The Instinct Of Self-preservation

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The Instinct Of Self-preservation
The Instinct Of Self-preservation

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The instinct of self-preservation

As you know, there is no single concept of the self-preservation instinct in science. This term, or rather, it would be more accurate to say, not a term, but a phrase, is used to denote a wide range of biological processes …

The instinct of self-preservation. This is a beautiful phrase, the meaning of which, it would seem, does not need clarification. We often use it without realizing what it really means. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan (SVP JB) deliberately avoids this term. Why? We will try to explain below, but first, let's remember what it is - the instinct of self-preservation (IS) and what processes it describes.

As you know, there is no single concept of IP in science. This term, or rather, it would be more accurate to say, not a term, but a phrase, is used to denote a wide range of BIOLOGICAL processes. System-vector psychology does not deal with physiology and biology, as well as the survival of one single person. We perfectly understand that a person survives only in a flock. We could have stopped here, but, as it turned out, arguments are required. Robinson survived on a desert island, they object to us, and there are many such cases.

Cases where one person was able to survive in extreme conditions is really not that rare. Recently, for example, they unearthed a Chinese miner who had lived for 30 years in a collapsed mine. It should not be forgotten, however, that the unfortunate man had access to the supplies created by other people - once and, importantly, the hope that he was about to be pulled out - two. As Yuri Burlan says, even a hermit on Mount Athos, someone carries sandwiches.

Mentally, we are always in the pack. Even when there is an endless ocean around, a lonely drowning man has a thought: "Who will meet me there, how will they hug me and what songs will they sing to me?" This thought gives a person the strength to survive in the most difficult conditions - in a state of physical separation from the pack. And vice versa. Take away from a person the idea that someone needs him, and no physical comfort will keep him in this world. No instinct works in the "man" system. The psychic always stands above the instinct, where each is included in his flock, in his own species - “a reasonable man”.

Unlike animals, even gregarious ones, humans are governed not by instinct, but by freedom of choice. We are free to choose the highest forms of interaction with the outside world, which are conditioned by the properties of the psychic given to us from birth. We are able to accumulate and pass on experience from generation to generation, study nature, invent smart things, and are able to love.


Animals, too, have a liking, especially pets, to their owners. We even say that our dog or our cat loves Petya the most, she chose him. But this is not a choice in the human sense. Only a person chooses whether to fall in love with a cat or go to work in a hospice. Both are equally possible, but a person is free to choose what corresponds to the degree of development of his vector properties. And if he chooses a cat, this is not bad, this is simply not enough, there is room to grow and develop, there would be a desire for growth and development.

If in physiology we can easily separate a person from the flock and consider all the processes taking place in his body, even live, even in a test tube, then in the mental unconscious this is impossible. Here, a person as an individual, as a personality, as a separate “body” is simply absent, it is NOT, there is a certain conditional archetypal animal, a capsule of living matter (LHC), a conditional point of the beginning of the development outward, in a flock, of one or another set of vector properties. Conscious stay at this "point of the animal", that is, refusal to develop in the hope that some kind of "self-preservation instinct" will take out, is the right path not to self-preservation, but, on the contrary, to abandoning freedom of choice - the only prerogative of man …

The very word "self-preservation" in relation to the psychic unconscious contains a devilish setup. You can save yourself only by keeping the flock. This is what the sense of smell is busy with in the systemic flock. Smell, the quintessence of the power of reception in the eight-dimensional matrix, does not accidentally have opposite levels of development (the highest is inanimate, the lowest is a human). It alone works "in return", to receive, in order to preserve the whole - the flock. If a separate capsule of living matter (a person) works like this, then it will quickly collapse, self-destruct, unable to withstand endless reception.

It seems to some that by refusing to develop their properties into bestowal and directing all efforts towards receiving for themselves, a person will create for himself some kind of benefits, relief, happiness. This is not true. After giving up the freedom of choice, a person does not enter the animal kingdom, does not literally turn into a horse or a butterfly. He becomes "subhuman", deleting himself from sight, which means that he condemns himself to death.


The survival of the human species is primary in relation to the survival of the individual HFA. It is on the survival of the species that the ranking influence of the projection of the receiving force in the human psychic - the olfactory measure - is directed. All properties of ALL vectors, derived in return, also work for the survival of the species. In addition to the urethra, it is already out.

What is a vector? This is not a statics, not a state, but a direction of development, it is a process. From an archetypal point through different stages of development to a GENERAL apogee. Everything that we could somehow develop outward in ourselves, that is, everything other than the archetype can and should be used for the good of the pack. An archetype cannot, but everything other than it can already. Therefore, every effort to develop is important, whatever it is capable of.

The term IP cannot even be used allegorically to describe mental processes, since it describes laws that are opposite to the laws of the psyche - the laws of physiology. The term IS inflicts particular harm on us because, being often used in the literature on suicidology, it confuses the understanding of the causes of suicide, leads away from the systemic differentiated diagnosis of suicide, mistakenly reducing fundamentally different vector features of the psyche of people to “violations of the functioning of natural processes of life ". From the SVP we know that the causes of any suicide are strictly differentiated and determined by the vector properties of the suicide, and not by any "dysfunction of natural processes."

Suicide is a way of culling those who voluntarily refused to contribute to the general matrix of the collective psychic of the human flock in favor of the “back door”. It's not up to us to decide what is good and what is not. Our task is to go our way to the end and “hand over the work” to the Creator as we did it. Everything is accepted, even the most crossed out piece of paper. The Creator is merciful in his assessments of us, in every way more merciful than ourselves, who are trying to take on his functions and reset to zero ahead of time.

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