A Mining Man, Or How Hoarding Becomes A Priority In Life

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A Mining Man, Or How Hoarding Becomes A Priority In Life
A Mining Man, Or How Hoarding Becomes A Priority In Life
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A mining man, or How hoarding becomes a priority in life

Whoever has such a hunter in his family knows that his energy is inexhaustible. Attempts to cut stocks have sparked strong protests. Proving the futility of such an activity is wasted. What to do? What kind of people are they? …

What is his home for a man? A refuge from adversity, rest after a hard day, a corner of peace and comfort? Or an accumulation point, a cave where the next production is being dragged, a warehouse for collecting all kinds of things, the number of which is limited only by square meters?

How often do you hear stories about drives. Sometimes just scary. For example, about the owners of animals, which the owners are stingy to feed, but also cannot release or give away, as some acquired property.

… Once such a person tried to squeeze into his dwelling and suffocated under the collapse of his own things.

… And now there are grown-up children who are tortured with their mother, who carries and carries rubbish into the house, finding incredible value in it. Life with such people can be unbearable.

Littering does not always become so catastrophic. But the desire to extract, complete with the unwillingness to throw away, is familiar to many. These desires extend to a wide variety of subjects. From clothes and food supplies to old obsolete equipment (they say, it can still fit for parts or undergo repairs). The living space gradually narrows. New and seemingly necessary things appear.

Why don't we throw out the junk?

Until now, no one could pinpoint the exact reason for the inclination to hoarding. People gather in television studios, conduct heated discussions on talk shows, where psychologists are also invited. They give out some general assumptions, ineffective rationalizations. It is advised to pay more attention to a gathering-obsessed relative. Volunteers help clean up the poor scavengers. And someone is forced to undergo treatment as a mental patient. But after the expiration of the term - the picture is the same: the house is again full of rubbish.

Whoever has such a hunter in his family knows that his energy is inexhaustible. Attempts to cut stocks have sparked strong protests. Proving the futility of such an activity is wasted. What to do? What kind of people are they?

The earner man. Food security law

I first discovered the solution to this riddle in the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. And it turned out to be quite unexpected. Here you can find out how the human psyche was formed over the millennia. How 8 facets were worked out and improved - 8 vectors of the common human psyche (where each vector carries a certain set of mental characteristics, properties and desires). And you can also find out how vectors appear in each specific person. A modern person generally has 3-5 vectors.

The cutaneous vector began its development as a factor of survival and adaptation to the harsh conditions of life. Thanks to the engineering mind of people with a skin vector, a stone ax was created, and later all the benefits of civilization, technologies that contribute to human survival. And at the basis of all progress, the first step of the skin vector is the urge to get more food and keep it for everyone in case of hunger due to an unsuccessful hunt, etc. And at the same time, the first prohibition arose - to touch the reserves set aside for a "rainy day", the first "No and no".

What is it these days?

People of the skin vector, ideal earners, continue their hunt, increasing the survival rate of our species, inventing new means of improving and prolonging life. They carry and store all possible material values ​​of our civilization. Someone into a common cave into society, and someone into their little burrow. Some provide new discoveries, inventions - a source of benefits and conveniences in the common treasury of mankind, while others shove all the same food supplies into pantries.

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The loot item is of secondary importance. The main principle for people with a skin vector is the acquisition and preservation of material resources. Their successes range from the development of terrestrial, and someday, perhaps, extraterrestrial resources to capital in bank accounts. In the absence of meaningful implementation of their skills, all that remains for them is to collect garbage in the house.

To get and increase - restless "I want"

The scale of gathering and saving is different, but the motivation is the same - to get and increase. Engineers and businessmen, financiers and trade workers - these are all of them, people with a developed and realized skin vector. They may be interested in all areas where speed and accuracy, discipline and composure are needed. They are sportsmen and military men. You will not be lost with them when they contribute to society. A sense of responsibility is their characteristic feature, if the properties of the vector are properly developed.

What is the basis of destructive behavior? Inability to realize the best qualities of your nature. Sometimes - insufficient development of their natural properties. Also, if it is impossible to reach the proper heights in a career, material well-being, overstress arises in the skin vector. A person seeks to win on trifles, to find the most insignificant benefit, becomes dependent on discounts and sales. Or starts the same hoarding of things in the house.

The gatherer can also be a developed and realized skinner in a period of crisis, loss, in case of loss of his realization. For example, when you retire. This turns on the compensatory mechanism. Falling under the pressure of unfavorable conditions, feeling the danger of loss, we fall into our archetype. In stress, a dermal person begins to bring home various unnecessary things and accumulate them, thus realizing innate desires to extract and preserve, as our dermal ancestors once hunted mammoths and brought them into a cave, and then saved them for a rainy day. This is the most accessible, adaptive behavior that relieves stress for a short time. Only in the modern world does this realization of its innate properties look inadequate.

When our desires are not our enemies

The nature of our psyche is so amazingly reflected in us. Having begun its development since ancient times, 1/8 of its skin part still manifests itself in active, restless skin people, capable of moving any business from a dead center and bringing great benefit to oneself and others, subject to the development and realization of innate mental properties.

When we realize our true desires and the deep reasons for our behavior in the classes on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, the tension in the stress vector naturally decreases, and we begin to show ourselves most adequately. The accumulative urge and many things that prevented you from feeling the joy of life are leaving. We regain the ability to manifest our innate qualities in the best possible way, we understand how we can realize ourselves as successfully as possible. More complete information about the properties of the skin vector and much more can be obtained from free online lectures. Registration by link:

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