Recommendations For Parents On Raising Skin-visual Boys

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Recommendations For Parents On Raising Skin-visual Boys
Recommendations For Parents On Raising Skin-visual Boys

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Recommendations for parents on raising skin-visual boys

"Stop crying! Wipe your snot! He gave me a nurse here! Once again I will see you howl, I will hit you like that! Why are you standing like a complete moron ?! I taught you - when you are beaten, defend yourself! Let's change! It's not a man who grows, but the devil knows what! Worse than a woman!"

"Stop crying! Wipe your snot! He gave me a nurse here! Once again I will see you howl, I will hit you like that! Why are you standing like a complete moron ?! I taught you - when you are beaten, defend yourself! Let's change! It's not a man who grows, but the devil knows what! Worse than a woman!"

Probably everyone knows about this "method of education." This is how fathers bring up their sons with an anal vector. Anal mothers also bring up in a similar way, demanding from the child according to their vector characteristics, but not according to his abilities. For example, they seek neatness, high-quality work, order, and conscientiousness from a skin child.

“Parents are children” is a perennial problem. How many books have been written on this topic, how many tips are in them! The only problem is that no one knows what is right for you and your child, because until now no one has differentiated into eight measures, by vectors! There is also no systemic understanding that there is an abyss between generations now, that children have a completely different connection to their parents than parents have to children. This is described in detail at the psychological trainings of Yuri Burlan.

To this day, experts advise parents to use strict and tough methods of parenting. And this is despite the fact that the anal phase of development, the main values ​​of which were family, marriage for life, the conviction that children are obliged to honor their parents and obey their elders unquestioningly, is long gone.

Nor is it written in these books about a completely new type of children who have never been before - skin-visual boys. Unable to kill, like all other males, they simply did not survive in a primitive society, turning out to be only a burden and an extra mouth. At the dawn of mankind, in the primitive flock, they were eaten at the behest of the chief's olfactory advisor. Later, when humanity abandoned cannibalism, their lives were still not saved. And even in the most recent times, already in the anal historical phase of development, they were thrown off a cliff (like freaks, not warriors). The fear of being eaten by a tribal cannibal is forever imprinted in the psychic of such individuals - skin-visual boys.

Skin-visual boys began to massively survive quite recently - with the transition of humanity to the skin phase of development, when everyone's life is guaranteed by law.

The skin-visual boy is heterosexual by nature and is not preoccupied with the contradictions of anal undifferentiated libido. Despite this, they are often considered effeminate, which can play a trick on them.

It has always been assumed that a boy should play with boys, but a skin-visual boy feels uncomfortable in their games. Children's games are like ranking in a primitive pack: boys fight for their rank, play war, start fights. For a dermal-visual boy, there is no assigned rank among them, because at all times the dermal-visual part of humanity was only women.

And therefore, the skin-visual boy feels himself among the girls in their calm games much more appropriate. Even then, the little viewer may have thoughts that he is not like all boys: "Maybe I'm really a girl?"

Yes, and other boys add fuel to the fire, teasing him with a "girl". Mom, her girlfriends and just passers-by look into his expressive optic eyes and say: "What a handsome boy, just like a girl!" Anal dad with his "You're worse than a woman!" also suggests that maybe he really is not capable of being a real man?

This is where the roots of transvestism and transsexualism lie. Of course, all these are only distant prerequisites. In order for a man to truly want to become a woman, his visual vector must enter into a state of intense fear.

Parenting "anal", often involving corporal punishment, can turn a skin child into a masochist, which also has dire consequences.

How to raise a healthy skin-visual boy? How can you help him adapt to the landscape and develop his abilities?

Often, parents see no reason to worry about their upbringing, as skin-visual boys do not engage in bullying with other boys. In fact, the boy, new to this world, is the most difficult child in education.

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In a boyish environment, a skin-visual boy feels uncomfortable, even flawed, so you don't have to send him all the time to play with other boys. But among girls, he feels like a man, he is comfortable. We must support him in this, making him a little gentleman. For example, teach me how to give my mother a coat, open the door for her.

In order for a skin-visual boy to feel like a real man, you need to send him to a circle where he will be surrounded by girls, for example, to a theater group (just not to the sports section), and let him try all the activities that he may like. It is necessary to explain to him that he is a boy, a knight, a gentleman, and they are girls, and he should behave with them accordingly. He must give them a hand, be gallant with them, etc.

Such a boy should never be scolded if he cries. Of course, emotional blackmail through tantrums should not be allowed, but tears should be treated calmly.

In no case should he be beaten.

Currently, the implementation of dermato-visual men occurs through professions that previously belonged only to dermal-visual women. These are actors, singers, presenters on television.

A smart move is to teach a skin-visual boy to play the guitar. So he will always be popular in any company. This will greatly help him rank in the yard and at school and protect him from possible attacks from peers. They don't shoot the guitarist!

But the most important thing for the development of sensuality, and therefore for getting rid of fears, is to teach such a child to read, to make him fall in love with books. Only by reading classical fiction can you maximize your sensuality. What does it mean? Reading the word and comprehending it, the child uses his figurative intelligence. Each word creates an image in the head. This is how the imagination develops. This is how feelings arise - for those heroes who are drawn as living by his imagination. The ability to compassion, love and cry from deep feelings for others is a guarantee of a happy fate, especially for a skin-visual boy.

In the West, with its skin mentality, it is much easier to raise a healthy skin-visual man: he is complementary to this type of society, his sensuality and beauty are in demand here, so he finds his place without problems. Looking at the skin-visual men, women in the West even advise their anal husbands to “find a connection with their feminine side,” according to the idea that there is both masculine and feminine in every person. This is, of course, absurd.

Skin-visual men may, by habit, seem to us not quite full-fledged men, and nevertheless, being a product of the modern era, they play an important role and have their own purpose. Healthy skin-visual males will make a great contribution to the development of all mankind … Provided that we accept them as they are, we will stop disfiguring them and let them develop normally.

To learn more about the human psyche, to understand what approach a particular child needs for the best development, the training System-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan will help you. Register for free online lectures here.

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