Angelina Jolie. Bright Life In All States Of The Visual Vector

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Angelina Jolie. Bright Life In All States Of The Visual Vector
Angelina Jolie. Bright Life In All States Of The Visual Vector

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Angelina Jolie. Bright life in all states of the visual vector

“I didn’t die young, and this is a great success. There were many reasons why I shouldn't be here now. I love risky ventures too much - walking on the edge, tempt fate - and often go too far"

There is an opinion that people do not change. But there are exceptions, and a person goes from one extreme state to another. The bright life of a Hollywood celebrity and the sexiest woman in the world, Angelina Jolie, turned out to be this very leap: from a funeral lover to a defender of the lives of the abandoned and disadvantaged.

Angelina Jolie: "There is something soothing in death"

At the age of one, little Angie's parents divorced - her mother could not stand the betrayal of her husband Jon Voight and, taking things and two children, moved. Anal-skin-visual mom Angelina experienced a breakup with difficulty. She had to give up her successful career as an artist and director and devote herself entirely to children.

Angie was a difficult child. The little urethral was initially not obedient, and as a teenager became completely uncontrollable. But my mother naturally turned out to be just the person who managed to become a regent for the child: “She never shouted, did not swear - she simply did not know how to do it. But I well remember that when I heard her crying in her bedroom at night, it really moved me. If I left somewhere and did not return until morning, I always noticed my mother's tear-stained eyes. And I always remembered how much she loved me …"

From the starry heights of artistic life, the mother was left with only the opportunity to go with the children to the cinema on weekends. Angie took over her affection for cinema from her mother. As well as her pain, for which she always blamed her father.

“I didn’t die young, and this is a great success.

There were many reasons why I shouldn't be here now.

I love risky ventures too much - walking on the edge, tempt fate - and often go too far"


The anxious states of the mother could not but leave an imprint on the state of the visual vector of Angelina. In a series of events and experiences, she also went to the cemetery for her grandfather's funeral. For a nine-year-old child with a visual vector, this proved to be an overwhelming test.

The state of fear in the visual vector resulted in a constant appeal to the topic of death: Angie wore black leather clothes, walked through cemeteries, read books on embalming, and drew crosses and coffins in notebooks. For a time, the purpose of her life was the funeral home, not Hollywood.

Father, deciding to make a contribution to Angie's upbringing, took her to his mansion and assigned her to acting classes. At 11, Angelina studied on an equal basis with adults, but this did not save her from the feeling of fear in the visual vector.

Angelina Jolie: "Tattoos, blood and scars are what I'm made of"

For more than six months, Angelina's teachers could not stand it: they were kicked out of school and sent to a psychiatrist, to which she answered them with obscene words. In a disciplined and puritanical Western society, her behavior caused a wave of gossip, condemnation. They tried to suppress her in an anal way and call her to order in a skin way, from which the girl escaped by urethral shoots to dash into her flock, which was naturally attracted to her. On the street, she was surrounded by punks. Soon she tried all kinds of drugs …


The future actress had a collection of knives that she used to scar herself. Angelina cut herself with enviable regularity, which, in her words, gave her "the feeling of being a living being." Masochism is one of the possible manifestations of the cutaneous vector. In this case, it was not as a stable scenario, but as the simplest filling of the desires of the skin in the absence of any realization. Here the state of fear in the visual vector (attracting attention through the application of cuts) and the peculiarities of the urethral vector, which by its nature is absolutely opposite to skin properties and desires, played a role.

When a person realizes his potential (all the more so our dominant vectors, including the urethral, ​​require this), then there is no tension between the multidirectional properties of different vectors. When there is no stable, satisfying human realization (as was the case with Jolie), then conflicts between vectors appear. Thus, an unfilled urethral vector does not allow the skin to adequately manifest itself, does not allow it to develop in discipline and rational limitation - it remains to "get" pleasure with "improvised" means, for example, through the initiation of the skin with the help of pain.

At the age of 14, Angie brought home her first young man from a punk environment, with whom she lived for 2 years at her mother's house ("It was the smartest thing my mother could do, because this way we did not hang out in the park together") … Their rupture was due to a huge cut in Angie's carotid artery, after which it was barely pumped out. The frightened young man left, leaving her with a scar on her stomach as a result of their love affairs with knives.

The irrepressible libido of the urethral-skin-visual Angelina provoked her sexual intercourse with her mother's lover, which cooled her relationship with her family for many years. And the future Oscar-winning actress plunged headlong into film work.

Angelina Jolie: "The thought that tomorrow you may not be, allows you to appreciate life today - whatever it may be"

Jon Voight arranged for her where connections allowed and fussed about her first roles. Angelina received her first awards for the roles of rebel and "fatal" women. In fact, she played herself - a “bad (urethral) girl” who did not know the visual cultural framework and the limitations of the skin law.

The similarity with the main character of the biopic "Gia" caused a long bickering of 24-year-old Angelina with the directors. Feeling the similarity of the life scenario, the actress did not want to play a drug addict who died of AIDS and a top model. Visually afraid of such a denouement, she barely "lived" herself in the role of 26-year-old Gia Carangi. This role brought worldwide popularity to the usual television film, and Angie herself - the Golden Globe.

Jolie received Oscars, Golden Globes and other awards exclusively for her urethral roles. The rest were often nominated for the Golden Raspberry: the visual vector in a state of fear did not contribute to a sensual embodiment in a role on the set. Jolie herself often did not like herself in her roles, realizing that in them she was hiding from herself. At the age of 18, after the movie "Cyborg-2" she ordered a hitman for herself - she did not like the result so much.

The versatile actress Jolie, as befits a urethral woman, had scandalous fame: the endless shocking of the audience with frank kisses with her brother on the red carpet or stories about her sexual experiments with her husband, new tattoos, connections with fans aroused burning media interest.


Few of the male partners on the set could resist the seductive pheromones of the skin-visual woman and urethral libido in one bottle. If there was a kiss on the set, the man would certainly add to the list of Angie's working novels: “When her lips touch yours, you forget your name. Angelina Jolie was born to drive men crazy, to make them weak. "(Ethan Hawke)

With her second husband Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina agreed on the equality of the properties of the visual vector - they were both in fear and shocked the audience as best they could. If at the wedding with her first husband, Jolie was dressed in a T-shirt with the name of the groom written in her own blood, then with the second they already exchanged vessels with each other's blood and wore them as jewelry on their chest.

On holidays, Angie and Billy exchanged tombstones, baths of blood, performed magical rituals of black magic and wore each other's underwear. This marriage with a "view of the cemetery" would have horrified TV viewers further, if not for the case in Cambodia.

Angelina Jolie: "I realized quite late that being happy is just a choice you make."

In 2000, in Cambodia, Angelina decided to use the shooting in the film "Lara Croft - Tomb Raider" to reconcile with her father. Calling him to take part in the film, where she played the main role, Jolie eventually quarreled with him even more. After an argument, she decided to visit a local orphanage. And there something happened that changed the whole course of her life.

Seeing closely those who were in a much worse position than herself, Angie felt a keen sympathy. Abandoned unfortunate children, monstrous poverty and hunger struck the young actress, raising in her an urethral desire to give back to those who need it, and visual sympathy for those who are suffering.

Fear for herself left her. Anxiety for disadvantaged children taught her to perceive the world around her differently, expanding her visual perception and teaching her to feel the pain of other people. Now Jolie began not only to consume and demand attention and emotions to herself, but also to give them to others. This radically changed her condition and ability to build relationships with people. Fear, brought out, turns into compassion and love, which completely changes the life of a visual person, - this is how Yuri Burlan explains at the training "System-vector psychology".

Today, Angelina donates a third of her earnings to charity, being a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Old friends began to leave the "new" Angelina, who devotes all her time to helping those in need. The offended father publicly declared her mental imbalance when she wanted to adopt a boy from Cambodia. Purity of blood, one's own family, clan - all these are the values ​​of the anal vector. Adopting a child of another race was equal to trampling on this purity - the father could not bear it. In turn, Jolie refused his last name and did not communicate with him for 6 years. Billy's husband is completely divorced.

Angelina was now aiming in a completely different direction. The only person who supported her was her mother. But, unfortunately, after 7 years of struggle with cancer, in 2007 she died, wanting her daughter only one thing - to marry her new lover, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie: "I am still a" bad girl "- was and will be. This is part of me. It's just that now I have Brad and … our adventures. "

One of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood, the dermal Brad Pitt wanted children for a very long time. The attractive actor had high fees and a wonderful friend - skin-visual Jennifer Aniston. She, who had been building her career as an actress for so long, had no desire for a family with a whole gang of children. Having met on the set of the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", Jolie and Pitt found each other, joining in a natural pair of urethral woman and skin-visual man.

Feeling the natural dominance of women in this union, the journalists called it "Brangelina". But it is a mistake to believe that the urethral woman plays a male role in marriage (even if sometimes Angelina gives her spouse diamond necklaces). Brad proved to be a serious support for Angie. His sincere admiration and love helped her survive the loss of her mother, gave her the opportunity to take a step towards her father, and supported her in a new creative work - directing. And most importantly, Brad's visual vector is also compassionate and outward - he and Angelina are involved in charity work.

"After I got involved in charity work, my role as a movie star seemed unbearably stupid to me."


Today Angelina receives an Oscar for her contribution to humanitarian volunteer work. Pitt adopted Angelina's adopted children, and together they gave birth to three more, although Angie did not want to give birth to her children before him. In 2014, the couple celebrated the wedding, which was so much anticipated by their six children. The wedding dress was decorated with children's drawings, and photographs of the ceremony were sold for a lot of money donated to the needs of refugees.

Angelina Jolie: "I feel feminine, and I know one thing - my children will never say:" My mom died of cancer "

Having learned that the likelihood of a cancerous tumor in her breasts and ovaries was too high, Jolie did quite radically - she removed them from the body within a year. The 39-year-old actress did this not out of fear of her own death (this focus on herself just forces many women not to hurt themselves until the last moment and wait "until it will cost"), but resolutely got rid of the possible threat. Strength was given to her by the fact that her loved ones were threatened with incredible pain from her departure, and they were for her first of all.

The ability to deeply love a person and build a long-term relationship with him appeared in Angelina only after the implementation of the visual vector through empathy for other people. No matter how she thanked Angie for her husband, the point is still in herself, or rather, in her positive states, which inspired her husband to experiment with production, success in architecture and design.


Her love changed Brad and made him feel that changed her. Angelina quickly recovered from the operation, and Brad still considers her the sexiest and most beloved woman in the world.

You can understand the huge amplitude of mental states that the visual vector awards its owner, as well as learn about the properties of other vectors at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan. Registration for free online lectures at the link:

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