Control Laws. Urethral Chief And Four Upper Vectors

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Control Laws. Urethral Chief And Four Upper Vectors
Control Laws. Urethral Chief And Four Upper Vectors

Video: Control Laws. Urethral Chief And Four Upper Vectors

Video: Control Laws. Urethral Chief And Four Upper Vectors
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Control laws. Urethral chief and four upper vectors

What is the basis of social management? What forces are acting on us, forcing some people to stand at the head of society, and others to be executive members?

What is the basis of social management? What forces are acting on us, forcing some people to stand at the head of society, and others to be executive members? The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan tells about the exciting process of interaction between people in a group. Let's start by looking at the management model that was characteristic of the archetypal pack.

In the ancient human flock, there was a clear distribution of species (social) roles, the ability to carry out which was determined by innate mental properties. Not every person could become the leader of the pack or his adviser.

The core of the pack is a natural leader - a man with an urethral vector. But without the four upper vectors defining the direction of movement, his guidance is incomplete. Olfactory, sound, visual and oral vectors work with him in a team. Historical facts, fairy tales, epics from different countries of the world reflect the presence of all five characters related to the throne - the king, queen, shaman, sage and jester.

The best option is if they are at the helm of power in full force: to the left of the leader is an olfactory advisor, to the right is a sound sage (ideologist), next to the queen and the muse of the leader is a skin-visual woman and at the foot of the throne is an oral jester. Each one fulfills a strictly assigned role to the throne. There is always a certain relationship between them.

Development in the system is possible only if there is tension in it. A sluggish, sluggish system doesn't work. In the natural system "urethral leader - the four upper vectors", tension arises between the opposite (opposite) quartels: information (sound and sight) and energy (smell and orality).

The tension between sight and smell

Interaction between people occurs through pheromones - special smells that are not perceived by consciousness. Through these smells we recognize each other. Most of all pheromones are emitted by emotional people. They are the most visible. And the olfactory person does not smell, because he strives for melancholy - a complete absence of emotions in order to be invisible in the landscape. Therefore, in our sensations, it does not seem to exist, and its appearance is always sudden, as if out of thin air, and this causes fear in representatives of other vectors. They are afraid of him, and he uses this fear to control, so that each member of the pack is ranked: to take his place and work for the good of the pack.


Most of all, the skin-visual female is afraid of the olfactory. Next to him, she has a strong emotion of fear of death. The olfactory "does not take his nose off her" - first of all, because near the leader there should be a skin-visual woman developed in her properties with a great potential of love and mercy, because a lot depends on her condition in the pack. When in a state of love, she will contribute to the survival of the flock by reducing the natural animosity between its members by introducing culture. And this always plays into the hands of the olfactory person, whose main desire is to survive at all costs. The developed olfactory person realizes that he can survive only together with the flock.

He does everything so that an undeveloped, victimized (in a state of "victim", unconsciously seeking suffering) skin-visual female does not fall into the place of the leader's muse, which can cause the death of the leader himself and the entire flock with him. The appearance of a victimized female in the flock aggravates hostility and shakes a group of people from the inside. As an example of such a negative influence in our time, we can cite cases when the appearance of a victimized girl at a wedding necessarily ends in a fight.

However, a developed visual-skin female is no longer afraid of the olfactory advisor, because her fear has been brought out, transformed into a feeling of love. When she is in earthly love, in an attempt to create an absolute emotional connection, sacrifice, in an attempt to dissolve in another, in the masculine, she is not controlled by fear.

An intrigue arises between the sense of smell and sight. A healthy, well-developed visual-dermal queen should experience tension in her relationship with the olfactory advisor, not be ruled by him. This opposition is easiest to trace in history, in palace intrigues. We read about this in novels about the life of the French and Russian court. An example is the relationship between Cardinal Richelieu and Queen Anne of Austria at the court of King Louis XIV of France.

So, one of the main factors of development in the complex control system of the ancient flock is the tension between the visual and olfactory measures.

The tension between sound and smell

The sound engineer is looking for the meaning of life, forms ideas for development. He never participates in intrigues for influencing the leader. He is not at all concerned about his own body and material well-being. For him, his internal states are primary, both with good development, and in the absence of such, while for the sense of smell, the survival of the body comes first. Therefore, tension also arises between them, as between representatives of politics (the product of the olfactory measure) and ideology (the product of the sound measure).


For the sound engineer, the external world is illusory, it is connected with it only by the body, but the body is secondary. At the same time, a healthy sound person is quite adequate in his interaction with others. If he is unwell (not full, has unsatisfied sound desires), then outside for him nothing exists at all, including the olfactory. He is not afraid of the leader's advisor, he is uncontrollable. In addition, the lack of value in life and sick hatred of people can make it dangerous not only for the olfactory person, but for the entire flock. Therefore, the advisor tries to get rid of the sound engineer who is in voids and shortages in any way (for example, he will slip drugs or hide in an insane asylum).

However, at the top of the hierarchical ladder, a sound engineer can only be healthy, otherwise the system does not develop, but collapses. This also applies to the rest of the upper vectors. If at the state level there is an undeveloped olfactory at the top of power, then this state is doomed. It is good that the sense of smell is the healthiest part of the matrix: it has no neuroses and frustrations. Look at the olfactory finance ministers of developed countries: they are all from the same mother, so similar - smart, lean and business-like, skin-olfactory gray cardinals of the financial world.

The union of sight and sound

There is mutual attraction within the quarters. The skin-visual female reaches out to her elder brother in the quartet - the sound ideologist. Sometimes he is a sage, sometimes a madman; spectators are selected to match him. This couple is always together: the leader of the sect and the sectarian, the poet and the esthetes. The outer and inner quarters. They understand each other if they are at the same level of development. She is under the absolute influence of the sound engineer. And her condition has a tremendous impact on the condition of the urethral leader.

Healthy sound and healthy vision create a healthy future. Sick sound and sick sight create a sick future. It is difficult to induce a mentally healthy skin-visual woman, because she has the highest intelligence. She is not superstitious and ironic in relation to fortune-tellers and soothsayers. Even a sick sound cannot affect it.

The union of smell and orality

The counterbalance to the quartel of information (sound and sight) is the quartel of energy (sense of smell and orality). A healthy oral measure is complementary (close) to the sense of smell and helps maintain the integrity of the system. Oral thinks by speaking. As he speaks words, thoughts arise. Everyone understands him, but he simultaneously understands himself. The olfactory speaks with the mouth of the oralist, because the latter cannot express in words what he feels intuitively. It was not for nothing that at every throne there was a jester who was allowed to say everything. It seems to be a jester, a fool, but how does the tsar know about what his subjects live?


Tension between vision and orality

The oralist also holds the dermal-visual female at gunpoint - "does not take his mouth off her." With the mouth of the oralist, the lack of an olfactory person is spoken, which is primarily concerned about the condition of the skin-visual female. If he feels her emptiness (false emotions, victimization, being in a state of “war” in peacetime - when she seduces all men indiscriminately, which poses a danger to the survival of the pack), then the oralist is given a signal for her slander.

This is the same act of sacrifice, only at the cultural stage of human development. The trials of witches in the Middle Ages, as a result of which dermal-visual females were burned at the stake, took place as a result of an oral slander. So the visual-skin female is under double control.

On the other hand, the skin-visual female, which through the leader introduces a restriction on cannibalism in the flock and becomes the founder of culture, limits the oral vector, which only increases the tension between them.

System evolution

The described interactions and tensions are characteristic of the archetypal human flock, but they help to understand the reasons, at first glance, of the strange actions of the representatives of the described vectors in a state of stress, as well as to see the prospects for the development of society.

In modern conditions, the system of interaction between the urethral vector and the four upper vectors has become so complicated that the need for those actions that were productive and necessary in the archetype has disappeared. In modern society, an oral slip of the skin-visual female is not needed, because even if she is victimized, such a threat to society no longer comes from her (one person does not decide anything). But the oralist, following the archetypal program, continues to slander, and we get pure slander.

The top four vectors define the direction of movement. At present, the information quarter is undergoing powerful development. But if the female visual measure has practically completed its development, then the male one is just beginning this path, because only very recently, thanks to the development of medicine, skin-visual boys, weak in health, began to survive. And we have another round of culture ahead of us, but this time according to the male type, for which the priority will not be the struggle for physical survival, but the striving for good inner states. This will lead to a change in values in society, draw attention to the psychological problems of a person.

The sound measure is also in the process of its development. Having completed attempts to cognize the world through music, science, philosophy, we came to the need for cognition of the psychic. So far, the ways of revealing the psychic are not obvious to most sound specialists, therefore, bad states of the sound vector are clearly manifested in society and in an effort to drown them out - recourse to drugs, suicide, terrorism.


The desire to cognize one's “I”, the laws of the universe in the sound vector has grown, but its filling does not occur, therefore, the tension between sound and smell is still relevant. For the olfactor now, the sound person, more than ever, poses a threat to the survival of society, which means for him personally. Against the background of this tension, the delay in the development of the sound measure, today's events in society are taking place.

The position of the urethral leader has changed. If in a small flock he completely covered everyone with a scent, creating the natural nucleus of the flock, now, with the increase in the number of peoples and general globalization, such management becomes ineffective. It can take place in small states or large corporations, but for a large group of people, such a management mechanism loses its meaning.

The same can be said for the olfactory scent, which contributed to the ranking of pack members through its mere presence. With the help of his phenomenal scent, diseased parts were cut off. Now, due to the same processes of globalization, this is impossible; money and financial systems were created to manage the ranking process by the olfactory measure. Smells are starting to play a lesser role in our interaction. We become more and more HUMANS, leaving the animal level. We have come close to the need to cognize oneself, the unconscious laws by which every person and every group lives, - the only opportunity to grow into new, more perfect forms of managing human society.

These are just sketches to the topic of the laws of social management, which are revealed more fully at the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan and make it possible to understand all the patterns of interaction between people in a group, the principles of building a natural hierarchy and their evolution in time. Understanding natural laws gives a clear picture of the world, in which each person takes his own place assigned to him by nature and fully realizes his natural potential.

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