How To Unleash Your Writing Talent? Tips For Aspiring Writers

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How To Unleash Your Writing Talent? Tips For Aspiring Writers
How To Unleash Your Writing Talent? Tips For Aspiring Writers
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How to unleash your writing talent? Tips for aspiring writers

What lies at the heart of a writer’s talent? This is a sound search for a person. Such a person wants to know the world, to go beyond the boundaries of the studied and known. It is he who is interested in discovering the laws of the universe, it is he who wants to penetrate the secrets of the human soul.

You feel in yourself a vague, unclear desire to write. The feeling that you have something to say to the world. That you have countless novel stories inside you. You want to write and hesitate. Or have already tried, but not very successfully so far. And even if you are already a well-known author, you are still here!

Vector Systems Psychology explains the nature of writing talent and provides practical advice on how to unleash and hone it.

To write or not to write? What do you choose?

You can long to want and beat around the bush, finding thousands of excuses why you have not yet written the main work of your life. But writing, like any skill, is developed and trained. Therefore, the main thing is to start! After all, 90% of success is hard work and loyalty to the goal.

In fact, the ability to correctly express your thoughts is necessary for every person. However, there are also those who have a special talent for writing lyrics.

Talent develops from the rudiments of natural properties that we received from birth. And then we grow and reveal it. The talent of the writer is the talent of the anal-sound bunch of vectors. Such a person can become an outstanding author, whose thoughts will leave an imprint on the spiritual and moral quest of an entire generation.

But not only they are engaged in writing. There are, for example, masters of the short genre - feuilleton, satirical essays, sharp reporting. Briefly and succinctly expressing their thoughts to such masters of the written word is helped by the skin-sound ligament, which gives the ability to sensitively feel the rhythm of words. And, finally, there are modest network workers in the writers' circles - copywriters and some bloggers for whom an anal vector is enough for their work, which allows them to scrupulously write texts day by day; and even if they do not contain any fantastic discoveries, they have their own truth of life and the charm of a qualitatively presented topic.

Who is a writer with a capital letter?

So, to become a writer, you have to be born in a certain sense. That is, to be born as a carrier of the anal-sound vector bundle. Of course, this is not enough. After all, innate properties are given to us, but not provided. You need to work on the development of your talent, learn to put meanings into words, persistently, regularly, day after day, tirelessly. Then the result will be even with the most minimal abilities.

But what lies at the heart of a writer’s talent? This is a sound search for a person. Such a person wants to know the world, to go beyond the boundaries of the studied and known. It is he who is interested in discovering the laws of the universe, it is he who wants to penetrate the secrets of the human soul, and writing texts is just a way to achieve this desire.

It is the sound engineer who has a living abstract intellect - the most powerful type of intellect, the largest volume of the psyche. This is what allows him to think in abstract categories, to assimilate huge amounts of information, and with a developed sensory component - to subtly understand people around, the reasons for human actions. This literature is distinguished by deep psychologism. Today one cannot be a psychologist without knowing classical literature. But, on the contrary, it is absolutely impossible to be a genius writer without knowing the secrets of the human soul.

How to unleash your writing talent
How to unleash your writing talent

These secrets are sometimes revealed to the writer suddenly, like an inspiration. In fact, this is a consequence of long-term internal work, which is not visible to others and is often hidden from the author himself until this work gives a result. And this work is focusing on others. He suddenly realized something about himself or his loved ones, saw a seemingly insignificant situation in which something more was revealed to him, which pushed him onto a certain plot, led to the birth of a new image, thought form. This search for new ideas is constantly happening with the sound engineer - this is his inner work, this is part of why he came to this world.

At the same time, it is the anal vector that helps to bring the once begun to the end, to translate the idea into reality. It is the anal vector that gives a person perseverance, scrupulousness, the ability to analyze information, memorize it in all the details, which will then appear on the pages of his work with a clear image of a digital camera.

The creative process is the subtlest work of creating images and translating the author's intention on paper, building the intricacies of storylines and theoretical concepts.

Let us penetrate into the holy of holies - the author's work - and give practical advice given by the training "System-vector psychology" on how to make this work effective and bring joy to the author, and not just the torment of creativity.

Preparation for work

In preparation for work, it is important to pay attention to both the external side of the case and the internal component. Preparing your workplace so that nothing distracts from your thoughts is especially important for a person with an anal vector, for whom his habits are of great importance. So, over time, each author has his own decisions on how to organize a workplace, and his own requirements - what he needs.

But there is also a general recommendation: the workplace should be clean and tidy. Keep only the essentials there - the neatly folded books you use, a supply of paper, pens, and pencils. Or a laptop. And so that nothing distracts you, turn off social networks, Skype and other means of communication while writing texts. After all, you yourself probably noticed how annoying it is to call an untimely call when you are in the process of creativity. But even if the interlocutor is pleasant and you enjoyed the conversation, there is a chance that while you were talking, that important thought that you wanted to reflect in the text has gone somewhere. Therefore, it is better to turn off the means of communication, then no one and nothing will distract you. Create a comfortable environment for yourself and start working.

To start writing, you just need a blank sheet of paper. However, the work on the text begins long before you touch it. For the anal sound specialist, careful collection and analysis of factual material is of great importance. You must first study deeply the issue - the topic you are writing about. Get to know it from the inside, taste it. To be in such a situation that you will describe, or to see it close in front of you. This is the most important stage. You can invent artistic reality, but you can't misinterpret human feelings.

After all, a writer is one who shows the subtlest shades of experience, the subtle facets of the human soul. These experiences must be genuine, only then the reader will believe. Only then will the author's text be able to arouse the reader's empathy and counter strong feelings - those that will expand the reader's sensory perception.

The torment of creativity. Should I wait for inspiration?

Inspiration comes from being passionate about a topic. When you literally burn with that thought, that creative idea that you want to convey to the reader. Then the text is born as if by itself, and you want to make an effort. That magic happens when concentration of thought, concentration on a specific task gives rise to perfectly accurate thought forms that are clothed with words.

And it happens that you want to write about something and there is a topic in the work, but there is no inspiration. And there is some kind of inner heaviness and lack of necessary thoughts, those thoughts that could help in revealing the topic. And here it is important to start working with material involving the chosen topic - this will make it possible to achieve the desired state of concentration.

In fact, you might never get inspiration if you don't start writing. Appetite comes with eating. This fully applies to creativity. Just get started. Title, outline, or just a few sentences to start a paragraph.

Why am I procrastinating all the time?

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it can be difficult to allocate time to work with deepening, and then we put it off. This problem is especially relevant for a person with an anal vector. Behind the external form of postponement may be self-doubt, the very fear of a blank slate. After all, a person with an anal vector wants to do everything perfectly and is afraid not to cope, afraid to make a mistake.

The truth is, no one is immune to mistakes. Moreover, each author simply needs to go through a period of learning and gaining personal experience, when he begins to understand himself how to write and how not to, during which he develops an inner feeling from working with the text. And this inner sensation will then prompt how best to formulate your thought and what techniques to use so that this thought hits exactly the target - in the heart of the reader.

Should I wait for inspiration?
Should I wait for inspiration?

Hard work is the main assistant in revealing the talent of the writer

Having talent is only 10% of success, discovering talent is what is important to do. And in order to reveal it, you need to train all the time, develop the qualities that are necessary for a writer - focus on people and on meanings, the ability to see in every detail, in every insignificant nuance in a relationship, the imprint of a person's personality.

This means learning to be discerning, sensitive to human experiences and feelings. It means training your imagination, actively expanding your vocabulary, learning to formulate your thoughts.

Reading classical literature, the greatest examples of the artistic word, which fosters a sensory component in us and helps us adopt some methods of constructing a text, helps to solve these problems. But reading others is not enough.

Learning to express thoughts yourself is what is important. And this skill, like any skill, is trained by practice. To start writing good writing, you need to write regularly. Then it is possible to catch such a state when letters begin to fold by themselves into words, and words - into sentences. Then we independently develop some techniques for working with the text, which help to keep concentration, help to convey our thought to the reader without distortion. It is difficult to make the effort and take the first step, but then it becomes easier.

We begin to reveal the pleasure of creativity, to reveal the taste of writing. And then it is already impossible to stop us, because the desire always goes to doubling. As, for example, Georges Simenon, carried away by his idea, worked until his next novel was written.

What makes a writer a writer is his hard work. And if the writer had not been so hardworking, no major work would have seen the light of day. Think about this the next time you postpone writing an article.

Writer's work is the guarantor of good inner states

We came to this world for a reason. Each of us carries a piece of the common Soul. And this Soul wants to be revealed. And there is no greater pleasure for a sound engineer than to reveal a person's Soul - to discover our common unconscious, the Weed psyche hidden from us. It is this work that allows the sound engineer to go beyond the framework of his separate "I", which means - to overcome his innate egocentrism, to move away from concentration on himself, which sometimes acts as a hindrance to understanding others and building relationships. Bringing out accurate, verified meanings on paper, the sound engineer fulfills his mission on earth. In doing so, he makes the same contribution to society as a miner who goes down to a mine to get coal, as a scientist who invents a vaccine for an incurable disease.And fulfilling our social role gives us a sense of the meaningfulness of life and a good balanced inner state.

Working on the text saves sound people from depression, from feeling the meaninglessness of life, longing for something that you seemed to always know, but forgot and torment yourself in order to remember, remember the most important thing - why did you come to this world - and feel the unity people, the unity of the psyche, our species.

What is important in the work of a writer
What is important in the work of a writer

Working on the text of an article or a fiction novel, the writer invariably learns something new about himself and about the people who are around. He brings into the text a piece of his own "I", a small spark of the common human Soul - revealing it to others, helping others to realize what he himself understood. Therefore, you cannot write on the table - you need to write for a specific reader to whom this text will be intended.

The secret of popularity

At the beginning of his creative career, the author inevitably begins to ask himself the question: how to make me read? How to be interesting to the reader? Every author dreams of this. The secret is to write about feelings and problems that concern the reader, so that he recognizes himself between the lines, recognizes his innermost thoughts, aspirations, expectations, his hopes, his fears, his doubts. And for this you need to understand the soul of people, our common psyche. It is this knowledge that the training "System-vector psychology" gives.

Do you want to unleash the author's potential, learn the secrets of mastery and learn how to write brilliant texts that will be of interest to the reader? Do you want to understand what worries people around to write about the topic of the day and their lack?

Come to the free online training "System Vector Psychology" and you will learn everything about creativity.

The meeting between the author and the reader takes place on the Portal System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

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