Yuri Andropov. Part 2. Seen In Self-discrediting Relationships

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Yuri Andropov. Part 2. Seen In Self-discrediting Relationships
Yuri Andropov. Part 2. Seen In Self-discrediting Relationships

Video: Yuri Andropov. Part 2. Seen In Self-discrediting Relationships

Video: Yuri Andropov. Part 2. Seen In Self-discrediting Relationships
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Yuri Andropov. Part 2. In connections that discredit oneself, it is noticed …

Yuri Vladimirovich lost his parents early. His nanny remained a close person to the extent that a wary olfactory person is able to admit a stranger. She was taken to the house of Andropov's parents immediately after his birth. It is not known whether she was just a nanny or, moreover, also the nurse of little Yura.

Part 1. Intellectual from the KGB

Yuri Vladimirovich lost his parents early. At two years old, his father, whom he naturally did not remember, and then his mother, who managed to get married a second time. The future secretary general was brought up in the family of his stepfather. History is silent about how the upbringing process developed there, but at the age of 16, Yuri leaves this family and goes to Rybinsk. His nanny remained a close person to the extent that a wary olfactory person is able to admit a stranger. She was taken to the house of Andropov's parents immediately after his birth. It is not known whether she was just a nanny or, moreover, also the nurse of little Yura.

It is impossible to feed a little olfactory person because of his subconscious fear of being poisoned, as well as because of intolerance to foreign odors. His trust is built on a deep animal level through the smell of the mother's mammary gland as the only way not to starve to death.


Probably, the pheromones of Anastasia Zhurzhalina, who nursed him from the cradle and replaced the seven-year-old boy's mother when she died, did not cause rejection in Yuri. Nanny Nastya also loved her pupil and the long separation from him, when he, having matured, left to study, could not stand it - she went to visit a student of the technical school of water transport in Rybinsk. She found him so thin, in frayed clothes, from which Yura had already grown, that, collecting all her earned money, she bought the teenager a warm coat, trousers and a bag of potatoes.

After that, Anastasia Zhurzhalina did not see Yuri Vladimirovich until 1936. After marriage and the birth of the Andropovs' first child, Yuri found an old nanny in the Moscow region and took her to his first family, where she lived until the end of her days. When Anastasia Vasilievna passed away in 1979, Yuri Vladimirovich wrote to his first wife in Yaroslavl: "The only person who loved me just passed away, because I am me."

Good memory belongs to the properties of people with an anal vector. The anal person does not forget the bad and can hatch a plan of revenge for years, and all the good that he received from others must be returned in full. If, in terms of the training “System-Vector Psychology” by Yuri Burlan, consider the geometry of the anal vector as a square, then its edge has no right to be convex, concave or skewed. All sides of the square should be even, only in this way the anal person achieves the state of the necessary comfort.

For a person with an anal vector, no matter what additional vectors he has, his family and homeland remain in priority. The rest of the vectors only correct his behavior, making him more cautious if there is an olfactory one, softer if he has vision … Yura was seven years old when his mother passed away. There are no memories of the relationship with her stepfather, and Anastasia Vasilievna, who did not expect a soul in the boy, would not have given him offense. And nevertheless, the natural alertness of the olfactory helps him to survive in difficult conditions.

In connections that discredit himself, he is seen …

If we recall the fate of people who changed the world with an olfactory vector, starting with Genghis Khan, it becomes obvious that some of them, being orphans in adolescence or becoming unloved children, had to adapt, survive due to their natural properties, sometimes disguising themselves behind sound, vision, etc. e. Without these olfactory qualities, there are no scouts like William Fisher. Without them, it is impossible to manage the very structure of intelligence and espionage, as did Yuri Andropov or Markus Wolf.

The property of the olfactory person is invisibility, and the language that is given helps to hide thoughts. These features affect his physical behavior. An olfactory person, even if he is on duty and is forced to walk with security, will not bulge out and publicly demonstrate his nomenclature. He would rather remain in the shadows than sit in the government box.

From the memoirs of Andropov's son, Igor, it is known that Yuri Vladimirovich, a great theater lover, appointed by Brezhnev to the post of chairman of the KGB of the USSR, to his great chagrin, had to refuse to publicly attend the performances.


All Western intelligence services knew about Colonel-General of State Security, head of the GDR's foreign intelligence, Markus Wolfe, but no one had ever seen him, and if they met him and even took pictures, they did not guess the famous "Misha" in the athletic and youthful man.

The antipode of the olfactory person is the urethral leader, who cannot live a day without recognition, fame and demonstration of himself in public with his or with someone else's muse. The olfactory substance dissolves in the twilight and emerges from it. The prince of this world and the leader's assistant, able to keep the flock in check.

You can't fool an olfactory person, he has everything under control, that is, under his nose. He is probably the only one who does not start a familiar relationship at work and has no close friends in life. Did Comrade Lenin have friends? No, only fellow wrestlers. And what about Stalin? Only comrades in the party and at work. He didn't get close to anyone. The smells of others determine the distance between the olfactory and its surroundings. He makes appointments to posts not out of personal sympathy, he does not have them, even in relation to his own children. Everyone knows Stalin's relationship with his children.

Yuri Andropov, the head of the KGB, did not allow the career of his diplomat son, a graduate of MGIMO, to fully develop, making him restricted to travel to capitalist countries. He did not, like most of the government elite, indulge his children and look for them warm places in Paris and London. Invulnerability and the absence of compromising evidence are the main trump cards of the olfactory and the main element of his survival in the flock, about which he is all … and she is nothing about him.

The Nazis tried to blackmail Stalin by the captured or allegedly taken prisoner by his eldest son Yakov. It didn't work out. The result is known. Despite the screams of spectators and analniks, in whose eyes the tyrant Stalin did not spare his own son, the Boss remained invulnerable, which means he was not subject to jurisdiction.

Andropov also did not rush to save his eldest son from his first marriage, Vladimir, when he, having fallen into a bad company, twice ended up behind bars, and then, having left for Moldova, drank himself to death and died of cirrhosis of the liver. A typical life scenario of an unrealized skinner. Why the departure of Yuri Vladimirovich from the family with which he maintained relations only by correspondence was so sudden in 1941 remained a mystery. It is too banal to refer to a sudden love for Tatyana Lebedeva and "a young thing", it does not happen for olfactory people, especially for anal olfactory people, who weigh everything four times seven times and then cut it off. It was cut off alive, at once. To this day, no one knows why and, most likely, will no longer know. The archives are carefully cleaned up for olfactors. Well aware of this need,the first wife of Yuri Vladimirovich, Nina Ivanovna, after his death, destroyed all their correspondence, retaining only the letter in which he writes about his nanny.


An olfactor of the level of Stalin or Andropov does not have "skin offshore", he does not care about his children in an anal way, and they do not study in Oxfords at public expense. Children of Stalin, Andropov … it is difficult to attribute to the "golden youth", no matter how much the journalists, eager for sensations, and visionaries-scriptwriters would like.

“If we draw a parallel with a kindred structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then its minister at that time was Shchelokov … his son traveled around Moscow in cars with flashing lights. And the children of Yuri Andropov are in the subway. If Yuri Vladimirovich had lived for a few more years, then we would have followed the path of China. And the Soviet Union would certainly not have collapsed "(from an interview with journalist A. Shepenkov with a veteran of the security agencies Andrei Belov).

He did not endow relatives with government positions as a wedding or anniversary gift, did not drag his friends from the provinces to Moscow, forming around himself what historians would later call the Kremlin clans.

Andropov's case was the opposite. His more or less close friends remained in Rybinsk, in his youth, in the navy, where he sailed as a sailor in his youth. Yuri Vladimirovich retained his love for the fleet, the sea, and rivers throughout his life, even when he briefly stood at the helm of the state ship, grinding with Brezhnev's connivance, nepotism and corruption.

It is ridiculous to listen to historians or writers discussing whether Koba loved Trotsky, whether Andropov sympathized with Brezhnev, or an insurmountable abyss of antagonism lay between them. Okay, for anal viewers unfamiliar with the course of lectures "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, this is forgivable, but the very incorrect formulation of the question is unforgivable. It would not hurt them, professionals, to recall the words of one of the most ingenious olfactors of the 19th century, Lord Palmerston: “England has neither permanent allies nor permanent enemies. England has only permanent interests."

Stalin and Andropov could not have personal sympathies and antipathies, they had only the interests of the USSR in the external arena and the task of preserving its integrity inside, that is, preventing collapse, dangerous empty demagoguery and neutralizing the skin-visual stupid intelligentsia engaged in the West. History is destined to repeat itself. Today's media, and especially the Internet, clearly show in whose interests the "fifth column" is working.

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