The State Of Despair - The Ceiling Of Mental Pain: Features Of Existential Despair

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The State Of Despair - The Ceiling Of Mental Pain: Features Of Existential Despair
The State Of Despair - The Ceiling Of Mental Pain: Features Of Existential Despair

Video: The State Of Despair - The Ceiling Of Mental Pain: Features Of Existential Despair

Video: The State Of Despair - The Ceiling Of Mental Pain: Features Of Existential Despair
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Despair or Existential Crisis

I am a stranger in this world. I only need meaning. But where can you find it? Everybody around is stupid, everybody without exception, there is no one to talk to about such topics. All the books have been re-read, all the seminars have been listened to, even the music is already disgusting, the films are insipid. Where are the answers?

Despair is very difficult to describe. It's so bad that it seems that if I die, it won't get any easier. Well, how to talk about it? One endless pain.

The strongest despair, hopelessness burned from within. An unbearable incomprehensible feeling. Entanglement. Impotence. Despondency. Depression. Where is the beginning and where is the end? Lost. Weakness. I fight against the walls of my mind and I can't get out. All attempts are in vain.

Who am I? Why do I live? Where is the answer to all the questions? How to put your life in order, what to do with despair?

I am a stranger in this world. I only need meaning. But where can you find it? Everybody around is stupid, everybody without exception, there is no one to talk to about such topics. All the books have been re-read, all the seminars have been listened to, even the music is already disgusting, the films are insipid. Where are the answers? Such a void inside. Despair. Gray, dull, hopeless, deep despair.

I am ready to give EVERYTHING for a tiny grain of insight. Only around everything is the same. Nothing makes sense. I want to sleep and never wake up again. I'm so tired. Tired of thinking. Tired of looking. Tired of living. I'm on the edge. I'm desperate, what should I do ?!

Despair: what to do, where is the way out

Existential despair in a person is felt as the quintessence of the mental pain of all mankind inside one head. I only want eternal peace, silence and serenity. I want to die. But it's scary.

No, it is unlikely that a person gripped by a state of existential despair is afraid of physical pain. Mental pain is hundreds of times greater than physical pain, and when the soul hurts, everything else becomes unimportant. But such a person is afraid that he will not use his chance to live.

Existential despair is characterized by the fact that a person constantly asks himself: “After all, for some reason I exist? For some reason I have been given all this … Perhaps I am part of something larger, perhaps there is a reason why I am here, but the answer is beyond my understanding, and I suffer from the fact that I cannot fill my questions. There was almost no strength left to fight. Who am I? What is the meaning of my life? And why, in the end, does it hurt so much?"

A person is constantly trying to build a bridge to reality, to overcome his despair. But it cannot.

You need to understand that existential despair is not sadness, not melancholy, not a bad mood. It can drag on for years, not allowing you to live a full life.

Signs of despair

This condition is almost always accompanied by concomitant phenomena, such as:

  • depression;
  • insomnia;
  • headaches;
  • feeling lonely, lost;
  • loss of objective perception of events;
  • desire to be isolated from society;
  • inability to concentrate;
  • confusion of thoughts;
  • constant desire to sleep;
  • weakness;
  • the belief that life has no purpose;
  • the need for alcohol and drugs;
  • a sense of the illusion of what is happening;
  • selective contact with people;
  • decreased mental and physical performance;
  • suicidal thoughts.

When one person exhibits all or most of the above symptoms, the overall condition feels almost incompatible with life. This is despair in the highest degree.


Existential paradox

It is very difficult for a person who is in such a difficult state of mind to believe that there is even one soul in this world who suffers as much as he does. And it is absolutely impossible to believe that you can find a way out of this state and solve the problem forever.

At the training "System Vector Psychology" Yuri Burlan says with confidence: you are not alone, and there is a way out.

This article aims to help you understand how your psyche works, uncover causal relationships and lead you to a conscious understanding of how to solve a problem.

First, let's figure out what are the reasons for your despair.

In fact, everyone is capable of experiencing despair throughout their lives. The reasons may be different: the loss of a loved one, a real threat to life, loss of material savings, general long-term dissatisfaction with oneself or one's life, and the like.

But of all people, only 5% of the population of the whole planet have objective prerequisites for a state of existential despair, or, as it is also called, for an existential crisis. These are people who received the properties of a sound vector from nature. They are far from everything material, the main thing for them is to understand the meaning of their existence, their task is to reveal the root causes.

They have a special sensitive ear, it picks up subtle vibrations, picks up intonations, timbre of voice, notices accents, interesting turns of speech. But most importantly, the spoken words are not so important for the sound engineer as the meaning of the spoken is important. At the same time, silence is the most pleasant sound for the absolute majority of sound professionals.

Despair man with sound vector

Often, unfortunately, the delicate ear of an audiophile is exposed to unwanted noise. Whether it's the noise of a big city, the shouting of parents or offensive meanings addressed to the sound engineer. All of this is damaging to the ear.

The sound engineer loses his desire to listen attentively to the outside world - he is simply in pain. As a result, there is an inability to realize their innate properties. And so, being an introvert, here he completely closes in on himself, begins to listen attentively to himself, to his states. The inability to get out of the vicious circle of your thoughts entails despair and unwillingness to live.

Six thousand years ago, the sound engineer, left alone with the silence and endless night sky, first formulated in his mind the first existential question: "Who am I?" This question alone marked the beginning of the development of all world philosophy, religion, literature, music and subsequently all exact sciences. The soundman strove to answer this question and understand the essence of his existence in the world, to understand the essence of existence, being.

Existential questions have not disappeared, have not exhausted themselves to this day. On the contrary, they have intensified and plunge the majority of sound engineers into complete despair.

Every sound engineer is faced with a hard-to-bear internal contradiction. On the one hand, he knows: he has been given life, and he really wants to believe that it is important, he as an individual is important and unique. On the other hand, he thinks that his existence has neither a given purpose, nor an objective meaning.

This conflict plunges a person into a state of existential despair, detachment from reality and leads him to the desire to get rid of the physical body (relatively slowly through drugs or directly through suicide).


Despair is when I blame with all my heart my parents, society, God, all the forces known to me and not even known, and I do not find the strength to justify anything.

The sound engineer really wants to understand this whole process of life, accept, love, be happy. But in the sound sense, to love does not mean to love flowers, animals, or a specific person. This means - to be aware of all the processes, to understand oneself and to understand others, how to merge with them with the mind, to fully accept everything that is. Failure to do this entails despair.

Despair filled everything

We have heard many times from others that despair comes because a person does not have willpower. Because he is afraid of difficulties or feels sorry for himself. Are these words familiar?

Only the thought that you are a self-pitying weak-willed coward has not yet brought anyone out of a difficult state.

People also like to say that despair in a person arises from negative thoughts, again emphasizing that this is the person's fault, thereby only worsening the condition.

On the Internet, you can see a whole list of tips on how to overcome the state of despair, for comparison, here are some of them.


  • strengthen willpower through different techniques;
  • get rid of your fears;
  • accept life's difficulties;
  • smile, be in high spirits, be optimistic;
  • not be afraid to take the first step towards change;
  • change your attitude towards yourself;
  • begin to perceive the problem with wisdom so that it becomes not an obstacle, but a lesson;

  • pull yourself together and start acting;
  • love yourself;
  • open up to the universe and so on.

These are advice from people with other properties of the psyche, for people with a visual vector. They will definitely say that love is the most important thing in life, that you need to help, live for others. That if you feel bad, you need to calm down, listen to your heart. You need to meditate, do yoga, pray for yourself and your loved ones, be in harmony with yourself and with nature.

Only all these tips remain in the material plane of this world. Earthly love, humanism - values of the visual vector. No matter how much you repeat these tips, they do not work for sound engineers, their despair does not go away. You can't fight despair by trying to think positively by reading “I can do anything” affirmations. Maybe I would like to believe it, but you cannot deceive yourself.

The sound person seeks to break out of this world, to touch infinity, to hear the vibrations of the Universe. But not through emotions, but with his whole being, he seems to want to absorb everything that is. Therefore, the sound desire is dominant over all other desires of this world. Nothing can fill him: not money, not sex, not honor and respect, not his favorite job or family. For the realization of such a huge desire, the sound engineer is given abstract intelligence and the largest potential volume of the psychic.

Previously, the sound engineer was able to fill himself with music, religion, science, literature, poetry, but the desire is growing. And now this is not enough - despair sets in: what to do, the brain evolves, there is a need to fold more and more complex thought forms.

Despair in a person will pass forever

To get out of the state of existential despair is possible only by studying the human psyche. In the literal sense of who we are and why.

The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan makes it possible to understand this process from the inside in full.

With the help of the knowledge of system-vector psychology, you reveal all your characteristics, you realize why others do not understand you, what is your purpose and how to realize it. Awareness of how the psyche of other people is arranged allows the sound engineer to know himself more deeply in distinction from others. This entails incredible volumetric filling and allows you to get out of bad conditions. As a result of the opening of the psyche, the perception of oneself and the world around changes completely.

The sound engineer begins to see mathematically exact causal relationships between all processes of the past and present and their development in the future, both outside and inside. By adding his perception from gradually coming realizations, the sound engineer acquires a completely new objective and accurate picture of the world.

Understand your despair. Questions "Who am I?" and "What is the meaning of my life" begin to fill, as a result bad states go away. And then more and more new discoveries begin to come, great pleasure from each new thought. This process cannot be stopped by anything.

The soundman was born to comprehend infinity, but not esoteric, but real. Living in this world, among other people.

The sound engineer has a very important role in this world. In his potential, he is able to experience the greatest pleasure of all from the realization of his natural properties and tasks. Namely, from knowing oneself and opening the unconscious.

a state of existential despair
a state of existential despair

Despair will leave your life

Bitter existential despair will go away forever, and with it depression, craving for drugs, and most importantly, suicidal thoughts will go away. Thousands of results-confessions of people who have revealed the secret of the human soul, prove that this is possible. Despair no longer exists in their lives.

No, you will not stop feeling, sometimes feeling sad, caring about essential things, but you will learn to feel all states in their full range. You will learn to be a Conscious Human, and despair will become something foreign. When life is filled with meaning, you want to live. Live in the full sense of the word.

You can get help and the first skill of focusing on the psyche and disclosing the unconscious at the free online training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan. Register using the link.

PS If you, as in the movie "The Matrix", were offered a choice of two pills: blue and red, that is, stay in the current state or plunge into the unknown and find the truth, what pill would you choose?