No One Needs A Person: How To Live On

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No One Needs A Person: How To Live On
No One Needs A Person: How To Live On

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No one needs a person: why do I live in the world?

Nobody needs me. But there is another meaning: no one sees you from the inside. Nobody knows what lives by you: what thoughts and states. And who needs you yourself, your deepest essence, core?

Nobody needs me. Sometimes it means that others have a couple, family, friends, an interesting job, but you have nothing. Emptiness.

But there is another meaning: no one sees you from the inside. Nobody knows what lives by you: what thoughts and states. People have enough smile on duty and banal phrases about nothing. Or that "functional" that you are able to give them at work and at home. And who needs you yourself, your deepest essence, core?

Why do I feel like nobody needs

The human soul is hidden from others. In his individual consciousness, everyone is aware only of himself. You can die several times a day and be resurrected from within - and no one will guess anything. When you are convinced of this for the hundredth time, there is a hopeless melancholy and endless inner loneliness.

But there is good news as well. The question why no one needs me does not come to everyone's mind. He says that inside you there is an acute desire to be in demand and needed by a large number of people. There is a feeling of our own large, but not discovered or not demanded potential.

We perceive our loneliness as acutely as possible, when the gap between inner self-awareness and outer reality is maximum.

For instance:

  • You have a head - a "house of advice", perhaps there are even several higher educations. When communicating with you, people are amazed at your intelligence and ability to comprehend global things. But in reality, you cannot find your place in the world. Your ideas are nowhere to be found. Time passes, but the huge potential remains unclaimed.
  • You want with all your heart to love and be loved, to start a family. And there is emptiness around - the opposite sex does not show even minimal interest.
  • You are smart, interesting in conversation, heart-to-heart communication is important for you. But in reality, all friends have their own affairs, and if you do not initiate meetings yourself, then no one is looking for you, does not get bored and does not wait. It is unclear why this is so.

No one needs a person - someone who is actually expected by many

The heart does not deceive: in fact, you can really be needed and important to people. The only question is how to realize your desire and what prevents you from doing it. The answer depends on those innate qualities and properties that nature gave you. For instance:

Owners of the sound vector: when the whole universe is inside you

If you are given the properties of a sound vector, then you are a natural introvert, focused on your thoughts, states, ideas. Often, your own inner loneliness becomes a stumbling block in your realization among other people.

The sound engineer enjoys spending time alone, in silence, and the noise and a large number of people around him cause discomfort. But he also suffers from his own loneliness with all his soul. Feeling the whole Universe inside, eternal and endless, cannot find words on how to convey to people their experiences. He does not see the way how to implement his ideas in society. Does not find a response from others to their internal global questions: why live, what is the meaning of everything that I see?

Psychological trauma. Often the sound person is “fixed” in his introversion due to traumas that were received in childhood. For example, your highly sensitive hearing was subjected to strong stressful influences: you were shouting around, making noise, brawling, using offensive words. This gives rise to a habitual reaction: the sound engineer "falls into himself" or simply leaves to be alone at the slightest stressful situation. When the consequences of such injuries are removed, it becomes much easier to communicate with people.

Possessing the natural gift of abstract intelligence, the sound engineer is drawn to the knowledge of the immaterial. The forces that animate the physical world. The hidden laws that govern the observed reality. In search of answers, he goes over the semi-spiritual and esoteric teachings. He tries to somehow go beyond the limits of his limited consciousness in order to comprehend the infinite.

It is hidden from the sound engineer that the answers are contained in the collective unconscious. And each of the people is the bearer of a small part of our common, collective psyche. Having received the necessary knowledge about how the psyche is arranged, how it is manifested in each individual person, it is possible to "collect" from these scattered particles an integral picture of the world.

Then the inner painful feeling of loneliness finally goes away. As a result, an allegedly useless person suddenly becomes an object of universal attraction. And with everyone who was already there before, relationships of a different order arise. Deep, real that touches the core of both of you.

Bearers of the visual vector: when there is a sea of ​​love in the heart

If you are given the properties of the visual vector, then you are an emotional extrovert. Such people are important for warm, sincere, sensual connections with people: both in friendly relations, and, of course, in a couple. Love is huge, great, all-consuming - the meaning of life for such a person.

Therefore, visual people suffer most precisely because they cannot put together a happy pairing relationship or meet their soul mate. It hurts the indifference of others, their coldness and indifference, lack of response to sincere emotions.

Psychological trauma. They are the main obstacle to developing happy relationships with people. The roots of problems can lie in childhood, when adults (unknowingly or because of their own difficult conditions) fix a visual child in a state of fear for their entire life.

In adulthood, this does not allow the soul to fully open up, and relationships with people do not go well. We get the experience of severe mental pain and further "keep our distance." There is a vicious circle in which no one needs me all the time.

But when you get rid of the consequences of your injuries, then you can get out of the captivity of fears - forever and with a guarantee. And understanding the psyche of other people, you can accurately predict their behavior. Not fantasizing or guessing, but clearly knowing what to expect from everyone. This brings relationships with people to a new level, where fear has no place.

When no one needs a person: what to do?

  1. It is vital to get rid of any psychological trauma from the past. Otherwise, life moves in a vicious circle, where the state of uselessness becomes chronic.
  2. Understand what talents and qualities nature gave you. And already with a new, healthy psychological state, to find the best field for their implementation. This greatly affects the internal state: when you are in your place and are busy with what you love, you become attractive to many people.
  3. Learn to see the soul of any person from the inside at a glance. In addition to the useful skill of understanding people, this gives the most important bonus: clear and intelligible knowledge of what it means to be needed in each particular case. Let's dwell on this in more detail.
I don't need a photo
I don't need a photo

About necessity and uselessness

If you are a sound engineer, then you will probably remember a situation when, in severe stress, you wanted to be alone and think about everything. And here someone (even the closest one) began to walk around and lament: “Well, don't be silent. Let's talk! What has happened with you? Are you upset? " At first, you are still trying to explain that you just need solitude, but gradually irritation grows inside, and you just want to bark: "Yes, leave me alone, finally!"

Did your loved one want good? Of course. Happened? To put it mildly, not really.

If you are the owner of the visual vector, then a different situation will surely come to mind. When you have longing in your soul and you want simple human participation - and in response they begin to reasonably “lecture” you. Give useful advice on what to do in your case. It is rational to discuss the situation like that. I just want to say: “Enough already! Just hug me and tell me that you love me! " Right? But your "comforter" also wanted to help - he simply could not be needed.

Let's go back to where we started: the soul of other people is hidden. And usually we try to be needed "through ourselves" - that is, we do good to others in our own understanding. This is the root of many situations where people drift apart and feel deeply alone.

The only exceptions are people who have completed the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan. All 8 vectors of our unconscious are revealed during the training. And you recognize any combination of them in the psyche of any person. This provides a unique opportunity to become needed for real. Understand the deepest desires of a person - and give a person exactly what he needs.

And this is the main secret of attraction. Imagine that you are like a hearth for a frozen traveler, a sip of water for a wanderer in the desert … The last hope for someone who has already thought about suicide …

"If I was a wound, you were a white bandage, There is a link between life and death."

V. Listomirov

In a world where people do not understand each other, this means simply being at the top of the Olympus of Necessity and Importance.

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