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Video: Sound Vector - Page 2
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Sound vector

Night is the sound time of the day. In the primitive flock, the soundman listened to the silence: had a twig crunched somewhere under the leopard's paw? Late in the evening and at night, the sound engineers feel much more cheerful than during the day. It is difficult for them to get up early, they cannot wake up for a long time.

Typical speech turns:

  • All is vanity of vanities!
  • Look inside yourself.

    Know yourself!

  • Silence

general characteristics

Number five%
Archetype Root Cause Feedback
Species role Night Guardian of the Pack
The most comfortable color Blue
Geometry of the greatest comfort Absent
Place in a quartet Inner quarter of information, utterly introvert
Type of intelligence Abstract

Features of the psyche

They say about him: "Not of this world … He's some kind of strange, eccentric, silent with selective contact." These are the first definitions, often observed by others, that receive a sound vector in system-vector psychology.

The sound engineer is an absolute egocentric. He is arrogant, in his own feelings he is the smartest, "above all", so he can be considered arrogant. This is the greatest introvert, closed in the shell of his own body, completely focused on himself and his states. The most common word in the speech of a sound specialist is the pronoun "I".


A sound child already at the age of 5-6 begins to ask questions about the meaning of life: “Dad, who are we? Why do we live? What is the sense of life? And what is death? What will happen after we die? What is space? And infinity? Why am I in my body, and not, for example, in the body of my brother?"

In the period of growing up, these questions seem to be drowned out, forced out deeply into the unconscious, making themselves felt only by signals of vague melancholy and depression, a feeling of "world sorrow" in order to become especially acute during puberty and in the future.

Some of the audio specialists verbalize internal questions, and some do not ask them, but as if something constantly pulls them into topics related to these questions. For example, a physicist is often unaware of the reasons for his research. He will not tell you: "I am studying the structure of the universe" - he does not think so. He thinks that he is solving an applied problem that no one else has solved before.

In their search for the Root Cause, sound scholars study religions and spiritual practices. Sometimes they go from the opposite and, trying to prove that there is no God, become atheists. Only a sound person can prove so furiously that there is no God, because the question of God's existence is only a sound question.

The sound vector is unique in that it is the only vector that does not have material desires. Sex, family, children, money, career, honor and fame, even knowledge - none of this is of value in the sound vector. The sound vector is the only one, striving with all its desires to cognize one's Self, the Basic Law of the Universe, the First Cause, God.

His task is to comprehend the metaphysical world, and all the properties of the sound engineer (except for the basic physical ones - to eat, drink, breathe, sleep) are aimed only at this. The sound vector is dominant, that is, the power of desire in sound is the greatest, much greater than in other vectors.

Sound vector is asexual. All desires of the sound engineer are directed to the non-material plane, this suppresses sexual desire. Even the greatest libido caused by the "lower" vectors is lowered by the "upper" vectors, especially Sound.

The sound engineer often speaks in a barely audible, quiet voice and often does not like the sound of his voice. Every time before answering the question, he takes a time-out: “Huh? What? Will you come to me?.. "- he asks, as if he had not heard the question. This gives him time to emerge from himself and then fully respond. When he speaks, he pauses, thinks, freezes.

The sound engineer often prefers non-verbal communication on the Internet to live communication: it is easier for him to write what he wants to communicate to another person, even in the same room with him, than to say with his voice. In addition, smells and everything else that distracts from the meaning of what has been said are not involved in "Internet conversations". When he speaks, he often closes his eyes, disconnecting from the world of images, the world outside, focusing on sounds, words, intonations.

The soundman prefers to communicate with people like himself. Sound specialists understand each other without words, they say so: "We are pleased to be silent together."


Night is the sound time of the day. In the primitive flock, the soundman performed the function of the night guard of the flock, was awake when everyone else was asleep. He listened attentively to the silence: had a twig crunched somewhere under the leopard's paw? To this day, in the evening and at night, the sound engineers feel much more cheerful than during the day. For the same reason, they prefer to go to bed late and hardly obey the usual routine: it is difficult for them to get up early, they cannot wake up for a long time.

In modern society, sound people still “watch the pack” at night, but already, for example, sitting on the Internet, listening to music on headphones, reading books and thinking.

The sound child is quieter than the others, does not run and does not make noise during breaks with everyone, preferring solitude. An eccentric quiet man with the look of an adult, brooding and uncommunicative. The soundman's face is amimic and does not reflect emotions at all. At the same time, the emotions of the sound engineer are no less strong and even deeper than those of others, only they are not carried out. So from the outside you can not even guess about them.

The way a sound child manifests himself in school speaks a lot about his condition. A child with a suppressed sound vector is withdrawn and alienated. It is difficult for him to find a common language with peers. At night he is busy with his "business", living in his own world, the world of fantasy, ideas and music, he rarely gets enough sleep. As a result, in the first half of the day, he is in a state of half-sleep, failing the tests, which are so often given in the first lessons. Such a child runs the risk of falling into the category of unsuccessful ones, may even receive the stamp of mentally retarded by mistake.

The same sonic child, with adequate development, in good conditions for the sound vector, shows brilliant intellectual abilities and good learning ability. He often finds it particularly easy to learn languages. Sound children very well feel intonation, sound of speech and are able to speak any foreign language without an accent. They are the only ones with abstract thinking, they can solve the most difficult problems in physics and mathematics. The best of the best in these areas, they become prize winners of the Olympiads.

The key point is the right approach to these children. Parents of sound children should provide their child with the most favorable environment: silence and the possibility of privacy. Loud noises - such as slamming doors and clattering dishes - are harmful to the sound baby. In no case should you shout at a sound child, you shouldn't insult him: "What kind of idiot you are, why did I give birth to you!" The humiliation of a sound person and frequent scandals between parents can significantly reduce his ability to learn and connect with other people. This is how the first blow to the sound sensor occurs. An autistic person is a traumatized sound person, and the extreme stress of a sound child turns into a sound neurosis - schizophrenia.

The state of absolute comfort for the sound engineer is silence. Silence is a means of self-absorption, only in silence one can think well. The soundman avoids noisy companies and places, preferring solitude.

Sound scientists have an abstract intellect, in potential the most powerful, capable of comprehending abstract non-material concepts. Ideas, their creation, dissemination are sound. These ideas are global in nature, change the world around us and determine the direction of movement of social transformations and the general development of mankind. The direction of his ideas depends on the development and realization of the sound engineer - from misanthropic ones (with insufficient development and frustrations, for example, like Hitler's) to those driving the people or all of humanity into the future (Tsiolkovsky, Einstein, Landau, Tesla and many others).

The sound vector is one of the three "reading" vectors. Sound scientists prefer poetry, science fiction, books on philosophy and psychology. They study esoterics, religions, theology, physics. They do not sleep at night, but philosophize, contemplating the night sky, they can look at the stars for hours, getting a kind of comfort from this.


Sound people love music, choosing the one that is in tune with their inner state. The desire to listen to hard rock loudly is an attempt to reduce the pain in the sound vector suffering from the inability to fill. Music is a kind of filling of the lower levels of desire of the sound vector. But in recent decades, music is no longer able to fully fill the sound person, since the temperament, that is, the power of desire - vector, has grown significantly. The sound engineer, whose unconscious desires are filled, ceases to need music, he prefers silence.

Back in the 20th century, a sound engineer could be filled with philosophy, music, poetry, realize himself as a philosopher, theologian, musician, physicist, poet, director. In recent decades, nothing has quenched the thirst for real spiritual comprehension, and sound specialists are in the most difficult conditions, feeling a more or less conscious inner search, which they cannot fill with anything.

Widespread addiction to computer games (especially those associated with violence) is an indicator of a depressive sound vector. Immersion in the world of computer games only intensifies the isolation from reality and fuels the misanthropic ideas of unhealthy sound people.

Depression is an abnormal condition for a sound engineer, but alas, today it is the most common for most of them. Getting out of depression turns out to be a difficult task for people with a sound vector. Unable to cope with their specific role, tormented by internal questions, yearning and restless, they sometimes decide to commit suicide, subconsciously hoping to get to God through the back door. They say so: "There is no sense in this life, the soul is cramped and painful in the bodily shell." The sound specialists release the soul from the body, hoping for eternal life in another dimension … But this is a mistake. Only here, in the physical world, only in the body, is a person able to fulfill the Sound task of comprehending his Self and the Universe.

The soundman is constantly immersed in himself. Thinking about something, he is detached from what is happening outside. The entire sound self is directed towards inner self-contemplation. The colossal concentration of the sound engineer on himself is an attempt to realize what is not realized, to win back a piece of territory from the Unconscious by means of awareness.

Plunging into himself too deeply, he loses contact with the material world so much that he literally forgets to eat and drink. Having felt a strong weakness in the body, he cannot even immediately understand what is the matter. They ask him: “Have you eaten? When did you eat? " And he replies: “I don’t remember … probably yesterday …” Sound specialists are the only ones who do not feel the body. They are sure that the body is on its own, and they are on their own. Sometimes it seems to them that the body is interfering, it is hard to carry it on itself, it wants to eat, etc., while it must fulfill its specific role. At the same time, one must understand that the hardest job for a sound engineer is the work of the mind. There is no harder work than the work of the mind in the sound vector.

It is difficult for a sound engineer to put his desires into words, he is looking for something, but he himself does not know exactly what. And no material entity is capable of filling its emptiness. People without a sound vector cannot understand it: “Vasya, what are you doing? You have everything! What else do you want? I put in the same thing - "there is no point, why is everything" - live like everyone else!"

For a sound engineer, an unconscious lack of answers to all his internal questions is like a toothache during a holiday: life is boiling around, but he has no time for it. He suffers in the search for meaning and, not finding it, suffers from the meaninglessness of existence in this world, burdens with his body.

Unable to withstand such colossal internal stress, the sound engineer goes into depression, drugs, suffers from insomnia, headaches, in complete despair can decide to commit suicide.


Often the sound engineer - potentially the owner of the most brilliant abstract intellect, capable of majestic comprehension of the spirit on the scale of all mankind - in an undeveloped and unrealized state never finds his own natural long path. Then he is doomed to wandering in the nooks and crannies of petty, outdated, untenable, or even simply crazy mental delusions.

For the first time in the world, system-vector psychology provides the key of knowledge that reveals for other people the introverted, closed inner mental volume of this, as it is often called, “out of this world”, sound type. And to the sound person himself - the awareness of his natural predestination and receiving the fulfillment of his natural desires, the realization of properties. All this can bring him to a height of incomparable awareness and meaningfulness of life.

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