The Virus Is In My Son's Head. An Icy Heart And A Dead Eye

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The Virus Is In My Son's Head. An Icy Heart And A Dead Eye
The Virus Is In My Son's Head. An Icy Heart And A Dead Eye

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The virus is in my son's head. An icy heart and a dead eye

Before us is a typical gamer - an unremarkable young boy, dexterously sliding his fingers across the keyboard. Headphones, an empty look into yourself. There is only his mortal body in the room …


- How many times can you say: are you ever going to eat at all ?! I haven't really eaten since morning! You don't prepare for exams! You are not interested in anything except this computer! You don’t help around the house, you don’t read books, you don’t walk, you shy away from girls! I will throw out this damn electronic moron !!!

The mother's voice, breaking through the noise of the battle rumbling in the headphones, suddenly arose as an annoying obstacle - and the long-awaited victory was only a stone's throw away: all that remained was to deal with the defeated guards, and that was all! Here it is - the long-awaited new level. A new status promising truly fantastic opportunities …

A wave of hostility and irritation instantly covered my head: leave me at last alone !!! I feel bad THERE - with you !!! I want to live HERE, is it really not clear ?! I am not interested in your disgusting world, full of hypocrisy and illusions, nor your monotonous worries, chores, nor your meager and stupid entertainment !!!


But all this outburst of indignation remained inside. No emotion. Not to get through … However, it is not necessary that way, there are also options: all this negativity can easily be thrown into your face.

I don't think you need to introduce anyone, everyone is familiar. Before us is a typical gamer-sound engineer - an unremarkable young boy, dexterously sliding his fingers across the keyboard. Headphones, an empty look into yourself. Only his mortal body is in the room. He himself is all there, for example, in World of Warcraft online.

No concentration - passionate play instead of deep reflection. And why think about something, look for yourself, if you can mindlessly fight monsters in virtual, getting miserable, but still pleasure from it?

Do you think this is the case? Let me disagree. Let's talk about the reasons for the unprecedented loss of interest in real life by a large part of young people, a trend that has become the curse of our time. Let's put it this way: I know why this is happening. And most importantly - what to do!

His Majesty, the emperor of all psychic SOUND!

On the results of research by various organizations (Tohoku University (Japan), The Youth Care Foundation (Sweden), etc.) on the impact of computer games on the psyche of children:

  • - Many teenagers lose consciousness and even die during hours of virtual battles.
  • - In August 2001, a young Thai man passed away from extreme stress while playing Counter-Strike online.
  • - In October 2002, a South Korean teenager died in the computer room due to exhaustion and exhaustion.
  • - In the fall of 2005, a girl died of exhaustion in China during a long online game …

Alas, this list is far from complete: according to experts, such cases are typical for most popular computer games (World of Warcraft, GTA-4, Manhunt, Postal, Mortalcombat, Lineage, Condemned, ResidentEvil, Clive Barker's Jericho, etc.) … Adolescents develop addiction to computer games, which equates them to drugs. Moreover, all over the world after the appearance of online games as such, the number of crimes and suicides committed on the basis of game addiction and gaming failures has increased dramatically.

So what are the reasons for exhaustion and crimes committed on this basis - only in a very interesting game?

I will not bore the reader with the presentation of basic information about the sound vector and its effect on the polymorphic mental appearance of a person. Nevertheless, I still recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basics of the concept - without this, the picture below will be vague and incomprehensible.

So, sound people. The very people who have always and at all times have been generators of ideas and creators of various theories. In a word, thinkers. To do this, they by nature have all the necessary qualities: the ability to inner concentration, abstract intelligence.


However, given does not mean secured yet. And it's not just the development of innate qualities. Their implementation is also important, that is, their adequate application for the benefit of society.

At different times, developed sound properties gave humanity new prophets, theologians, philosophers, physicists, musicians … Today, none of the previous possibilities can satisfy sound needs, since we have come a long way of development. Under the new conditions, the sound potential that cannot find a way out results in intellectual sterility.

Mountains of books read, tortured musical education, megabytes of information gleaned from the Internet will be absolutely useless. This makes the unrealized sound engineer toil with creative impotence in his empty ivory tower.

A very important point: the absence of both the fulfillment of desires and clearly marked landmarks for the implementation of vector properties is a terrible torment for a person. And the sound engineer runs away from this life, plunging into the world of virtual reality. Sound teenagers simply unconsciously try to get away from suffering, being unconsciously, somewhere deep in their souls, they are sure that that alternative reality is no different from the surrounding reality. “Is this world more real than that? Sometimes it seems to me that that world is more real. And I feel better in it."


This feature is inherent in all sound engineers. We are talking about an illusory perception of the physical world that is completely incomprehensible to people with other vectors.

All people are like people: here I am with my body, but the world around me is objective and real. The way it is. Given. It is only in the sound vector that the world around is perceived through an extremely egocentric prism of one's own assessment. The sound engineer unconsciously sees the world as unique, making its very existence dependent on his own inner sensations. And often the world in his perception is not at all what it really is.

This sound perception of the world even found its reflection in the theoretical concept - relativism. Who else, if not sound philosophers-thinkers, could have such a thought! Like, reality exists if there is someone to feel it. There is no one who senses - there is no reality. Consequently, it is conditional and can only be perceived by the observer. In the words of Andy Tucker, the character of The Trust That Burst, "here it is, but it is not!"

This is the very illusion of perception: people with a sound vector sometimes see everything differently than others. We are not talking about illusions in the usual sense. These are, rather, semantic hallucinations: the words and actions of people, social and political phenomena are perceived by sound experts at times in a completely different light.

Now think, if for a sound engineer the real world is illusory, then how does it differ from the virtual one? Remember the "Matrix"? In! This is approximately how the world of sound people imagine. Only this happens deep in the unconscious. And outwardly, ordinary guys.

Therefore, when the headphones are forcibly pulled off the gamer and are torn from the computer, the lost, unrealized sound engineer is forced to plunge into this hopeless, boring and boring routine again and again. She does not bring him anything positive - only disappointment and new mental anguish.


The sound requires constant filling - the gamer draws it from virtual reality, even if only temporarily, but still filling the voids and experiencing at least some relief. And what can the world around him give him in return? Absolutely NOTHING. Nothing that is valuable for a disoriented sound vector suffering from hopelessness, always striving to learn all the secrets of being.

So he lives as he does, without thinking about why, in fact, everything is so awkward? Doesn't feel the slightest desire to delve into himself to identify the cause of the problems. And she is in the atrophied ability to concentrate. He just forgot how to do it.

It is worth mentioning one more aspect, terrible, unjustified, but nevertheless quite natural. Living in two realities at the same time, sound gamers at some point may simply stop distinguishing between them. Physical and mental contact with the outside world disappears, the boundaries of understanding what is happening are erased.

As a result - complete indifference to everything material: from your own body to the whole world. After all, the body for any sound specialist is just an "adapter" between the I and the surrounding reality, because the psychic for them is something absolutely autonomous. This is where the reasons for the breakdown lie: hungry fainting and nervous exhaustion after hours of vigil in front of a computer in a virtual coma …

Moral and ethical behavioral guidelines are disappearing - all these categories, abstract for the sound vector, which underlie relationships between people, simply lose their meaning. If the world and people around are unreal, what kind of morality can there be in relation to this ?! Do what you want!

And the point is not that they "played out". This is also a consequence of the feeling of the illusory nature of the external world, but to an extreme, pathological degree, caused by a very poor state of the sound vector.

How Breiviks are "born"

In a state of even latent depression, an unbalanced, unadapted to life circumstances owner of a sound vector can decide once and for all to deal with this hated physical world. Killing someone, as if in a game - those who annoy, interfere, do not like (but you never know what can be attracted by rationalizations). Or go yourself into eternity through the back door.

And all this happens without any external signs of insanity. The soundman just at some point loses the feeling of being involved in what he is doing.

Take, for example, Christian Lutheran, 32-year-old Norwegian terrorist vegetable grower Anders Breivik. On July 22, 2011, for 1.5 hours, he methodically and cold-bloodedly shot 69 people in a youth camp on the island of Utøya (8 more died in an explosion he staged on the same day in the center of Oslo). He killed and then surrendered to the police who arrived in time with the words "I'm finished!"

He began to prepare his action in 2009, and back in 2002 he took care of recreating medieval chivalric ideals. According to the description of the neighbors, he is a calm, level-headed and polite guy. Only a little closed. Do you know what this anal Islamophobe was sounding fanatically calling for in his manifesto published on the eve of the terrorist attack? To a new crusade! Neither more nor less.

Fortunately, the described scenarios are rare, but the research data presented at the beginning of this chapter indicate such a trend.

By the way, any sound specialist who is the most adequate and adapted in society has an unconscious feeling of the relativity of reality. For example, a scientist who implements his incredibly developed intelligence in science, completely calmly, without thinking about the consequences and not correlating his actions with the fact that he poses a threat to millions of human lives, can work with enthusiasm to create weapons of mass destruction.


And he is absolutely not moved by the question "why"? He is simply immersed in fantastically interesting work. And if it does, then there will be a lot of excuses and explanations. To defend the country, for example (yeah, defend with a hydrogen bomb). Or, they say, and I'm not in order to use it, but in order to be afraid! But you never know what convenient rationalizations can be. Remember? The world is arranged the way I understand it!

And finally, such repulsive "charms" of the sound vector as arrogance and an exaggerated sense of one's own uniqueness. Plus absent-mindedness. Everything that undoubtedly further complicates the adaptation of sound professionals in society.

Here you go. The portrait is now complete. Like? But there is no escape - all this "wealth" is inherent in us by nature. More precisely, not so. It is precisely that wealth, colossal potential and unique properties are laid down. But what form they will have, what form they will take in a particular person - this is already the concern of parents and teachers.

Let's return to our children, firmly established in virtual reality.

Of course, it is bitter and annoying to see how young sound girls persistently want to exchange all the joys of the real world for a fictional ersatz. What to hide, for a teenager, this in itself is a direct path to social maladapters.

But most importantly, all this fanatical and passionate gaming activity is essentially just fresh gum. Primitive gruel. And this is the dish with which they are going to regale their powerful SOUND, shaking the foundations! The same SOUND, which in potential is given literally everything! From the knowledge of the amazing mysteries of earthly nature and human essence, to amazing discoveries on a universal scale!


You must admit that an escape from reality (even with all its thrice damned sufferings) is a very dubious compromise for a sound engineer. Having the opportunity to experience an incomparable, all-consuming feeling of touching absolute knowledge, exchange it for a scanty satisfaction from passing the next level in some kind of "shooter". And live like this all my life. Mediocre and idle. Is it worth it? We all understand that no. The only thing left to do is to explain this to the children. But how?!

How do you say there is an alternative? Truly complete and deep sound incarnations: understanding the root causes of everything that happens, comprehension of deeply hidden, little-studied and not implemented in practice aspects of science.

And you can even help those teenagers who have already settled in the virtual world. But this will definitely not be done by shouts or persuasions about the aimlessness and futility of vegetating in the looking glass.

And now, dear parents of a priori brilliant adolescents, I turn to the practical aspect.

And the chest just opened

I will say right away: in order to try to reverse the current ugly situation, you need to clearly understand what SOUND is. To realize all the incomprehensibility of the bottomless depth, the whole scale of its enormous intellectual potential.

The main thing here is to properly develop children with a sound vector. How to guide them, awakening the desire to be realized in this world, and not to run away into another? Only by continuously asking sound children more, and by no means less development, setting them more complex tasks each time, can we grow them into people who make their dreams come true.


For the new generation of sound engineers, all these books that we read in childhood, all the traditional incarnations of creativity are often simply not interesting. What is music or religion to them ?! These are ridiculous indirect attempts of humanity to join harmony. In their opinion, they have exhausted themselves long ago - the paths of philosophical and esoteric knowledge have been crossed millions of times, turning over the last century into lighted and asphalted highways.

Religions ossified in their dogmas, which do not give intelligible answers to any question. Philosophy, withered in the XX century. Even science is no longer able to give people fundamental revelations - look, the Nobel Prizes have long been recognized only for achievements in the development of previous discoveries. Not in depth, but in breadth …

The current SOUND requires the conquest of new peaks, a hike to the horizons of knowledge undiscovered until then. Give young sound professionals the realization in concentrated form! They are no longer satisfied with the truth, diluted with speculation.

What can the training "System-vector psychology" offer in this regard? Believe it or not - a bomb! Yuri Burlan invites you not only to lift the veil over the secrets of the psychic, but to reveal the unconscious itself! Something that is deeply hidden in each of us and determines all our actions and actions. Just imagine for a moment what a huge layer of virgin, untouched by anyone and never really touched, undeveloped metaphysical breed!

What is the motivation for creativity - the one that was once dubbed the muse. What is it, exactly? Where is he, the source of insights, perhaps, in the collective memory of past generations? What is hidden behind the unconscious reasons that determine our desires? What is behind the impulses of the soul? What is the intuitive and sensory knowledge of the world based on?

And many, many millions of similar questions, perhaps for the first time in history, will finally receive comprehensive answers. Why is it possible? Because some of these tasks will have to be solved by them, by the very sound people whom we will jointly extract from the virtual world. Believe me, they will just squeak with delight! The choice is yours, dear parents.

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