problems. Often - problems with work, often - damaged relationships, always - losses. How to stop drinking alcohol?

How to stop drinking: enjoyment, concentration, freedom

Drank in the morning - free all day. Free from what?

Judging by the blackouts - from consciousness. From self-control - judging by the burning shame.

Evolutionarily, shame is one of the most powerful sufferings, often incompatible with life. We are looking for something to drown out the pain - and we drink again.

Does alcohol relieve pain? Yes. But not for long. And it deprives us of the opportunity to perform a useful action and receive pure joy without side effects.

We suppress consciousness as a source of pain. It really is the source of pain. As long as it restrains the realization of the desires of the heart. This is its nature. Only by drinking do we destroy neural connections and literally castrate ourselves, destroying the instrument for realizing drives.

A glass for inspiration? No one has yet created a masterpiece in a disconnected state. The benefits of drinking and drugs are nothing more than a rocker myth. Even true geniuses, such as Pushkin or Mozart, created masterpieces in between spree.

Loose tongue, blackouts, unbearable shame, health problems. Often - problems with work, often - damaged relationships, always - losses. There are also victims. How to stop drinking alcohol?

There is no reason not to drink. How addiction occurs

Acquaintance? - I have to drink.

Parting? - Especially.

Guests? - We need to pour.

Purchase? - It is necessary to wash.

Celebration? - What a holiday without champagne!

To warm up, calm down, relieve stress, neutralize the virus - perhaps for nothing else we have so many excuses as for drinking. "To get drunk with grief" has generally become a stable expression.

According to the physiologist G. A. Shichko, alcoholism begins not with the first glass you drink, but with the first one you see - often in the hands of your parents.


Since childhood, we observe that the adult world is a drinker. Today, following Europe, we consider wine not a drink, but a food product. They learned to drink culturally - and the culture was saturated with alcohol. Neither the premiere, nor the poetry evening, nor the opening day is complete without a glass. There is no chance of staying sober in the city, unless you are a radical zealot. There are almost no such people in the village.

For some reason, there is no desire to imitate teetotalers. Non-drinkers look extravagant or unnoticeable. At first glance, everyone drinks. It seems to us that this is the norm, we believe in myths about traditional drunkenness in Russia, simply not knowing that ordinary people - peasants - have not so long ago opposed … Any scientific information about the dangers of ethanol is ignored or ridiculed.


It's not just the environment and the beliefs it has formed. Alcohol affects the main thing - the internal state. We drink - and it becomes somehow pleasant, light and joyful. Internal pain recedes. We love alcohol.

How to stop drinking photos
How to stop drinking photos


The psyche is so arranged that we are given pleasure from our own actions, consistent with nature.

From animal nature we have three key sources of joy. The feeling of comfort is safe, a short and vivid experience of orgasm and not so vivid, but the longest pleasure from food. We feel good when we fulfill our natural task - to keep ourselves in the present and in the future. The desire for safety, food and the desire to send our gene pool into the future make us take useful actions and achieve what we want.

And that's not all. In the course of evolution, the ways to preserve themselves have become more complicated and developed, forming an increasingly voluminous mechanism of collective adaptation of the environment. The psyche has grown to an eight-dimensional matrix, where each measure - a vector - carries its own unique desires and the ability to realize them. The mechanism of work of desires is still the same: lack compels action, desire is filled - the person is satisfied.

The whole psyche is built on the principle of pleasure. The pleasure centers in the brain - part of our behavioral regulation system - are activated by actions consistent with nature, without any stimulants. If for some reason we do not take the necessary actions, dissatisfaction accumulates, turning into frustration. Alcohol then becomes something of a pain reliever.

Each vector has its own desires, which means its own pain, its own reason to drink. For a person striving for success with a skin vector, this is a low rank or financial loss. For a natural family man with a dual libido as a defender of women and children, these are sexual frustrations.

Troubles also differ in different vectors. The drunken skinheads go for theft, people with the anal vector become aggressive, the muscles can “simply” hack a person with an ax. Unlimited urethral drink instantly or dies, committing some kind of madness.

There are common problems as well.

Desires tend to grow. If there were no actions to fill them, then the volume of frustrations also grows, and rather quickly the pain reaches a force that cannot be quenched chemically. Alcohol ceases to be pleasantly dizzy and becomes a means of relieving the already physical suffering from addiction.


If a physiological dependence has managed to form, then the body literally requires ethanol - without it, even howl. This is understandable: a retrained organism is not able to produce hormones of joy without a potion, if it has managed to integrate into the metabolism. Alcohol changes the state of neurotransmitters. This happens quite quickly, but not everyone has physical dependence, and this is not the main reason for irresistible cravings. The psyche is primary, and, having overcome the mental dependence, we also influence the physiology.

How to stop drinking

Limit yourself? The conditional "no" constraint doesn't work for everyone. Not everyone succeeds in giving up alcohol for good in one fell swoop, opting for sobriety.

Replace one dependency with another? Good way. It is undoubtedly better to depend on chocolate or sex than ethanol. Only with the current volume of desire, neither chocolate nor even sex will be sufficient for complete happiness.

Change the environment? This by itself will not solve the problem, but it will help on the path of liberation. We are collective creatures, we have a need for connections, especially those that positively stimulate. But even this is not the main thing.

The most important thing is to find your pleasure, your happiness, which will fill incomparably more than strong drinks.

How to stop drinking alcohol photos
How to stop drinking alcohol photos


Each of us has everything to enjoy life. The psyche is the mechanism for achieving pleasure and happiness. This is a whole palette of growing desires that you can fill - and rejoice. How it works?

Dissatisfaction evokes thoughts on how to achieve what you want in your mind. We act and, if successful, fill up, rejoice and want even more. It beckons us forward and upward. Each satisfied desire is doubled. But not all of them are fulfilled. Some remain voids, we feel them as pain.

What prevents you from walking the path of pleasure?

  1. Not knowing yourself. Due to the fact that all desires are contained in the unconscious and hidden by consciousness, often we ourselves do not know what we really want. We follow the imposed aspirations, but natural needs do not disappear anywhere. Desires do not disappear, but, abandoned, make themselves felt in bad conditions. Bad conditions - apathy, irritation, dislike, depression, fears - are always a sign that we do not know something important about ourselves.
  2. Censorship of consciousness. We are not ready to admit all our desires. And if, for example, the owner of a double libido suddenly tries to break out of the unconscious area of ​​forbidden sexual desires - there is a strong internal tension that you want to relieve - for example, with alcohol. When a person understands the roots of his sexual characteristics and he manages to realize his sexuality in a couple and sublimate in society, unacceptable desires do not even arise.
  3. Bad experience. If our efforts over and over again do not lead to the desired result, our hands quickly drop down. In sensations, there is simply no need to make additional efforts. Desire depreciates, but does not disappear - and turns into frustration. Devaluation can also be external - like rejected or ridiculed love for viewers or betrayal for people with an anal vector, prone to resentment, which can turn into a powerful stopper that stops life.
  4. Laziness. The attraction to a static state - mortido - is as natural as the attraction to life - libido. Laziness allows us to save energy from unnecessary waste. A well-fed and contented predator does not hunt, when he is fed and satisfied - he sleeps. At the same time, in order to receive pleasure, we need to perform actions. Otherwise, there will be no result and the brain pleasure centers will not be activated. The whole psyche is built on the principle of pleasure. We learn to overcome laziness in childhood. First, we repeat after the elders, guided by visual-effective thinking. Having received the first pleasure, we get involved and are ready to act again.
  5. Violation of the mechanism of obtaining pleasure. For action to bring satisfaction, there must be desire - emptiness. We work out the healthy chain "emptiness - action - pleasure" in childhood on food. It happens that the sequence "hungry - ate - enjoyed" is violated. For example, force-feeding when there is no appetite yet. Or eating is accompanied by abuse, which also distorts the healthy mechanism, replacing or combining pleasure with pain.

Since feelings of happiness and joy of life are born in the sensory part - the psyche - the best thing we can do for ourselves is to open it for ourselves, turning consciousness and unconsciousness into allies. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, we are fully aware of ourselves, get rid of the repressed anchors and psychotraumas and come back to normal. As a result, the correct - leading to happiness - thought forms come to mind, and most importantly, there is strength for their realization. A happy, joyful life is the norm available to everyone.

Inspiration is the correlation of unconscious desires with conscious thoughts. When it is there - both the thoughts are accurate, and there is more than enough strength to implement them. Systemic Vector Psychoanalysis is inspiring as we come to terms with ourselves. During the training, our sleeping feelings wake up, we fall in love with life again.

By the way, falling in love is a good answer to the question: how to stop drinking. Why?

During orgasm, 80–90 percent of the brain is active. The deeper the love connection, the more intense feelings it causes. Sensual connection is always the bliss of realization.

For the male psyche, which fundamentally represents one great desire for a woman, a muse is vital. The main factor of social success in men is a strong bond with a woman, usually a wife.

In the age of standardization and disclosure of female sexuality, a woman is more and more capable of male-style pleasure and self-realization in business.

There is realization in sex and in society - there is no frustration - there is no reason to drink.

By the way, when we truly love, we focus on the object of love. Concentration is a single super-powerful magic pill.

How to stop drinking photos
How to stop drinking photos


People with a sound vector drink to focus on their sensations. In fact, self-focus is what most interferes with realization, which means satisfaction and happiness. This applies to any vectors. We can realize ourselves as much as possible only when we fit into the society, and for this we need to concentrate outside. You can only give in a shortage - for this you need to define it.

Each individual property of our soul turns into its opposite with development. The gift of skin to grasp and obtain for oneself develops into the desire and ability to obtain and conserve resources for society. Fear for oneself in the visual vector is transformed into love for the whole world, extreme egocentrism in "sound" is transformed into the ability to find and reveal all of humanity in oneself.

The world is me and other people. The more we are needed, the more we can give, and therefore enjoy. Knowing how we are different and how closely everything is in fact, we easily fit in and complement the world, no matter how strange and special they are.

How not to start drinking again. Liberty

Drank in the morning - free all day? Now we know that by turning off consciousness, we lose an important link in the chain of achieving happiness. By the way, we also lose freedom - becoming nothing decisive biorobots.

True freedom is the freedom to choose an action. Do it or not, do it for yourself or for the sake of others, receive or give.

Receiving is of course limited by the volume of the receiving vessel. The outward recoil has no form, it is infinite - not limited by anything. This means that pleasure is also infinite, since bestowal includes the pleasure of receiving.

Everything can be learned. We teach people at any age.

A habit is formed in a matter of weeks. The habit of freedom - once. All you have to do is make up your mind and taste the impact. The resulting bliss will not have any side effects. You will want to repeat and multiply it!

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