How To Get Rid Of Depression: A Lifelong Apocalypse

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How To Get Rid Of Depression: A Lifelong Apocalypse
How To Get Rid Of Depression: A Lifelong Apocalypse

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How to get rid of depression: a lifelong apocalypse

But pills do not heal the soul, only for a while they restore the biochemistry of the brain. Holding on to them as the only salvation is to deprive yourself of a full life. And what can you do if no meditation, yoga, breathing practices, travel to Tibet, mountains of books on philosophy and psychology help? Psychologists do not help: no matter what direction in psychology you take, everything is powerless in front of a person experiencing a mental end of the world. Why?

For what such sins to ask the question:

Why and why, and why, and why, and why, and why …

Yanka Diaghileva "Home"

Imagine a light bulb that is under low voltage. She somehow flickers, her light is dim, no longer illuminating anything. There is very little left. As soon as the current supply stops, it will go out. The same is felt by a person who is depressed. How to get rid of depression for a person who does not think that he is sick? It just slowly fades out, not understanding what is happening in his head.

First of all, you need to understand that what is happening to him is not a whim, not foolishness, not laziness, and even less a whim. This is a constant, multi-ton mental pain, the essence of which he himself cannot understand.

- Doctor, my head broke. Some kind of failure in the system, microcircuits are creeping into separate elements, and this incoherent garbage from thoughts drives me crazy. I feel like a disaster. Global apocalypse in my head. And I so want everything to change. All! Everything! Since I’m alive, does it mean I should feel alive? But I don't feel. What am I missing? I’m missing … I’m missing something.

- You have depression. And it's good that you see a doctor.

You should not try to get rid of depression yourself in such a state. If the light in your head is about to go out, you cannot do without a doctor. Only a competent psychiatrist can prescribe adequate treatment. In some cases, it is impossible to do without drugs. The pills help restore those very microcircuits in the head, create new neural connections, as a result of which a person is able to at least walk, eat, speak, think purposefully and even act.

Why Psychology Doesn't Help You Be Happy

But pills do not heal the soul, they only restore brain biochemistry for a while. Holding on to them as the only salvation is to deprive yourself of a full life. And what can you do if no meditation, yoga, breathing practices, travel to Tibet, mountains of books on philosophy and psychology help? Psychologists do not help: no matter what direction in psychology you take, everything is powerless in front of a person experiencing a mental end of the world. Why? Because not a single psychological practice, not a single technique gives a person an answer to the question: "What is the meaning of my life?" A person in depression most often does not ask how to get rid of depression even on their own, even on the advice of a psychologist. He's just immersed in himself, that's all.

This is the structure of the human psyche with a sound vector. The most powerful abstract intelligence is designed to search for answers to this question, to generate new thoughts, new ideas, and new discoveries. Unable to use his mental abilities, a person becomes a hostage of his own bottomless strength, which floods his head with empty thoughts, scraps of reflection, crushes with a question that requires an answer.

A person can live a completely normal life for a while. Have a job, family, hobbies. But at some point everything stops, and all the power of the unused intellect falls on his head. He loses the meaning of what is happening, does not understand why he needs all this. In such conditions, he does not care that work is lost, family is destroyed, something material has disappeared. For the owner of the sound vector, all material goods are secondary. Only spiritual search, only the thought process in the head is the only thing that matters.

It is impossible to cure the psyche without knowing the laws by which it develops. Not understanding what properties are assigned specifically to this person, what desires are of primary value and what abilities he possesses. Only a clear understanding of the structure of the psyche makes it possible to save the owner of the sound vector, who is on the verge of madness and common sense, and sometimes on the verge of life and death.

How to get rid of depression yourself photo
How to get rid of depression yourself photo

Depression is different

Is a depressed mood always called depression? No, but most of the time it happens.

Depression in our hectic days is so firmly settled in society that, it seems, you will not surprise anyone with your painful condition. No love - I have depression, no family, work - I have depression, failure in business, lack of money, failure in my career - depression. It all comes down to one thing: something is missing - I suffer. And this is a really difficult condition when a person has no happiness, when he cannot be realized in society, in relationships. Failure on various fronts only brings disappointment and heartache.

The owners of the visual vector - this is a lack of love, emotional ties with others, loneliness.

All this makes the bright extrovert with fantastic imaginative intelligence and incredible sensuality whiny and joyless. I want feelings, vivid emotions, and all around is gray and despondency. It's sad. How can the owner of a subtle soul be saved from depression? Only love fills life with colors again, lifts into the sky and gives strength to embrace and love the whole world. Only the opportunity to always be among people, not alone, to have friends, loved ones, to be close to loved ones fills life with meaning. And the man is right! After all, for him there is nothing more important, stronger and more beautiful than love. There is nothing more important than human feelings.

The owners of the anal vector feel depression when there is no job, where they are respected and appreciated, where they can share their experience and be a professional.

Sometimes such a person feels a deep emptiness in life, if there is no family, his own home, where the kids are running around, his wife is fussing in the kitchen and he comes home tired, but so happy. How to avoid depression for a person born to preserve the value of the family, to continue the traditions of the human race? Only to get at last what is so lacking.

You suffered, did not know what to do with yourself and finally got married. You build your house, do everything with your own hands, only as you can - with feeling, with sense, with arrangement. Everything you have on the shelves, everything you have planned out for life ahead. And then kids, work, worries, everyday life, which does not bother you at all, only calms you down. And you are happy, and there is no depression, because there are so many things to do and worries: wife, children, and then the grandchildren will go. And you're right! After all, for you there is nothing more important than staying true to traditions, raising children as real people, honest and decent, living according to conscience.

Each of us has our own values ​​and our own sense of meaning: career, achievement of new heights, love, family. When we find our meaning, we are happy. We all unconsciously know how to get away from depression. It's just that everyone is looking for their dream, fulfilling their desires. When we meet love, start a family, get promoted, achieve victories - we feel that life is wonderful! From depression and the trace is gone. It is not there, as if it did not exist.

It is most difficult for a person with abstract intellect to find their meaning, for whom earthly life is secondary. And this person can only be filled with the answer to one single question. But he goes to this answer all his life. Depression in the sound vector begins precisely with the tiredness of the hopelessness of the search.

Usually the sound engineer is told: “Who is it easy for now? Go loose, do something, switch. Change the landscape, country, place of work. Divorce, get married, have kids, go in for sports …”But it doesn't help him!

Sound vector depression with no beginning or end

He cannot even move his head, utter a sound, give a voice, because he has no strength to live. And if you ask a person for whom the whole world is nothing that he wants, what will he answer? Nothing. He will not be able to answer this question. Offer him to unwind, take a walk, change jobs, city, country, lifestyle, image - he will ask the only question: "Why?" There is no point in not answering the question of the meaning of life. There is no point in things, relationships, goals, efforts. Not with anything.

How to get rid of depression photos
How to get rid of depression photos

At the same time, no one understands why you are suffering, even if you have a family, love, work, career, home and you can afford a lot. So what else do you want? Try to tell someone that the world has become nothing. Or that he's nothing for thousands of years. Since you have lived on this planet, since its inception. You are thousands of years old, old and tired. Sometimes it seems to you that you are dead, but not buried. And the wind kicks your body on the ground. It stumbles over something external, which I don't even want to give a name to, because all this is meaningless. You drag your body with you with all your might, because someone decided so for you and you have to endure it.

How to tell this to others? See bewilderment in the eyes, or worse, pity. Often - condemnation: "What are you, you moron, are you talking about nonsense when there are so many things around."

And you sleep 20 hours a day, or vice versa, you have insomnia for days on end, headaches and the feeling that you are going crazy. You cannot go out into bright light, or you react sharply to harsh sounds. You are incapable of communication, closed, lonely, helpless in your 24/7 life-long hell. This is your reality. This is real depression.

You need to press the panic button as quickly as possible

Where to start and how to cure depression in sound vector? Any word addressed to a person in such a state - that he is tormented by foolishness and it is time to get up and move, any devaluation of his inner suffering at this moment can become the last straw in the bowl of the pain that a person is experiencing. Devaluation of mental pain, ridicule of his states, meaningless advice - “let's get loose, go work, stop fooling around” - can become a trigger mechanism that turns off the current supply to that very light bulb. If it goes out, nothing can be fixed.

At that moment when he sits motionless in one place, when he is silent, without making a sound, he is fighting for life. Not for his little life: the sound engineer is not afraid of death. He is trying with all his might to find an excuse for life itself, to give her a chance to show that it is worth being a witness to it, being present in it.

Careful with words! A sound engineer is a person who hears not only the word, but also its hidden subtext, meaning and feelings with which it is said. Do not push him into the abyss with your misunderstanding. Reach out your hand even if you don't understand these states. Just reach out and save your beloved, loved one!

Real depression is not a lack of love or money, it is not "I'm bored, have pity on me." Real depression is pain felt as a deep disappointment in life itself, in God, a feeling of deception, the impossibility of accepting that you have not found that huge and important thing for which you were born, and may never find it. And the impossibility of explaining this to others, to those who just have to unwind, make acquaintances, get married, divorce, buy a car, go to the sea.

Despite this, people with a sound vector can also love, go to work, and achieve success. Just the dominant power of the sound vector in the psyche suppresses other desires that are natural for every person. We all want to live happily, communicate with people, we want to meet love, start a family, achieve our goals in life, go only up or at least towards the horizon. We want to have friends, to be close to our relatives.

But only after curing the soul, the owner of the sound vector begins to feel these desires. So he was born. Soul first, then everything else. A correctly working abstract intelligence no longer weighs on the head with a lack of meaning, and a person is again able to love, work, take care of loved ones, and start a family. It doesn't work in reverse. First, understanding the meaning of this life - then life itself.

That is why, in attempts to find answers to how to get rid of depression, the advice of psychologists does not help. Any books, advice on the Internet are served the other way around: the sound engineer is offered life, but they do not say why it is needed.

Today, thanks to the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, exhausted by serious conditions, driven by the search for meaning, the sound specialists finally get an answer to their question. And only training gives an understanding of how to get rid of depression on your own, and no advice is given - only answers are given.

How to get rid of depression yourself psychologist advice photo
How to get rid of depression yourself psychologist advice photo

A few examples of those who started living anew and received an answer to their question:

How to Avoid Depression - One Step Left

Previously, people with abstract intelligence went into science and gave the world incredible discoveries, created masterpieces of art, making them feel the depth of meaning in music, literature, painting. And relatively recently, the Internet was opened to the world, erasing all boundaries between people, giving us a new reality. Today this is not enough.

The world is drowning in hatred, enmity and depression. This can be changed by people born to look beyond the usual, discover secrets hidden behind seven castles. And the first, the greatest secret of this world is the human soul. You don't need to be a psychologist, you need to give your powerful intellect the opportunity to work. He will do everything himself. It's time to get out of the darkness and do what you were born for.

Do you remember yesterday? What happened a week ago, a month? Yes, of course, what is there to remember. Same pointlessly dumb life. You tried to run. But it's the same everywhere. Or you are one and the same … You would have gone where your eyes would look, but you understand that there is nothing there either. There is nothing anywhere. The whole world is empty, and you yourself are emptiness.

And you have nowhere to run, you are pinned to the wall by depression. From the moment when it began to seem to you that there was no point, that you were deceived, that your goal was taken away from you, that you were lured into a trap and mercilessly left to perish among those who are not like you.

Enough! Now everything will be different! You just need to come and take the answer. Free training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan takes place online. Join us.

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