How To Deal With Depression On Your Own

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How To Deal With Depression On Your Own
How To Deal With Depression On Your Own

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Coping with depression

Today the word depression can be heard from everywhere: it is understood as stress from overexertion, and despondency, and melancholy, and anxiety with panic, and just a lingering bad mood. However, this has little to do with real depressive states. Therefore, in order to understand how to get rid of depression, we first define what it is and how it differs from other negative conditions.

You wouldn't do it without a reason. If you typed in a search engine the phrase: how to cope with depression, it means that you have reached a certain point beyond which normal life, as you understood it, ended. You need answers.

How to recognize depression

Today the word depression can be heard from everywhere: it is understood as stress from overexertion, and despondency, and melancholy, and anxiety with panic, and just a lingering bad mood. However, this has little to do with real depressive states. Therefore, in order to understand how to get rid of depression, we first define what it is and how it differs from other negative conditions.

To do this, let us turn to the materials of the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Depression or stress

Stress (from the English stress - pressure, pressure) is a natural reaction of the body to external conditions that differ from comfortable ones. It can arise from physical, mental or psychological stress. This is a kind of mechanism that launches adaptation processes to various influences, mobilizing our internal reserves. That is, the process is necessary and, in a sense, even useful. Prolonged stress is dangerous when the body's resources do not have time to replenish.

Recently, we most often associate this concept with overexertion at work, sometimes - with everyday experiences or family troubles. Be that as it may, stress is a temporary reaction that everyone experiences sooner or later. In contrast to depressive conditions, which sometimes last for years and, possibly, recede from time to time. And not everyone is subject to them, but more on that later.

Panic attacks or anxious depression

Panic attacks (from the Greek panikos - belonging to the god Pan), uncontrollable fears, anxiety for any reason exhaust and restrict us. They do not allow them to enjoy everyday activities, communication, new opportunities, let alone enjoy life. These are very difficult conditions, and people susceptible to them, wanting to get out of them, can also seek advice from a psychologist on how to cope with depression without understanding the nature of the occurrence.

According to system-vector psychology, only the owners of the visual vector, characterized by a wide emotional amplitude, as well as a special need for live communication with others, can become a victim of such a situation. To give their emotions in the form of sympathy, sincere participation, openness and understanding is their natural task.

However, the root emotion is fear for oneself, which, with proper development of the psyche and the correct application of innate qualities, turns into emotions of a higher order, directed at other people. And if emotions do not find such a way out, then in full volume they fall on their owner - in the form of hysterics, unreasonable fears, panic attacks.

How to deal with depression picture
How to deal with depression picture

Despondency, apathy, bad mood

Mood is a changeable substance. From time to time, everyone can be upset and spoil his mood, but this can hardly be called a serious problem. People with a visual vector are prone to frequent strong mood swings. These are the so-called emotional swings. Their reason is the inability to direct the sensory potential to others, fixation on their experiences.

Apathy (from the Greek apathei - dispassion) and despondency are states that representatives of any vectors can undergo. Apathy is a kind of defensive reaction. Like this?

Each of us is given by nature innate properties, abilities and talents that give rise to desires as a form of their realization. If we do not achieve what we want for a long time, over and over again, due to various reasons (from ignorance and misunderstanding of ourselves to external factors, difficulties and obstacles), we feel that we are living our life wrong, then a mechanism is triggered in the psyche aimed at reducing suffering from shortages … Desires are gradually suppressed, extinguished: it seems like I didn't really want to.

So joyless, sad people are wondering what to do in order to cope with depression, not even really knowing what exactly is happening to them, since they cannot understand the processes hidden in the depths of their own psyche.

Depression as it is: how it manifests itself and who is exposed to it

A feeling of emptiness inside, when everything around seems meaningless, gray, depressing, simply hateful. There is no strength for the daily routine, for communication with other people (to be honest, they simply annoy with their noise, meaningless conversations and stupid actions), and sometimes even to eat or put themselves in order. Why all this?

I want to sleep … not even sleep, but fall asleep, forget, turn off this life. Or plunge headlong into the virtual world of a computer game. Or even cloud your mind with intoxicating substances. If only they would leave everything alone, just not to be here - in this body, in this reality. Thoughts of suicide are too much, but they, uninvited, sometimes come to mind. Every day is like a nightmare from which you cannot wake up. “So wake up or forget about sleep - what do I want? I don’t know myself… nothing… It’s as if you’re losing your mind.”

  • Only the carrier of the sound vector can experience such states. And they outweigh stress, anxiety, longing, or apathy in severity. Although the latter can often be one of the symptoms of depression (from Lat. Depressio - suppression).

To cope with depression, you must first understand what caused it. After all, it is the awareness of the cause that is the key to success in the fight against any problem.

How to deal with depression yourself picture
How to deal with depression yourself picture

Cause of endogenous depression

Why do sound people get depressed? The point is again in the inability to fill the inner innate desires. The difficulty is that the desires of the sound vector of a different order are not like everyone else's. Love, family, career, wealth, power, fame, respect - and what else do people usually dream about there? - do not have a special meaning for the sound engineer.

Falling in love, starting a family - why should you let other people close to you who are not able to understand what is going on inside you? To reach heights in the service and earn a lot - what's the point if one day we die anyway? To become famous, to be respected - what can you do about it ?! On the contrary, you want everyone to be left alone, to be alone and in silence.

“All this senseless, empty fuss, by some catastrophic universal error, raised to the rank of something important! I don’t understand who needs it and why. Is it possible at all to understand this for a person capable of reasoning about something more significant than urgent needs? Understand … Understand … Find answers …"

This is the natural aspiration of the sound engineer - to comprehend, to find answers to questions about the world order, to establish cause-and-effect relationships at the global level. Where is the material here? And how can such a desire be satisfied?

Until recently, the sound vector was able to be filled with music, writing, invention, sciences, religion, philosophy. But the world is arranged in such a way that everything is on the rise, strives for expansion (from the Latin expansio - distribution, expansion), for development. In the end, the human psyche. Today, sound abstract intelligence is often no longer sufficient with what it could be content with in the past.

So psychologists have dubbed depression one of the worst diseases of the 21st century.

The mental volume of the sound vector is much larger than that of other vectors.

When a strong sound desire remains unfulfilled, it has an overwhelming effect on a person's life. It "muffles" all other desires - and yet they exist (in the modern world, more often a person has several vectors). Until there is no realization in the sound search, aspirations in other vectors may seem meaningless, be it love, family, money, or something else.

If you cannot figure out how to cope with depression on your own, having diagnosed this ailment in yourself, you have probably already thought about seeking help from specialists. And what can they offer us?

Depression treatment

When it comes to the stress or bad mood mentioned above, advice such as good rest, fresh air, new pleasant experiences, proper nutrition or physical activity may well work.

With panic attacks or emotional swings, the most effective method is to shift the focus of sensory experiences from oneself to other people, communicate with loved ones, empathize with those who need it. However, this is a separate topic, articles on it can be viewed here.

How to deal with depression yourself picture
How to deal with depression yourself picture

We're going to talk about ways to overcome depression.

When sessions with a psychologist and attempts to change the lifestyle do not bring results, the person begins to be treated with medicines. But the effectiveness of antidepressants, due to their effect on the level of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine), is rather ambiguous and often only temporary. And after the end of the course, the symptoms return, often with even greater force. Is it possible to take pills for life?

In some cases, taking medications does not even bring temporary relief. The patient's condition can only worsen, because every time the causes of the depressive state are not identified and eliminated, the feeling of the absence of any meaning in everything that happens causes more and more mental pain.

When the pain becomes unbearable, the sound engineer can make the worst of all possible mistakes - choose an unconditional end instead of eternal life … What he was looking for, but could not find.

Nosce te ipsum (lat. - know yourself)

Answers to age-old sound questions are the most effective means of filling that monstrous void. But they are hidden not in cosmic distances and not in the consciousness of one thinker. They are in the unconscious, in the human psyche - not as a biological unit, but as a species. Often for these reasons, the owners of the sound vector are interested in psychology.

Understanding yourself and others, their innate qualities, desires, motives, actions - the secrets of their soul - just helps not only to find ourselves, but also to realize the plan of our existence. The task is to match the sound intelligence. Who am I, who we are, why are we here and what awaits us next? Only by getting rid of the inability to find answers to tormenting questions, the sound engineer can forever cope with the depression that created this intolerable vacuum.

It's real here and now. The portal "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan has collected thousands of reviews of people who have experienced the full severity of depressive conditions, but who have managed to understand how to cope with depression on their own, in which direction to work on themselves, so that life takes on meaning and begins to bring incomparable joy of being.

You can take the first steps on the path to awareness already at free nightly online lectures. Here are the answers …

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