The Final Of Evolution. The Role Of The Sound Vector

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The Final Of Evolution. The Role Of The Sound Vector
The Final Of Evolution. The Role Of The Sound Vector

Video: The Final Of Evolution. The Role Of The Sound Vector

Video: The Final Of Evolution. The Role Of The Sound Vector
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The final of evolution. The role of the sound vector

What do you think will be the peak of human development? Lack of wars and economic crises? Free movement across galaxies? Eternal youth, eternal health … eternal life? The latter option is perhaps the closest to the truth, only if you understand it allegorically …

"The entire history of human development is a process of changing the perception of reality by an observer."

Yuri Burlan

This article is about the meaning of life. Or even this: about the purpose of a person with a sound vector. What should a sound engineer do in his life? How? And, most importantly, why?

Exceptional feature

What do you think will be the peak of human development? Lack of wars and economic crises? Free movement across galaxies? Eternal youth, eternal health … eternal life? The latter option is perhaps the closest to the truth only if it is understood allegorically.

Man is a non-biological entity. What makes a person human? Man is a conscious and sensual form of life. We think and empathize. Man is the only one in nature who exists without blind obedience to instincts. We are proud owners of consciousness, it gives us the ability to feel our Self, think, reason and act on the basis of our own inventions.

A person has a very special perception of reality. And one of its amazing qualities is the ability to evolve. Not a single animal changes its system of representing the world (if that is how one can call the instinctive, subordinate to consistency with its species, the outlook of a biorobot - a monkey, dove, cat, dog …).

Human perception of reality is evolving, and people with a sound vector play a key role in this process.

Causal relationship

Humanity began with a collective perception of itself. During the very first, muscular stage of development, there was no single-person perception. Each person felt like an inseparable part of the pack. A weak person without an innate weapon of murder - claws, horns and fangs - could not provide himself with enough food and at some point became starved to the point of impossibility. Gradually, under the influence of hunger, mutations began.

And here again it is important to remind: the essence of a person is non-biological. Physically, we differ little from our primitive ancestors. Well, the eyebrows look decent, well, the jaw does not protrude so much. But after all, wings or at least claws have not grown, like those of a bear (over there, a grizzly's "nails" can reach 15 centimeters!).

All evolution fell on our intangible part, which makes man a man - the psyche.

So, at first, an additional desire arises in the skin vector - to get more food than can be eaten at one time, and to save a supply for the future. This was a breakthrough! It would seem, live and be happy. Mine, save prudently - and you won't know hunger. But no, threats to the survival of the human species are growing and a refrigerator full of mammoths is no longer saving.

The basic collective, specific desire to preserve itself evolves, and an additional desire arises in the oral vector. This is how we humans gain the ability to speak and not only. And again threats are growing, there is a need to transfer skills and abilities from generation to generation, so that the offspring does not have to reinvent the stone ax and stone scraper every time - this additional desire is realized by people with an anal vector.

This is how, according to the law of causality, development is going on, the psyche of people becomes more complicated. An important point: nothing comes out of nowhere. Nothing appears just like that. Everything has a meaning.

Final evolution photo
Final evolution photo

The end that began

How does the evolution of perception of reality take place? A person starts from the starting point of feeling that he is absolutely merged with the "organism" of the pack, gradually, by 1/8 (by the number of vectors), consciousness develops. First, the pioneers - people with a skin vector - have a slightly flickering consciousness. Its essence is the feeling of tomorrow, of time. Hence the desire to provide food not only for the daily day.

The desire to save oneself faced more and more serious threats to survival, difficult to overcome, and mutations went on and on, one after another. The last one was - in the sound vector.

The primary species role of the sound engineer was formed at the dawn of mankind and is called the "night guard of the pack". The emergence of this "profession" is also due to the law of causality and the desire of the species to survive in the food chain: either you eat or you.

The ancient sound engineer listened to the world around him at night. Everyone was asleep, he alone was awake, alone with the endless space, beckoning his heart and mind with the starry sky. And for a reason, by the way. After all, the infinity of the Universe is so similar to the unconscious, which is to be revealed to the sound engineer.

You need to understand that the performance of a primitive species role was not for a sound engineer by listening to an audio recording of "sounds of nature" for the sake of relaxation. It was concentration outside, the essence of which is a matter of life and death. After all, either you or you. And the question of instant or belated response to the challenges of the landscape is still the key to survival.

A man as he is inside is the same outside. And vice versa. The following mechanism worked for the sound engineer: the most attentive concentration on the outside gave feedback - the deepest concentration within oneself. The result of these "exercises" was another breakthrough in the evolution of the worldview. Perhaps it can even be called the Big Bang. What actually happened?

The First Man, the owner of the sound vector, accumulated such a volume of efforts to concentrate outside that his perception of reality changed. He came up with a brilliant idea unknown to people before: there is a flock and there is me. I! And at the same moment, the sound head explodes with questions logically arising from the realization of its own uniqueness: who am I, what is the meaning of my life ?!

The life of all mankind will never be the same again.

Depression - Bullying or an Impartial Mechanism?

The whole further history of the development of mankind with all its wars, scientific discoveries, tragedies and achievements is a process of searching for answers to sound questions: who am I? what is the sense of life?

There were beliefs and religions. Philosophy and Science. Classical music and literature. There were great social transformations, ideologies. And after all, it all began with the one sitting in the darkness, silence and loneliness of the first man named Adam …

Okay, that was all. What about today? Music and literature are not the same. I don't even want to hint at religion and philosophy. Well, at least great social transformations, an idea that will revolutionize the minds and hearts of people!.. No, nothing, emptiness.

There is only depression in which sound souls writhe. 5% of the collective unconscious is "sound". How many of them are still at the dead end of the spiritual search?.. How many people are they ?! And after all, they cannot, in the complete blackness of depression, feel at least a clue that this suffering is not the curse of God, not his malicious mockery. It is a whip that makes you evolve. After all, this is not even a question of a single sound life, but of the whole View.

In fact, depression is the result of a simple unconscious mechanism. It can be compared to physical hunger: if a person feels mild hunger, he briskly runs to the store, chooses food, sets the table. And if a person has not eaten for ten days, a month and a half? It will also be a half-dead object, overflowing with suffering.

The psyche is the same. Its essence is desire. In the sound vector, this is the thirst for meaning, calculated in the volume of "infinity". If a person just fired up in search of answers to questions about life and death, he enthusiastically reads books on philosophy, religion, esotericism. He flips through the Internet, page after page. Looking for like-minded people. And when he was already getting close and a hundred, a thousand times was he at a dead end? He is hungry to the point of exhaustion, to depression, apathy, to suicidal thoughts.

Final evolution the role of sound vector photo
Final evolution the role of sound vector photo

At the same time, depression remains only a natural mechanism, the essence of this phenomenon is to force the sound engineer to fulfill the specific role. Of course, this is not about the primary: listening to a hungry predator sneaking along the wild prairie, but about the modern one - knowing oneself.

A few words about anti-action

In fact, desire, which is the essence of the sound vector, can also be formulated as follows: I want an altered perception of reality. Without realizing it, but feeling the need for it, sound professionals often use drugs.

Under the influence of a psychotropic substance, it seems to a person that he has revealed everything, understood everything. But when the action ends, an even greater emptiness rolls in. Drugs are an imitation of expanded consciousness, a miserable and cruel fake. All sorts of hallucinogens lead a person away from the knowledge and embodiment of the meaning of life.

Drugs are not only a killer of the soul and body of a single person, in particular a sound person. One does not fulfill the specific role, the other, hundreds, thousands, millions … Summing up, these anti-efforts lead to a delay in evolution, and already all people feel suffering, reaching into unbearable torment, to wars and global cataclysms. And there is no evil in this either, it is just the mechanism that works. And ignorance does not exempt one from responsibility and pain.

Spiritual search is dead, we continue our spiritual search

So, today people with a sound vector do not massively fulfill their specific role. But they are entrusted with the task of bringing the evolution of perception of reality to a logical end. Where, in fact, is this process heading?

Here it is necessary to recall the beginning of times when a person felt himself to be an inseparable part of the flock - there is only a continuous, single, indivisible WE. It is in this "we" that the flow of life is felt. Six thousand years ago, the sound engineer concentrated so much that he crystallized a new sensation, the perception of the world - I. For the sake of accuracy, it should be noted that this was not a one-time revolution: there was a feeling of being a part of the whole and then everything, at once - a feeling of one's own uniqueness.

Remember a moment in your life when an inspiration with a new thought, idea happened. Does not disappear in this second what you lived before? First, the new and the old coexist, then the new (if you have not discarded the thought as false or stupid) more and more displaces the old. The same process goes on in science: at first only one claims that the Earth is round. And over time, the old idea of three whales, elephants, and a turtle disappears into the dust.

There is also a change in the perception of reality. It dawned on the ancient sound engineer - I am! - and gradually this attitude took possession of him, and then gradually it was instilled in one way or another in all people. What do we have today? A person reaches a peak in a sense of his own uniqueness.

Involvement with other people is rapidly being lost. Where are the family clans? Where is the unbridled desire to have children? Where are the “once and for all life” marriages? Evolution affects everyone.

Sound people not only shut themselves off from other people, but often completely lose touch with reality. Some people don't go out of their room and don't take off their heavy rock headphones. The lack of communication with other people is especially acutely felt by the sound people, although everyone gets it. If only because seven types of connections have already been created and worked out. The embodiment of the skin connection is commodity-money relations, economic relations are fundamental in the modern world. Anal connection - connection between generations, oral - speech, etc. It turns out only the sound vector has not yet done its job.

People with a sound vector must understand their natural task, make every effort to fulfill it and again make a revolution in the evolution of the perception of reality.

Spiritual Search Photo
Spiritual Search Photo

What will be the essence of this coup?

Humanity must again find the perception and feeling of itself as a single whole. Of course, this will not be a return to sweet, gray-haired antiquity, when we were a small tribe sitting by the fire. First, it’s impossible. And secondly, there is absolutely no need. The perception of reality inherent in our ancestors is absolutely undesirable for us, which means that there will be something different.

We must come not to an involuntary, given by nature perception of ourselves as a whole, but to a meaningful one. In essence: to wake up from a dream, to regain consciousness. The need for the emergence of this new, previously non-existent quality - the awareness of the unity of mankind - justifies the long, thorny path of evolution.

For the sake of generating psychological unity, asks His Majesty Sound, who sometimes hates people so much that he commits mass murders, like Breivik or the Kerch shooter? And because this is how our invisible part is arranged - the psyche. It is one, therefore it is called the collective unconscious. It is it that lives by us, it is it that is the root cause of everything that people create. And here, as with depression - an impartial mechanism. Once upon a time the sound engineer "invented" I, and he can also reveal the true state of affairs, the true structure of nature and man.

Okay, let's say this is the task of a person with a sound vector. But how will he fulfill it?..

The domain of the sound vector: there is where to turn

Nature has thought everything through to the smallest detail. "Normal" people perceive themselves and the world outside. Here is me, and there is friend Petya, boss Ivan and girlfriend Natasha. In a person with a sound vector from birth, the head works a little differently.

The sound engineer perceives the "world inside" and the "world outside" inside his own cranium. This is a very interesting moment: in the role of I - consciousness, a place where thoughts boil (sometimes light and clear, like the sun's rays, and in the darkness of depression - cloudy, viscous, nauseous). And then what is the role of the "world outside"? Psyche, unconscious. This is exactly the “territory” where the sound engineer should work. The main thing is to have a tool to do this work - to illuminate every dark corner of the soul by knowing oneself.

It is impossible to refrain from saying a few words here about the domain of the self-realization of the sound engineer - consciousness and the unconscious. Scientists are struggling with questions: what is consciousness? what is intelligence? where do thoughts come from? This is an insoluble mystery for biologists, chemists, physicists, geneticists. Research on brain mechanisms is carried out all over the world, and all in order to know ourselves. And they are diligently looking, but not there and not that!..

The training "System-vector psychology" develops a clear, intelligible understanding of what is the essence of human consciousness. Haven't you guessed yet?

Let us mentally return to the story of the mutation of the evolution of perception. There was a "we", the desire grows, a flickering consciousness arises due to the additional desire for food in people with a skin vector - not all of them and not all at once. Then the desire and ability to speak, then the desire to pass on the accumulated experience to children and grandchildren. And now the "sound" reveals the feeling of one's own uniqueness. It happened: the feeling of connection between everyone and everyone disappeared under a dense veil of … consciousness.

And now a man with a sound vector sits at a computer, he has a huge consciousness, and he cannot find what to fill it with. He does not even realize that he is naturally given abstract intelligence and also for a reason. After all, he, the sound engineer, is "entrusted" to reveal the abstract essence - the psyche. It is impossible to see, touch it, only to work through the volume of the unconscious with consciousness, layer by layer. It is also interesting that each person's consciousness is his personal, individual, and starting to open his soul, he finds there … the collective unconscious.

Consciousness is a tool for fulfilling desires. This is also the case with the sound vector. It is in the sound head that processes take place that we can call the epilogue of the evolution of the perception of reality.

Irreality of reality

Surreal reality photo
Surreal reality photo

Any sound engineer at least once in his life thought: is reality real? Maybe I lost my mind a long time ago and am lying in a ward of a psychiatric hospital, and all this, my whole life, is just imagining to me?.. Of course, there is an echo of a natural sound fear of going crazy, but in fact these thoughts are also the result of a desire to reveal the metaphysical essence of man.

We have already spoken about the "problem" in the sound nature of the perception of the world: if for everyone there is a clear division into "I" and "other people", then the sound engineer is the only one who has both the inner world and the outer one fit in his cranium. What is it outside? Illusion. This is especially acute when the focus on oneself is sharpened: in a state of depression, sound professionals often complain of derealization.

For the default sound engineer, reality is relatively illusory! Of course, this "condition of the game" was given for a reason.

Today, brain scientists are openly saying that no one knows what reality really is. We call reality the model that the brain constructs based on data from the five senses. And if we had other senses, what kind of reality would we perceive? And if there were no sense organs at all? Yes, there are experiments in sensory deprivation, but still this is not another form of life.

If people did not have eyes, we would not even be aware of the existence of color. So why not admit the thought that we do not perceive the existence of the psyche, because we do not have a corresponding "organ"? By the way, you won't need to grow an alien antenna on the crown of your head to perceive new frequencies, our brain is quite enough.

The new brain sees differently

The sound engineer has been given the ideal conditions to find out what is going on beyond the five senses.

Abstract intelligence, superbly operating with non-material entities. The special perception of the world given by nature is illusory. Conditionally infinite in power desire to find answers to questions, to reveal the hidden. The ability to concentrate so as to see the animating force behind the decorations of this world, behind the moving figures of physical bodies. Something else? Yes, you need a tool.

How does a radio receiver work? When the device is tuned to the desired wave, it "catches" it, we hear a clear, beautiful sound of a melody. When the device does not pick up the desired frequencies - noise, rattling or absolute silence.

Not attuned to the perception of the psyche, the brain "hears" an annoying cacophony that causes almost physical pain. And the sound engineer goes crazy from the meaninglessness of existence. At Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", people with any vector set get the opportunity to clearly recognize and feel the unconscious, intangible essence, which makes a person a person. And this radically changes the perception of reality.

For people with a sound vector, this is especially important, since system-vector thinking is a tool for fulfilling their specific role. The mechanics are simple: focus as much as possible on what is outside. And how to do this if there is no distinction system? Even the human eye learns to see, gaining experience of perception of different forms, colors … A person learns to see the psyche according to the same principle: here is a skin property, here is a visual property, here is development at an inanimate level, but on an animal …

And now the sound engineer, who perceived the world as something haphazard, chaotic, meaningless, tunes in to the right wave and begins to see the true picture of the world, living according to certain laws.

System-vector psychology makes a breakthrough in a person's knowledge of himself - it differentiates, calls every shade of root desire with a word. The human soul has ceased to be darkness, today light has been conducted into the inner world of a person.

The brain sees differently photo
The brain sees differently photo

Theater NEabsurd

So what, in fact, should a collective sound engineer do - if not each of the 5% of the owners of the sound vector, then the necessary and sufficient number of people?

Remember how the sound engineer sat in silence, darkness, loneliness, concentrated as much as possible and made a breakthrough in the evolution of the perception of reality? So … a similar process should take place.

The question of a new step in the evolution of the perception of reality is a question of concentration. The issue of changing the focus of attention from a feeling of one's own uniqueness to a clear perception of the collective unconscious. This is not only a conscious process, but also a sensual one - it is impossible to convey it in the text of the article.

Many have already embarked on this path and received a "side" effect: when you realize yourself, fill the desire for knowledge, the "sound" does not hurt. Apathy, depersonalization and derealization, depression, suicidal thoughts go away.

When there is desire, but there is no filling, everything inside is torn apart from inner emptiness, the sound engineer projects it outward and sees the world as empty, stupid. When the answers are found, everything - scenery, people - is filled with meaning.

It is very important that the sound engineer is able to enjoy life. After all, only a trace of filling remains in the unconscious. If all life is emptiness and blackness, it is as if it did not exist. Nevertheless, the question of changing the perception of the world is not a question of the sole joy of a single sound engineer.

Observer and Observed. How does sound disclosure change reality?

The famous experiment with two slits and photons from quantum physics was originally conceived to study the nature of light. The result was a revolution in the understanding of physical reality. In this experiment, particles that were thought to be material behaved like waves. And their behavior depended on whether they were being watched or not. So even physicists came to know that reality is a projection of the mind.

By the way, scientists have also proved that if you do not observe an object, but just sit and think about it "how about this …", then the very fact of thinking about the experiment does not affect in any way, but the process of explicit observation affects and changes the whole picture.

Changing the personality of the observer affects reality. There is nothing mystical about this, again just an impartial mechanism.

People (especially those with a sound vector), massively revealing in themselves a common unconscious, move away from the feeling of their own uniqueness - the curse of lifelong loneliness in a mortal body.

From the empty, life-hating sound engineer, the feeling of the meaninglessness of life radiates in waves. Realized sound specialists spread and fill the world with a sense of spirituality.

* * *

Seeking, thirsting for a complete, endless disclosure of the secrets of nature, the sound soul never calms down. If, after the final point, questions immediately arise in your head: “What next? Is this really all? ", Then I hasten to answer:" No, of course. " There is a continuation of the story, the next stages of the plan called "Inception".

You can find out what is next there at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". Register for a free lecture cycle here.

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