Self-tapping Screws On The Hands Of Adolescents, Causes Of Self-harm

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Self-tapping Screws On The Hands Of Adolescents, Causes Of Self-harm
Self-tapping Screws On The Hands Of Adolescents, Causes Of Self-harm

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Self-cuts and self-harm on the hands of adolescents in the practice of a child psychiatrist.Part 1

During adolescence, a child learns to independently solve the problems facing him, often by trial and error. Teenagers without a sound vector (owners of any other seven vectors) have quite understandable material desires, and the point of effort is more obvious to them. And what about adolescents with a sound vector whose desires have nothing to do with the material world?

In my practice as a child psychiatrist, I often come across adolescents who, when examined, have self-cuts on their hands and traces of self-burning cigarettes and other methods of self-harm. If these are boys of 14-16 years old, then they often enter the military enlistment office. If the girls, then self-cuts and self-harm in the teenager were noticed by relatives or teachers and sounded the alarm. Most likely, there are even more such girls than I see at the reception. In this article I will talk about those children who hide such actions. They understand that they did something wrong. They wear long tight sleeves to hide self-cuts on their arms from family and at school. Sometimes a tattoo is made over the scar to mask self-cuts, self-harm and burns. What happens to these children? Why do they self-harm themselves?

Why do teenagers inflict self-cuts and self-harm on their hands?

Nobody hurts himself or herself suddenly, for no reason! Parents often comment on this in their own way: "Fool, that's why he did / did!" Is it so? Or: "This is from stress!" What kind of stress will a child cut himself up voluntarily?

Every person strives to receive joy from life. Do those actions that make him good to live. But this is not the case with these children. They can't live happily!

From conversations with adolescents who come with self-cuts, self-harm on their hands, I understand that these are the owners of the skin-sound vector ligament. Sometimes there are other vectors, for example, visual, anal. Modern adolescents in large cities and especially megacities are complex, they are often polymorphs, owners of 3-5 vectors, with a large amount of psyche, and it can be difficult to understand the reasons for their behavior. But with the help of Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, this is possible.

The importance of adolescence. Causes of self-cuts and self-harm in adolescents. The role of the sound vector

After adolescence, the development of vectors ends, and in the future, a person realizes the volume of mental that he has accumulated in the development process until puberty. During adolescence, a child learns to independently solve the problems facing him, often by trial and error. Teenagers without a sound vector (owners of any other seven vectors) have quite understandable material desires, and the point of effort is more obvious to them. And what about adolescents with a sound vector whose desires have nothing to do with the material world? At the same time, they have no information about themselves, about their psyche, and they do not understand what is happening to them.

Self-tapping screws photo
Self-tapping screws photo

The sound vector is a psychic dominant. It is the sound vector that seeks to reveal the non-material world, the concept of the World Order. This is his main desire, and when it is not fulfilled, a person experiences mental suffering. It often begins during adolescence. During this period, a lot of new things happen for the child. Hormonal changes in the body begin, there is a desire to please the opposite sex, the desire to establish itself in the adolescent team, to find their place. And then the question arises about the meaning of life.

If earlier philosophy, music, physics eased the state of sound specialists, occupied their mind, now it is no longer. This is how dissatisfaction gradually begins to grow in the sound vector of a teenager. Especially if he grew up or grows in an unfavorable sound environment - he hears the screams and quarrels of his parents, unwanted meanings in his address.

A teenager with a sound vector needs to strain his abstract intellect, given to him by nature, but he does not know the peculiarities of his psyche, often does not know his abilities. He does not understand where he wants to study - everything is “not right for him”, so he enters an educational institution on the advice of his parents or wherever he has to.

It may turn out that the former excellent student, the winner of Olympiads in mathematics and physics, going at random, finds himself in an environment where he fails to properly apply the innate properties of the sound vector. And the lack of sound in it grows and grows, pressing more and more. They say about such children: "I used to be the school's hope, but nothing worthwhile has grown out of it, I have not achieved anything." In a sense, he could not realize himself in society due to suffering in his sound vector, with which he himself does not know what to do.

Communicating in the company of peers, a teenager notices that he is not like everyone else, as if not of this world. He can't live like others (people without a sound vector), no matter how hard he tries!

I often came across teenagers who, in depression, left at night to wander around the city, in cemeteries. Their parents were looking for, the police were looking. They were credited with deviant behavior and vagrancy. Often they are looking for places where it is dark, quiet and no one else is there. The cemetery turns out to be one of those places where only you and your thoughts about the meaning of life. "Leave me alone!" - this is the desire of a sound person not in the best condition.

A person with a sound vector who cannot fill his desire for the immaterial in the material world of leisure and entertainment, even if he has studies and part-time work, can get sick with a real sound depression. Depression in adolescents with a sound vector is common. Few of the parents and even the children themselves realize this.

At my appointment, there were only sporadic appeals from adolescents with complaints of depression and its symptoms. Most often, a girl or boy tries to imitate the environment. Have fun and live like them. But it doesn't. An unfilled sound vector hurts unbearably so that there is no greater mental pain. And then they find a way out that temporarily alleviates their condition - they inflict self-harm on themselves.

The role of the skin vector in the cause of self-cutting and self-harm in adolescents

A tendency to self-harm and self-cut occurs in skin-sound adolescents who were subjected to physical punishment in childhood.

Self-tapping screws on hands picture
Self-tapping screws on hands picture

A person with a cutaneous vector has very delicate skin with a low pain threshold. And if, while punishing him, they beat him, then he retrains to get pleasure not from tenderness and affection, as it should be, but from pain. The biochemical processes in the child's brain change. The changed pleasure principle unconsciously pushes the child to behave in such a way that he will be punished again physically. And although he is in pain, he will strive for pain precisely because of the restructuring of the endorphin system of his body.

They say about such people: "On purpose he behaves as if he still wants to get it!" That is why, in adolescence and already adulthood, self-cutting and other self-harm, that is, inflicting physical pain on oneself, promotes the release of endorphins, hormones of pleasure, and this becomes a kind of means to reduce the severity of mental pain associated with an unsatisfied sound vector. Children try to extinguish the pain of the soul bodily, not understanding why they are doing it.

When it is already intrusive self-harm to the skin, a psychiatrist may be diagnosed with self-harm syndrome or self-harm disease.

Impulsively, being at the mercy of a suffocating sound depression, at the moment of desperate mental anguish, worse than which there is nothing worse, a teenager with a sound vector inflicts self-cuts and self-harm on his hands, less often legs, and other parts of the body. Those who smoke - put out cigarettes about themselves. Thus, they inflict pain on their body, which temporarily dampens the pain of the soul. After all, the pain of the soul is the most powerful! She leaves temporarily. Then to return again.

It is a person with a sound vector that separates body and soul in his perception. The body is not me. I am an infinite soul. A soul that cannot find an answer to its questions … That hurts, rushes about, does not know where to go … And the body? And who needs it, this body, will soon die anyway - this is how the first suicidal thoughts come. Depersonalization-derealization syndrome and other symptoms of the sound vector in a painful state may begin to develop: unwillingness to communicate, leave the house, excessive sleep or insomnia, headaches, detachment from everything, and so on.

The role of other vectors in the causes of self-cuts and self-harm in the hands of adolescents

In addition to the sound and skin, adolescents can also have a visual vector, that is, have a large emotional amplitude. And in the case of improper upbringing in childhood, the development of their sensory sphere is inhibited, such children can behave demonstratively, "open their veins", blackmail with suicide. But this is a completely different case, it will be considered in the next article.

The importance of the emotional bond between parent and adolescent

Noticing self-harm in the hands of a teenager, parents are often shocked and cannot understand what is happening. Until recently, there was a good boy or girl and suddenly turns into not understand what! Doesn't obey, walks late, is rude, and then there are these self-cuts on his hands, strange changes in behavior. What if you can't achieve a productive dialogue with a teenager? How to get your teen's trust back?

It is important to understand the features of the psyche of your child and the transitional age as such. This is a special stage for both the teenager and the parents. Understanding what is happening to him will allow for a trusting dialogue between you and help him cope with difficulties. Even if earlier a high-quality emotional connection was not created with the child, now this can be done with the help of the training System-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan.

Below is just a small selection of results from trained mothers:

Image of self-tapping screws in adolescents
Image of self-tapping screws in adolescents

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To be continued…

Proofreader: Natalia Konovalova

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