Existential Crisis. Why Do I Live On Earth?

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Existential Crisis. Why Do I Live On Earth?
Existential Crisis. Why Do I Live On Earth?
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Existential crisis. Why do I live on Earth?

Very often, an existential crisis is equated with a midlife crisis, when a person has already achieved a lot in different areas of his life - work, family - and suddenly asked himself the question: "And that's all for what I came to this world?"

However, a small part of people (only 5%) have the question "why do I live on Earth?" occurs regardless of circumstances and age.

Life is empty. It does not make sense … I finally understood this only now, when almost half my life is over. Before that I was looking for something … Probably the meaning. Looked for in work, in relationships, in children, in sports and travel, even in money. It is convenient with them, they give freedom in life, but not happiness …

In part, all this distracted me from the annoying questions that were constantly spinning in my head. Why am I here? What is the meaning of what happens in life? Where are we going? Who am I? What is this world? Who created it? Is there a God? What happens after death? Why all this if someday we will die anyway?

I drove these questions away. I saw that they were only of interest to me. Others brushed it off when I tried to talk to them about something that was outside of their simple human life. And then I fell silent.

I felt completely alone and not understood by anyone. People annoyed me with their vanity and genuine interest in life. Why do they like to live and I don’t? Why am I doomed to this stupid existence?

Questions one after another arose in my head and did not go away. They boiled inside like a heavy, thick, dark substance, sometimes not even taking the form of words, but simply giving a state of dull hopelessness. I stayed awake at night from this endless grind of unanswered questions. I tried to look for answers, I read a lot, but I was not left with a feeling of understatement, mystery, hiding what is most important for a person - the meaning of his existence. I understood that as long as the desire to understand is flickering in me, I am alive …

Existential crisis
Existential crisis

Then I got tired. I couldn't think anymore. All I wanted was to turn off my head. It seemed to me that I had found a remedy - meditation. I learned to focus my attention on breathing or sounds outside. This gave some comfort to the internal dialogue, but did not completely solve the problem. I expected that, now, I would disconnect from external stimuli, go beyond the limits of reason and find, hear, see the answer, the truth, and reveal the secret. But questions kept coming back, and the inability to answer them made life lose all meaning.

And then I gave up. I can no longer fight what I don’t know. I sleep 16 hours. And I don't want to wake up. Life doesn't interest me anymore.

What is an existential crisis?

An existential crisis is the name of a state in which the loss of the meaning of life is experienced. It can be triggered by some events that make one think about why a person lives, for example, by the death of loved ones, but it can occur without any apparent reason.

Very often, an existential crisis is equated with a midlife crisis, when a person has already achieved a lot in different areas of his life - work, family - and suddenly asked himself the question: "And this is all for what I came to this world?" Read more about the midlife crisis in men and women here.

However, a small part of people (only 5%) have the question "why do I live on Earth?" occurs regardless of circumstances and age. As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, these people have a sound vector, and their task in life is precisely to answer this question. It is they who are experiencing a true existential crisis, which can cause the deepest depression, rejection of life.

The rest 95% of people do not care about the meaning of life. They live it without formulating it in words, taking pleasure in life from the realization of their material desires. Someone makes money and is happy with it. Someone puts their whole soul into the family and raising children. Someone finds happiness in love.

And the sound engineer cannot live like that. He's missing something all the time. He tries everything, but one day this question arises before him: "What is the meaning of life?" And from the fact that there is no answer to it, a huge emptiness is formed, incompatible with life.

When there are abilities but no opportunities

The most interesting thing is that in order to answer this question, a person with a sound vector has all the abilities - a powerful abstract intellect, which is capable of solving the most complex problems and finding answers to philosophical questions; an innate desire to think, to concentrate thought. There is only one thing - the point of application of your potential, because it is not clear where to look. After all, what his interest is directed to cannot be touched with your hands, you cannot see with your eyes.

That is why the millstones of his very strong thought are spinning empty, crushing the person under themselves, crushing him with their pressure. An active, incessant internal dialogue is a manifestation of insufficient implementation of the sound vector. And nothing will get rid of him until this realization takes place. He needs to create thought forms, clothe the invisible in words, decipher the wave, the code of the Universe.

Existential crisis: what is the meaning of life?
Existential crisis: what is the meaning of life?

Global loneliness

Another side effect of the existential crisis is the loss of connection with people, with the outside world. To fulfill his role, the sound engineer strives for solitude and silence - this is how it is better to concentrate thought, look for answers to his main questions. But due to the fact that there is no understanding on what to concentrate this thought, he closes it on himself.

This is how the features of the mental structure of a sound person are manifested: for him the external world is more or less illusory, and the internal states are real, true. It seems to him that the answer to the question "who am I?" hidden within it. This is where he directs his attention, but the more he does this, the more emptiness he feels. There are no answers inside. And the consequence of such immersion in oneself is a piercing loneliness.

The soundman never admits that he suffers from loneliness, because it is desirable for him. As an introvert, he does not strive for communication And yet there is no person who suffers from loneliness more than he. And there is no other such person who can get the most pleasure from the feeling of connection with people!

What is the sense of life?

Is there generally an answer to the question "what is the meaning of life?" The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan reveals the essence of this question, the very one that the sound engineer is looking for, and fills the lack that leads him to this question.

The meaning is where a person experiences pleasure. But how to get this pleasure? What is it? Why does one enjoy a delicious cake and don't need anything else, while the other's soul hurts constantly? Why are we on Earth to enjoy, but we cannot enjoy?

Because the ways of receiving this pleasure are hidden from us, and in order to fulfill our destiny, to enjoy life, we need to reveal them.

An amazing discovery that a person with a sound vector can make when he comes to Yuri Burlan's training in system-vector psychology is that the answers to all his questions are hidden not in him, but in what is invisible - in the human psyche. in the collective unconscious. What he was looking for for so long somewhere outside the universe or in the depths of his mind is next to him. Realizing how a person is made, he reveals a very subtle and very strong pleasure, and his life takes on meaning.

The effect of this discovery is colossal - getting rid of an existential crisis, depression, a giant leap forward in realizing one's enormous potential, the ability to live among people and enjoy it. About this - thousands of reviews from those who went through a second birth, thanks to the awareness of their nature at the training of Yuri Burlan.

We cannot hesitate any longer. Life is given to us for happiness, not for suffering. You can start learning about the invisible Universe called the collective unconscious right now, at free online lectures on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register using the link.

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