Obsessive Counting: Don't Make Me Nervous, Or I'll Count You

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Obsessive Counting: Don't Make Me Nervous, Or I'll Count You
Obsessive Counting: Don't Make Me Nervous, Or I'll Count You

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Obsessive counting: don't make me nervous, or I'll count you

If you have noticed manifestations of compulsive billing, then you can say with one hundred percent certainty about many of your other qualities. So, let's start … Well, counting lovers, do not forget to bend your fingers …

… 1451, 1452, 1453, 1454, 1455 … I won't leave until I count to 1500. I press myself against the cold window pane, trying to see the far end of the street. What do I count? Now passers-by on the street. Why do I need this? I don't know, but I stubbornly continue to count everything that I can see. Steps, floors, zebra stripes on a pedestrian crossing, windows in a multi-storey building, numbers in car numbers …

Does it happen with you? I wonder who is affected by this habit? Is it possible to get rid of this useless account?

When the puzzles are folded

We are all different, and this is no secret to anyone. In this regard, we have all been counted hundreds of times, counted, sorted, regrouped and prototyped, but still have not established patterns explaining why and why we are different. Therefore, let us turn to the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan, as the only method for today that accurately differentiates a person by innate properties - vectors. Any peculiarities of human behavior fit exactly into this system of vectors, puzzle to puzzle.

The vectors in System-Vector Psychology are called innate properties, abilities, desires of a person, which determine his way of thinking and being among other people. In other words, any of our desires are provided with properties for their implementation. If there are no properties, then there are no such desires. A total of 8 vectors are selected. Each vector has 36 properties. A person can be either one-vector or have 2, 3 or more vectors. There are 255 mixing options. In addition, we differ in the levels of development and implementation.

If you have noticed manifestations of compulsive billing, then you can say with one hundred percent certainty about many of your other qualities. So, let's start … Well, counting lovers, do not forget to bend your fingers … The count has begun …

You are guided in any of your actions by the criterion "benefit-benefit". If you cannot extract either one or the other, you lose interest. You love to limit yourself and others. Your favorite words are "no" and "no". They pop up by themselves when you are asked for something, you do not even have time to understand clearly what they want from you. You save everything: time, energy, food, money, emotions and words. Know how to do several things at the same time. You are flexible in body and soul. We can continue further … All these properties and many others belong to a person with a skin vector.

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Between engineering calculations and empty calculations

The first shortened desire in the skin vector made us a thinking person. And the first thought was engineering - the invention of the stone ax. Then there was a stone scraper, a spear, a bow and arrows … With the invention of the wheel, scientific and technological progress began to gain momentum and speed. Engineers and inventors with the skin vector have created and are creating bridges and roads, vehicles and household appliances, communications …

All this is aimed at saving time, quickly crossing space, transferring information and saving energy on a human scale. This is the highest realization of a developed skin vector. Another implementation of the cutaneous vector could be legislation. A developed leather worker develops and adopts laws for society.

People with a skin vector can count. This is from the desire for savings that meets their desires. Thin, sensitive skin feels vibrations, vibrations between the world inside and the world outside. Feeling equal intervals of vibrations, he learns to add and subtract them. Kozhnik easily performs mathematical operations in the mind. "Money loves the bill" - a skin expression. They always know how much money they have in their wallet. Leatherworkers have the ability to trade.

When the skinned person is under stress, it can be expressed by fluttering, skin rashes, or compulsive counting. He walks and counts everything. I have already counted all the boards on the fence, put them in pairs, in threes … The number of steps to their doors has long been counted, but again he counts, going down and up them. Adds and subtracts numbers wherever you see them.

What can cause stress in the skin vector? One of the first reasons may be material losses: money, property. This could be a job loss or a reduction in salary. These can be the daily routine of repetitive duties that contradict the skin's desire for change and change. You can learn more about all the causes of stress in a skin person at the free online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. You can register at the link:

Realization of oneself and the reasons for everything that happens to us becomes the bridge that helps to solve problems. Many of them, after the training, leave in English without saying goodbye. Read the results of people who got rid of compulsive billing:

Wow, compulsive counting is a sign of stress! Thank! By the way, he disappeared after the training !!! Absolutely! I already forgot that I was))) Thank you! Oksana

Orenburg Read full result text

Passed a manic count, a stressful skinny, (by the way, you can not only add numbers, but also letters in words))))). About a year and a half ago, I began to intensively count, add the numbers on the license plates. It was simply not possible to walk past the car and not add the numbers on its license plate. At first, when it was just beginning, it was even somehow funny, it was interesting what it was and why it was happening, after a year and a half, such non-stop counting began to get boring, I told two psychologists I knew, to which each of them scratched the back of his head and replied: "I need to think"))): oo, in general, why and why this was happening, I did not understand then, respectively, what needs to be done in order to stop adding everything that I see was also not clear.

And then a lecture about leather, on which Yu.B. talks about the skin count, explains why this happens, and about the "miracle")) I finally find the answer, and, what is important, I stop counting! It's great to see the license plates on the cars, just to see them and that's it!

Vera, psychologist, Moscow Read the full text of the result They talk to me about depression, but for some reason I feel calmer, my obsessive car number counting stops, and for some reason I began to sleep less. Galina, manager of social and cultural activities

in Petrozavodsk Read the full text of the result>

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