Why Does Society Need Ideology, Or How To Save Russia

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Why Does Society Need Ideology, Or How To Save Russia
Why Does Society Need Ideology, Or How To Save Russia
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Why does society need ideology, or How to save Russia

A people without ideology is like a man without a head. If there is no idea in your head, there will always be someone who will put his own there.

Any state has a national idea. Ideology is a single core, without which no society can survive.

For example, in Switzerland, this is the idea of ​​a state of free people, in which languages ​​and ethnic groups are not decisive. The idea of ​​the USA is "do it yourself", that is, the idea that a person should take full responsibility for his life and achieve everything with his own efforts. In Finland, ecology and a healthy lifestyle have been elevated to the rank of a national idea. These ideas help society to survive and preserve itself.

In Russia, the old Soviet ideology has gone, the new one has not come. How this threatens society and how this problem is solved - we consider in this article.

What happens when there is no ideology

In this sense, the 90s became the most terrible for Russia, when our country collapsed into the skin phase of development - the time of the heyday of individualism and consumer society. The transition was marked by the collapse of the USSR and the ideology of the communist society.

In return, nothing was offered. A people without ideology is like a man without a head. If there is no idea in the head, there will always be someone who will put his own there. In the absence of a unifying idea, it is easy to exert a corrupting influence on the people. Examples of this are the modern color revolutions in the former republics of the USSR.

The massive impact on the minds of Russians was not long in coming. First of all, the blow fell on our past values ​​and achievements - communism turned into a "scoop", our ancestors became "commies" and "suckers", Stalin was equated with Hitler, the heroic victory in the Great Patriotic War, which cost the people millions of lives, was called the occupation …

Pride for your people gave way to condemnation. By devaluing what society was based on, we were deprived of our foundation. Instead, Western values ​​of individualism, consumption and material success were proposed. There is nothing wrong with them, they just are not aligned with our natural mental aspirations. In addition, our minds, disoriented by the crushing blow to basic values, have fallen on pathologically.

In fact, Western society is a society of technology and law. This is how a developed representative of the skin vector and skin mentality manifests itself. But archetypal (undeveloped) representatives floated up to the top: speculators, black-marketeers, creators of exaggerated schemes of quick and easy enrichment. In the conditions of confusion, chaos, stress, loss of a sense of security and safety, chronic lack of money, we began to focus on the archetypal slogans of enrichment and consumption. We lost coherence, and, armed with values ​​alien to us - "every man for himself", we began to destroy our society.

Why does society need ideology picture
Why does society need ideology picture

Social psychopathologies flourished in a violent color - nepotism, corruption, ignorance of the law, devaluation of moral guidelines. The concept of shame has perverted. I was not ashamed to give a bribe, I was not ashamed to steal, but I was ashamed to love and show feelings.

Having joined the consumption race, we do not have the time and desire to pass on Russian values ​​to our children, the good things that are in Russian history, culture, and mentality. As a result, our children are losing their roots. They listen to western music, watch Hollywood movies. They are already mentally more Europeans than Russians and are looking towards the West with interest. It is there that they see their realization, and not in their homeland. We ourselves contribute to this by sending children to study abroad, thereby confirming that you have no future here.

Individual attempts are being made to revive the memory of the past, to foster patriotism. Films are being shot that tell about the victories of our ancestors - military, sports, about breakthroughs in space exploration. But all this is drowning in a sea of ​​negativity and lies that fall on our values, our way of life, our memory.

And no matter how we bring up patriotism in our children, here, in the Motherland, they see something for which it is impossible to love her - corruption, nepotism, the absence of social lifts for those who really need them. This kills the desire to live in "this country", because there is no opportunity to fully realize their talents.

Whatever we are doing in this direction now, it will be ideology in form. And we need to fill it with content. This is impossible without knowing your nature, your psyche. And this means - their true values, properties, desires.

An example of a unifying ideology in the USSR

The deceitful idea and the demonization of the USSR gave rise to many to assert that ideology is harmful. This is something artificial, imposed by force, almost brainwashing, deceiving the people, an attempt on the freedom of man and his rights, an attempt to force everyone to walk in formation. And this is the most erroneous and destructive conclusion that one could come to, looking at everything that happens.

The Soviet state was a "test of the pen", an attempt ahead of its time to create new social relations, while the psyche of mankind was not yet ripe for this. Human nature is selfish. A person seeks to receive personal pleasure, and he does not care about other people. Moreover, a person is characterized by dislike for his neighbor. However, one can survive only together, in a society of their own kind.

The communist idea was about this - about the priority of the public over the personal, about collectivism, that is, about something that is deeply contrary to human nature, but without which he cannot survive. Communism - from the French word "general, public". The communist idea showed the way to humanity - to more and more unification through overcoming hostility.

This idea perfectly matched the collectivist values ​​of the Russian people - the bearer of a unique urethral-muscular mentality. That is why our grandfathers really managed to translate these values ​​into reality in many ways.

How to save a Russian picture
How to save a Russian picture

In the early USSR, everyone worked for the general welfare. The public was given priority over the personal. Social security was the norm. Families with many children were allocated apartments. Education and healthcare were really free. Social elevators helped any person to take a position in society in accordance with their abilities, regardless of whether he was born in the capital or in the provinces, in a prosperous family or not. This was facilitated, among other things, by the Houses of Pioneers, free circles, from which a galaxy of talented design engineers and inventors emerged.

The country's leadership carefully monitored what influenced the minds of citizens. This is cinema, literature, and education. There was a censorship that did not allow sick and destructive ideas, shaking, undermining the foundations of the state, to penetrate the consciousness of people. On the other hand, those works were created that formed the correct values ​​of patriotism, concern for the common good, contributed to the manifestation of real and deep feelings, humanity.

There were uniform textbooks on history and literature, which formed a single associative array in children, which created the preconditions for unification in the future. History, literature are very important disciplines for the preservation of society, because they form a citizen, his attitude to the past, traditions, his cultural level. That is why it is important to have uniform textbooks on these subjects in the country.

It is important to educate the younger generation on heroic examples, of which there are a lot in our past, because such a mentality is heroic. Then there is natural pride in the country. For the good of such a country, one wants to work, and not leave to seek happiness abroad. All this happened in the USSR.

Vivid examples of the positive effect of such a unifying idea for Russia are a breakthrough in industrialization, as a result of which the country, which at that time was in complete ruin, reached a high level of industrial development in a very short period and managed to win the Second World War.

Our grandfathers built a bright future, so they lived in a bright present. Despite all the difficulties of the formation of the Soviet state in the post-war period, external threats, they were happy because they felt protected. Why? Because there was an ideology that consolidated society, united on something greater than themselves, and set the goal of its movement into the future.

We yearn for union

Now, probably, every Russian feels how the level of hostility in society goes off scale. We, like wild animals, rush at each other for the most insignificant reasons. They made a remark not to walk with the dog on the playground - and you are mixed with mud. Children laugh at the disabled person, and no parent makes comments to them. They seem to be cultured and well-mannered people, but we behave as if no one had ever taught us to live in society, to respect other people.

Of course, they taught, but the level of frustration among people is such that from the slightest spark it breaks into a raging flame of hostility. And these frustrations are not only personal. For the most part, they are associated with the fact that we live contrary to our mental nature. As bearers of a communal and collectivist mentality, we are tired of individualism and subconsciously crave unity. And this desire of ours is already breaking through into individual cases of like-mindedness, one feeling.

Unification of Russia picture
Unification of Russia picture

This happened with the action "Immortal Regiment", which no one lowered from above. It was initiated by ordinary people, and picked up by millions. It was one desire. No one was forced, everyone came voluntarily, at the call of the heart.

This was the case with the victory of our team in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup. We saw an example of how our team played not for themselves, not for a million (ours generally do not know how to play for money), but for people, their fellow citizens, Russians. They played for the Motherland. Our footballers said so before the match: “We play for you”. It was an example of how you can do the work you love for people.

The historic victory over the Spanish national team inspired the Russians so much that the jubilation and fraternization in the streets did not stop all night. Strangers hugged like family, sang and danced together. It was a nationwide, unauthorized, unplanned holiday.

Is it because we felt what we are and what we are capable of when we do something for others? Is it because our thirst for unification is so great, our desire for the Motherland to become a strong and progressive power again? In sports, in science, in culture …

Why ideology is needed

Ideology lends coherence to our lives. It creates a collective understanding of the direction of movement - where we should go, in which direction. After all, how to get along in a society where everyone has their own ideas about how to live? It is almost impossible - to the point that in such a society people cannot find a common language even in a family. Ideology sets the attitude towards reality and the people around.

Ideology is also a consensus about the upbringing of the younger generation. What are the values ​​to educate him in order to raise citizens who are not indifferent to the fate of their country? After all, children are our future. And it depends on what we put into their heads today whether they will be able to preserve our state tomorrow or not.

If we don’t invest, then there will be those who will do it for us. Such as the rapper Faith with his obscene rap that devalues ​​everything that makes a person human - sensuality, culture, the desire to be useful to society.

Ideology is a set of common values, according to which the state functions and which serve to consolidate the people, and therefore to preserve them. It is an indicator of the direction in which society will develop.

There is no national idea in modern Russia. This is extremely dangerous and destructive for the state. Moreover, the country had a life experience with a strong unifying idea. This means that there is an opportunity to understand how it works. At Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", special attention is paid to the topic of the unification and revival of Russia. After all, we are talking about the preservation of our country.

What idea can save us

In order for our desire for unification to manifest itself not only spontaneously, from time to time, without affecting the general course of history in any way, it must be realized. You need to understand your nature.

Now we have the opportunity to understand ourselves with the help of System-Vector Psychology, and the consequences of this can be global. Getting rid of personal frustrations, deep understanding of other people and, as a result, getting rid of hostility can become that step that will help people to unite, to feel the strength and ability to change our common life for the better in uniting.

Russia is a country with a unique mentality that is not found in any other country in the world - collectivist and communal. We are able to unite. We have an innate priority of the public over the personal. Western countries are not capable of deep unification due to their skinny, individualistic mentality. For them, breaking personal boundaries is deeply disgusting.

It is the bearers of the Russian collectivist mentality that are able to perceive ideas about the inclusion of another person in themselves. This means - to feel the other person as himself, his desires, his thoughts, his values. This becomes possible in the process of studying the vector system. And when you fully understand another person, the reasons for his actions, even if not always biased, you are forever cured of hostility. You cannot harm him, just as you cannot harm yourself. This is the beginning of the unification.

Country ideology picture
Country ideology picture

The Russian idea can be what in system-vector psychology is called "the disclosure of the species in itself" - the preservation of the human species through awareness of the human psyche and overcoming hostility. You need to start with yourself. Through the disclosure of the psyche of the species, we can restore order in our own country, get rid of nepotism and corruption, properly educate the new generation, give them a real opportunity to realize their talents in their homeland, strengthen the social unit - the family, increase demography, and revive the economy.

That is why at the training "System-Vector Psychology" the analysis of social topics has a huge therapeutic effect, although we come to solve some of our own personal, narrow problems. As you know, "if a finger hurts, the spine must be treated."

Ideology is consistency of the species. Systemic vector psychology is more than an ideology. This is awareness of oneself and others, new thinking that will preserve the human species.

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