How To Win A Woman's Heart?

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How To Win A Woman's Heart?
How To Win A Woman's Heart?

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How to win a woman's heart?

By analogy with the attraction of opposite charges, a number of questions arise: “By what principle does mutual attraction arise between a man and a woman? How does this mechanism of attraction between people of the opposite sex work in principle? Who really attracts whom? Why do men have an attraction or attraction to certain women? What is love? How to attract the attention of your beloved woman?"

"Genius is simplicity", or All ingenious is simple

Natural laws are simple and universal. The simplicity lies in the fact that nature can only count to two - day-night, top-bottom, good-evil, love-hate, plus or minus, man-woman. Universality can be traced through examples of different levels of interaction of matter, ranging from the simplest forms of inanimate nature to the most complex forms of living nature, such as human society.

Even from the school curriculum in physics, we know that, according to Coulomb's law, electric charges of the same name are repelled, and attraction arises between opposite charges. Thus, lighter and more mobile electrons are attracted to massive protons, while forming stable compounds that have completely new properties. By the way, it is on this principle that all the variety of matter is built - from atoms and molecules to more complex structures.

Thanks to the bright minds of scientists, we know most of the laws of inanimate and living nature. As for a person, his relationship in society and his mental structure, here we have many unsolved mysteries that need to be answered. One of the most interesting aspects of human relationships is the relationship between a man and a woman.

By analogy with the attraction of opposite charges, a number of questions arise: “By what principle does mutual attraction arise between a man and a woman? How does this mechanism of attraction between people of the opposite sex work in principle? Who really attracts whom? Why do men have an attraction or attraction to certain women? What is love? How to attract the attention of your beloved woman? " The answers to these difficult, but topical questions can be obtained by referring to the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

The chemistry of love - pheromones of attraction

When choosing the opposite sex, special smells of the human body - pheromones - play a decisive role. As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, they are of two types: drive pheromones and ranking pheromones. Primary for a man when choosing a woman is sexual attraction to her (attraction pheromones), and for a woman - the social status of a man (ranking pheromones).

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According to modern data of researchers, each person has his own personal smell, which is an individual identifier for each person and speaks about the state of the body, and especially its reproductive system. Unconsciously, by smell, we are able to choose for ourselves exactly the partner with whom we will have a more stable couple and healthier children. Nature has endowed us with this mechanism, so that each new generation is physically stronger and more adapted to the conditions of the external environment than their parents.

The vomeronasal organ (vomer), which is located at the tip of the nose and has a direct connection with the brain, is responsible for the ability to capture the smell of other people in humans. If an individual of the opposite sex suits you most favorably for procreation, then it will have a "pleasant smell", that is, you will be unconsciously attracted to this person. The fixation of this smell leads to the release of hormones of happiness and joy, so being close to the person to whom we are attracted evokes in us vivid feelings, which we call love.

And vice versa, separation from a loved one according to the principle of action is sometimes equated with breaking a drug addict, when a person wants to receive pleasure, but cannot. The difference is that addiction is an artificial and destructive way of getting pleasure, while love is a natural and constructive one.

High social status is the way to a woman's heart

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that through continuation of the race, a woman retains a human form. Motherhood makes life meaningful for most women. Therefore, when a girl demands stability, security, material prosperity from her man, she does not care for herself, but to ensure the survival of their future children.

Sometimes men, based on their negative experiences, consider women cynical and materialistic, as if they only need material wealth and money. But in order for a pregnant woman to walk for nine months, in pain to give birth, and then raise children, guarantees are needed in the form of a reliable man who can provide for a family. Indeed, during the period of motherhood, a woman has limited opportunities and cannot both earn and raise children at the same time.

There is a basic law of nature, according to which every living creature wants to continue itself in space and time, that is, to pass on its genes to posterity. A man can realize this priority desire only through a woman. For giving away his genetic material, a man is guaranteed to get an orgasm, which is the highest pleasure that can be obtained naturally through the body.

Men who have a higher social status have a more pronounced and "pleasant" smell. According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, this smell is due to the ranking pheromones. For a woman, when choosing a second half, ranking pheromones in comparison with attraction pheromones are of decisive importance. The degree of a man's realization in society determines how ranked he is, what step in the social pyramid and food hierarchy he occupies.

As we wrote above, the relationship between a man and a woman is regulated by smells. In fact, a man has a chance to win a woman's heart if the woman herself wants it. If a woman sees a worthy candidate in front of her, then her body begins to secrete pheromones and attract only this particular man. A man will certainly feel this, as a result of which mutual sympathy, love, relationships, marriage, family will arise.

Women are different

For better adaptation to environmental conditions, nature has endowed us with different properties. Each person has his own innate desires that affect the type of thinking, choice of activity, sexuality. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan defines eight groups of desires and human properties, or vectors, which have their own unique characteristics.

Thus, according to the given vectors, both men and women will have different desires and, accordingly, ways to enjoy life. After all, man was created as a principle of pleasure. That is, the fulfillment of innate desires through socially useful activities, the realization of our natural qualities and give us the opportunity to get maximum pleasure from life, to feel happy.

Depending on the presence of different vectors in the human psyche, appropriate life priorities are built, which must be taken into account when communicating with the opposite sex. It is very important to understand what kind of woman is in front of you. This will help you take proper care of her. A woman with a skin vectra loves expensive gifts, with an anal one - constancy and care, with a visual one - flowers and a joint trip to the theater, with a sound one - solitude under the starry sky. A complete understanding of the importance of innate desires for women is revealed by Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology.

The art of saying compliments

As we have already said, for all women, the social status of a man is important, which gives her a sense of security and safety. For this, women are ready to sacrifice a lot, but this is not enough for long-term relationships. Something else is needed!

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Dear men, if you want to win the heart of your beloved woman, you need to learn to recognize her true desires. This will allow you to communicate with your future soul mate in the most optimal way, taking into account her innermost desires and life priorities.

All men know that women love compliments. They can be of great help in winning the heart of your beloved. Expressing a compliment correctly is to emphasize an important feature of a woman, to resonate with her values ​​and priorities. To get the compliment right, you need to know the desires of your chosen one. For example, for a woman with a skin vector it is important to emphasize her attractive, “status”, chic appearance. If a woman with an anal vector invited you to dinner, be sure to compliment how delicious she cooked. A woman with a visual vector is very emotional, so it will be a compliment for her if you say how bright and sensual she is.

Knowledge of psychological characteristics is the key to the heart of a beloved woman

To create a lasting relationship with the opposite sex, a man must also know his innate properties, or vectors, which are our hidden talents. Realizing his innate qualities through socially useful activities, that is, at work and in society, every man is able to take a worthy place under the sun. And as we already know, a high social rank significantly increases a man's chances of getting consent to a relationship, even from the most unapproachable woman.

For various reasons, sometimes it is impossible to understand your peculiarities, it is difficult to understand what you really want from life. This makes it difficult to choose the type of activity that would make it possible to simultaneously receive a decent income and pleasure from the work done. Thanks to the modern knowledge of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, we have a unique opportunity to finally understand ourselves.

People who have undergone training in Systemic Vector Psychology give confirmation that the knowledge gained is able to correct a life scenario for the better. Realizing their innate vectors, many men get the opportunity for a more successful realization of their properties in society. This is expressed in obtaining a desired position, a more interesting job, raising salaries, increasing profits in business, moving up the career ladder. A deep conscious understanding of human nature makes it possible to find oneself in the profession and in life and build a happy pairing relationship.

Thus, by studying Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, each man can better understand himself and the characteristics of other people. Such knowledge will help you to accurately determine your place in society, find the best way of implementation and type of activity. The end result of this transformation will be a positive, happy life. The people around them, among whom there are many beautiful women, will instantly feel these changes, and it will be pleasant for them to make contact and communicate with a balanced, fulfilled person.

If you have an interest in how to find a way to yourself and the heart of the most desirable woman, we invite you to visit the introductory free online lectures on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register by the link:

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