Born Free. "Red" Mentality Of Russians Against The Law Of The Wild West

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Born Free. "Red" Mentality Of Russians Against The Law Of The Wild West
Born Free. "Red" Mentality Of Russians Against The Law Of The Wild West
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Born free. "Red" mentality of Russians against the Law of the Wild West

Russians are feared and hated. There is often no doubt in the West that the Russians are aggressive and dangerous. In Sweden, for example, Russophobia is a common condition, starting from the time of the defeat of the Swedes at Poltava. Where do these ideas come from? Are the Russians really that aggressive and why?

Russians … Incomprehensible and "crazy", existing outside law and order, and therefore causing hostility to the civilized Western world. The life of a Russian person has always served as a source for the emergence of a huge number of myths.

So, during the Cold War, when the USSR was a closed country and caused special fear among the politicians of Western countries, these myths were especially colorful: cold Russia, where everyone walks in fur coats and caps with earflaps, drinks vodka, plays the accordion, and Krasnaya squares lead bears and dance "Cossack".

Today, ideas about Russia have changed somewhat - there is more information. But many Westerners still believe that this is a country where crime and drunkenness are common. Russians are feared and hated. There is often no doubt in the West that the Russians are aggressive and dangerous. In Sweden, for example, Russophobia is a common condition, starting from the time of the defeat of the Swedes at Poltava. Russians are frightened, creating constant tension in society.

Where do these ideas come from? Are the Russians really that aggressive and why? Let's try to figure it out with the help of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. And at the same time - to throw seeds of mutual understanding into the ground.

It's all about mentality

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that there are four types of mentality: urethral, ​​anal, cutaneous and muscular.

And in Russia there is a special, completely unique urethral mentality, which is not found anywhere else in the world.

Mentally, Russians are the successors of Genghis Khan, the urethral leader who laid the foundations of a new geopolitics, and in his code of laws - Yasa - reflected the urethral principles of building society - the priority of the general over the particular, justice and mercy. In his collection of laws there was no continuity of power by blood, but only by personal qualities. It said: think first about your comrade, and then about yourself.

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These principles have not taken root either in the Middle East or in China, which are also territorially close to Mongolia. And only Russia was able to become the successor of the urethral values ​​of bestowal, the highest justice and mercy, because only here were there the necessary geographic and climatic conditions for this. The cold and harsh climate rallied the Russians, made them prioritize overall survival over personal. After all, in such a climate you cannot survive alone. The endless steppes are the reason for the formation of unlimited mentality. Hence our "recklessness", generosity, openness of soul, striving "outward".

It is important to understand that Russians are fundamentally different in their values ​​from other peoples, therefore "Russia cannot be understood with the mind." And when something is not clear, it is often frightening. It is not in vain that such epithets as mysterious, mystical, incomprehensible are used for Russia.

What is it about Russians that frightens Westerners?

The owner of the urethral vector is a natural leader, the head of the pack, a person with the most powerful libido. The urethral leader is always on the move, aimed at the future, at the expansion of new territories. This pressure is felt and … frightening.

The vital energy of the Russians is akin to a powerful urethral libido. After all, all Russian people are carriers of the urethral mentality. However, urethral expansion is not the enslavement of peoples, but their annexation on equal terms, while preserving their traditions and foundations, with constant financial support of the annexed territories and their protection from enemies.

It is sometimes incomprehensible to a Western person how such, in general, disorderly in the Western sense of the people, who does not feel the framework of law and order, suddenly manifests miracles of hard work, heroism and rallying in order to achieve grandiose goals.

The Russian scale is always surprising: whether it be victories in wars, new discoveries or the construction of industrial, cultural, sports facilities. Russians always have the very best: the best ballet, the very first man in space, the most ambitious project for the Olympic Games.

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In addition to fear, the actions of the Russians are surprising and admirable. This attitude is quite justified from the point of view of the natural hierarchy, where the urethral leader occupies the highest position. But not by the right to exercise power by one's sole decision, but by the right of dedication and supreme justice, taking into account the expediency of this or that step for the survival of the flock.

Self-interest or appropriation of public goods is not peculiar to the leader. This is impossible, because there is simply no such thing in the urethral psychic properties. The leader is ready to give his life for his flock. He is a living manifestation of altruism.

So it is with the mentality of countries. The Russian people are the people that are potentially capable of becoming the leader of the whole world, of all countries with a skin, anal and muscle mentality. And the Russian people are responsible for the safety and security of the whole world. Urethral vitality and power must serve the purpose of maintaining peace throughout the earth. In the meantime, we are only on the way to this.

They are afraid of the Russians, because they feel at the same time our invincible power and unpredictability, and the fact that we have not yet taken responsibility for the world, have not given that support, that protection that everyone in the pack can count on under the cover of the urethral leader.

Smile smile strife

At the everyday level, it is even easier to explain the reasons for the perception of Russians as aggressive people. The Western skin mentality implies flexibility in everything, including in interactions between people. In the West, even if a person does not like or, moreover, causes hatred, no one will ever show their attitude, hide it behind a polite smile.

Western people are individualists who respect their own and other people's space and keep their distance. No one will crawl into your soul with their confessions or frank stories about life. Will not tell anything about himself that can cause envy. He will not tell about his weak points, so as not to expose a vulnerable spot to the blow of competitors.

With Russians, everything is different. We do not consider it necessary to hide our feelings. It is generally not customary for us to hide something from others. If a Russian person feels anger, he shows it, if he feels an offense, then openly expresses it. Soul wide open! If a Russian person sees a smile on duty in an inappropriate, from his point of view, situation, he can give it in the eye, regarding it as a mockery of himself.

The urethral mentality creates unpredictability in behavior. And the urethral smile is far from being polite. Rather, it is permission to be close to the royal person, special favor or grin, saying "I am calm in mortal combat."

Countervalues ​​of different mentalities

System-vector psychology says that the cutaneous and urethral vectors, like the mentality of the same name, are contradictory to each other, they belong to different quarters. The skin vector refers to the quartels of space, and the urethral vector refers to the quartels of time.

For Russian people, the values ​​of the skin mentality are contradictory, these are priorities of the lowest order. Skin "unprincipled opportunists and temporary workers" are deeply disgusting to us.

Russian people, having a urethral mentality, today, for the most part, are unconsciously not satisfied with life. Values ​​that are complementary to our mentality are not in demand, and deeply alien life priorities are imposed on us by the realities of the skin phase of human development. Consume, live for oneself, “cut the loot” in order to be happy - this is not what a Russian person needs. Our people have a different scale of thought, a different purpose.

They want to teach us to follow the law, but the law cannot be a regulator of life in Russia, because urethral mercy and justice are naturally in the hierarchy above the law.

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Today we are mostly annoyed, although we have begun to live materially much better. Deep lacks always breed aggression. A person feels bad, but he cannot understand why. He tries to compensate for the bad state by ripping off his dissatisfaction on others. It temporarily becomes easier, but hatred comes back again, growing like a snowball.

Forward to the future

How to stop aggression within society? Only by turning to the natural roots of our mentality. Morality has never held back the Russian person. Morality is external, a set of laws about how to interact in society, created by man. There is a more effective tool for us - morality, which is a manifestation of internal attitudes.

Morality is a reliance on social shame (it is a shame to be failed, undeveloped, giving nothing to your country), on a spiritual search, which takes on a real form of knowing and understanding another person through the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. On its basis, a new ideology of Russian society may arise, which will take into account its mental characteristics.

The understanding by each of us of his destiny and its fulfillment will not only reduce the degree of hatred towards the Russian people, but also completely change the attitude of the whole world towards us from fear and hostility to love and adoration, which the flock usually feels towards its leader.

For Russian society to survive and become the core that naturally attracts everyone, as the urethral leader does, we need to know ourselves. Only in this way can we fulfill our mission and lead humanity into the future. And the sooner we realize our purpose and our capabilities, the more likely it is that the world will survive and come to what it was created for - feeling that we are one humanity.

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