Happiness Is Systemic: Why We Understand Happiness Differently

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Happiness Is Systemic: Why We Understand Happiness Differently
Happiness Is Systemic: Why We Understand Happiness Differently
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What is happiness?

Sometimes a person himself does not even understand what he needs for happiness - the joy of life eludes him, because he seems to have no desires, nothing pleases him, apathy arises. In fact, apathy is just the result of long-term dissatisfaction with one's desires. And in order to start experiencing the joy of life again, you need to return your desires, understand them and start acting.

I was brave and lucky, but I did not know happiness …

I want something … You do something in life, you strive somewhere, you even achieve something. And there is no joy. Why? Maybe we're looking in the wrong place? Maybe he is not just because we do not understand what our happiness is?

Happiness - what is it?

The state of happiness arises when we realize our inner desires. It is then that the sensory experience of the highest fulfillment arises. When our dreams come true, we justify this life completely, 100%. And life becomes good, and life is good.

When we go through life, realizing our real desires, the feeling of joy accompanies us every day, we find joy in the simplest things. However, realizing a dream is a complex and multi-stage task. Difficulties may arise along this path at any moment.

Someone, overcoming these difficulties, begins to value even more what he was striving for, his desires become even stronger, strengthen, crystallize, become more accurate, acquire details of the future result from their implementation.

Another, encountering obstacles on the way of realizing his desires, “breaks down”, cannot withstand the pain because he cannot achieve what he wants. And at this moment the person goes astray. He ceases to live according to the principle of pleasure, but lives, guided by the principle of avoiding pain, ceases to strive for happiness and to believe in it.

And sometimes a person himself does not even understand what he needs for happiness - the joy of life eludes him, because he seems to have no desires, nothing pleases him, apathy arises. In fact, apathy is just the result of long-term dissatisfaction with one's desires. And in order to start experiencing the joy of life again, you need to return your desires, understand them and start acting.

It is possible to realize your desires and what hinders their realization, that is, to learn how to become happy, at the training "System-vector psychology".

Such different happiness

The psyche of a modern person is complex and polymorphic. Several vectors coexist in one person. They set many desires, create a complex and contradictory worldview, their own system of life values ​​and priorities. But in order to understand this whole picture, let's start with a simple one - with the desires of individual vectors.

People with different vectors have different perceptions of what happiness is.

Among the most common answers:

  • career growth, prosperity;
  • family and Children;
  • love and beauty;
  • cognition of the meaning of life and the highest Plan on Earth.

Let's figure out who has these desires and how to realize them.

What is happiness picture
What is happiness picture

Striving to be the first. When success is synonymous with happiness

It is a pleasure for a flexible and fit person with a skin vector to do everything quickly, without delay, to cope with many things at once. I didn't have time to do something - already irritation. Logical thinking, discipline and adherence to time management, a day scheduled by the clock, is the source of his daily joy and pride in himself and the opportunity to realize his highest ambitions.

It is they who strive for high achievements in sports and can potentially get "Gold" at the Olympic Games. They are successful in business and strive for material well-being and prosperity, dream of a career and are happy to receive another promotion. They are masters of all kinds of calculations with impeccable logic, who can assess the benefits and risks of any transaction in a matter of minutes.

They enjoy traveling, trying something new. And they can realize this need for change either constructively - when they take responsibility for new projects, or rather stupidly - for example, endlessly moving furniture at home or changing sexual partners.

It happens that psychological trauma received in childhood does not allow to achieve success. So a scenario of failure in the skin vector can manifest itself, preventing it from taking place in life. You can learn more about this scenario at the free introductory online training by Yuri Burlan.

When family comes first

The owners of the anal vector are the exact opposite of people with the skin vector. For leisurely couch potatoes, the main source of happiness is family. They are the ideal family men, faithful and devoted spouses, the best parents. Family evenings at a common table give them incomparable pleasure: they will carefully prepare for family celebrations in order to please every family member, make the evening memorable and strengthen family ties. They value comfort and coziness in the house, and they create it with pleasure with their own hands.

Such people are opponents of abrupt changes; they always make decisions carefully. They take work seriously and responsibly. They can work their whole lives in one workplace - they are conservative and do not look for something new or different. Stability for them is a guarantee of inner comfort and happiness. It is important for such a person to be a professional; he achieves the perfect execution of his work without a single inaccuracy. And great pleasure gives him recognition of his merits, respect of colleagues and superiors.

Some of the hardest barriers to happiness in the anal vector are resentment and the problem of procrastination. At a free online training, Yuri Burlan reveals the causes of these conditions and helps to overcome them.

When happiness is love

For a person with a visual vector, the sensory perception of life is especially important. Such people are very emotional and always want to get a response to their emotions. They experience stress when communicating with breadcrumbs who cannot answer a smile with a smile. In good conditions, they are open, kind and sympathetic, very sociable, capable of empathy, able to support another person when he feels bad.

Such a person is able to see beauty in everything that surrounds him. He is ready to admire sunsets and other natural phenomena, climb mountains and dive into the ocean with a camera for beautiful pictures. A clear sunny day gives him positive emotions and enthusiasm. The emotions of the spectator are fleeting, but it is these people who are capable of the deepest feelings.

When a person with a visual vector talks about happiness, he means love. For them, real happiness is to love and be loved. And it is they who are able to experience the strongest love, the most tremulous, unearthly. It is they who are able to create the deepest emotional connection with a partner, achieve complete mutual understanding, feeling him with their heart and giving him the best that is inside - this means doing something pleasant to the partner, sharing with him your feelings, the most intimate thoughts and dreams and implementing them together …

It is very difficult for people with a visual vector to endure a break in relations, a break in an emotional connection, a divorce. For them, losing a loved one is a real tragedy. Sometimes they suffer from emotional addictions or become emotionally cold if they have experienced trauma, when their feelings brought them great suffering. The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan will help to get rid of complex conditions, from the pain of loss in the visual vector and to restore the ability to feel joy from life.

Knowing yourself is happiness

The search for happiness among the owners of the sound vector is especially painful. It is they who have a gigantic innate potential for realization - a powerful abstract intellect and the highest volume of desires that go beyond the material world. But it is not so easy to reveal it. Not understanding their real desires (to the knowledge of the root causes, their I, the plan of life), sound engineers often look for "that - I don't know what" and go "there - I don't know where." They are tormented by questions: “What is the point? Why are we here if our life is finite? " - and brush aside the material world - what is happiness if everything is meaningless?

Not understanding their purpose and not finding their place in the world, they believe that life is pain. Finding no meaning, they suffer from insomnia and endlessly chew on the same thoughts about the worthlessness of their existence.

Realizing that life is finite, they strive to know something that would justify their existence, made it possible to understand how and why this world and the person in it are conceived. The disclosure of the human psyche - a single unconscious of our species - is a great pleasure for the sound engineer. He finally finds the answers to all his questions.

System-vector psychology helps the sound engineer to understand who he is and where he got such thoughts from. And most importantly, the training allows you to find your place in life and to realize to the maximum everything laid down by nature. And when a person finds himself, the question of the meaning of life is resolved by itself: he begins to see meaning in everything that surrounds him, and to receive joy from every day of his life!

Find your happiness

Every person is born to be happy. And we experience the greatest happiness when we maximize our desires among other people. You can learn to understand and realize your desires at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Happiness is … Now you can find the answer to this question yourself. Already at the free training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, you will find the key to your own happiness.

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