Sound Vector Implementation. On Both Sides Of The Eardrum

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Sound Vector Implementation. On Both Sides Of The Eardrum
Sound Vector Implementation. On Both Sides Of The Eardrum
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Sound vector implementation. On both sides of the eardrum

What could be a more powerful deterrent than love, morality, humanity? What can convince a person not to harm his neighbor? Today no ideology can cope with the task at hand. The most powerful, uncontrollable enmity will break through any dam. Only the disclosure of the nature of man, his depth psychology can save the situation. It is this opening that is the basis for building a sound - spiritual connection …

A person perceives the world inside (I am my feelings and thoughts) and the world outside (the reality that I see and can touch, other people).

A person with a sound vector is the only one who has both the “world inside” and the “world outside” in himself. Consciousness, thoughts and feelings, the feeling of "I" - this is "the world inside." The unsolved darkness of the unconscious is the "world outside." And the mortal material world is often illusory for him - either reality, or reality …

Such a psychological device of a sound engineer is an ideal condition for him to fulfill his purpose.

Connections between people

A person implements skills and abilities in the world outside. The owner of the muscle vector sows and plows, the skin vector trades, creates laws, the visual vector makes the world more human. Realization is a socially beneficial act. In the process of implementing all eight vectors, connections between people are created and strengthened. For example, a person with an anal vector, passing on experience, maintains a connection between generations: "My grandfather taught me how to saw with a jigsaw, and now I teach you, granddaughter …" So the connection between the past and the future is closed, our children will not have to reinvent everything …

A person with a sound vector is no exception. Its implementation is also among people, also benefits the whole species and is also about unification, creating a connection between individual individuals. The specific task of the modern sound engineer is to create the last, spiritual connection between people.

Today, the human species is kept from death by the law introduced by the owners of the skin vector, and the connection created by the spectators. Its principle of action is based on empathy with your neighbor. People have not yet killed each other just because there are developed spectators with their hearts full of love. They instill in us anti-killing: "We are people, not animals!.." Examples of fearless, sacrificial service to the good of people with a visual vector touch our hearts, glow in them with a faint light and at the moment of an outbreak of hostility they become a moral guide.

However, the light is really weak. Today hostility has reached its maximum, and it is no longer possible to restrain it with earthly love and the law. So are people doomed to grin viciously at each other and cause more and more damage?

Sound vector implementation picture
Sound vector implementation picture

In nature, nothing exists just like that. The internal threat of self-destruction is a whip that drives all of humanity, the entire species to the creation of the last, eighth of eight, connection - spiritual. And this mission is entrusted to people with a sound vector. And if they do not fulfill their duty to the species, all of humanity suffers, including the sound people, because they are part of the organism.

Feel the unity

What could be a more powerful deterrent than love, morality, humanity? What can convince a person not to harm his neighbor? Today no ideology can cope with the task at hand. The most powerful, uncontrollable enmity will break through any dam. Only the disclosure of the nature of man, his depth psychology can save the situation. It is this opening that is the basis for building a sound - spiritual connection.

Spiritual connection brings our lives in line with what is hidden. The fact is that the psyche of each person is a part of the general eight-dimensional matrix of the psychic. Our collective unconscious is one for all, for all seven billion people. Individual consciousness hides this truth of life in a dense veil: we feel only the beating of our heart and react to the movement of convolutions in our own brain.

By the way, bitter thoughts on this topic often visit the heads of sound specialists before the training "System-vector psychology". They feel absolute loneliness as a black curse, as a sentence. You can enter the position of another person, you can sympathize with all your heart, but no one can ever feel a person's soul as he himself feels it.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan reveals the unconscious, for the first time describes the full eight-dimensional matrix of the psychic. After completing the training, each student receives the necessary and sufficient amount of knowledge in order to see the soul of another person at a glance. This skill of a new, systemic perception of reality forms systems thinking. Its use in life gives results to everyone, and for people with a sound vector, systems thinking becomes the direct basis in the realization of their mission.

The principle of creating a spiritual connection is to include the other in oneself. When a person perceives the psyche of another person, he feels the experiences of his neighbor, he can even track the course of his thoughts. This is not magic and witchcraft, this is science.

But how can psychology, recognizing the vectors of others, including others in oneself, save the human species from self-destruction? The fact is that by perceiving other people's desires and feelings as our own, that is, including another person in ourselves, we become a single whole. And then we lose the ability to harm another and even just feel dislike for him. A person is not able to harm himself. And when the other is also me, we cease to be a threat to each other.

Overcome obstacles on the way to the Goal

Sonic is born with especially sensitive ears. Nature hoped, they say, will grow up - it will even hear the breath of the stars. But in reality, the floorboards creak at home, outside the window builders hammer piles, neighbors are drilling the walls, mom and dad are swearing, everyone is swearing around, the TV does not go silent … Due to the fact that the sound player receives so many hits on the sensor, he stops focusing on the world outside.

Listening to the outside world is so painful! And a child with a sound vector grows up completely immersed in himself. Then she experiences many side effects - from depression to suicidal thoughts. After completing training in systemic vector psychology and receiving a recommendation to focus on other people, such a sound engineer is faced with a choice: to be or not to be - to retrain and listen to the world outside or to remain focused on oneself with all the ensuing consequences.

He encounters a lot of obstacles, and the desired goal of sound realization weakly flickers a distant star in the dark sky. However, getting a star from the sky is real, you just need to know where the traps are, how not to fall into them, and if you get caught, how to get out.

In primitive times, the species role of a person with a sound vector is the night guard of the pack. From dusk to dawn, he listened to the world outside - would a twig crack under the paw of a creeping leopard? A matter of vital importance: for a moment you think about your fate, and that's it - already in dangerously close proximity you can feel the stinking breath of a predator. By natural compulsion, the early sonic's concentration outside was 100%.

Today you can turn on the alarm and protect yourself from unwanted visits. And people with a sound vector are absolutely focused on themselves: “Who am I? Where am I from and where am I going? What is the meaning of my life? " …

Sound engineers do not think about what is happening in the world outside. There is no time and energy left: reflections on their own purpose on the scale of the universe occupy their thoughts both day and night. And, to be honest, there is no desire either - after all, the reality in their feelings is illusory and meaningless.

And the typical sound engineer prefers night, silence and loneliness. If it were his will, he would not leave the house for months. Let's say you can still imagine how his work benefits people - a programmer writes programs, a writer writes books, a military engineer creates advanced technologies, etc. But how does he create and strengthen the bond between people?

Already at the first level of Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", participants receive a sufficient amount of information to begin to recognize vectors, that is, the psyche of another person, to hear his soul. However, this is only half the job.

The point is, changing your mindset isn't easy. There are many aggravating factors. If only because a person has lived all his life, all the previous 20-40-80 years with one worldview, and now he is trying to change it to the opposite.

Sound vector picture
Sound vector picture

Another problem is that focusing is time consuming. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate the causal relationships of the emergence and evolution of human desires in all eight vectors. You need to make an effort, and a phenomenal one: digging from the fence until lunchtime is easier than thinking intensely about the structure of the unconscious "neighbor".

And even if the whip of depression, apathy, migraines and other symptoms of sound unrealization whips so that the person is ready to make an effort, there is another trap. Implementation is not “done and done”, but “doing and I'm in the flow”. It is impossible to be realized once and for all.

By inertia, a good state from emasculation in socially useful action can last for some time, but not for long. In the sound vector it is very short, because the sound desire is dominant, very strong, overlapping the power of desires in other vectors. The realization of this desire is urgent. Emptiness - suffering - the size of infinity almost instantly falls on the sound engineer, who neglected to fulfill his specific role.

What is the effect of focus?

The flip side of a large number of obstacles on the life path of a sound engineer is endless pleasure while filling the vector. All previously experienced pain and expended efforts seem like an insignificant trifle, an unequal price.

A person gets used to good things very quickly. I concentrated, strained my mind and heart and got the result - I want more. And if yesterday you were focused for two hours, today you want (and therefore can) four. Progressing rapidly in the amount and quality of concentration, the sound engineer gets great pleasure out of life.

The desire to sleep for 16 hours, headache, apathy, depression, suicidal thoughts disappear. The feeling of the meaninglessness of one's life, uselessness and worthlessness is forever gone. Loneliness is forgotten like a bad dream when you are alone with a black hole in your soul.

Instead, there are clear answers to all internal questions. And also something that cannot be described in words - a sensory perception of the meaning of life. This is how the sound specialists who have completed the training "System-vector psychology" speak about it:

All this is the result of the disclosure of the unconscious, causal relationships, which show where human desires come from, how they develop, etc. Watching the unconscious live without interruptions and weekends gives the feeling that here it is - a single, eternal, endless source. And you are part of it.

How to include another person?

Above, the prehistoric sound specialist has already been mentioned. To understand how to include another person in yourself today, let's turn to him again.

An early sound engineer listened intently to the savannah, trying to figure out - what is this sound? Is the wind playing or is a predator sneaking? He listened and recognized.

A modern sound engineer, possessing knowledge from the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, also listens and recognizes, only now - the essence of a person, his soul. And the more accurately it recognizes, the better the result will be.

At first, keywords come to the rescue. All people express their vector desires. Concentrated listening to a person for literally 10-15 minutes, one can already say what desires they live. But this is not enough.

Asking yourself additional questions and finding answers to them, you can feel the fullest possible inclusion. What is the state of the human vector? What is the background (causal relationship) of this person? How does he feel now? What is he thinking about? What will happen to him next? All these questions can be answered by sounding deeply imbued with the state of mind of another person.

Concentration requires effort, at least at first. This is somewhat like mastering a new topic in physics. The teacher explained in one lesson and set tasks to solve at home. You sit, creak your brains. You delve into the conditions as much as possible, drive away any other thoughts. If you manage to achieve full concentration, the problem is solved quickly and, most importantly, correctly.

Finish beyond the horizon

People with a sound vector in childhood - why are they, and in adulthood - why. Only they always need an answer to the question “Why? What is the point? ", Otherwise life guidelines are lost, and life is paralyzed.

For each individual sound specialist, inclusion in himself, concentration is a way to change the perception of reality. Systems thinking allows you to go beyond the boundaries of your own little world and feel reality as it is - eight-dimensional.

First, revolutionary thinking is mastered by them - people with innate egocentrism, with a sense of both "worlds" within themselves, with sensitive ears, with abstract intelligence. And then it is passed on to other people, because we all communicate, we influence each other: we work together, make friends, create families, etc.

Well, what is the next link in this causal relationship is a completely different story …

A person is driven to happiness with a stick, clearly showing "what is good, what is bad." Each person has a choice - to be inside, deep in oneself, outside the brackets, or to take oneself out - to focus with all the strength of his mind and heart on what is happening around him and feel Life.

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