Insomnia - Sleeping Pills Don't Help. How To Fall Asleep If Insomnia? Why Do I Have Insomnia? And Insomnia Is Constant. Forums Don't Help. Insomnia: What To Do?

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Insomnia - Sleeping Pills Don't Help. How To Fall Asleep If Insomnia? Why Do I Have Insomnia? And Insomnia Is Constant. Forums Don't Help. Insomnia: What To Do?
Insomnia - Sleeping Pills Don't Help. How To Fall Asleep If Insomnia? Why Do I Have Insomnia? And Insomnia Is Constant. Forums Don't Help. Insomnia: What To Do?

Video: Insomnia - Sleeping Pills Don't Help. How To Fall Asleep If Insomnia? Why Do I Have Insomnia? And Insomnia Is Constant. Forums Don't Help. Insomnia: What To Do?

Video: Insomnia - Sleeping Pills Don't Help. How To Fall Asleep If Insomnia? Why Do I Have Insomnia? And Insomnia Is Constant. Forums Don't Help. Insomnia: What To Do?
Video: How To Treat Insomnia Naturally Without Medication Fix Sleeping Problems | Best Way To Sleep Better 2023, March

Insomnia - when sleeping pills don't help

How tired I am! Tired of lying and NOT SLEEPING, wanting, just dying from the desire to fall asleep - and not sleeping … How I want to turn off this constant chain of thoughts in my head! One seems to hook the other with a hook, and so endlessly, without stopping, without interruption. Unbearable!

Constant insomnia. The room is so dark that it makes no difference whether your eyes are open or closed … It's been two hours since the third sleeping pill was taken. What nonsense all the same - counting sheep, elephants and other living creatures never helped, as, indeed, everything else. I have insomnia, and how can I fall asleep if everything is rumble, the wind is noisy, a window in the kitchen has opened, an elevator has passed, motorcyclists are driving somewhere far on the highway, water in a battery gurgles. I can't tell if I'm hot or cold, the crumpled bed is burning. In a word, insomnia. But why me?

How tired I am!

Tired of lying and NOT SLEEPING, wanting, just dying from the desire to fall asleep - and not sleeping … How I want to turn off this constant chain of thoughts in my head! One seems to hook the other with a hook, and so endlessly, without stopping, without interruption. Unbearable! What should I do if insomnia overcomes?

I force myself not to think about anything, to disconnect, to abstract, to stop the monologue, but I can't. Thoughts, like cockroaches, crawl from all cracks into my brain. Think us, think, think … My head is like a crowded forum on the Internet.

Leave me alone!

Lord, how you want to sleep! It's good in a dream, like that, probably after death.

The sky is brightening, dawn is coming … Another sleepless night is behind and another pointless day ahead. Now there will be a shutdown of the brain. Disconnection for two or three hours, dreamless, just a respite, just so as not to fall asleep on the go, a handout, a dry bone for a hungry dog, and an endless day and night torture lay ahead. You only think about one thing - how to fall asleep in the evening, what else to do when you have insomnia.

Running in a circle …

Insomnia, or insomnia, is a sleep disorder when the body does not get rest. Any characteristics, qualitative or quantitative, do not matter much, since both the duration and depth of sleep are strictly individual for each person.


Sleep is the only state when not only the physical body is resting, but also the mental one, therefore, it is insomnia that is felt as unbearable fatigue even in the absence of any physical stress.

There are many reasons for insomnia: from stress to chronic diseases of the nervous system. Insomnia often goes alongside depression. For a diagnosis of insomnia, sleep disturbances must be present at least three times a week for a month and have a significant impact on the patient's functional or social activity. Most often, insomnia sufferers describe everything in reviews. Question one: what to do next?

We are used to asking for help when this most "significant influence" occurs regularly, when the patient is ready for anything, just to get at least one night's sleep. Insomnia is actually unbearable. By that time, all the "home" methods have already been tried from the category of normalizing the regime, diet, walking before bedtime, as well as valerian, lemon balm and all other herbs and in general everything that is sold without a prescription, and the condition is getting worse and worse.

But what happens when the reasons are not found and after careful examination? Why does a perfectly healthy person still suffer from insomnia? And how to explain that even after a strong sleeping pill such a patient does not feel relief from such a rest?

Iceberg of the subconscious

Few people think that exactly the person who is now suffering from insomnia, some time ago could sleep for 10-12-14 or more hours in a row without waking up. Others sleep 6-8 hours a day, and they have enough to rest, there is simply no need to sleep anymore, and there is no desire.

However, there are people for whom sleep is not just a satisfaction of a physical need, it is an attempt to satisfy a mental need. What is the psychology of insomnia?

Among all eight vectors that system-vector psychology describes, the sound vector stands out. He reminds an iceberg in that the outward manifestations of his needs are just a small tip of his real potential, but at the same time a faint hint of the possible consequences of his dissatisfaction.

The most voluminous, most powerful and the only vector in our time, the lack of which is almost impossible to fully satisfy.


In the era of consumption - the skin phase of the development of mankind - we are able to satisfy any of our whims, but the more material goods the sound engineer has, the clearer he understands that there are no such things, sensations or impressions in the world that would please him. The more “hungry” its sound becomes, the less significant the needs of other vectors become. And it is then that he suffers from insomnia, from which nothing helps.

Sound search is always outside the material. The meaning of life, comprehension of the root cause, the essence of being and non-being, the laws of the Universe and manifestations of the Creator, the purpose of human existence on Earth and the meaning of death - all this cannot be measured by physical quantities and all this is important only for one of the vectors - sound.

Since primitive times, the work of the specific abstract thinking of the sound engineer required the highest degree of concentration, which could only occur in complete silence, so the earliest sound engineer was always the night guard of the pack, listening to the disturbing sounds of the night savannah. The more he listened, the more he concentrated on the outer side of the eardrum, the more intense the work of thought went.

Throughout the history of mankind, the search for answers gave such "side results" as classical music, physics, philosophy, religion, esotericism, and flared up with ideas such as Christianity, communism, quantum physics, the Internet and other phenomena completely incomprehensible in the past.

Having once uttered the word "I" and having separated himself from the general, it is the sound engineer who is still looking for answers in himself, but is able to find them only by coming out of his own shell of consciousness.

The titanic work of thought and the gigantic tension of the sound psychic requires a colossal expenditure of energy, which, in turn, must be compensated for by appropriate rest. This is when it is the psychic that rests - that is, sleep. Therefore, sound engineers are the biggest sleepyheads, sleeping until lunchtime and working well after midnight.


Sound needs are the biggest shortcomings, the dissatisfaction of which is very painful, but at the same time their satisfaction brings the greatest pleasure and joy. And only after that the needs of other vectors, including the lower ones, responsible for libido, become "visible".

I found a solution to a problem in quantum physics - and finally noticed a pretty classmate at the next table.

Forfeit fee

We all strive for pleasure, so we try, consciously or not, to realize our innate properties. Sound scientists find their realization in computer technology, in the field of space research, military engineering, in medicine, especially in cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and psychiatry, in their work they are more often musicians-composers, science fiction writers or poets.

What happens when the sound doesn't work? When there is no mental tension, abstract thinking is not used for the work of thought, and the sharpest hearing is simply muffled by heavy fate, so as not to "interfere with life."

In this case, the sound unfilled deficiencies grow, reminding themselves every minute. Not realizing what is actually happening, why, with complete external well-being, the state of mind leaves much to be desired, the sound engineer tries to get away from the painful reality to where it does not hurt, that is, to sleep.

Such sound specialists do not feel rested even after many hours of sleep. And attempts to escape cannot go on indefinitely, you cannot go against nature, it seems to remind the sound engineer of his specific role, depriving him of sleep. No sound work - no rest. Now the answer to the question is clear: why do I have insomnia?


The work of sound thought cannot be replaced by another activity, which is why any recommendations for normalizing sleep that work for all other vectors do not work for sound. How to fall asleep if there is no such work. Insomnia comes.

Constant insomnia occurs only with a sound engineer. The skin stress of material loss or the visual emotional buildup that caused insomnia cannot be repeated from day to day, from night to night - chronic insomnia has only a sound nature.

Even after a sound specialist with insomnia takes a strong sleeping pill that still allows the body to fall asleep, such a dream does not give a feeling of rest and relief, it is a respite for the physical body, but not for the mental one. When insomnia, when it is not clear how to fall asleep, for a long time and not to escape from internal questions - depression and suicidal thoughts fall on the sound engineer.

The era of change

We had to live in a transitional period, when the onset of the rapid cutaneous phase of development irresistibly carries us forward, the echoes of the past anal phase still make themselves felt and pull into the past, and beyond the horizon a future, while completely incomprehensible to us, urethral phase is already outlined, for the onset of which a spiritual breakthrough is needed. We all already feel this to varying degrees, realizing that we are materially satiated, that there is nowhere else to consume and consume, that a modern person already needs something more than a hearty dinner.

Awareness, knowledge of oneself, the essence of one's existence is a prerogative and that long-awaited step in spiritual development that we all expect from sound specialists. Only they are able to take this step, which will allow us to move to a disproportionately higher level of human development and find out what is there, around the corner, in the urethral phase.

The increasing incidence of chronic and refractory insomnia is an obvious signal that the work of sound thought is sorely lacking. More and more sound professionals suffer from insomnia.

It is difficult for a sound engineer to develop correctly until the end of puberty (while the development of a vector is generally possible), then it is difficult to find the realization of his own properties. Misunderstanding of one's own nature, society's rejection of the "eccentric" needs of sound specialists - these are all the numerous obstacles through which sound thought breaks through, but nevertheless, having taken place, having realized itself, brings its owner incomparable pleasure from his own life.

Today there is nothing more powerful, painful, energy-consuming, but also more satisfying for a modern person than sound.

To hear yourself you need to be silent

Insomnia is treated. Easy and forever. An understanding of the psychology of a sound engineer, an understanding of how we are actually arranged, the formation of systemic thinking, which allows us to understand the psychological mechanisms of the eight-dimensional matrix of everything that exists, to feel the MEANING of this life. Then the insomnia disappears and does not return.

The enjoyment of the true working of sound thought cannot be compared to anything else. This… this cannot be expressed in words, in ordinary words from everyday life, there are no such words yet to describe these states.

This is akin to the fact that you breathe for the first time and cannot breathe, you see for the first time and cannot see enough, you LIVE for the first time in your life, you live your life, only your own, and you do exactly what you came here for.

And … you understand what happiness is, real pleasure from the existence of your own Self.

And … you forget about sleep, about your insomnia, you do not want to sleep, because in a dream there is no such high, but you fall into bed and sleep like a dead person to wake up happy for the first time in your life!

Here are the reviews of those who got rid of insomnia and who no longer ask themselves the question: what to do?

“I came to the training because there was no sleep at night - I woke up almost every hour. That's just terrible. Broken in the morning, but I have to go to work. So - now I'm sleeping, I can't even believe it. Sound dips, when no matter how you live, became very short, and there were - weeks and months … "Victoria L.

Lipetsk Read the full text of the result

“After completing the Level One training, my insomnia went away, which lasted for 50 years, practically all my life, considering that I am now 60 years old. I didn’t even understand at what moment it happened. I began to sleep at night, even if I wake up, then I can go back to sleep. It's so interesting to sleep …

I pass all free lectures without fail. Thanks to Yuri and the whole team!"

K. Zagifa, Astana, Kazakhstan Read full result text

The pleasure of knowing yourself is hard to compare with anything else. And this is not only pleasure - this is psychotherapy, and real psychotherapy always entails results in psychosomatics. If you have searched on forums and websites for what to do with insomnia - join Yuri Burlan's free lectures, which take place online at a convenient evening time. Register here.

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