How To Get Sexy On The Inside

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How To Get Sexy On The Inside
How To Get Sexy On The Inside

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How to get sexy on the inside

Everyone has already understood that it is not only in appearance, but also in condition, and everyone who is not lazy recommends girls not to suffer from depression, not to nag a man, to be confident in themselves, to feel excited. Only for many, the question remains open: how to become more sexy?

A huge amount of data on sexual attributes has been accumulated. Girls from school learn the skills of self-care, bare shoulders, wearing heels and using lipstick. Only for many, the question remains open: how to become more sexy?

Calm, only calm

Everyone has already understood that it is not only in appearance, but also in condition, and everyone who is not lazy recommends girls not to suffer from depression, not to nag a man, to be confident in themselves, to feel excited. But whoever has tried it knows: all this cannot be subordinated to will. Depression does not go away by order, it is impossible not to nag a loved one, when irritation is stronger than feelings, only Angelina Jolie can be confident after a love failure, and male treatment sometimes arouses only the desire to defend herself.

We do not control our states.

Our consciousness, in which thought forms are born, leading to actions and events, is a relatively thin superstructure over a powerful voluminous unconscious. To influence your conditions, you need to turn to the psyche. To be sexy on the inside, you have to dig deeper.

The same charm. Sources and tips for activating them

The power of a woman's request

Male attention is always a response to an unconscious female request - the need for security, safety, alimony, the desire to create a family, to have a child. More recently, there is also a desire for pleasure. This request is transmitted and perceived on a non-verbal level - through movements, facial expressions and chemistry: having noticed or smelled his woman, a man turns his horses towards his chosen one and tries to conquer her - protects her, makes food offerings. This ritual is inscribed in our psychic on the most ancient layers from the time when only men hunted, and women received food and protection from them.

In addition to such an attractive message, facial expressions and smell convey all the information about our not the best conditions. And if the movements of the muscles of the face and body can still be corrected by training or by cosmetology, then pheromones inevitably inform others about us. We ourselves may not be aware of our claims, fears and irritation, but the smell will certainly inform others about them, and men will also unconsciously avoid us.

How to become a sexy photo
How to become a sexy photo

How to smell of joy and happiness if a concrete slab of resentment and disappointment presses on your shoulders? Bad experiences never go away. Everything that is unbearably painful to the soul is pushed out during life to the far corners of that part of the psyche that we are not aware of. But it is in the unconscious that the feeling of joy and happiness is born. Or not born if there are too many injuries and grievances.

In order for the soul to become light, it is necessary to carry out work to get rid of the traumas accumulated over life.

It is possible to illuminate the ray of consciousness hidden in the unconscious with the help of Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology". An accurate psychoanalytic word helps us remember, realize and understand the cause-and-effect relationships of events that have happened in our life.

As a result of this work, our soul brightens, we are completely freed from the oppression of the negative experience we have experienced. The body responds instantly to changes in the psyche. The movements become smooth and light, the face is smoothed. The body becomes relaxed, strong and obedient, and the smell becomes attractive.

A woman's request in a new state is not obscured by the scent of hostility and freely reaches the one who is ready to answer it.

Therefore, the first advice is this: to get rid of the burden of painful experience.

Courage (freedom). Not to be confused with promiscuity

Let's start our conversation about boldness by saying that female shyness is the most sexually attractive quality.

Yes Yes. A shy woman instantly causes in a man an unconscious intention to marry, to take responsibility for her - and this is the beginning of a serious relationship! How does this happen? Evolutionarily, shame is the only guarantee that it is with this woman that a man will raise his children, and that every man wants to continue himself in children. The cheeks glowing from male attention touch the deepest strings of the male soul, while the frank neckline and leather harness only pleasantly tickle the imagination. The loss of shame makes a woman attractive only for entertainment and never for a serious relationship.

In addition, shame - as the most powerful natural regulator of behavior - cannot be canceled altogether. When it leaves the place where it was formed for millennia and where it belongs, we feel it where it should not be. A woman is not ashamed to be naked in public, but for some reason something completely different is ashamed: to be sincere, to love, to open feelings. And the problem of false shame becomes a double obstacle to sexual realization: we cannot attract a worthy man and are unable to build a lasting relationship with him.

Sincerity, open-mindedness, sensual generosity - this is what makes a woman attractive to a man over a long distance, and what keeps a couple together when the intoxication from primary attraction passes. In order to open up with your soul first, you need a certain courage and freedom from fears and false beliefs. It is natural and necessary to be defenseless, sincere and open in front of the chosen one if this is really the chosen one and you are ready to create a couple with him.

Therefore, the second advice: we return the shame to its place.

How to be a sexy photo
How to be a sexy photo

Dignity instead of self-love

Where does self-confidence come from? What is the secret of stately women, from whom there is a sense of dignity?

The feeling of your worth is the result of the correctly directed power of desires, of which our soul is composed.

All desires are given to us for realization among other people. And the higher this realization is, the more we contribute to the lives of other people, the happier and more confident we feel. More confident - because by fulfilling our desires, we get what we want. Happier - because "nature thanks" us for filled desires with long-term satisfaction - a feeling of joy, inspiration.

The more we think of others and less of ourselves, the more dignity we feel. If there is dissatisfaction and uncertainty, this is a marker that either we are doing not what we were born for, or we are not doing enough, that is, temperament and level of development suggest more.

The feminine desire for self-realization in society now has the power of a let go of aunt. For thousands of years, not admitted to full participation in the life of society, the recently released woman is rapidly catching up, or even surpassing the man.

The world is ready for the active participation of women, the standardization process is gaining momentum. The problem of implementation is now not external, but internal: we do not always ourselves know what we want. We follow the fashion or the voice of reason, not always our own, and as a result we suffer: unfulfilled desires do not go anywhere and the unreceived joy turns into apathy, despondency and melancholy.

When we manage to recognize our potential and realize it to the maximum, we feel worthy members of society, we feel great among other people. The back straightens by itself, a become appears, reflecting the presence of a strong inner core. It is impossible to fake it, to imitate it.

Third advice: we are realized in society.

Sensuality includes attraction

When we talk about sexuality, we are used to thinking about attraction. But this is only partly true. It is impossible to realize only attraction without much harm to oneself. Sexuality is more complex and involves feelings.

Feelings laid the foundation for a culture that extended to all people the values ​​of compassion, love for one's neighbor, and high emotional experiences.

Devaluation of sensuality also devalues ​​the enjoyment of life, dispersing the strongest desires so that we simply have nowhere to get great pleasure. Things like swearing, pornography, consumerism about sex greatly diminish our ability to experience feelings.

And since sexual bliss is one of the brightest, in order not to deprive oneself, it is necessary to preserve and develop all sensory superstructures that enhance the joy of filling a hundredfold. Canceling feelings, we reduce sexual realization to a banal release, a release of tension, which does not give the flight and inspiration with which we are filled with a connection of a higher order.

The fourth tip: we arouse feelings, and attraction will tighten.

How to get sexier photos
How to get sexier photos


Happy, filled people are incredibly attractive. Sometimes it seems that this is some kind of special gift - to be happy, but in fact, each of us has everything to be the same.

All that we are made of is a wide palette of desires given to us from birth and developing in the course of life. These small and large tensions are our opportunities to experience the pleasure of filling. Or pain and heaviness from emptiness. Despondency, apathy, depression, melancholy - all these are the consequences of unfulfilled desires.

All human desires add up to a single integral system, consisting of eight subsystems - vectors, and have their own hierarchy. It is very difficult to live when we are not aware of them in ourselves and do not understand what we are so painfully lacking.

For example, for a person with a visual vector, the main thing in life is beauty and love.

If a woman with a visual vector does not engage in creativity, does not communicate with people, does not care about people, then a kind of holes in the sensations of life will soon form.

Voids in the visual vector result in such unpleasant symptoms as anxiety, fears, tantrums, melancholy, and even panic attacks. In the easiest version, it is demonstrativeness and emotional instability, but even these "little things" pretty spoil the sensations of life and do not contribute to attractiveness and harmonious relationships. Rather, attractiveness may just be present, but we must understand that in a state of imbalance, we attract and are attracted to men with the same loose state that complements our vectors.

For a sound engineer, the main thing is meaning. Due to the intangibility of such a request, it is not easy to fill it. Sound women in a state of scarcity may simply not understand why all this is needed at all - men, relationships and intimacy as well.

Sound voids completely kill all desires in us, sexual ones too. An abstract unearthly "sound" is, in principle, inclined to look down on the needs of the body, and sex often refers to the category of animal needs. "Sound" in a depressed state extinguishes libido. In special cases, it takes the form of nymphomania, but this is not even sex, but a means for satisfying inner pain.

If the spectators in not very good conditions are looking for someone who will remove fear from them, then the audiophiles either do not look for anyone, or fall in love with someone far away with unearthly silent love that does not require anything from the object except existence. And it is optional.

Both sighted and audible women may have the feeling that there is a man somewhere who will save them from suffering. In some ways, this is true: in a harmonious pair, he and she really become psychotherapists for each other. But the expectation that He will come and make me happy will lead to disappointment from time to time. Because the responsibility for fulfilling our desires lies with ourselves.

Expecting someone else to make us happy means putting ourselves at risk of addiction, at the stage of choosing a partner this distorts the view and limits the choice, and in the long run makes the relationship unhealthy. Both are invested in a healthy relationship. And a woman needs to have something to pair with.

When we truly know ourselves and fulfill our desires to the maximum, we are happy. The filled woman glows from within. Eyes shine, a smile plays on the lips. In this state, we are attractive and strong enough to find a man and create a harmonious relationship with him.

How to become a sexy woman photo
How to become a sexy woman photo

Fifth advice: we become happy ourselves.

Ability to communicate (sincerity) without any manipulation

Believe it or not, advice on manipulating and using men is heard from everywhere, including from the lips of the men themselves. This is, of course, not normal. Manipulation has no place in relationships, especially in sexual ones.

The harm of such false lessons is difficult to convey: desperate women, drowning out the voice of their hearts, try to turn into calculating bitches and get nothing but another negative experience. Men, reading such advice, massively lose confidence in the female sex and deny themselves what is in their nature: caring for a woman. As a result, relationships, conceived as a source of endless mutual inspiration and bliss, turn into a war in which there are no winners.

Fortunately, the leading party in a relationship is a woman. And if a woman understands herself and the structure of the male psyche, the couple has every chance to take place and reach a new level.

The desire to use the other is underdevelopment. Only a child is allowed to receive satisfaction of his needs from others. The more developed a person is, the more he is ready and strives to give from himself. And since you can only give in a shortage, the task arises of learning to distinguish between the desires and needs of other people.

Someone needs to be listened to carefully, someone should be encouraged, someone should be sincerely admired, and someone should be deservedly praised. All people are different, and you can understand this difference by studying vectors, their features at different stages of development, in different combinations and states.

Having learned to see people from the inside and understand them sometimes better than they understand themselves, we naturally strive to give a person what he needs - because we feel this desire as our own. People feel it and are drawn to us. To be accepted, to be understood is a rare pleasure. By understanding and accepting others as ourselves, being able to communicate at the level of the soul, we automatically become irresistible. Needless to say that the eyes themselves begin to glow with interest and sincere joy from such communication?

To be able to speak with a man in his language, to understand his desires, to sincerely enjoy communication and how we are all different - all this can and should be learned.

Sixth tip: focus on the other and his desires.

Outcome - state

Freed from psychological problems, finding inner support, filled with real happiness and learning to enjoy the presence of people, we become masters of our states, our relationships and our lives.

From the equilibrium state, we "launch" our female request, to which there will inevitably be a response. People stretch themselves, it's nice with us, those around them enjoy their condition next to us.

A matter of technology

Now that we are whole, filled and happy, when we radiate self-confidence and love, the so-called technical assistants will also work: fashionable clothes, a fit figure, but most importantly - perfume.

A good perfume that matches our natural scent is the best friend of a girl looking for a couple. Their volatile molecules pick up pheromones and carry them around, increasing the man's chances of finding you in the crowds and yours of finding the right partner.

How to please the one and only

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is sexuality. The same girl will attract one and remain unnoticed by others. The role is played by innate vector features of both men and women and the state at the moment.

Nature brings us into knowingly harmonious alliances. Knowing the vector characteristics of your chosen one, you can easily become sexual for him: in each vector there are completely specific preferences.

The most important thing about female sexuality

Everything that humanity has achieved has been achieved thanks to the male attraction to women. Feats, victories, breakthroughs were accomplished by men for women and in the name of women.

Female sexuality is not just our personal desire for pleasure, it is the driving force behind progress. And in each individual pair, and on the scale of the whole world, this natural law works the same way: a woman's desire, a woman's request is what inspires changes for the better. Therefore, being sexy is the main task of each of us and our contribution to a wonderful future.

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