A Female Soul In A Male Body? It Doesn't Work That Way, Nature Doesn't Make Mistakes

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A Female Soul In A Male Body? It Doesn't Work That Way, Nature Doesn't Make Mistakes
A Female Soul In A Male Body? It Doesn't Work That Way, Nature Doesn't Make Mistakes

Video: A Female Soul In A Male Body? It Doesn't Work That Way, Nature Doesn't Make Mistakes

Video: A Female Soul In A Male Body? It Doesn't Work That Way, Nature Doesn't Make Mistakes
Video: Women HATE Emotionally Available Men - Female Nature #7 2023, March

A female soul in a male body? It doesn't work that way, nature doesn't make mistakes

A slender young man, so reminiscent of a girl. His whole appearance attracts attention: wide-open flapping eyes, cutesy manners, provocative clothes, stylish hairstyle, and sometimes make-up … What kind of phenomenon is this skin-visual boy and on what does his so different fate depend? Why does he become a victim so often and how to get out of a negative scenario?

From victim to idol …

Always well-groomed, slim and flexible, collected and responsible, sensitive, kind and intelligent. Such is the developed skin-visual man - the newest phenomenon in human nature. True, he does not always manage to become so. Or rather, extremely rare.

Errors in upbringing, psychotrauma, the pressure of false attitudes of society prevent it from getting sufficient development and taking place at the full value of its natural potential.

At school, it is he who is most often subjected to humiliation and persecution, assigned to the role of a victim. And even in a more adult life, things do not always turn out rosy. Fears, phobias, panic attacks, dressing up in women's dresses up to the desire to change sex, homosexual relationships - this is a short list of his problems.

By its very appearance, it causes the dislike of brutal men, and sometimes even aggression. A slender young man, so reminiscent of a girl. His whole appearance attracts attention: wide-open, flapping eyes, cutesy manners, provocative clothes, stylish hairstyle, and sometimes make-up … Flirts, emotionally, speaks with a breath. And yes, he is much more comfortable among girls than among boys.

What kind of phenomenon is this skin-visual boy and on what does his so different fate depend? Why does he become a victim so often and how to get out of a negative scenario?


From the very beginning of human history, the main thing was to survive. So, get food, and not be eaten yourself. Hunger dictated tough conditions.

An ordinary man is primarily a breadwinner and breadwinner, he will fill up the beast and kill the enemy without flinching.

The presence of a visual vector in a male individual automatically made it impossible to get food for himself. Because a visual person cannot even crush an insect. Kind, sensitive, compassionate - "neither live nor die." The hardest tension between the desire to survive and the inability to do so. The body wants to live, but the psyche, topsy-turvy, cannot support this desire. Therefore, he would rather give himself up "to be devoured" than harm someone.

Female soul in male body picture
Female soul in male body picture

A man who is incapable of being a hunter is an extra mouth for the pack. And the skin-visual boy became a victim of ritual cannibalism at the dawn of mankind - he served the survival of the pack with his body … This is an important point that explains his fears.

With the development of culture, empathy, compassion, love have become a common value series, and human life has gained inviolability. The skin-visual boy began to survive, although he lived for a short time. In poor health, he often died of illness at an early age. So, while fellow tribesmen for centuries have worked out their specific roles, developed in their desires and ways of their realization, skin-visual men did not have this opportunity.

And only in the last centuries, with the development of medicine, they began to survive, and we began to see skin-visual boys in large quantities. A feature of these fragile, fearful, feminine men today is the lack of an established species role and, as a result, unwillingness to work. This means that there is no place in the male hierarchy - the right to "bite" and a woman.

Hence this general feeling that he is "not a man", his inability to fit into the team - he does not rank, he seems to have no place there. His role has just begun to work out. And all this becomes a cause-and-effect relationship of all those life scenarios that he lives today.

  • Victim. No place in the general hierarchy

These are dermal-visual boys who become victims in the children's collective. Children are, in fact, a primitive flock that goes through all stages of human development. Their cultural stratum is just being developed, and without the regulation of adults, they always unite for dislike. To the chosen victim. Because they simply cannot do otherwise. And such a victim becomes the one who somehow stands out from the children's collective. Most often it is a skin-visual boy. Shy and defenseless, not participating in the general ranking, as if having no place among other boys.

Persecution only aggravates his natural fears, reanimates his ancient unconscious fear of being eaten, inhibits the development of sensuality, the ability to compassion - the main guarantee of the possible success of his whole life.

  • "Nemzhik". A sensitive heart in a male body

And all why? This is a folder from a skin-visual boy (with an anal vector) that wants to raise a real man. And this becomes the most frequent cause of all subsequent tragedies of this unusual boy. The father senses that the child is not like that. Weak, kind, sensitive, unmanly. The father is ashamed of such a son, calls him a nurse, a weakling, a woman, demands to stop roaring, “not to let go of snot,” teaches him to defend himself, to be strong, and gives him to fight. That is, in every possible way he breaks his nature, which is radically different from his ideas about a "real man".

The father is afraid of embarrassment. Afraid of her own fears of her own sexuality. The more these fears, the more furiously he sculpts a peasant's son.

The visual vector carries a huge potential of sensuality, and this is its strength. Like no others, such children are capable of compassion and love. Potentially, they are conductors of culture and compassion into a world that burns out with hostility. Developing sensually, the visual child also develops his imaginative intellect, the second in power and potential after the sound one. In the modern world, there is a huge demand for all this. In art, culture, education, social sphere, medicine, service sector.

Skin-visual boy picture
Skin-visual boy picture

They don't shoot at the accordion player! It's about them. By developing their innate properties, they fit perfectly into society.

What makes us truly happy - success, strength? No, emotional connections with other people. If a skin-visual man learns to love, then he will always be able to build harmonious relationships, which means he will be happy. Like any loving person, he glows. And people, often burdened with difficult experiences, are drawn to the warmth of the heart, to bright emotions. Moreover, a skin-visual man, who does not have an animal nature familiar to humans, evokes special confidence in himself, disposes. There is no danger from him. They will want to communicate with him, hire him, deal with him. The development of feelings is the main and only thing that can help him to take place in life and be accepted by other people. Love frees from fear.

Boys with a visual vector do not have fists. Don't even try to "grow" them. Destroy the child. And he won't learn to fight, and he won't love either. Thus, it will forever remain in fear. And he will look for the lost sense of security and safety in the ways available to him.

  • Nature's mistake? Reasons for wanting to change sex

The fear of death is the first and most powerful emotion in the visual vector; it is the root of all other emotions. Everything begins with her, including the development of each visual child. That is why he is afraid of the dark - his eyes are unarmed in front of the darkness and can miss danger.

Fear is his starting point. In the future, this emotion turns into the ability to empathize, love. If the visual child develops correctly, then the fears go away and love comes in their place.

And there are no alternatives. Or fear that drives you crazy, locks houses, makes you afraid of your own shadow. Or love, which stretches the threads of warm ties between people and colors life with colors. In the interval, there are only different ratios of love and fear, which determine those life scenarios that the skin-visual boy lives.

At the root of the boy's fear is the fear of being eaten by a cannibal. And when he does not develop sensually, when he is forbidden to feel, when tears from deep experiences are considered a manifestation of weakness, he gets stuck in fears. And intuitively begins to mimic a girl. And finds that his fear is gone. It makes my soul feel better. Why?

Because, unlike skin-visual boys, the skin-visual girls were not touched by the cannibals. These girls had their own specific role, which ensured their survival and aliment. Therefore, putting on his mother's panties and touching up his lips, the skin-visual boy feels that life is getting better! And naturally, the thought comes to him that God was mistaken in placing his female soul in a male body.

Reasons for wanting to change sex picture
Reasons for wanting to change sex picture

The desire for gender reassignment comes with increasing fears. At some point, it is no longer possible to hide in women's panties, and the thought appears to change the gender, in fact, to become a girl in whose guise it is so comfortable. Yes, only skin-visual men dress up in lingerie and dream of a sex change. And this is not a mistake of nature, but a consequence of a deep fear for one's life.

The problem is that sex change doesn't change anything. The psyche of a skin-visual boy is one hundred percent male, he is a man, and he remains. the huge emotional amplitude of the visual vector is still not filled with love. This means that fears continue to torment him in the girl's body. Not to mention the tragic fate of such people.

  • Homosexual and gigolo. Sexuality as a means of survival

This skin-visual man can become a homosexual couple. And not because he himself is homosexual, no, but because his sexuality, like the sexuality of a skin-visual woman, is a means of preserving himself. Not for procreation, like everyone else, but for their own survival. Although the reproductive function of such people is all right.

Lacking a specific role, and therefore an animal right to "bite" and a woman, a skin-visual man has no animal shame. His sexuality, unlike other men, is not restricted by taboo. On the other hand, not having a specific role and not having received proper development, not wanting to work, he is not very adapted to life and cannot provide himself with a sense of security and safety, as any man does, realizing himself for the good of society, building a common system safety, but simply speaking - working. Therefore, driven by fears, the skin-visual man seeks a sense of security and safety in the ways available to him and readily enter into an intimate relationship with someone who offers him protection and protection.

It is these men who become gigolos and gigolos. It is they who unconsciously create a request for protection and attract homosexual men to themselves - the owners of the anal vector in a state of frustration or with delays in psychosexual development.

And all this becomes the fate of the skin-visual man for one main reason - their undeveloped sensuality. And as a consequence, psychosexual development stops with fixation on fears. Panic attacks, social phobia, any other fears and phobias, the use of one's sexuality for survival - all this becomes a natural consequence of the failed development of sensuality.

If in childhood a skin-visual boy was physically punished, beaten, then he also acquires masochistic inclinations. With undeveloped sensuality and being stuck in fears, a victim scenario is obtained. In this case, his nature is formed in such a way that he unconsciously looks for dangerous situations where he can experience the only strong emotions available to him - fear and pain, fear and humiliation. The pleasure principle is the opposite. Unhappy life.

Homosexual and Alphonse picture
Homosexual and Alphonse picture

With normal development, a skin-visual man is able to love a woman. And even if he does not have an established specific role, he has talents. When he implements them, he does not need a patron.

Another fate

Evgeni Plushenko, Dima Bilan, Justin Bieber, Gregory Lemarshal and other famous actors, singers, figure skaters are also skin-visual men, but they have only received an excellent development of their innate properties.

The developed skin vector gives them tactile talent, incredible plasticity, mobility, flexibility of mind and body. The talent for reincarnation and imitation. Competitiveness, striving for victory. Savvy and logical thinking. Incredible adaptability and switchability. Ability for self-restraint and discipline. Purposefulness and responsibility.

The developed visual vector is a talent for creating beauty, hyperemotion, shaped into feelings for other people. The talent of feeling, emotional inclusion in another person, living his feelings as his own.

Why does a man need it? To bring beauty to the world, to give birth to love and empathy in others, to set a new level of feeling for men, reducing the level of hatred and enmity, from which society literally shakes.

How do we feel after watching a soulful movie? Or a theater production that shook you to the core? This gives rise to responsive feelings in us, and inner trepidation displaces irritation, empathy comes to the place of hatred. The wonderful play of real actors, the sensual song of the skin-visual man is a kind of psychotherapy. But that is not all.

Now the skin-visual man is following the path of development of the skin-visual woman, one might say, his vector sister, who has been developing this specific role for millennia. By the way, he looks like her, and not like any other woman. But this is not his limit.

If the skin-visual woman created a culture based on the value of human life, then the role of the skin-visual man is the creation of the next stage of culture - compassion for the mental states of a person.

Deprived of the animal nature that all other men have, the dermal-visual man is much more human than all of us. He does not have animal taboos and shame that regulate our behavior, cutting off socially unacceptable manifestations, but thanks to the development of the visual vector, he is able, like no one else, to distinguish between good and evil and can develop such a high moral level that will protect him from bad deeds more. than us animal shame, which today is losing its power as a limiter of unacceptable behavior.

There is a big difference - to restrain hostility under the influence of a natural taboo (secretly wanting to break it) or in fact not to have this seething hostility towards other people in your soul. Experience sincere empathy and empathy for everyone. A developed skin-visual man is pure love - just as an undeveloped man is sheer fear. It is the dermal-visual man who carries the potential for the development of culture - its new and final round - the humanism of the male type, which preserves not the body, but the soul.

Metrosexuals are skin-visual men picture
Metrosexuals are skin-visual men picture

So far, the skin-visual man does not correspond to this level in content, but in form he already sets the tone for the entire male world, makes him look like him - well-groomed, fit, tasty smelling, fashionable. The so-called metrosexuals are skin-visual men. And they are becoming a mass phenomenon on the streets of New York and even Moscow.

The world is rapidly becoming metrosexual. And a woman today wants to live with a man who can feel, love. And this also increases the demand from other men. Illiterate psychologists call this the feminization of society. And this is a new man. Man is a man, not a man is a beast. Having become what he should become, the skin-visual man will fulfill the role of the last springboard to the sound opening of the psyche, the perception of a person by a person through inclusion.

The future of culture. Potential to be?

Today we are burnt out from the inner tension of dissatisfaction. The desire to receive has grown, evolved and brought us under its control. We want to receive more than ever before, but we often cannot realize this or we do it at the expense of others, and therefore it is not possible to feel the cherished happiness. And this inner tension is bursting out with irritation and hatred, which can no longer be contained. The previously developed limiters of hostility - taboo, law, culture - do not cope with this task. And a new level of cultural development, which only a highly developed skin-visual man can set, is needed today, now. For our shared survival.

In the meantime, we poison the skin-visual boy, we suppress his nature, trying to grow out of him what he is not, we do not let him develop and take place. And we are slowing down the onset of the next stage of our general development, creating time pressure.

The accumulating collective frustrations, lacking an effective cultural limiter, create the preconditions for war. Despite the fact that each individual will confidently say that he does not want war, nevertheless, in any conflict, you can see how easily we scream, checkmate and use our hands … How willingly we would take from another what we want to have themselves, notwithstanding any damage caused to others.

We need the last round of culture as a transitional link before the disclosure of human nature by sound specialists. The creation of special sound connections through understanding the other as oneself, the feeling of his desires as one's own will finally change our perception of reality and allow, finally, to get rid of hostility towards each other, to feel unity and maintain integrity.

In the meantime … At least you need to help the skin-visual boys to take place. You can read more about how to develop them correctly in the article. You can find out comprehensive information about this phenomenon and all the nuances that are briefly mentioned in the article at the training System-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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