Puberty: Puberty Is Not As Bad As Its Consequences

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Puberty: Puberty Is Not As Bad As  Its Consequences
Puberty: Puberty Is Not As Bad As Its Consequences

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Puberty: puberty is not as bad as … its consequences

"Mom, dad, you don't understand me!" "Mom, I'm dying … I feel so bad …" "Mom, I have acne !!!" If you are happy parents, sooner or later you will hear something similar. And, no matter how you prepare for this new era, it will burst suddenly.

"Mother! My period has started! "…

If you are a happy mother to your daughter, sooner or later you will hear something similar. And, no matter how you prepare for this new era, it will burst suddenly. In an instant, your child from the penultimate height in the lineup in physical education rises to one of the tallest in the class. In an instant, the daughter has a very noticeable bust, which still serves not as an object of envy, but as an object for evil ridicule. And your son, who is still the soul of the company and the first bully, suddenly begins to be shy in the company of girls, and now there are two razors in the bathroom - dad and his …

In a matter of months, they become other people, almost unknown to us, suddenly confused parents, people. And it begins: "Mom, dad, you do not understand me!" “Mom, I'm dying… I feel so bad…” “Mom, I have acne !!”….


Puberty of adolescents, or, as it is also called, the period of puberty, throws them out in one leap, into a new life. And we, parents, together with them. This is both physiological and psychological restructuring of the body. The period of puberty has no clear time boundaries. And the peculiarities of puberty are manifested in each child in different ways.

No video will tell you how to help your growing up child to survive this period as painlessly as possible, puberty of adolescents changes them dramatically and is often completely inexplicable for parents.

Today, the beginning of the sexual life of adolescents is rapidly growing younger - this is early puberty. It is generally accepted that puberty in boys begins a couple of years later than in girls. But not for urethral adolescents!

Urethralists are pioneers in everything. They have the highest libido, and puberty occurs earlier than others. All the girls in the class are in love with the urethral boy, and he does not take his eyes off the skin-visual teacher, already an elderly single woman. This is due to the sexual characteristics of the urethral vector: the first stage of his attraction is aimed at women who are still young enough to give birth, but the so-called "un-taken", that is, without a man.

The urethral girl begins to masturbate intensively by the age of six … This is her first hormonal surge. Anal dad is terrified - the girl does it openly, nothing limits her. Then she stops doing this in order to enter the second - real - period of adult sexual activity in adolescence. She is incredibly sexually active, she can sleep with all the boys in the company, in friendship, while maintaining the integrity of the “yard pack”. And in this she does not see anything reprehensible: urethral people of both sexes have such a specific role: the continuation of living matter in time.

I'm a fat pimply ugly! Nobody loves me!

Admit it, you, too, were once preoccupied with at least one of these problems. But unpredictable changes in appearance become a real drama for skin-visual girls.

Excessive and inadequate "tuning" in the form of diets and other restrictions during puberty for girls can end tragically. Even if in the future normal body weight is restored, the bone mass will no longer be able to recover. There is an even more formidable danger - anorexia. Prohibition and restriction are properties of the skin vector. Along with this, the fear of insufficiently developed vision is not to correspond to generally accepted standards of beauty.

And what are these unmotivated mood swings worth when, at any harmless word, a teenager bursts out with a dozen by no means the most affectionate! This is especially evident in visual adolescents.

change of mood
change of mood

The visual vector has the greatest emotional amplitude. Emotional instability of a teenager may be accompanied by a constant feeling of despair and loneliness, the feeling “no one loves me, no one needs me”. And as an extreme, to be expressed in an attempt to resort to the last way to attract attention: talking about death and attempted suicide. As an appeal: "Attention! I am here, look at me, sympathize with me!"

An unhappy first love can end in marriage, or maybe with open veins or a terrible pumping out in the toxicology department … And all for the same unconscious reason: after all, deep down, these grief-stricken guys do not mean to die at all! By their actions, they pursue a different goal: to attract attention to themselves, to return the object of unhappy love, to arouse sympathy for themselves. In systems thinking, such phenomena are called emotional swings and blackmail. And no matter how outwardly such a situation may seem intractable, knowledge and understanding of the unconscious mechanisms of visual pseudosuicide will help to navigate in time in what is happening, find the right words and prevent tragedy.

polsozr mom I feel bad
polsozr mom I feel bad

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

It is generally accepted that drugs are first tried at a party or in a club. In order not to "fall face down in the dirt" in the eyes of their peers. But not always. Drugs can wait for a quite prosperous child anywhere. In the park, a school friend will suggest - because there is nothing to do or new acquaintances of creative taste - to expand consciousness …

For almost everyone, drugs are the road to death, but the urethral or sound adolescent's encounter with drugs ends in disaster. The urethral person does not feel restrictions, does not know the measures in anything, drugs are no exception. They become addicted the first time, they sharply increase the dose.

… The eternal black abyss of the sonic teenager's depression is simply unbearable. The absolute hopelessness of inner self-searching, endless reflection, apathy, and suddenly … relief from the drug. And there is nothing, only … the unbearable lightness of being! True, short-lived, bringing only temporary relief, after which the state of emptiness covers with more and more force … and further demanding more and more dose. Getting off the needle for a sound specialist is even more impossible than for his parents to believe that their child is now a drug addict.

Today we see depressed teenagers fleeing reality into drug addiction and the virtual world of computer games. In some areas, syringes with blood are lying under the feet of passers-by, and gambling addiction has already become one of the most profitable items of income for all kinds of psychologists. Of course, any teenager can have fun and carefree time in games, but the gambling addiction of a sound engineer is an indicator of a stressful vector and the first alarming sign for parents.

Yes, puberty for both girls and boys is not an easy time, but it can be experienced less painfully for both parties if we distinguish between problems of adolescence that have external similarities, but completely different roots and causes. Only by realizing these very reasons and all kinds of difficulties that accompany adolescent puberty of your child, you can help him cope with them and safely overcome the "difficult age".

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