How To Get Out Of Depression On Your Own: Reasons And Advice

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How To Get Out Of Depression On Your Own: Reasons And Advice
How To Get Out Of Depression On Your Own: Reasons And Advice
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How to get out of depression on your own and with a guarantee

For an independent way out of depression, what is not offered. There is such a common advice: in case of depression, find a pleasant activity and force yourself to devote time to it, so that “hormones of joy are produced”. They just don't know how to find this desired occupation. After all, it is worth devoting time to what corresponds to our nature, our values ​​…

Throughout his life, a person can suffer from depression of varying severity and secrecy, not finding the toggle switch that regularly turns on these states. There is a long list of factors that have long been branded as causes of depression, which are really just causes. There is stress, a lack of positive emotions, and a change in weather, and a lack of sun. Problems or losses in relationships and at work, insomnia and fatigue are also attributed to the causes of depression, in fact, these are just consequences that have the same root as real depression.

How to get out of depression on your own?

Correct diagnosis is already half of the treatment, so let's start with it.

Today everyone calls depression - and a bad mood, and stress, and apathy, and melancholy. Real depression is a painful state of the sound vector, caused by a lack of meaning in life.

Each of the eight vectors has a natural task, realizing which, a person feels fulfilled and happy. This task is manifested for the most part by unconscious desires and properties for their realization.

Since depression is directly related to the innate mental characteristics of a sound person, most people susceptible to it encounter this disease very early - already in adolescence.

Regardless of when a person encountered it for the first time - at the very beginning of life or having taken place in society - a real sound depression is always an incomplete request for meaning - the meaning of life.

To some extent, the experience of breaking emotional ties in the visual vector is very similar to depression. This suffering is so strong that it can also cause unwillingness to live. But the root and cause-and-effect relationships of such a disorder of the nervous system are completely different.

For example, in a visual disorder, oppressive loneliness is the cause, in sound it is a consequence of a serious condition. If the sound engineer is offered violent emotional support, care and warmth, it will either not touch him, or cause irritation and even more detachment. Unlike a suffering sound engineer, who has to endure other people's emotions in the literal sense of the word, emotional warmth and inclusiveness will fill and support the visual person. The sound engineer also needs other people, but communicating with the sound engineer in depression requires other actions.

Obviously, the ways of getting out of visual disturbances and sound depression will be different.

The visual vector is complementary to the sound vector and stretches after it. The sound is dominant. If a person is gifted with both vectors and the sound vector suffers, then the visual vector will then be in not very good states. If the sound engineer suffers from incompleteness for a significant part of his life, then the visual vector during these periods is also not realized, and by the time the sound engineer manages to get out of another depression, his vision wakes up with a new thirst for love and warmth. Due to prolonged deprivations, this thirst is so disproportionate that the relationship ultimately does not go well anyway: not everyone can withstand extreme emotionality, and after sound depression, a person also earns visual disturbance.

Does a person languishing from the meaninglessness of everything and emptiness in his soul know that he is able to reveal the laws of the universe and give birth to ideas that change the world? Does a woman dying of longing for love realize that her vocation is to love people around? We are so disoriented that we cannot even admit to ourselves in our dreams. And the fact that our properties for the most part lie in the realm of the unconscious makes it even more difficult for us to understand our true potential.

Nothing is accidental in nature. Everything is purposeful, everything has meaning. And our life should also have a meaning. Either we feel it, or we understand it, or both. When this happens, we feel the fullness of life, we are happy.

When we have something to live for, we have strength, desire, and joy. We are able to not notice fatigue, endure discomfort, experience small and overcome major troubles. Realization of true - natural - aspirations is like a motor, or even wings behind your back. She brings joy and new aspirations every day. It is quite another matter when there is no main thing - the meaning of life. If it is lost or never found, the psyche responds with depression. Either mild, or severe, to the point of suicidal thoughts.

How to get out of depression on your own picture
How to get out of depression on your own picture

Signs of depression

  • nothing brings pleasure

  • tiredness, drowsiness,
  • sleep disorders,
  • headaches,
  • apathy.

Every day I don't want to wake up, I have no strength for elementary actions. Nothing pleases me, I suffer from constant headaches. Sleep even for 15-16 hours a day does not bring rest and can be completely replaced by insomnia. An uncontrolled stream of thoughts rushes in a circle in my head, which cannot be drowned out by anything. The environment seems empty and meaningless, and the whole world is illusory. I don't want to do anything. The viscous mental pain and terrible emptiness inside does not leave. Comes to hate yourself and others. These are all symptoms of depression.

Unwillingness to live, suicidal thoughts are already manifestations of a severe form of depression in a person. He wants to leave, hide, escape from the loud and rough world. He suffers from loneliness, but at the same time others annoy him terribly. Nobody understands, everything and everything seems stupid and meaningless. A person himself often does not understand what is wrong with him. After all, this state - endogenous depression - comes as if from nowhere, even when everything seems to be fine in a person's life.

Male depression, female depression - is there a difference?

In general, depression manifests itself in the same way in both men and women. Depression is a sound vector problem.

Severe depression can overwhelm a person to such an extent that they are unable to overcome the apathy and literally cannot get off the couch. Life passes, a person suffers, he himself does not understand why and cannot do anything. Neither scandals, nor persuasion, nor threats from loved ones work. Their own attempts to force and coerce also fail, and then cease altogether. There is no strength either to leave the house, or to do business. Can get to suicidal thoughts.

This is how the most reliable, diligent and thorough of the sound specialists experiences endogenous depression. Potential scientist or writer. Researcher. Maybe a surgeon or a psychiatrist. Lecturer or professor. A person whose great sound intelligence is multiplied by a natural talent for learning and the accumulation of knowledge. The greater a person's potential, the stronger the suffering from his non-realization.

As a result of these difficult conditions, a man loses his job, often his family. May begin to pour alcohol into the pain. And not know where to get out of this meaningless emptiness.

The sound vector is dominant and the most asexual. Skin-sound people, both men and women with moderate libido, often completely immerse themselves in their sound search and experiences, and lose any value of the relationship. The interests of the material world and the body are too far from them.

Sound specialists, especially in bad conditions, do not feel a connection with the body. Blame the body for their suffering. It seems to them a burden, a prison, a punishment. Sometimes a girl with severe sound deficiencies may not only begin to doubt what gender she is, but also think about an operation to change it. It seems to her that the cause of her dark states is a mistake of nature, that she was born in the wrong body.

Special cases are also possible. A woman may resort to sex as an anesthetic for mental pain. She does not feel affection and love - the sound does not seek emotional connections. Sex with different partners for her is just a way to temporarily save herself from depression.

Get rid of depression yourself picture
Get rid of depression yourself picture

How to get out of depression for a woman

It so happens that a sound woman gives birth to a child - and her depression goes away. Why? Because through children, a woman sensually justifies life. She has a meaning for existence. It was so not long ago and it is happening now. But at the same time, today such a colossal temperament has been accumulated, the humanity's need for awareness is so great that sound specialists - both men and women - strive for the direct realization of the sound desire. Without this realization, they do not feel completely satisfied and happy. Sound dominates! And sound women more and more often consciously make a choice in favor of higher education, strive for realization in society on an equal basis with men.

If earlier - more than a century ago - a sound woman was waiting for disclosures and ideas that change the world from her man, today she is quite capable of doing this herself.

How to get out of depression on your own for a woman? Just like a man. Reach out to your sound vocation. Get to know yourself and others. Find meanings, reveal the hidden, the human psyche, creating through this knowledge new, spiritual connections. The necessary knowledge about the human psyche can be obtained at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, to realize your vocation, find your way and find the meaning of life.

How to get rid of depression on your own?

For an independent way out of depression, what is not offered. There is such a common advice: in case of depression, find a pleasant activity and force yourself to devote time to it, so that "the hormones of joy are produced." They just don't know how to find this desired occupation. After all, it is worth devoting time to what corresponds to our nature, our values. The sound person in depression is unlikely to be helped by fishing or meditation. Maximum - will calm, but will not solve the problem. But if such a person even just begins to study how the human unconscious works, the yearned soul will instantly respond with genuine interest and a surge of strength. Then you won't have to force yourself.

How else do they offer to get out of depression on their own?

  • Find a hobby.
  • Meditate.
  • Relax.
  • Change the setting.
  • Have fun.
  • Spend more time with people.
  • Take control of the daily routine, pull yourself together.
  • Go in for sports, gymnastics.
  • Do charity work (go to help those in need, for example, in a hospice or an orphanage).

Why doesn't it work? Absolutely, a depressed sound person will not be occupied with material pleasures or visual impressions. He needs infinity, needs eternal life, needs meaning! Even human relationships in this state are perceived by him as nonsense, let alone the material. His request is too abstract, and the emptiness is too great. After hearing such advice, the sound person will decide that there is no way out of depression.

In the same way, a person weakened by depression does not have the energy to force himself to do something that does not evoke a response in his soul. As well as there is no strength to control the daily routine. And what will it do? The soul is primary, the body only responds to its states. The soul must be treated. For the same reasons, antidepressants do not solve the problem. By affecting the chemistry of the body, they only affect the effect. The cause of depression lies in the psyche, and the psyche is immaterial - these are forces.

The sound engineer tries and cannot understand - himself, the world, other people. "What's the point? Why all this if we die anyway? " - here is the verbalization of the state of unsatisfied sound search. Well, what kind of entertainment and positive emotions are there? You couldn't leave the window.

Going in for sports, adjusting the regime, doing a new job, changing the environment - advice that could be given to a person who is lacking in the skin vector. What are the tasks of the skin vector? Reach, organize, extract. This has nothing to do with sound depression.

To slow down, relax at home or in nature, go fishing - these are the steps we would recommend to get out of stress for a person with an anal vector - solid, meticulous, slow.

Helping those in need is a good tip for getting out of the eyesight. The one that is often confused with depression, but which is, in a sense, the opposite of true sound depression.

A sound engineer does not need rest, to improve the state of the soul, the realization of properties is necessary, and for sound this is the highest degree of concentration and concentration on complex abstract objects.

How a modern person to get out of depression picture
How a modern person to get out of depression picture

The soundman craves meaning, not comfort and pleasure. He should not relax, but focus his mind. To load him with tasks worthy of his height and power, which only he is capable of solving! The pleasure that he will experience, fulfilling his specific role, realizing this invaluable potential, is comparable to an orgasm.

So, how to get out of depression on your own: steps

  1. Engage in knowing yourself, your mental.
  2. Understand what your natural desires are.
  3. Fill them up.
  4. Go outside.

Actually, it would be correct to put “going outside” as the first item - closing on oneself does not add health to anyone. But, not knowing its properties, it is very difficult to do it harmoniously. First you need to understand your unconscious, get rid of false attitudes and negative scenarios - find yourself real. Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" helps to take this crucial step. Without this work, the perception of the world will continue to be distorted and traumatic.

Strictly speaking, looking for answers outside of your own thoughts, the willingness to ask a question and listen outside is already a good start when looking for how to get out of depression on your own. This is a great way for the sound person to get out of the toxic prison of self-centeredness.

For those who have already acquired the skill of systems thinking at the training "System-Vector Psychology" and are able to focus outward, this is the first and main means of preventing depressive conditions.

Cognition of oneself is possible only through the knowledge of others - on differences. Nature has endowed us with various roles, each of which is provided with a special set of mental properties. Having learned to see these features - vectors - we gain the ability to understand ourselves and others in volume - both from the inside and outside - from eight points of view.

Any vector is filled, realizing its potential in society. This also applies to the sound engineer. Surprisingly, it is the sound engineer - cold, detached, immersed in himself - who is capable of the most accurate and complete understanding of the other, of the realization of the person who is most unlike him within himself. This kind of awareness is a relationship of the future, and the task of sound specialists is to bring us all to it.

Genuine joy, a surge of strength, vital energy overwhelm a person who until recently could lie on the couch for days, apathetic and lethargic. Dim reality begins to overflow with meanings. Instead of oppressive obsessive thoughts, far-reaching plans and the strength to implement them appear. Instead of a sense of futility, the soul is filled with quiet joy from the way the world works. This is how the state of the sound engineer changes - from depression he gets into a joyful, filled life, when his soul finds an inner answer to the questions gnawing for many years, “who am I?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “Why is this all?”, “What am I? am I doing here?"

The presence of meaning makes our life joyful and simply possible.

  • Instead of egocentrism, there is a sincere interest in one's neighbor and understanding him as oneself.
  • Instead of the burden of finitude and uniqueness, there is a feeling of infinity and an awareness of one's role in it.
  • Instead of a headache - concentration of the mind.
  • Instead of apathy and despondency - fullness and joy of life.

This is what the life of a person gifted with the highest intellect and realizing his potential can be like.

How to get out of depression on your own? Sign up for a free online training and start your journey today.

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