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Transsexual Express
Transsexual Express

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Transsexual express

Why does Vasya dress up as Masha or goes even further and wants to turn into her? Who has such desires and why, and is Nature mistaken in the choice of sex? Any transsexual person will confidently answer that yes, God was mistaken in placing his tender female soul in a rough male body. System-vector psychology FOR THE FIRST TIME proposes to work not with the consequences, but with the cause!

"My light, mirror! Tell

Yes, report the whole truth:

Am I the loveliest in the world, All blush and whiter?"

What is the answer in the mirror?

"You are beautiful, no doubt;

But Vasily is all the nicer, All the blush and whiter"

Wandering souls

Why does Vasya dress up as Masha or goes even further and wants to turn into her? Who has such desires and why, and is Nature mistaken in the choice of sex? Any transsexual will confidently answer that yes, God was mistaken in placing his tender female soul in a rough male body. What he doesn’t know is that his “soul” is, indeed, tender, fragile, sensual and emotional.

But it has nothing to do with gender. All visual people have it like that. And all transsexuals are visual people. There is no visual vector - there is no transvestite and his “older”, more advanced brother - a transsexual.


Transvestism in the animal kingdom or what nature shows us

Several years ago, scientists discovered sexual mimicry in the animal kingdom. Males of some animal species mimic females in dangerous situations, which contributes to their survival.

For example, males of a flat lizard, when meeting a stronger rival, change color and pretend to be females. Why? It's just that in nature, the male, as a rule, does not offend the female. This behavior has developed over the course of evolution and supports the survival of the species.

This behavior is not only seen in lizards. Male crayfish, who have lost in a battle with a rival, in order to stay alive, must pretend to be a female and simulate sex with the winner. Otherwise they will be torn apart.

So, in animals, mimicry under the female occurs at the moment of mortal danger. And what about people?

We all come from the primitive pack. In order to be able to survive and continue oneself in time, everyone in it had their own specific role. Only one individual had no place in the flock. The born skin-visual boys could not become either warriors or hunters. Physically weak, compassionate and gentle, like girls, they were not adapted to life in the wild savannah, and were immediately destroyed like unnecessary ballast. They were not just killed, but ritually eaten: the oral cannibal served them on the table of the entire tribe.

The fear of being eaten by a tribal cannibal is forever imprinted in the psyche of such individuals. Who are they, these skin-visual males?

Exclusively skin-visual

Everything they have is not like people: a woman is not a woman, and a man is not a man. All other men have been fulfilling their specific role since ancient times, hunting, hunting for mammoths for food, and women staying at home, giving birth and raising children. For visual men and women, the opposite is true.

A skin-visual woman is not a woman, since she does not give birth, but she plays the role of a daytime guard of the flock, goes with men to hunt and go to war. And a skin-visual man is not a man, not a warrior and not a hunter: he cannot kill anyone, sorry for everyone, even the laboratory mice, on which experiments are carried out - “they are alive, they are in pain!”.

A visual man, weak (people with a visual vector have the weakest immune system), gentle, sensitive, with the highest emotional amplitude, “feminine” in the minds of others, with tears close by, how could he survive in ancient times? He didn't survive.

He was either used for food, or thrown into the trash from a cliff, or he died in childhood from weakness, or was the first in line to die from the heavy paw of a leopard, or from the club of a "real man", or from an epidemic. And there were also bandit arrows, backbreaking work and inconsolable grief and a sea of ​​tears over the grave of the mammoth and rhinoceros killed by "these insensible cattle".

Primitive women looked at him as a mistake of nature, despised for cowardice, blamed for weakness, condemned for insignificance, reproached for the shame of the male race. But all this did not last long - they did not live long. Didn't live at all. They were born and died right away: either they were helped in this by a kind-hearted flock, or they died like fly-by-night flies in childhood.

And only at the turn of the twenty-first century, male visual “freaks” not only began to survive, but also became sex symbols, subjects of the desires and dreams of all women.

And being a girl is better

The fear of death, amplified by the highest emotional amplitude, and the dramatic desire to survive, by all means, formed the essence of the visual male. Seeing the visual female, the visual male understood that she had a much better chance of survival. At least, despite the fact that she, too, was despised by other females and was not considered a woman, since she did not give birth, she at least enjoyed the patronage and protection of males.

So, the visual male saw that the female, despite the fact that she was not a woman, like he was a man, had a much better chance of survival. This is the roots of transvestism, transsexualism and other similar phenomena.


In the modern world, the visual male, who is brought up as a "normal man", due to insufficient emotional connection with his parents, frightened beyond measure, not realized, not sublimated, often in adulthood, but in childhood, too, experiencing the primitive fear of death, tries to survive, by all means and … SIMULATES A FEMALE!

The visual male's obsessive and irresistible desire to dress in women's clothing (transvestism) turns into an active and uncontrolled action in cases of stress, and in the most severe cases, in sex reassignment surgery.

Here it hid, so hid

They are looking for firemen, the police are looking for,

All the cannibals of the ancient capital, They are looking everywhere and cannot find a

Sweet boy of twenty …

In dermal-visual boys, who are not allowed to develop in childhood, the root fear of being eaten by a tribal cannibal is fixed and turns into a phobia. This is the hardest suffering, comparable only to depression. Imagine that you are on death row, all the time waiting for someone to come for you. What can you not do to get rid of this horror.

Trying to hide from the cannibal, such a boy puts on stockings, women's panties, paints his lips. The cannibal comes and asks:

- And where is the sweet, tasty skin-visual boy here?

- I'm not a boy, I'm a girl.

- Oh, well, I don't eat girls.

And the cannibal leaves with nothing. I put on women's clothes, and the stress passed, you can live. A transsexual has an even greater fear of death. The cannibal comes and asks:

- And where is the skin-visual boy?

- I'm not a boy, I'm a girl. Look, look what kind of tights and panties I have.

- What do you have under your panties?..

Here, the matter is not limited to simple dressing. And they go to the doctors, demanding that they change their sex. Convincing everyone that God just made a mistake by placing them in a male body. And it is imperative to correct this mistake of nature.


When they surgically and hormone change sex, as if becoming "full" women, the fear of being killed, eaten, thrown off a cliff recedes.

Execution cannot be pardoned

So, transvestites, like transsexuals, are not born, but become! What does modern society offer them?

Scientists have no unequivocal opinion about the causes of transsexualism, but most of them believe that they are biological. Therefore, doctors do not give such people any alternative to get rid of suffering, only sex reassignment surgery. The operation is technically difficult and difficult to bear. And what happens to the patient after the most successful operation is modestly silent.

Yes, he ceases to be afraid of being killed or eaten alive. But at the same time, he completely loses his sexual realization, and he faces the problem of the most difficult social adaptation, especially in traditionally homophobic Russia. Here is such a radical way to get rid of a phobia that does not leave the way back.

System-vector psychology FOR THE FIRST TIME proposes to work not with the consequences, but with the cause! With a primitive phobia - the fear of being eaten by a cannibal, hidden deep in the subconscious, repressed and rationalized into a desire for gender reassignment.

Any phobias go away by understanding their causes. If you want to say goodbye to them - come to trainings. Give yourself a chance to know your true self, and live not in constant fear, but in love, enjoying life, bringing joy to yourself and those around you. The choice is yours!

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