Being Weak Is Not Good, But Strong Is Bad, Or How To Achieve Harmony In Family Relationships

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Being Weak Is Not Good, But Strong Is Bad, Or How To Achieve Harmony In Family Relationships
Being Weak Is Not Good, But Strong Is Bad, Or How To Achieve Harmony In Family Relationships

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Being weak is not good, but strong is bad, or How to achieve harmony in family relationships

The woman is the recipient, and the man is the giver. This is our psychological nature, we are so made. What does it mean? This means that just as we women want to receive from our men, men want to give to us. So why don't they?

Well, the man has gone today - no! The man was crushing … Often a woman has to carry everything on herself. And the farm on it, and the money itself is in the house. And what about the husband? The husband lies on the couch all day. If only I could take out the trash! Well, why is he, one wonders, needed this?

So, what to do with it now? When I married him, I did not see that he was like that … And why only me such a punishment ?! Well, did I dream of such a life?

Why am I so unlucky? Look at other families - all have husbands like husbands: they work, they help at home, they mess around with the kids. And how are their wives better than me? It happens that the wife, well, completely - is a fool. Helpless! And the husband creeps beside her. She buys gifts, carries them on romantic trips. Do I have to pretend to be such a fool in order to get at least something from my husband? Yes, I can't do that in my life!

Does the man want nothing? Give him a woman

Do not rush to blame your man for everything, curse fate and envy other women. Your problem is not unique. Let's see why this is happening, calling on the help of System-Vector Psychology Yuri Burlan. Those of us who attended the training have repeatedly heard that:

The woman is the recipient, and the man is the giver. This is our psychological nature, we are so made. What does it mean? This means that just as we women want to receive from our men, men want to give to us. So why don't they? But because we do not know how to receive.

To better understand how everything works, I propose to look into the distant past, when our ancestors lived in caves.

At the dawn of humanity

We were few, only a couple of thousand individuals. In order not to disappear from the face of the earth after the dinosaurs, our ancestor was forced to fight with all his might. Its two main tasks were:

  1. save yourself and your fellow tribesmen;
  2. multiply and multiply.

The first task completely fell on the shoulders of the men. While some of them went hunting, others fought off the cave with women and children from enemies. The men also kept up the fire and prepared food.

And the women? The women were busy with offspring. The women became pregnant and gave birth, fed and protected the babies until they got stronger, and became pregnant again.

Each man had his own woman, but what made him take care of her and the children? Our ancestor had a very small consciousness. And what kind of consciousness, such is consciousness. The man did not yet have a sense of responsibility for the family. But there was a natural attraction to his soul mate - she was desirable for him.

It's not good to be weak, but strong is bad
It's not good to be weak, but strong is bad

For the sake of the desired woman, the man was ready for much. He was ready to risk his life. But not only. A thought process started in his head. What else could you do for your woman? How to get even more meat? How to destroy even more enemies?

Scientific and technological progress was made by the hands and minds of men. And who inspired them to feats? Women! Men don't need anything for themselves. They receive their desires from women.

It happens that in an amicable way. And it happens, and in a bad way, as in that fairy tale about the goldfish. Remember how a grumpy old woman drove her husband out of the house so that he could get her now a trough, now a hut?

How a woman receives from a man at a primitive level

For ancient people, everything was much simpler. Their roles in society were strictly delineated, everyone knew what to do.

Today the woman has freed herself from endless procreation. She gave birth to one or two, and that's enough. A woman manifests herself in society according to the same principle as a man. She not only can earn, but also wants to do it. She is able to feed herself, and often the whole family.

Even in school, girls learn with much more diligence than boys. This is an indicator that a woman's desire has grown in volume and extends much further than having a child and caring for him. Although for most women this is important.

For thousands of years, a woman depended on a man, could only rely on him, received everything she needed, only from him. And today look what is happening! A woman can do everything herself. And hammer in a nail, and make money.

So does she really no longer need a man? Well, of course you do! She needs his "smell", which brings the female psyche into a balanced state. The husband's wife subconsciously feels protected. This is feminine nature.

The woman is angry: "He gives nothing!" It is not true. During intercourse, the man gives the woman ejaculate, which is absorbed by the walls of the vagina, and this has a positive effect on her mental state. She gains lasting satisfaction by feeling that she belongs to a man. Do not underestimate this important element of family life.

In addition, many women today have an orgasm that is not only pleasant, but also activates up to 90% of brain cells. Not an extra stimulation for women looking for a career and success! Not to mention women who are exclusively engaged in mental work.

And yet … somehow all this will not be enough? I would like more!

What else can a man give? Much! You just have to be able to take.

How to get the most from a man

You don't need to pretend to be weak or play a fool. You don't have to learn to manipulate your man. And what you need?

Just two things:

1. To be desirable for a man

What does it mean to be desired? First, be well groomed. Do not appear in front of your husband in worn-out slippers and a shabby dressing gown. Buy a beautiful negligee and elegant slippers. When taking a shower, use scented gels and aromatic oils.

Secondly, try to control yourself, your emotions. Do not pour all the negative accumulated during the day on your husband.

Be seductive, be desirable, but … don't be easily approachable. Make sure that your man gets a little less sex from you than he would like.

2. Stimulate to give back

The best thing you can do for him, besides being seductive, is to stimulate your husband in accordance with his psychological nature, vectors.

A vector is a set of mental properties and desires set from birth and determining the character, habits and behavior of a person.

It is important to know that we are pairing with someone who is different from us. This means that what seems important to you does not have the same value to your spouse, and vice versa.

It's not good to be weak, but strong is bad
It's not good to be weak, but strong is bad

For example, for a representative of the skin vector in life, the most important thing is money and success. As a spouse, he usually gets a person with an anal vector, for whom the most important thing is family and children.

The owner of the anal vector should not be rushed. You must always prepare it in advance before changing anything. He is attached to everything old, and new for him is stress. You can't say, “Let's buy a new sofa tomorrow! Look - a discount!"

If you do this, you will never buy a new sofa. There will always be discounts. We must gradually prepare the ground. Show pictures of furniture, tell which quality is good, which store is solid. Go, look at the place, sit on the couch. Let him think properly, weigh the decision.

And how much you can get from your husband, if you just praise and thank him sometimes! The main thing is to find for what. At first it's simple: “Oh, Vasya, I'm so lucky with you! You don’t drink with me, you don’t smoke (don’t walk around women, caring father)”. This is when a husband with an anal vector.

And when it is skin, we do not praise, but report clearly to the point: “Vasya, this month I saved 10 rubles on electricity and 20 rubles on hot water. I put a thousand in Sberbank for a rainy day at 12%. And I also found a ticket to the Crimea with a 50% discount. The hotel is five stars for the price of three. Limited offer. We take?"

People get divorced because of little things

People get divorced because of little things more often than we think. A skin person can get a divorce due to the fact that the spouse constantly leaves the light on in the toilet. The anal one is tired that the other half never keeps promises.

What to do? Endure, adjust? Sometimes yes, you can and should adjust. Especially if it seems to you that "this is such a trifle!" The devil is in the little things and God is in them too. This applies perfectly to family life. Start with yourself - do not drop unnecessary drops on your husband's patience. Turn off the toilet light, keep your promises.

We think family relationships are so difficult! Getting something from your husband is so difficult! It's easier to do everything yourself. This is a big mistake. Men, but that there are men, all people are very responsive to the correct treatment. What does correct mean? In accordance with their psychic nature - vectors.

It is so simple! Costs nothing at all. For example, what should you praise your husband in the presence of friends? And sit next to, hug, kiss? Well, at least just smile at him?

People get divorced over little things, but before they get divorced, people gradually move away from each other. They stop talking. Start talking to your husband. Maybe talk about what interests him? How is your mother (your mother-in-law) health? How did our people play football? Although we don't need to talk about this yet …

What else can you talk to your husband about? Take a training in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, and you won't even have such questions. You will clearly see how your husband lives, what really worries him. You will understand why he sat on the couch, giving up the greatest pleasure in a man's life - giving to a woman.

It's not good to be weak, but strong is bad
It's not good to be weak, but strong is bad

By focusing a little on it, you can make a difference. You will not need to select the right words, come up with something to say / do. You will begin to behave differently in the most natural way, to talk to him differently. And in another way, you simply cannot.

Don't be afraid to bare your soul

Don't be afraid to expose your weakness to your man. What does it mean? The worst thing for us is to open up to each other. We are afraid of being vulnerable, afraid that we will be hurt. Therefore, we each hide in our own shell, despite the fact that we sleep in the same bed.

Intimate closeness is very important in a couple's relationship. It should be created with great care, slowly and delicately. The main role is assigned to the woman. The woman leads, sets the tone in the relationship, and the man follows her. When everything works out, a bond of a much higher order arises between a man and a woman than the natural attraction of our primitive ancestors.

Get the most out of your relationship! Ready? So where do you start? Sign up for free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan right now. You will learn how to build relationships in a couple, to properly stimulate your man to make money. To be desirable for a man, it is important to feel harmony inside, to be in harmony with yourself. The training will help you with this.

In addition, thanks to the training, you will be able to correctly assess the potential of your man. In what field of activity will he be able to prove himself in the best possible way, and what does not suit him at all? It is very important for every person to know.

Once you have chosen this man as your mate. You've probably even had feelings between you. Now give your relationship a chance to unfold, as has happened with thousands of people who have been trained. Here are just a few of their results:

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