Women's Happiness, Or Why Get Married After 50, 60, 70

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Women's Happiness, Or Why Get Married After 50, 60, 70
Women's Happiness, Or Why Get Married After 50, 60, 70

Video: Women's Happiness, Or Why Get Married After 50, 60, 70

Video: Women's Happiness, Or Why Get Married After 50, 60, 70
Video: Is Getting Married Again after 50 Right for You? Redefining Happiness and Marriage after 50! 2023, September

Women's happiness, or Why get married after 50, 60, 70 …

Why am I not looking for happiness in a relationship, don't believe in it? Is it really possible at my age to find a second half?

A dull rain is falling outside the window. I am sitting at home alone, except for my faithful friend - the cat Muska. The houses are quiet, clean and comfortable, they don't feel like going outside. As it does not pull already to change something in my life.

I'm already good for … Everything in my life was. Children grew up, scattered in all directions. No husband. Not for a long time … Children say: “Mom, arrange your life. Why are you sitting at home alone? Together it will be more fun, and even easier to live in old age."

Only I can't make up my mind. Already got used to it like this - one. I do what I want and how I want. Why do I need a stranger next to me? And who needs me with my quirks and diseases? Only now I'll cry sometimes - is life really in the past? Is it really left for me to live out my life like this - alone?

The main goal of our life is to be happy

Man always wants happiness. He is so arranged - if he enjoys life, then he feels its meaning. A person simply has to be happy, and he has all the possibilities for this. Otherwise, life seems empty, dull and pointless.

If a woman, at whatever age she is, feels emptiness and loneliness, then she suffers, she is unhappy. And no matter what explanations she justifies her position, this is an indicator that her desires are not realized, but require implementation. They demand loudly …

Loneliness stamp

They say that single women deteriorate in character. It happens that such a woman becomes obsessed with cleanliness: she polishes everything to a shine, blows away dust particles, gets annoyed with uninvited guests who crumble everywhere, leave her behind and leave her alone with a mess.

It happens that such a woman requires the attention of her adult children or doctors, whom she calls on the ambulance every now and then: “What, don't you see, my heart is sick, is pounding like crazy, is about to jump out of my chest? Can't you see that I am suffocating, that I am dying? And tears, and the fear of death, and the desire for sympathy …

It also happens that a lonely woman lives, calmly and even, at first glance, gladly accepting her loneliness: “What kind of man? Why do I need it? I want silence at home and my established order …”Only fewer and fewer connections remain with other people, and I don't want to see anyone - neither my own children, nor my girlfriends. Sometimes it will come out, grabbing energy from the stormy stream of life and immediately get tired: "I want to go back, to silence and loneliness."

So desires gradually fade away, and with them life.

Desires gradually fade away image
Desires gradually fade away image

Recognizable? At the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, you can realize that this is how we get less pleasure in different vectors of the psyche, we do not realize the desires given to us by nature. In the first case - in the anal vector, in the second - in the visual, in the third - in the sound vector.

Understanding yourself is half the battle. Why am I not looking for happiness in a relationship, don't believe in it? Is it really possible at my age to find a second half? We will answer these questions in terms of systemic knowledge about the human psyche.

A wealth of sensual connection

Let's not talk about the quite obvious things that marriage gives a woman after 50 - it's easier to live together, support in old age will be mutual. This will not convince a woman, all the more so the "well-wishers" hum: "He is looking for a nurse, you will take care of him, put up with a harmful character. Problems will only increase."

We're going to talk about love and emotional connection. The thing is intangible, but this is exactly what a woman lacks alone, when she no longer needs to give birth and raise children. Most of all, of course, a woman suffers from a lack of emotional connection with a visual vector, because emotions are her meaning, and a life without love in sensations is a wasted life.

But a woman with any other vectors realizes herself as a woman in creating an emotional connection with a man. The greatest pleasure a modern man can get from a sensual connection. Lack of this connection leads to despondency, apathy and a bleak life. Lack of realization of one's potential is always suffering. A person withers away without realization. The feeling of being needed by someone gives him the feeling that he is not living in vain, even if he does not realize it.

What does an emotional connection with a man mean? Understand, support, sympathize, inspire, praise, experience something together. This is extremely necessary for a man. Without the support of a woman, without the pleasure from orgasm that she gives him, his life is also meaningless. There is no fuel to create, create, invent, move the world into the future. A man is a creator, a woman is a muse. Handsomely? Not only beautiful, but absolutely vital, which has already been confirmed by hundreds of couples who have completed the training "System-Vector Psychology" and have adopted systemic knowledge.

“But what about age? What kind of love? Everything is long past! But no. Look at Natalia's review, and you will understand that life can begin at 50, 60, and 70 - when a person begins to understand how he is arranged, what he is capable of, how to build a relationship correctly. Because the main thing in a relationship is not the interaction of bodies (although attraction is important when a relationship is just beginning), but the contact of souls.

Even a woman with a sound vector who thinks she needs solitude actually needs solitude. Solitude, but not loneliness. Do you feel the difference? Where can I get inspiration for my knowledge alone?

Doing what you love, thinking about life, reflecting, reading, learning, having the opportunity to share it with a loved one, is even more exciting. And the relationship between a man and a woman is a depth that you want to reveal again and again. What is he? What does he want? Why does he do this and not otherwise? There is something to think about. You can make a lot of discoveries, fulfill your sound mission - to know your neighbor. Without the material of knowledge, there is no knowledge itself. For a sonic man and woman, these are perspectives in a relationship that take your breath away. But more about this - at the training of Yuri Burlan. In a nutshell …

And now an equally important question. Where can I find a free man at my age and how to understand that we are suitable for each other? It seems that this is unreal …

There is definitely yours among the 3.5 billion men on the planet. We live in a world of amazing opportunities. If earlier our circle of acquaintances was limited to classmates, fellow students, work colleagues, now, in potential, it is the whole world. Online dating gives us this opportunity.

Today, all over the world, online dating is the most common way to create relationships, to meet your love. And a person who has completed the training "System-Vector Psychology" has undeniable advantages over everyone - he knows exactly who he needs, and can accurately determine whether the person is in front of him, even if he has not yet met his interlocutor personally. How? By keywords, judgments about different things, by values that a person unconsciously transmits. This minimizes or eliminates completely mistakes when choosing a partner, negates any negative experience.

Yuri Burlan at the training "System Vector Psychology" even says that this way of dating is the future. After all, communicating in correspondence, not seeing each other, not feeling each other's smells, on the basis of which physical attraction arises, people are more in touch with their souls and have the opportunity to build an emotional connection first. Most often, when they meet later in reality, they like each other, because they have already mentally bonded, felt interest and trust, entered into resonance, and this is one of the main conditions for mutual attraction and attraction.

Attention, an important point. The woman's condition also affects the ability to attract a man. If she is sad, melancholy, with a mournful expression on her face, her scent is not attractive to men. One has only to change the internal state, a smile appears on the face, as men themselves begin to pay attention to you. With a woman who glows from the inside, I want to be near, live with her, make her happy, regardless of age. Attracts her condition, the smell of happiness and joy from life. This is evidenced by numerous reviews on the System Vector Psychology portal:

The picture attracts her state
The picture attracts her state

How to make sure that the state changes and simple female happiness enters your life? To get acquainted with oneself and others again at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan. This is a unique opportunity for every woman, which has no analogues.