Behavioral Psychology - What Was Jung Silent About?

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Behavioral Psychology - What Was Jung Silent About?
Behavioral Psychology - What Was Jung Silent About?

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Behavioral psychology - what was Jung silent about?

Why is this person doing this and not otherwise? What is behind his words? What is he really thinking and what does he intend to do? What can you expect from him? Is he telling the truth? Can you trust him?.. The man is mysterious … WAS. RECENTLY. Everything has changed.

Human psychology … Does it give you an understanding of why people act this way and not otherwise? What is behind their words? What does each person really think about and what does he intend to do? What can you expect from him? Is he telling the truth? Can I trust him?..

The man is mysterious …


Everything has changed. A person can be seen right through, literally reading his thoughts. The psychology of human behavior from the first minutes of communication allows you to know all of his ins and outs up to sexuality: from how sexually active he is, to the amplitude of coital movements performed by him during intercourse.

Oh yes, you can know about a person even what he himself cannot imagine. And you don't need to be clairvoyant for this.

mogno znat o 4eloveke dage
mogno znat o 4eloveke dage

I'm not kidding. Not mystic. Not telepathy, not extrasensory perception, no. This is a reality that became possible thanks to the revolutionary discoveries of System-Vector Psychology - psychology about a person and for a person. This is the psychology of relationships between a man and a woman, the psychology of guys in relationships, child psychology and all other areas of human relationships.

Consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg of the mental person. A person's actions are a consequence, the causes of which are deep in the unconscious.

Human psychology is incomprehensible without understanding the unconscious, just as a consequence is inexplicable without understanding the cause. It is in the unconscious that all programs and innate desires, called vectors, are hidden. And it is the vectors that determine the essence of a person, his fate, way of thinking, sexuality, values ​​and place in society.

Recognizing this or that vector in a person, you will learn almost everything about it. A simple and understandable psychology of relationships, whether a man, a woman in front of you, a friend or boss, a child or an adult, will help both in a difficult situation and in solving simple and ordinary trifles.

Eight dimensional reality

There are 8 vectors, 8 measures that distinguish us from each other. The psychology of the behavior of each individual person is determined precisely by his mental properties - vectors. Internally, we are as different from each other as outwardly a fish differs from a monkey, and a monkey differs from a bird. The bird man cannot act like the fish man. The psychology of relations between a man and a woman previously did not allow us to understand this, which is why it was almost impossible to solve problems, avoid troubles.

Because what is characteristic of one person is not characteristic of another. It is useless to compare a person with someone, to demand from him what is unnatural for him. Previously, for girls, the psychology of guys in relationships was mysterious and incomprehensible, the idea of ​​it was built on their own experience, which often interfered with the success of new relationships and did not protect against past mistakes.

It is foolish to expect from a person actions that he cannot perform by nature. System-vector human psychology allows you to understand all this and learn how to properly interact with people, whether it be the development of relations between a man and a woman or raising children.

The roots of the unconscious

To better understand the nature of the unconscious, we dig deeper, in those distant times when tribes of people lived in the wild savannah. Each member of the tribe had its own specific role, each benefiting the flock. Otherwise it was impossible to survive.

kopnem glybge
kopnem glybge

Some went hunting, while others remained to protect women and children from predators. Someone was a leader, and someone did hard physical work. Someone guarded the flock at night, listening to the silence, and someone guarded it during the day, peering into the surrounding landscape. Someone sensed danger in their gut, and someone shouted to notify the flock of it.

Nature itself took care of the integrity of the pack, endowing each of its members with the necessary set of mental properties and physical characteristics.

All this is revealed by the psychology of relationships, in which a man and a woman take their clear positions, ideally inscribed in the laws of the universe.

Thousands of years have passed …

The modern savannah has become more complex, man has come a long way of development. But the archetypal unconscious programs still work.

The one who went hunting is now doing business (or stealing), and the one who stayed at home becomes a professional, attentive to details (or continues to sit on the couch, expecting to be brought his piece of mammoth, put to guard the cave).

The leaders became leaders and managers (or leaders of criminal gangs), physically strong guys build houses and plow the land (or work as "brothers" for thieves in law).

Someone enjoys the world through contemplation and creates art (or hysterically demands the world's attention to themselves). Someone writes books, creates music (or an atomic bomb).

Someone manages finances (or steals them on an especially large scale), and someone makes a living by public speaking (or is constantly lying).

It all depends on how much the parents allowed the child's mental properties to develop. But without the knowledge that system-vector psychology opens, no one can avoid mistakes.

vse zavisit ot togo
vse zavisit ot togo

The language of the unconscious: as vectors say

Vectors live in a person, are expressed in his words and key meanings, in his appearance, gestures and facial expressions, in his character and facial expression. “This is harmful, but this is useful”, “the main thing is time” - these phrases are typical for people with a skin vector. The psychology of guys in a relationship, if they have this type of mental, does not differ in reliability and stability, because skinners are always looking for changes. “The main thing is that everything should be like a human being,” a man with a muscle vector likes to say so.

A vector is a whole complex of mental and somatic characteristics that express themselves in the most vivid way. When we feel the vector in a person, determine his degree of development and fulfillment, then we know everything about a person, right down to his life scenario. This is a very accurate, unmistakable applied human psychology.

How do I study vectors?

In order to fully study human psychology, you don't need to study to be a psychologist for many years. To know yourself, to determine your talents and true desires, to understand your destiny and realize your destiny, you do not need to go to Tibet, meditate for years, contact fortune tellers and psychics.

There is no need to engage in esotericism and appeal to higher powers. There is no need to guess on the coffee grounds what awaits you with this or that person - it is 100% predictable. You do not need to educate your children blindly, this is fraught with dire consequences.

You can get acquainted with the secrets of the unconscious by registering for the free online training "System Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, and then the psychology of relationships between a guy and a girl, the psychology of relationships between men and women, parents and children and any other types of relationships will become simple and understandable for you …

poznakomitsys tainami bessoznatelnogo
poznakomitsys tainami bessoznatelnogo

Is it worth it? What is the benefit

The main result of the training is systemic thinking, which gives a deep understanding of oneself and the psychology of a person as a whole.

In addition, during training, people get many other important "side effects" for life:

  • the most severe depressions pass (many come to the training in an extremely serious condition, bordering on suicide);
  • fears and phobias go away;
  • understanding of their children comes, the relationship with them changes for the better. Many problems disappear, such as child theft, uncontrollability, constant lies, stubbornness, lethargy;

  • the ability to prevent a child's suicidal state, autism, schizophrenia;
  • the ability to protect a child from pedophilia. You will recognize the pedophile at a glance;
  • there is an understanding of how one can realize oneself in society, what profession to choose;
  • relations in marriage are improving - the psychology of men and women, the psychology of family relations make it possible to improve them;
  • the feeling of dissatisfaction with life disappears;
  • heavy grievances go away, relations with loved ones are improving.

Still in doubt? See for yourself - introductory lectures are coming soon. And the first basics of what the psychology of relations between a man and a woman gives you can start reading online right now.

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