Public Speaking For The Most Shy

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Public Speaking For The Most Shy
Public Speaking For The Most Shy

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Public speaking for the most shy

How can you learn to speak in public when fear is holding you back? How to get your message across to the interlocutor if you are not heard?

How to overcome yourself and learn to speak clearly, beautifully and excitingly?

When it is necessary to speak, the whole body brings together: thoughts get confused, the tongue gets tangled, it darkens in the eyes, hands shake, legs give way. And the scale of the negotiations does not matter. What a road to ask, what to perform on stage is a terrible stress!

And I want the speech to flow easily and naturally. To the place to joke, by the way, refer to the last book you read, where you need to smile, where you need to - frown.

How to overcome yourself and learn to speak clearly, beautifully and excitingly?

Scary, already horror

Before we get into specific tips, let's find out which people have difficulty communicating.

Potentially, people with a visual vector speak beautifully: they are both well-read, and their speech is competent, colorfully intoned. Despite such a great potential, often a visual person cannot realize it, because he is afraid.

It is impossible to convey how panic horror at the prospect of leaving the dungeons of your "refuge" and talking to a stranger or at least an unfamiliar person interferes in life. An elementary trip to the store - and that turns into torture. Already going out into the street, the spectator feels at least uncomfortable in fears, or even experiences an attack of a panic attack: he wants to run away, hide, escape faster.

Even if not everything is so neglected, then fear can spoil a person with a visual vector any more or less public speech. Once in sight, the viewer begins to blush, sweat, stutter, mumble. The next time, however, it may not come to that. "Anticipating" a disastrous performance, the frightened spectator will run away even before the event begins.

The thing is that the emotions of a visual person fluctuate in amplitude, the extreme points of which are "fear" and "love". Fear is a state when the entire powerful emotional potential of the viewer is directed towards himself.

“How do I look? Do they like me? I think they despise me. I look terrible. How do I like them? " - if thoughts only about themselves are spinning in the head, then the viewer can be trivially shy, and bring himself to the extreme degree of fear of people - social phobia.

The secret of communication for the shy

In order not to be afraid to talk, we advise a person with a visual vector to focus not on himself, but on the interlocutor (or on the audience, if we are talking about public speaking). How does the person next to you feel? What are his eyes talking about? What worries him? You will not notice how quickly focusing on the other will improve your relationships with others and relieve your fear of speaking in public.

The thing is that the psychological state of a person plays the most important role in communicating with other people. Judge for yourself which is more pleasant: to communicate with a nervous, self-concerned interlocutor or with an open person, experiencing calm joy, sincerely interested in your thoughts and experiences?


AND? What? Are you talking to me?

A person with a sound vector is an introvert in the fullest understanding of the meaning of this word. Self-centered, he rarely comes into contact with reality. But even he sometimes wants to communicate with people around him and, of course, get joy from it.

The soundman usually speaks very softly. At best, they will simply not notice him, at worst, they will take off his anger: "What are you muttering there, tell me like a human!" A couple of times to snap at the sound engineer and, you see, he does not even show his nose from his shell. What for? What's the point?

Another characteristic feature of sound speech is the fragmentary nature of thinking. Not always, but quite often the sound engineer expresses his thought in separate, unrelated phrases. When others ask him to clarify what he meant, the sound engineer can get angry. After all, inside himself, in his head, he uttered the thought completely, but he just did not notice that he voiced it - a part. And the egocentric sound engineer is unaware that people of thought have not yet learned to read.

The expression of thoughts out loud is given to a person with a sound vector with difficulty for other reasons. He is the only possessor of abstract intelligence. A philosophical thought that has matured in his head can be folded in his head, but verbalized in the language of objects and actions of our world unsuccessfully. A couple of times finding himself in an uncomfortable situation, when the eyes lit up with an idea, but it was not possible to express it, the sound engineer may also begin to avoid communication.

Speaking out loud, especially loudly and with expression, is usually uncomfortable for a person with a sound vector. Your own voice muffles the flow of thought. In this case, you have to take long pauses "to think" between statements. It is not always interesting and easy to follow the sound thought of others, therefore it can be called arrogant and "brake".

The secret of communication for the silent

Sound people are people who know the written word well. Use your talent: write! If you have a public speaking, write a detailed script, it will be much easier to speak. If possible, translate the communication into a written format via the Internet, "silent" communication is just right for you.

Speak beautifully for the joy of yourself and others

Of course, gadgets tips are ineffective without understanding your nature, all your strengths and weaknesses of character.

How can you really become interested in your interlocutor if his soul is darkness?

How can you truly empathize with another person's feelings if they seem strange?

How not to become a recluse if communication with other people is “one torment”?

How can you build real contact with another person without understanding what drives them?

Here's what the trainees say about it:

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