Falsification Of The History Of The Great Patriotic War. Lie To Destruction

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Falsification Of The History Of The Great Patriotic War. Lie To Destruction
Falsification Of The History Of The Great Patriotic War. Lie To Destruction

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Falsification of the history of the Great Patriotic War. Lie to destruction

Distortion of history is a major theme in modern information warfare. On the eve of the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the Victory of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War, an outrageous lie is again gaining momentum, the purpose of which is to nullify the unparalleled feat of our soldiers. Attempts to revise the results of World War II are carried out at the highest level.

The larger the lie, the sooner it will be believed.

J. Goebbels.

Distortion of history is a major theme in modern information warfare. On the eve of the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the Victory of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War, an outrageous lie is again gaining momentum, the purpose of which is to nullify the unprecedented feat of our soldiers. Attempts to revise the results of World War II are carried out at the highest level. On July 3, 2009, the European Parliament adopted a resolution "On the reunification of divided Europe", according to which August 23, the day of the signing of the non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany (Molotov-Ribbentrop pact), is proposed to be considered a day of remembrance for the "victims of Nazism and Stalinism."

As if there were no attempts by the USSR to enter into an alliance with Great Britain and France, which they refused, pushing Hitler to aggression to the East. As if Russia did not receive as a result of the forced pact additional time to prepare for the inevitable war and additional space 300 km from the transfer of the state border. Denying the obvious, inventing the most incredible explanations for long-known facts, is the favorite style of forgers of any level.


Their goal is the same: to fill the heads of poorly informed people with ersatz-dust about how Stalin was preparing an attack on Germany, but nothing came of it, that's why he did not ride on a dashing horse across Red Square, but sprinkled ashes on his head on the platform of the mausoleum, while the Americans successfully solved their geopolitical tasks in Europe.

"Holier than the Pope"

Surprisingly, such nonsense is spread not only by Western "historians" and their fugitive singers. Our compatriots also voluptuously mock the shrines of their people. Moreover, if Western “historians” are only trying to share responsibility for the outbreak of World War II between Germany and Russia, then our committed “specialists”, weighed down by personal frustrations and archetypal money-grubbing of Western grants, go even further, blaming Russia exclusively for the start of the war.

The “icebreaker” V. Rezun, a former Chekist-defector, who brazenly appropriated the glorious surname “Suvorov”, writes a lot about the “so-called great patriotic war”. He is echoed by other pseudo-sufferers of historical truth - G. Popov, K. Aleksandrov, B. Sokolov, I. Chubais, D. Winter, etc. Referring to "a number of scientists", and in fact, echoing the "genius" of fascist propaganda Goebbels, they accuse the USSR in preparing an attack on Germany, they are trying to belittle the importance of the Soviet-German front in defeating fascism and liberating Europe from the Nazi yoke.


Inside view

The interpretation of historical events always depends on the point of view. You can juggle facts and figures for a long time. When the stream of facts dries up, it's easy to refer to the "closed archives". The failure of the attempts of the falsifiers of the history of the Great Patriotic War becomes obvious if we consider the historical events in the context of the properties of the mental unconscious. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan convincingly shows that the eight-dimensional matrix of the mental unconscious works not only at the level of the individual, but also at the level of states.

The given properties of the collective psychic underlie the mentality of the people, defining their picture of the world and ways of interacting with it. The contrariness of the urethral-muscular mentality of Russia and the skin mentality of Europe explains many "miracles" of our common history. The victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War is a victory in the struggle between worldviews (mentality). It convincingly testifies to the superiority of mercy over cruelty, selflessness over egocentrism, natural bestowal over the archetypal desire to appropriate someone else's, the spiritual feat of including the desires and aspirations of all mankind over the sick sound idea of ​​world domination.

Everything for victory

Falsifying the facts in their own interests, the falsifiers of the history of the Great Patriotic War interpret that the price of the USSR's victory was so great that this victory could be considered "Pyrrhic", that is, a defeat. The prudence of the Western mentality, the desire to set a price for everything and in any way to avoid unpredictability does not allow skin individualists to accept the urethral value system, when not something, but everything is sacrificed for the sake of preserving the whole. When it comes to preserving the integrity of the country, "we are not behind the price." Our enemies were never satisfied with this.


The idea of ​​the identity of the Soviet social system and Nazi ideology, communism and fascism was imposed in my teeth. This nonsense, calculated for complete obscurity, even penetrated into textbooks ("History of Russia. XX century: 1939-2007", "Astrel" and "AST" in 2009, ed. By A. B. Zubov), where in the title the chapter "Soviet-Nazi War" has already concluded the position of the authors: two dictators, two totalitarian regimes fought for world domination! The fact that world domination was needed only by one - sick in sound and frustrated in anally moral and moral degenerate Hitler, the fact that the Soviet side honestly observed the terms of the peace treaty with Germany is simply silent. Silence is a powerful weapon of falsification, as is the appeal to irrelevant facts while ignoring the essential.

The myth of the Geneva Convention

You can often hear the myth that Stalin did not sign the Hague Convention and the Geneva "Agreement on the Treatment of Prisoners of War", they say, that is why the Nazis treated our prisoners in this way. According to statistics, only 13% of Germans did not return to their homeland from Soviet captivity, 58% of prisoners died in fascist dungeons. Is the reason for such a terrible difference in an unsigned agreement? Of course not.

Tsarist Russia, like Kaiser's Germany, signed the Hague Convention on the Laws of War on Land as early as 1907. By a decree of the Council of People's Commissars of June 4, 1918, it was announced that “international conventions and agreements concerning the Red Cross, recognized by Russia before October 1915, recognized and will be respected by the Russian Soviet government, which retains all rights and prerogatives based on these conventions and agreements."

And although in 1929 the USSR did not join the Geneva Convention "On the Treatment of Prisoners of War" (we were against the division of prisoners of war on a national basis), already in 1931, the NKID of the USSR announced the USSR's accession to the 1929 convention, about which the German government the moment of the outbreak of the war could not but know. The myth that the USSR was outside the rules stipulated by the Geneva Convention, which means that it was possible to do anything with Soviet prisoners of war, nothing more than a "duck" of fascist propaganda, zealously supported by falsifiers of all stripes.

Moreover, all countries that signed the Geneva Convention, including Germany, assumed the duty of humane treatment of prisoners, regardless of whether their countries signed the convention or not. It is another matter that long before the start of the war, German fascism set itself the goal of complete destruction and enslavement of "racially inferior" peoples. Thus clearing the living space for the "Aryan" nation, the Nazis put themselves outside the law.

How could this happen based on the skin mentality of the Germans with their love of law and order? How could an entire nation go crazy? Vector systems psychology helps answer this question.

When the sick sound dominates

The sick idea of ​​a superman, at whose service millions of untermensch “subhumans” should be put, has found a solid support in the frustrated anal vector of a large part of the German population, experiencing the strongest grudges about life. An anal person who is deadlocked in resentment always wants to "align the square", and it is better if this happens at the expense of those who are to blame for the injustice towards him. The perpetrators were found - Untermenschs, primarily Jews and Slavs, communists. Both the anal thirst for revenge of individual unrealized citizens, and the skin desire for revenge of the entire German nation after the Versailles Peace Treaty, which was plundering for Germany, concentrated on them.


The dominant sound vector, fueled by only one egocentric craving for world domination and fueled from below by anal frustrations of "racial purity" and skin revanchism, fatally influenced the perception of skin restrictions by the law-abiding and civilized people of Germany. The law continued to be strictly observed, but only within the Aryan flock. Outside of their pack, among the "racially inferior stupid Slavs" one could commit any atrocities. So the sick sound in the collective psychic nation of philosophers, poets and musicians threw the people of Germany back thousands of years - to the primitive era of primary skin restrictions within the pack.

Hitler had no intention of observing either the Geneva or any other international convention. Soviet prisoners of war were not people for the Nazis and were subject to total destruction with preliminary use for the benefit of the Reich. From the very beginning of the war, the Germans bombed hospital trains, shot the wounded, doctors and orderlies. The norms of international law were not observed for the inhabitants of the Czech Republic, Poland, Yugoslavia. Contrary to the international rules of war, prohibiting hostages, for every killed German in Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic, from fifty to one hundred hostages were destroyed, the Poles were forced by the Germans to fight on the Eastern Front, although Poland, the Czech Republic, and Yugoslavia were at one time the same as the USSR, signed all the necessary agreements.

Let's say 13 is 58?

The reinforced concrete argument of supporters of the idea of ​​the identity of German fascism and Soviet socialism, who do not see the forest behind the trees, is the alleged unified style of posters of the USSR in the 1930s and 1940s and propaganda materials of the Reich, Stalin's "Empire" and German monumental architecture of those years. The fact that opposite values ​​of counter-mentality are hidden behind the pictures can not only be felt, but also proved using knowledge of system-vector psychoanalysis.

The virus of Nazism is deeply alien to the Russian urethral mentality. Russia from time immemorial did not conquer, did not destroy, but accepted into its "flock" other peoples who are alive and well on the Russian landscape to this day. Under the heading “Russian”, Ukrainians and Byelorussian, Jew and Tatar, Kazakh and Armenian live abroad. The Western mentality at the unconscious level distinguishes us by the contrasting properties of the urethral and skin psychotypes - for them we are all Russians, regardless of hair color and eye shape.

The Russian urethral mentality showed mercy to the captured enemies. Already on August 13, 1941, the "Instruction on the procedure for keeping prisoners of war in the NKVD camps" was drawn up, which clearly regulated the conditions for keeping prisoners of war in accordance with international law, which the USSR, unlike Germany, observed. In the area of ​​the camp, "free movement of prisoners of war from the rise to the signal to go to sleep was allowed." "POWs of private and junior command personnel" were obliged to work at the direction of the head of the camp. Officers and persons equated to them also "could, with their consent, be involved in work." At the same time, prisoners of war involved in work were subject to "regulations on labor protection and working hours applied in a given area to citizens of the USSR working in the same branch of labor."For violation of the camp's internal regulations and non-criminal offenses, prisoners of war were subject to disciplinary sanctions, "determined by the rules in relation to the Disciplinary Regulations of the Red Army" [3].

The sick idea of ​​German Nazism was the physical destruction of the conquered peoples. A well-oiled machine for the destruction of people just because they did not belong to the "superior race", worked without waste. It was not only the muscular strength of the still living slaves that was involved. The Reich benefited from the skin, hair, bones, teeth of the dead, clothes and shoes of the tortured old people, women, children … The surviving slaves of the Reich had to be demoralized and suppressed by the awareness of their inferiority in relation to the "Aryan" master. Those who seek to equate Stalin with Hitler, let them try to equalize these two values ​​as well: 58% of the Red Army soldiers who died in captivity and 13% of the soldiers of Germany and its allies who died in captivity. [3]


Cannon fodder or an army of leaders?

Starting from this misanthropic concept of Hitler's fascism, modern falsifiers of the history of the Great Patriotic War often paint the Soviet soldier as cannon fodder, with which incompetent red generals made up for their professional inconsistency. Based on this logic, the most significant victories should have accompanied the Red Army at the very beginning of the war, when our losses were greatest. The facts suggest otherwise.

It is impossible to win a high-tech war by numbers alone. It is another matter that the skill of Soviet military leaders, which was rapidly growing as they gained experience in conducting combat operations in new conditions, was reinforced by the “X” factor, which put rationally thinking German generals at a standstill. Mass heroism of the Soviet people. What are the hidden mechanisms behind this replicated concept?

At the end of the 19th century, Otto Bismarck wrote about the minimal needs of Russians in comparison with Europeans. On February 19, 1878, he warned the Reichstag about the danger of starting a war with Russia: "The Russians will respond with their unpredictability to each of our military cunning." These words of Bismarck often distort, they say, the Chancellor meant Russian stupidity. Not! Bismarck lived in Russia for a long time and had great respect for the incomprehensible Russians.

The urethral-muscular mentality is truly beyond the skin's mind. There is a limitation in the skin - and the urethra does not see boundaries, in the skin there is discipline - and the urethra is self-willed, there is no skin ambition, which is perceived by the skin mentality as laziness or indifference. The urethral-muscular mentality of Russia opposes natural bestowal and collegiality, the primacy of the collective "we" over the "I" - the last letter in the Russian alphabet, to European skin individualism, the desire to rebuild the whole world from itself and for itself.

The submission and long-suffering of muscular peasant Russia are deceiving. In a state of war, the Russians slowly but inevitably mobilize and become invincible, as the muscular army takes on the properties of urethral commanders. An army of urethral leaders arises, invincible by skin regular parts. So it was under Alexander Nevsky, this was the answer to Karl of Sweden, this is how we fought in the Patriotic War of 1812, in the Civil War, and in the First Imperialist War. This mechanism was repeated during the Great Patriotic War against Hitler's fascism. The mentality of the people is a stable formation, supported by the properties of the mental unconscious.

Show me how to die for your homeland

By the time the War began, the USSR remained 66% a peasant country. The response of the muscular people to the invasion of its borders by the deeply alien, high-tech, well-oiled war machine of Hitlerite Germany was an internal irresistible desire to defend their land at all costs from strangers who were taking away their daily bread, the opportunity to live and work on their land. In such an environment, the exploits of individual urethral heroes immediately became massive. And the point here is not only and not so much in propaganda and not at all in coercion, as the liars from the "alternative history" of the Great Patriotic War are trying to prove. The mass heroism of the Soviet people was an internal response of the muscular psychic unconscious to a vivid example of the urethral sacrifice of one's life for the sake of saving the lives of all.


The first feat, which later received the name of Alexander Matrosov, which, due to circumstances, was learned earlier, was accomplished by the political instructor of a tank company Alexander Pankratov at the end of the summer of 1941. Political instructor Pankratov covered the enemy firing point with his body, with his life “ransoming” from the enemy a few seconds to advance the unit and a dozen lives of fellow soldiers. In total, during the Great Patriotic War, 403 soldiers repeated the feat of Pankratov-Matrosov, and these are only officially known facts.

“There are known cases when, under the impression of just accomplished one feat in the same battle, both the second and the third were performed … So, in one of the battles with the Nazis, Sergeant Ivan Gerasimenko, privates Alexander Krasilov and Leonty Cheremnov closed the enemy machine-gun embrasures. Group feats were performed by the Soviet soldiers P.L. Gutchenko and A.L. Pekalchuk, I.G. Voilokov and A.D. Strokov, N.P. Zhuikov and F.N. Mazilin, who took upon themselves the fire of enemy machine guns, N.A.. Vilkov and PI Ilyichev ". [2]

On the very first day of the war, June 22, 1941, the flight commander of the 62nd Fighter Aviation Regiment, Senior Lieutenant Pyotr Chirkin, sent his burning plane into a cluster of German tanks. On June 27, 1941, on the second day after the death of Nikolai Gastello, the commander of the 21st bomber aviation link, Lieutenant Dmitry Tarasov, in the Lviv region, hit a motorcade of invaders with his burning car. On June 29, 1941, on the territory of Belarus, the deputy squadron commander of the 128th Bomber Aviation Regiment, Senior Lieutenant Isaak Preseisen, blew up his bomber in a large Nazi tank column. On July 4, 1941, Captain Lev Mikhailov rammed German tanks with his burning plane. There are known cases when in one combat sortie of a bomber group, two and three air-ground fire rams were made. [five]

Examples of mass heroism in the Great Patriotic War can be cited endlessly. During the defense of Moscow and Leningrad, in the battles on the Volga and the Kursk Bulge, during the liberation of the countries of Eastern Europe, in the battles with the Japanese militarists, people of different nationalities, religions, social origin and education, united into a single Soviet people, without hesitation, sacrificed their lives for peace in earth. But it was the exploits of the first days of the war that clearly illustrate the complete failure of attempts to attribute the heroism of the Soviet people to propaganda and coercion. Even if he wanted to, "bloody Stalinism" would not have had time to either coerce or fool - this was the first, natural, unconscious reaction of people to an attempt to take away their home, homeland, country.


The degerization of Soviet soldiers is accompanied by the praise of traitors to the homeland, attempts to revise the decisions of the Nuremberg trials. An analysis of the many individual facts of falsification of the history of the Great Patriotic War goes far beyond the scope of this article. Thanks to Yuri Burlan's systematic psychoanalysis, one can easily see the falsity of any fabrications and their true purpose, no matter how much the desire for "objectivity" the falsifiers hide.

The purpose of falsifying the history of Russia is the desire to disunite our people along far-fetched national and / or religious grounds. The enemies of our country would like to see us repenting of non-existent sins, because it is so easy to make very specific territorial and material claims under this case. The purpose of the modern information war against Russia is to destroy the urethral mentality of our people, to destroy its values, to turn it into a driven herd, obediently consuming low-grade goods of foreign overproduction.

Each individual fake is not worth a dime and is easily refuted by facts. Penetrating into textbooks and in the media, falsification of the history of the Great Patriotic War can cause irreparable harm to the younger generation, and this is its main danger for the future of the country. Systemic psychoanalysis shows that, in addition to specific historical facts that can be manipulated, ignored or silenced, there is a basic structure of the psyche that explains the impossibility of certain events in reality, no matter how beautifully and convincingly they are presented for the sake of someone's immediate benefit.

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