How To Find Yourself In Life - Clear Answers For Those Who Are Looking For Themselves In Life

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How To Find Yourself In Life - Clear Answers For Those Who Are Looking For Themselves In Life
How To Find Yourself In Life - Clear Answers For Those Who Are Looking For Themselves In Life

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How to find yourself in life? Meet you

Each of us has our own innate desires, which are necessarily provided with talents and abilities, that is, properties for implementation. The problem is that we are not aware of them. It turns out that I "want and can", but I do not know what exactly I want. What exactly can I do.

Do you want to know how to find yourself in life? How to realize yourself? The answer is simple: you need to get to know yourself. You don't know yourself at all!

Ask someone, the first person you meet, to tell them about yourself. The maximum that you will hear is facts from the biography.

What can you tell us about yourself? Who are you? How are you different from others? What do you want? What do you know about how to find your place in life?

We don't know anything about ourselves. Nothing! We live our lives "by touch." Someone was lucky to find their way and take exactly their place in the human community, working with pleasure, receiving excellent results and recognition of society. And someone, even at 50, continues to look for himself. True, the more you are, the sadder and more hopeless your searches look.

Fortunately, scientific progress does not stand still. New discoveries in psychology eliminate the need to look for oneself by a scientific poke, try oneself in different specialties, changing places of work one after another. After all, you can spend your whole life looking for yourself and your path!

You can find yourself in incredibly short lines, getting to know yourself in the present, realizing what hides your unconscious. So, the path to self-realization - where to start?

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to believe in yourself and your capabilities.
  • How to find your vocation, clearly realize what it means to find yourself, your abilities and talents, the implementation of which will bring real satisfaction.;
  • How to recognize and reject false goals.
  • How to define your place in society.
  • Why are you trying to find your place in life, while others are not. Why can't you live like everyone else and be content with little?

So how to find yourself in this life?

The modern world is filled with opportunities, goals and desires … of other people. We live in this abundance and draw our landmarks from there. Someone makes great films, someone creates beautiful clothes, someone develops programs, and someone plays the guitar beautifully. And you think: and I would like to! How can everyone find themselves in this?

Someone nearby wants something so much that you start wanting it, not realizing that it is not your desire. And even if you spend years of your life on this goal, you will inevitably be disappointed with the result. Because nature is perfect - we are born with all the necessary inclinations for what we need, everything for self-realization. Know where to start!

Each of us has our own innate desires, which are necessarily provided with talents and abilities, that is, properties for implementation. The problem is that we are not aware of them. It turns out that I “want and can”, but I don’t know how to find what I want. What exactly can I do.

In Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, these sets of desires and properties are called vectors. It is the set of vectors and their state that determines the prism through which a person sees and feels life, as well as his desires, opportunities and ways of realization.

An absolute understanding of the entire depth of one's psychic nature, an awareness of the causes of one's states, desires, needs - this is knowledge of oneself.

How to find yourself an emotional person?

For example, if a person has special, sensitive vision, distinguishing a greater number of colors and shades, good artistic taste, and his keyword is "beautiful" - this means that he has a visual vector. His life is filled with emotions - he is sensual, funny, kind, fearful, and his eyes are wet.

If you have a visual vector, you can find yourself in intellectual and creative professions. Culture and art, design, photography, fashion - the viewer will feel good where he can enjoy beauty, create it, expressing emotions, experiencing emotions, transmitting emotions to others. Emotions for him are life.

All the kindest and most beautiful, created by people, we receive from spectators who maximally realize what nature has set them.

Now let's imagine a spectator who works as an accountant, marketer, or salesperson. How can you realize yourself here? Where are the emotions? Where is the beautiful? Unrealized emotions rush out in the form of hysterical breakdowns, from which loved ones suffer, or he constantly falls in love with someone.

And if nothing is interesting? How to find yourself in the profession?

There are eight vectors, and every modern person has several of them. In different circumstances of life, we can apply our different abilities, properties and talents. The skin vector, for example, endows a person with a rational mind and pragmatism, agility and an entrepreneurial streak. The anal vector allows you to become a professional in any industry, accumulating experience and knowledge in your field.

But there is one vector that makes its owner different from everyone else.

It is this vector that makes you think more than others how to find yourself in life. This is the sound vector. It is thanks to him that you think about things that mean nothing to others. For example, about the meaning of life, space, some energies, about the state of altered consciousness, about knowing oneself.

If you have a sound vector, it is the most important in your psychic. His desires are very voluminous, and if they are not realized, your condition becomes difficult. You lock yourself in, and the desires of other vectors seem to be blocked. Other people become uninteresting, stupid, annoying.

And then, whatever you do in life, you feel that it is not yours. Life turns into a search for yourself and your path. Everything is empty, uninteresting, painful, everything is not worth doing. As an assistant manager, for example, you hate your skin boss and secretly despise his mercenary vein. Office life, with its bustle and gossip, seems unbearably disgusting.

How can you be so down to earth? Surely your dream job is a remote job. To close at home and be alone with yourself is your constant desire. But in this there is no realization, there is no filling of the innate desire for sound - knowledge of oneself.

How to find your calling if you are not like everyone else?

Realization in the life of a sound engineer is always associated with cognition. Inanimate nature: the laws of physics and mathematics, the development of which gave the world incredible IT technologies and the Internet. Plant and wildlife: scientists have developed food technologies unique in the history of mankind, and medicine has reached the highest level. Human nature: it is the sound people who strive for psychotherapy and psychiatry, trying to unravel the secrets of the human soul and protect themselves from their own fear of going crazy.

How to find yourself in the profession? The range of professions in which a sound specialist can take place is quite wide: these are programming, exact sciences, foreign languages, writing, music, psychology, psychotherapy, and there are others.

The names of the realized sound specialists, whose lives are a vivid example of the great value that they brought to society, are Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

But it is not at all necessary to be born a genius in order to take place and be happy, because everyone is born with their own volume of desire, which must be realized. And this will be quite enough to feel for sure that life is good.

Incredible changes occur when you fill the fundamental desires of sound for knowing yourself, humanity, the meaning of everything that exists, the cause-and-effect relationships of what is happening around you in particular and in the world in general. When you get to know not only yourself, but also learn to focus on people and understand each person as yourself. And the chef with a commercial streak, and superficial colleagues in the office, even the most notorious gossip lovers. Yes, as myself - completely without irritation and judgment.

This is possible, and thousands of sound specialists who have undergone training in System Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan tell in their results how to find your place in life.

What happens after that?

All your desires are released from the oppression of the sound vector, and your whole being literally explodes with interest in life and desires - the most unexpected and different. Suddenly, a new reality appears before you - multifaceted and full of meaning. And you will no longer wonder what it means to find yourself, because you will find yourself and a new reality.

Well, after meeting yourself, it will be very easy to apply yourself. See for yourself - don't miss the free online introductory lectures on System Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register in the form below.

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