Maternal Instinct Wanted

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Maternal Instinct Wanted
Maternal Instinct Wanted

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Maternal Instinct Wanted

A shocking TV news story: a woman threw her four-month-old baby out of the window "because he interfered with her rest." Horror runs through my skin as a chill at the realization that THIS happens. It is undeniable that not all women have a maternal instinct. The situation is quite different with mothers, owners of the visual-cutaneous ligament or sound vector.

A shocking news story: a woman threw her four-month-old baby out of the window, "because he interfered with her rest" …

Horror runs through my skin as a chill at the realization that THIS happens. How could nature create THIS? Not human. And not even an animal that, unlike such women, regularly takes care of its offspring.

It is undeniable that not all women have a maternal instinct. Otherwise, there would be no foundlings, no abortions, no childfree, much less cruelty, hatred, rejection of some mothers in relation to their children (we are not talking about difficult social, household and financial conditions). What motivates them, what pushes them to such actions? We will talk in this article about what suffering and pain in the soul compel us to do such a thing, where does so much indifference come from.

For those familiar with system-vector psychology, it is no secret that our thoughts and actions are controlled by our unconscious. The maternal instinct is conditioned by purely animal instincts, to which the psychic properties of this or that vector are only added - practically any mother will "tear to pieces" anyone who dares to offend her "baby", it does not matter at all whether this baby is right or not, he is five or fifty.

The situation is completely different with skin-visual mothers. In this case, the mother's behavior and her attitude towards the child may be very different from the usual, since it is not dictated by the maternal instinct. We often observe our own difficulties in mothers with a sound vector, especially in the case of depression.


Skin-visual is NOT a mother by nature, she has been nulliparous since ancient times, and her tasks are completely different. The instinct that allows a woman to know how to treat a baby, how to care for him, is completely absent from her. And although today, thanks to the development of medicine, the problem of conception, gestation and childbirth for many skin-visual women has been solved, mentally they are still not ready for the birth of a child. A skin-visual woman feels absolutely helpless in this matter - she is afraid to take him, change diapers, she is afraid to accidentally break her arms and legs, to strangle him in a dream.

It is not at all easy for her to care for a small child; she has neither need nor desire for this. Strong discomfort and the desire to avoid this fate will accompany the skin-visual mother until the child reaches a more or less conscious age.

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KZ-net instinkta

Often the child is left to the fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and nannies … Perhaps this is for the best, because such a "dragonfly hopper" can do little to help a little man. She would like to go to the savannah: an actress to the theater, a nurse to the seriously wounded, a singer on stage - whatever, just to emasculate her enormous emotional amplitude in the right direction. Otherwise, it threatens to develop into the same performances, but at home: tantrums with wringing of hands, beating in vain dishes and other interior items.

By the way, these women only adapt the need to be married, marriage is not their hypostasis at all, they do not even have such an inner desire - to belong to a man. To love - yes, to belong - no (unlike other women). Marriage rather burdens her, and the more prohibitions and conditions, the more it weighs.

As the children grow up, she also won't become an exemplary mom in the sense in which we usually imagine good (anal-visual) moms. She will rather be a friend for her daughter, and will represent her son as a gentleman, creating contact with him at the level of emotional connection, but not at the level of the maternal instinct, which a priori does not exist and cannot be.

For some skin-visual mothers, the child is burdensome at any age. Children usually suffer from this attitude, they do not feel the guarantee of safety that the mother should provide. And how to get under the wing of a mother who tells her daughter about her gentlemen or, with a twinkle in her eyes, asks how her daughter spent the night outside the house?

In skin-visual ladies, various states are possible - the so-called "war" and "peace". In the state of "peace" she is a wonderful teacher, teacher, educator who, through a developed visual vector, instills moral, cultural and ethical values ​​in children. Such a skin-visual woman adores children, and they adore her. All this allows her to be a wonderful mother to an already grown child, even without a maternal instinct.


The hardest thing in terms of motherhood is for mothers with a sound vector, and the less the sound desire is filled, the harder it is. It does not matter what reason led the depressive sonic to the birth of a child - the search for the meaning of life through motherhood, the desire of a husband, or a simple accident, but having acquired this shrill screaming lump, she involuntarily thinks about how to get rid of it.

She learns very soon that there is nothing pleasant in motherhood. Postpartum depression overwhelms the head, and unbearable thoughts overwhelm consciousness: “Is this really all? Is this really the meaning of my life, my realization as a woman? When will this hell end?"

The sound vector is dominant, sound desires are immaterial - when they are in a state of total dissatisfaction, then everything material goes into the background, including children. When I feel bad, and something hurts me badly, I cannot think of anything else: suffering engulfs me and the person in me, I only think about how it would all end:

- Lord, leave me alone! Stop yelling! What do you want from me !?

The need to remain in silence, alone with oneself and one's thoughts is interrupted by peals of screaming, maddening, deranged. Irritation, hatred, anger at the little man who invaded the soul, burns out everything human, everything rational that came before.

He tugs, demands, asks, whines, fiddles, as if having specially chosen the moment when the desire to move away from this earthly husk reaches its climax. Irritation, tiredness, or withdrawal - what feelings will it evoke today? Soon, the child ceases to be felt as such - he is just an irritant, a source of noise, a source of suffering, an object of hatred. And thoughts about how to get rid of it can become more and more intrusive.


In such a sick state of "sound", not feeling the value of life, either his own or someone else's, in a state of complete madness, crimes are committed. Cynical and cold. No right to mercy. No regret, no remorse, but only a feeling of relief - "Finally got rid of."

This is an extreme state of mental illness in the sound vector. It also happens that the sound mother in a state of stress and unrealization remains sane and then, of course, does not commit a crime. But from time to time, she may feel acute hostility and irritation towards the child, a desire to distance herself and be alone. The most intelligent and educated sound mothers can treat their own child very coldly, keep him at a distance from themselves.

By the presence and state of other vectors that it has, one can see completely contradictory states, replacing each other, as in a kaleidoscope, and causing suffering and misunderstanding of the changes taking place within oneself. Sound hostility and indifference, replaced by visual love and affection, and in the anal vector with care and guilt. When the sound “lets go”, the rest of the vectors can adequately realize themselves in motherhood.

You need to understand that even with the best intentions, it is impossible to abstract from the sound deficits and the conditions caused by them. As already mentioned, sound desires are dominant and, in one way or another, will dictate the behavior and actions of the young mother.

In order not to fall into such negative states, it is necessary to deeply understand the essence and tasks of the sound vector, the ways of its implementation and filling. And these are huge topics that Yuri Burlan covers at the training. Gradually, the depths of the subconscious are revealed, the inner essence is revealed, awareness comes, and with it the freedom of choice to realize oneself in its best possible qualities and states.


As you know, many problems arise from childhood. There are many non-fictional stories about the influence of the mother's attitude to the child on his subsequent adult life. Sometimes victims of maternal callousness, hatred, cruelty, indifference receive psychological trauma, they suffer from grievances for a whole life. They are unable to forgive and understand, even realizing the obvious harmfulness of such an attitude, they cannot in any way overcome these painful experiences of childhood.

Understanding the patterns of such maternal behavior gradually leads to justification in the mind and heart. It becomes clear what kind of unconscious program led the person, and what suffering from failure to fulfill his tasks he himself experienced at that moment. Resentments go away, giving way to new thinking and new life.


In addition to the negative scenarios of parent-child relationships described briefly, there are many others, including in other vectors. Sadism, domestic violence - in a frustrated anal vector; emotional stinginess, economy of love, kind words, praise - in unrealized skin; hysteria - in the visual; contempt - in the olfactory vector and so on. There is only one general rule - if the vector is developed and realized, then a person in all his manifestations will be wonderful. If not, then his behavior may be inappropriate, antisocial and even criminal.

All the variety of human manifestations and the entire palette of relationships become visible at a glance, understandable, logical and natural. The best gift for yourself will be the opportunity to learn this absolute understanding of yourself and the people around you, to finally find answers to your tormenting questions. You can start small - sign up for free online lectures.

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