You Are The God Of My World. Reasons For Love Dependence On A Man

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You Are The God Of My World. Reasons For Love Dependence On A Man
You Are The God Of My World. Reasons For Love Dependence On A Man

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You are the God of my world. Reasons for love dependence on a man

“You are the reason why the sun rises and sets, the trees grow, the birds sing. And the only reason I'm still alive is you too …"

A thousand times I imagined myself telling you this … No, not like that … A thousand times in my thoughts I spoke … I spoke about everything that I ever wanted to talk to someone about, say, express. A thousand times in my thoughts I wanted to share with you every second of my life, every step, every thought, everything that I see and hear. And, you know, every time the door opens and I hear footsteps behind the wall, I want it to be you. You are the God of my world.

Love is abyss

There is such a love-abyss that drags on once and for all. This feeling occurs in people with a sound vector, who, according to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, have the largest volume of desires. But desires are not bodily, not sexual, but desires of a higher order - desires for knowing oneself and the world.

The sound is asexual. We sound people, if you want to know, even despise sex. In relationships, we want more. We want to merge spiritually with a loved one. We want to live by common meanings. But because of our egocentrism, it is difficult for us to explain this. To tell the truth, sometimes we ourselves do not understand ourselves, we do not understand what we lack in life. We only feel a sucking feeling of emptiness inside that never goes away.

Consciously or not, the sound engineer is always in search of meaning. In search of answers to their questions. Sound is a wave that is entangled among the particles of the material world and beats there, beats, wants to escape - and cannot. The desires of the sound engineer are outside matter, but he himself, his consciousness, his thoughts, by which he lives, are enclosed in a hated body, which must be carried everywhere, clothed, undressed, fed. What a boredom …

“Why is this all? - the sound engineer asks. - Who came up with such an absurdity? Nature? High power?" The sound engineer is always in search of an explanation for what is happening and giving at least some meaning to this happening. And depending on the interests of the sound engineer, this explanation can be scientific, religious, or esoteric. “Even if there is a God, he tests me for strength,” a person with a sound vector thinks.

But it also happens that the sound engineer transfers his spiritual search to an object of the opposite sex. He finds God in mortal form for himself. In Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, this phenomenon is called sound transfer. “You are the reason why the sun rises and sets, the trees grow, the birds sing. And the only reason I'm still alive is you too,”- this is how the sound woman thinks about the man she has chosen.

Sound transfer is more common in vocal women than in vocal men. This is due to the fact that the woman became socially active relatively recently, while the man fulfilled his specific role from the earliest stages of the development of the human species. Therefore, male sound professionals have more spiritual experience. And when a man is looking for the meaning of life, he often turns to books, teachers, and not to a woman. A woman throughout the history of mankind, with the exception of the last few decades, was dependent on a man and received access to the spiritual world only through him.

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During sound transference, a woman does not even strive to be close to the object of her sound desires. She just needs to know that he is. Sound women can carry this heavy attachment for years without revealing themselves in anything. It happens that a man does not even know what is happening. But sometimes the sound person still reveals her feelings to the man. And most often it ends unsuccessfully, because in fact the woman has no desire to translate these relationships into real life. Sound transference is always doom.

Ten years of fading and screaming, All my sleepless nights

I put into a quiet word

And said it - in vain.

You walked away, and it became again

In my soul, both empty and clear

(A. Akhmatova)

However, failures in real life do not at all prevent the sound woman from thinking about the object of her sound transfer. After all, in her thoughts he is still God. He is the meaning of her life. In fact, this feeling for him is the last refuge of her sound search.

Sound chasm

Even if in a nightmarish delirium

I lose you even for a moment, There will be no meaning from me, There will be no me

(Poems by an unknown author)

All her thoughts are directed to him, revolve around him. It can be difficult for her to focus on something else, even the simplest things, because her entire colossal volume of sound is busy, overflowing with information about him. However, no matter how much she thinks about him, nothing happens between them. There is an abyss between them. She only transfers her sound egocentrism from herself to him. If usually the sound engineer considers herself to be exceptional, then during the sound transfer the sound woman considers her lover to be exceptional.

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However, spiritual search cannot be focused on one person. This is too strict a limitation, a spiritual dead end. It is important here to separate love for a man from spiritual search, to understand that these are different concepts. Love between a man and a woman involves close, trusting contact, when people overcome their self-centeredness and consciously build relationships. Of course, overcoming egocentrism is a spiritual work, but it should not be limited only to relationships with a man, a real spiritual search is much broader.

How to get out of doom

Sound transference hides a deeper problem than unrequited or unrequited love. It testifies to the strongest, catastrophic deficiencies in the sound vector. The owner of the sound vector often does not need a relationship as such, but only spiritual meanings: if there is you, I do not live in vain, my life takes on meaning from this. However, the meaning of life cannot be concluded in dependence on another person. It is much wider. In responsibility for your relationship, "in the responsibility of everyone for everyone."

A sound engineer, whose additional desire is to understand the laws of the universe and the laws of the psyche, like no one else is capable of mature relationships with other people and, of course, deep and happy relationships with a loved one. You just need to want to find this potential in yourself, and Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology will help with this. If you are tired of heavy dependence on another person, and also want to unleash the full potential of the sound vector, sign up for free online lectures on System Vector Psychology:

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