Delayed Life Syndrome. Break Out Of The Trap

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Delayed Life Syndrome. Break Out Of The Trap
Delayed Life Syndrome. Break Out Of The Trap

Video: Delayed Life Syndrome. Break Out Of The Trap

Video: Delayed Life Syndrome. Break Out Of The Trap
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Delayed Life Syndrome. Break out of the trap

Stupor, fidgeting, depression, or procrastination? Maybe laziness or apathy? What prevents you from realizing your plans quickly, efficiently and on time?

Procrastination is not what you think. When the to-do list - urgent and important, unnecessary, or "if there is time" - is constantly growing, new to-do's are added, old ones hang, then it's time to despair. But this article will surely help you solve this problem. There are many reasons why you are not getting things done, but for each of you they will be different, depending on your type of psyche (vector set) and its state at a given time. Understanding these features, realizing the true reasons - this is what solves the problem in practice.

Stupor, fidgeting, depression, or procrastination? Maybe laziness or apathy? What prevents you from realizing your plans quickly, efficiently and on time? Let's figure it out using the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Flickering. What to do if "there is no time!"

One of the most common reasons for the inability to get involved in the case is "flickering" in the skin vector. Actually, this very vector is the genius of planning and forecasting. It is the skin vector that gives a person the talent for prioritization.

But when thoughts, like fleas, jump from one object to another, their chaotic running does not want to stop. You grab onto one, switch to the second, hear about the third, forgetting about the first and second. You endlessly make irrational movements. As a result - a lot of started cases with zero productivity. Time is running out, but things are still there.

This behavior occurs in a state of stress in that part of the psyche that we attribute to the skin vector. Realizing what is happening to you on an unconscious level, you are able to stop rushing about. From the seeming lack of time, when you do not have time to do anything, go into a state of composure, do much more and have the desired result from the expenditure of your forces and resources.

Life Delay Syndrome photo
Life Delay Syndrome photo

Material losses, constant failures, problems at work, jealousy, envy of others' success, fuss and constant rush - all these problems of the skin vector are already being worked out at the free introductory online training "System Vector Psychology", allowing you to achieve what seemed unattainable …

Depression, or the search for the meaning of life

If you are a "lucky owner" of a sound vector, it can give you not only brilliant abstract intelligence, but also endogenous depression. Often, such depression, as well as the associated internal search for the global meaning of life's existence, is not recognized. And the to-do list grows and grows, things are not done.

The sound vector is not interested in anything that concerns the material world and its values, but it pulls off all mental and physical resources of a person to itself, because the sound vector is one of the dominant vectors. Until you fill the sound desires, the desires of all other vectors "stand in line." As soon as you fill your sound desires, depression recedes and life begins to boil, the to-do list melts before our eyes.

At the training of Yuri Burlan, you will not only realize the essence of the sound vector, its presence or absence in you, but also learn how not to fall into depression and maintain even, bright, joyful states.

Dreams and reality, or How to find the ideal

Another obstacle to joy in real life is the retreat into their fantasies, which is characteristic of people with a visual vector. Living in our rosy dreams, we often sabotage the real opportunity to be happy.

It seems to us that for happiness it is not enough, for example, to have an amazing person, endowed with the best qualities, and to love us in a special, pleasant way, not forgetting about flowers and romance in the bustle of everyday life. But the truth is that the ideal is often a fiction, and this prevents us from noticing and loving a real person, experiencing deep feelings from closeness and separation of feelings.

Thanks to the knowledge of system-vector psychology, you will not only learn to understand other people - which means that you will increase your ability to experience the joy of communication and belonging to other people by orders of magnitude - but also understand what you are really looking for and who is really capable share your deepest feelings with you.

Jamming and stupor

Very often you simply cannot start a new business, and this inability to start is associated with a stupor. This condition occurs when a person with an anal vector is rushed or required to do several things at the same time. At the same time, returning to your comfortable measured rhythm allows you to restore the ability to act productively.

If procrastination becomes a way of life and even a small action becomes a problem, then this is a signal that the person is deeply offended. Without positive feedback, respect and recognition, people with an anal vector lose all motivation to do anything.

The need to restore justice to oneself implies that the next step is for someone else. The person takes a position of expectation with the feeling that "they owe him." Parents, children, spouses, society. At the same time, dissatisfaction and disappointment with life are constantly growing.

There is only one way to get out of this state - by realizing and letting go of grievances.

Already at the free online training, a deep study of the negative states of the anal vector takes place, which, together with the awareness of the psyche of other people, helps to let go of grievances - there is an ease that many people who have completed the training describe: it leaves like a stone from the soul. You can read numerous reviews about this here.

The psyche returns to a balanced state, and along with this there is a desire to live here and now in full force, the joy of communication and one's own achievements.

Procrastination, or Pathological Postponement

True procrastination or pathological inability to start a new business is less common. This is the problem of the anal vector that is laid in deep childhood, if in childhood we go through stress that we are unable to adapt. Often he is associated with a relationship with the most important person - mom.

Lack of her support (or other significant people), condemnation, constant rushing, a prolonged lack of a sense of security can lead to chronic constipation and delay in psychosexual development, as a result of which any first step, the beginning of something will be persistently associated with pain and avoided, and postponement even evoke positive emotions.

It is impossible to get out of this psychological trap on your own. A deep understanding of one's nature, which occurs at the training of Yuri Burlan, allows you to get rid of the consequences of childhood psychotraumas and start acting, implementing plans and getting great pleasure from it.

Depression + stupor + fidgeting

If you are a carrier of several vectors at the same time, you can only guess how many contradictions and difficulties this can bring into your life.

You can learn how to understand your states and overcome what prevents you from experiencing the joy of life, to fully realize yourself at the free online training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

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