Psychology Of Sexuality

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Psychology Of Sexuality
Psychology Of Sexuality

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Psychology of sexuality

Whether we admit it or prefer to think differently, sexuality always occupies the most significant, central place both in the life of each individual person and in the development and formation of all mankind. It is sexual aspirations that serve as a powerful stimulus …

Whether we admit it or prefer to think differently, sexuality always occupies the most significant, central place both in the life of each individual person and in the development and formation of all mankind. It is sexual aspirations that serve as a powerful stimulus for outstanding achievements for tens of thousands of years. So, the most worthy Achaean husbands unleash the Trojan War for the right to possess the beautiful Elena. Epic heroes rush to distant lands in the hope of getting a tsar's daughter, and half the kingdom comes only in the bargain. And glorious knights fight in tournaments not at all in order to prove their strength and valor to each other - they break spears in the hope of winning the Lady of the Heart. Does human sexuality manifest itself differently these days?

Woman's sexuality
Woman's sexuality

The psychology of sexuality remains unchanged and only finds new manifestations and forms in different eras: today they do not fight for the most beautiful woman in duels, but her presence becomes a confirmation not only of a man's sexuality, but primarily of his status, his position in society. Now this aspect is becoming especially relevant for us, for those who live after the notorious sexual revolution, which allowed not only to speak openly about sex for the first time, but also focused on the special significance of this integral side of life.

The sexual revolution has taken place, but it is worth nothing without a competent understanding of the psychology of sexuality. The bans have been lifted, but questions about how to dispose of this freedom remain open. Despite the abundance of information, the sexuality of a man continues to seem like a sealed mystery to women, which men also try in vain to unravel when they think about a woman's sexuality. Sexual intimacy between a man and a woman is a gift from nature and is set as a great pleasure, but it can be difficult to ensure this task. We face many problems, from physical and psychological to mental, that prevent us from maximizing our potential, especially when the sexuality of women is considered. When we fail to fully reveal it,when for some reason we try to give up our desires, denying our own sexuality, we suffer.

The opportunity to get rid of a heap of questions, misunderstandings and difficulties, from which we involuntarily add up negative sexual scenarios, gives a chance to continue our usual life in a completely different quality, enjoying its manifestations in accordance with our innate sexual predestination, that is, according to our desires.

There are so many ways we can’t find in the hope of calculating or guessing our ideal partner, tired of choosing and comparing by trial and error. We are trying to find a pattern between the type of character and the person's name, his zodiac sign, his year of birth. In vain we call for help from all possible classifications from horoscopes and psychotypes, we pass tests for sexuality and compatibility … and again we have no idea who we need. Yuri Burlan's "System-Vector Psychology" will not offer you a sexuality test. Why?

Character type
Character type

The main mistake of all previously existing attempts to systematize character types is that they boil down only to the designations of disparate properties inherent in certain people. Never a single psychological test for sexuality, sexual compatibility or character type will reveal for you all the possible prospects for the development of a relationship. The stamp "choleric" or "phlegmatic" put on a partner will not say anything about whether he will be faithful to you over time, whether he will be able to take care of you and love your children. The traits guessed in a person, which are outlined by another attempt to classify his properties, will never tell you the main thing. Human sexuality will still remain shrouded in mystery, because private manifestations cannot illuminate the whole.

It is possible to see and understand this whole with a directly opposite approach ─ he proposes not to make assumptions about the type of character, relying on observations, but, on the contrary, to determine the root of the inherent properties and, based on it, to clearly calculate the character corresponding to it.

The fact that sexuality is the basis of life itself and human psychology has been known since the time of Sigmund Freud. His name alone sets certain associations with sexuality for anyone who has even the most approximate idea of ​​his discoveries. We grin unequivocally when we hear someone mention Freud, and few people know what exactly is the essence of the relationship between sexuality and personality psychology. Today everyone can read the discoveries that Freud made about love, but they are just the tip of the iceberg that reveals the sexuality of women and men.

Freud was the first to discover the innate relationship between the erogenous zone and human character. The article "Character and anal erotica" was written about this, and a few decades later, on the basis of the first type discovered by Freud, a complete system of character typologies was built, which is called "System-vector psychology" (read more about this in the article "What is System-vector psychology "in the library of the portal).


Eight erogenous zones, areas of the body associated with certain mucous membranes, are distinguished, the special sensitivity of which determines one or another type of sexuality. Belonging to a certain type absolutely clearly and fully determines all character traits: this set of qualities, a priori properties, precisely and systematically defined for each type. It does not imply misunderstandings, intersections of properties, or repetition of properties in different types. Thus, having recognized at least one of these traits in a potential partner, having tracked at least one of the possible manifestations, you will not only immediately see the causes and unconscious processes that have found expression in this very form, but you will also immediately be able to determine the entire set of properties, given to this person. The sexuality of a woman or a man will also open up to you in full view.

Of these erogenous zones, four, the lower ones, are responsible for the type of sexuality, these are:

  • Anal
  • Urethral
  • Dermal
  • Muscular

and four, the top ones, give a kind of "color" to sexuality:

  • Visual
  • Sound
  • Oral
  • Olfactory

"System-vector psychology" for the first time finds comprehensive explanations for all questions about the psychology of human sexuality, and most importantly, reveals the laws of attraction between representatives of different types of sexuality. Knowing the type of character, we can with one hundred percent accuracy find out the sexual behavior, addictions or possible sexual deviations of each person and unmistakably determine whether this partner is right for us or not.

At the level of attraction, we choose each other with lower vectors according to certain laws of nature, according to innate life and sexual scenarios.

It is this “choice” given to us from birth, which in the process of development and maturation often receives its fixations, deviations and various features, we call passion, attraction, attraction, love …

Until now, we have chosen a partner at random, first hoping that he will meet our expectations, and later hoping that he will definitely change in the direction we want, accept our value systems and ideas about relationships in a couple. The result is usually the same - disappointment, misunderstanding and ever fading hope that you will be lucky next time. But the acquired life experience cannot help to break this vicious circle, in which we find ourselves over and over again, choosing partners of the same type, thereby dooming ourselves to living in similar situations with different people. Not only do we choose a partner blindly, obeying an unconscious attraction, our behavior in a couple is also programmed by the unconscious to a degree much more than we could ever imagine.

Psychology of sexuality
Psychology of sexuality

Having understood your typical characteristics and traced them in your partner, you can learn to see in advance all possible prospects for the development of your relationship. Know how they will develop, what exactly can be the source of problems, and, most importantly, understand how to prevent possible difficulties. Having learned at the training to accurately determine the type of sexuality for ourselves and our partner, we begin not only to correctly build relationships according to the characteristics set by nature, but also for the first time understand how to get out of the vicious circle of negative scenarios that have become typical for us.

Psychology of sexuality
Psychology of sexuality

What does it mean? Is it a lot or a little, what does it give us? What does it mean to know the type of character and understand the psychology of sexuality of a particular person?

With just a few keywords, appearance, plasticity, gestures, you can unmistakably see what usually opens only with prolonged communication. At the first meeting, only after exchanging a couple of phrases, to understand whether the partner will be faithful, whether at a certain moment he will become touchy and suspicious, whether he will begin to reproach for imaginary betrayals, be jealous of former lovers or accuse him of depravity. From the first minutes of acquaintance to know whether he will be dizzyingly hot, passionate and temperamental and whether he can ever belong only to you.

This means that you will never have to go headlong into an initially doomed relationship in the hope that this time it will work out, it will turn out that, perhaps, this particular person will turn out to be the one we dreamed of him … And once again, disappointedly convinced, that two even the closest people will always be separated by a wall of misunderstanding, and love, no matter how passionate it may be, cannot last longer than three years …

After the first level training, only by looking into the person's eyes, you will be able to understand which desires possess him, which innermost thoughts he can share with you, and which he will never accept; what will be his behavior with you alone, and what will be in the company of your mutual friends, what pitfalls will be encountered in the relationship between him and his mother and what will threaten you if she becomes your mother-in-law or mother-in-law; guess whether he will fulfill your sexual fantasies and whether his sexual behavior will be acceptable to you; whether he can be faithful to you and what will he do for the sake of love. Sexuality tests are no longer needed, you no longer have to guess and hope, you will know exactly which person is right for you.

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