Wild Savannah Laws In The Metropolis - Logical Thinking Of Wall Street Hunters

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Wild Savannah Laws In The Metropolis - Logical Thinking Of Wall Street Hunters
Wild Savannah Laws In The Metropolis - Logical Thinking Of Wall Street Hunters
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Wild Savannah Laws in the Metropolis - Logical Thinking of Wall Street Hunters

Have you ever wondered why lawyers in their speech more often use the expressions "it would be logical to conclude", "it follows from this that" or "an obvious conclusion suggests itself", and teachers prefer statements in the style of "it is necessary to note", "let's take a closer look", "Correct decision" or "worthy answer"? Features of the profession? Not! Way of thinking.

Logic, common sense, rational conclusions, cause-and-effect relationships - these are the abilities of the elite, or do they all have?


Is it possible to develop logical thinking through exercises or training?

What does the expression "everyone has their own logic" means?

Have you ever wondered why lawyers in their speech more often use the expressions "it would be logical to conclude", "it follows from this that" or "an obvious conclusion suggests itself", and teachers prefer statements in the style of "it is necessary to note", "let's take a closer look", "Correct decision" or "worthy answer"?

Features of the profession? Not! Way of thinking.

The first are people with a skin vector, the only owners of logical thinking who have a rational view of any thing, assessing a situation, object or person only from the point of view of "benefit-benefit", people of "today" and lovers of saving time, money and other resources …

The second are representatives of the anal vector, who think in terms of justice, experience, and authority, dividing everything equally and evaluating people according to their reputation, merits and the opinions of others. Their gaze is always directed to the past, because for them all the best remained there.

The modern world has entered the skin phase of development - the era of consumption, the race for time, the struggle for success. Right now, people with a skin vector feel on a horse: more and more social relations acquire a legal character, are formalized legally and are protected by law.

Jurisprudence is the prerogative of the skin vector - along with engineering technologies, business, military service and sports.

All social formations acquire skin qualities to one degree or another - economical, rational use of any resources, the desire to be the first in everything, bypass competitors, to win, the ability to make money quickly and a lot, the value of any enterprise is estimated by its liquidity and profitability.

The concept of a successful person is now also formed mainly from the qualities of the skin vector. This is, first of all, a self-sufficient business person who highly values ​​his mind, time, money and, of course, health. He prefers healthy food, often adheres to a diet, always finds time for training in his busy schedule, his appearance is impeccable: clothes, shoes, accessories - all of only the most expensive brands, because this is evidence of his status.


There are only the most beautiful women next to him - and this is far from necessarily his wife, although he most likely has a family, and marriage ties for him are also legal in nature.

He never does anything just like that, any of his actions is rational to the limit, any effort should bring its own benefit, benefit, his social circle is made up of extremely necessary people.

A good organizer and leader, he is able to discipline both himself and others. He loves to travel - he easily perceives a change of scenery, city or even country of residence and also easily adapts to a new place.

He is flexible, agile, lean and fast. The main categories of his logical thinking are cause-and-effect relationships, limitation and rationalization, economy and benefit-benefit. Surely his profession is a lawyer or a design engineer, a businessman or an officer, an athlete or a dancer.

The described image is typical for a person with developed and realized properties of the skin vector, however, this is not always the case.

How do the innate qualities of the skin vector develop and why will an athlete never become a lawyer?

How did the world's first law come about and what happened after that?

Who hates successful people the most, and why?

The rules of life or life by the rules

What areas of our life have a clear set of rules that must be followed?

Jurisprudence - everything according to the code and no options, engineering - the most accurate schemes and calculations, otherwise nothing will work, business - everything is stipulated in detail by the terms of the contract, which, by the way, also has a legal nature, military service - charter and order, sport - the rules of the game and requirements for athletes. No initiative or liberty in observing the rules in these areas is simply unacceptable, and if such arise, they are severely punished.


Of course, in other areas there are also certain rules, but these are rather recommendations and their observance is desirable, but not categorically necessary, here they are the basis, the main essence and a prerequisite.

It is very difficult for people born and raised in Russia to understand and even more so to accept such a system of values. Our special urethral mentality does not accept any restrictions, laws or regulations. The endless steppe, freemen, the breadth of the Russian soul do not fit into the clear legal structure of the mentality of the skin of the West.

However, both in Russia and in any other country, there are people with a skin vector, whose logical thinking tells them that this is the only and most correct form of the existence of human society in the modern world. For them it is. This is their value system, and they are its founders and guardians of the law to this day.

Cave legislator

The very first law was adopted by humanity long before the appearance of writing and even oral speech, it appeared in a primitive society, which, in fact, did not differ in any way from an animal flock, but it was he who became that first step on the way to Man.

Existence in a primitive flock provided the satisfaction of primitive desires - to eat, drink, breathe, sleep. There was no need to worry about maintaining the temperature of one's own body in the primitive savanna.

The separation from animal nature and the first step on the path to Man occurred when, in addition to basic basic desires aimed at preserving the integrity of the body, a person first developed an additional desire - to kill more prey than is necessary to satisfy hunger at the moment. This desire appeared in the skin vector and was immediately limited. You can't eat more than your stomach can hold. So the first food reserves began to appear - the first wealth and property of the skin vector.

There was a limitation of the primary urge for sex and murder inside the cave. In a cave, in your flock - you can't, but outside, in the savannah, outside your flock - you can. This is how the skin measure, the very first of the eight components of the cubic matrix of the human psychic, showed itself, creating the very first and oldest Law - the prohibition of incest and murder within the pack.

By limiting animal urges, we immediately felt our neighbor, and this feeling was an acute hostility - a feeling not familiar to animals.

Today, feeling dislike for each other, we find skillful rationalizations of our ancient feeling: I looked wrong, said the wrong thing, acted wrong - the flight of fantasy is not limited, but in fact, this is a common dislike - a feeling that is more than 50 thousand years old! This is a big step backward, a stop in development or the lack of realization of innate properties, evidence of the presence of shortages that yearn for satisfaction in any way, even primitive.

A fully developed and realized person does not feel hostility, he has more effective tools to fulfill his needs.


We develop logical thinking

It is possible to develop logical thinking only in the person to whom it was given from birth, that is, in a person with a skin vector.

Any properties of the vector develop only until the end of puberty, that is, up to 12-15 years. After that, the time comes for the realization of the acquired qualities at the level to which they managed to develop.

A little skinny from birth must be accustomed to a regime and discipline: by learning to discipline himself, in the future he will be able to discipline others, become an excellent leader and organizer.

A representative of the skin vector at any age does not do anything just like that, he acts solely for reasons of benefit and benefit, therefore the best motivation for a skin person is the promised reward for success, real, tangible, but better not monetary. For example, a phone for an excellent end of the school year or a vacation trip for winning the Olympics. Only if you have already agreed, then keep your word, otherwise he will decide that you can deceive him too.

The innate qualities of a person with a skin vector are ambition and passion, he always strives to be the first, to win, and in combination with an ideal metabolism, quick response and flexible body, he can become a professional athlete.

Primitive Skins are born hunters and commanders in war. Production and victory are ways to increase your own wealth and confirm your status. Property and social superiority are the main values ​​of the skin vector.

Trade, business and sports are modern types of activity, where the goal is to defeat the enemy-competitor, that is, all this is a kind of projection of war.

A higher level of development of the skin vector is the creation of restrictions and savings, that is, lawmaking and engineering.

In an undeveloped state, these skin properties are also present, but in the form of inadequate prohibitions, grubbing, collecting and storing unnecessary trash, and in a developed state, these are successful lawyers and design engineers who create and defend the law or invent technologies that allow you to save energy, time or human resources.

To what level the skin vector will have time to develop before the end of puberty, on this level it will receive its realization throughout subsequent life.

The legal nature of the modern way of life, which is complementary to the skin phase of human development, gives good prospects for the maximum development and implementation of all the properties of the skin vector, the main thing is the adequate education of growing skin people.


Exactly the same representatives of the dermal vector, only remaining in an undeveloped state or not receiving the full realization of their properties, experience the most negative feelings towards developed and realized dermatologists. It can be jealousy, anger, irritability, or just dislike. In any case, these are very destructive feelings that prevent you from realizing your own needs, but concentrate on the negative.

As for envy, a purely skin sensation, it can be both constructive, that is, become a reason for one's own growth, efforts to increase personal value and achieve better results, an incentive to move forward, and destructive, aimed at harming the enemy. a competitor in order to defeat him, and not improve himself, which also indicates a low development of skin properties.

Surprisingly, it is precisely the representatives of the skin vector as the owners of logical thinking - the original legislators and the first guardians of the law - who become thieves, filling their undeveloped desire for property superiority in a primitive way.

As in any other vector, there are no good or bad properties, there is only the level of their development and adaptation to the modern requirements of society.

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